A Stressful Tour With My Baby!

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Jun 17, 2019

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Comments 3 711
Sparkle Tiger
Sparkle Tiger 3 hours ago
Flynn you are blessed with wings to fly to the greatest places.
O.G 5 hours ago
I always eat my skin for some reason XD but nothing happened to me
x_n.atalie _x
x_n.atalie _x 7 hours ago
I have that too. My hands are ripped and my skin is like peeled in different spots I have to use my password because I don't have a fingerprint.
Jamie Isaacs
Jamie Isaacs 8 hours ago
Why is RUvid just now recommending this 🙄 lol! Love you Colleen! ❤️
SimplyAG 9 hours ago
i have Dermatillomania. it sucks.
SimplyAG 9 hours ago
Cassandra Bernardo
Cassandra Bernardo 22 hours ago
Flynn is soooooooo cute.
Slime,crafts and more fun stuff
I also do that I have anxiety and I bite my skin on my finger and pick at my finger
Roselin Trejo
Wait is this meranda sings
Amanda Partida
You are right about that
Leatrice Reickart
I thought I was the only person that picks at there skin
Rose -ETN and more stuff!
Colleen I have the same thing as you
Dakota Vidal
Dakota Vidal 2 days ago
I have anxiety
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 days ago
I have a habit like you but i chew my nails please dong call me gross
Cait Buckley
Cait Buckley 3 days ago
As someone who has regular panic attacks that’s what it sounds like
Valeria Alvarez
Valeria Alvarez 3 days ago
I also have Dermatilliomania i have awful dark scars from it that make me feel so insecure but every time I get a scab I can’t help but pick it 😩 It feels great not being the only one to have this condition!!!
Grace Moyer
Grace Moyer 3 days ago
I actually have dermatillamania sorry don't know how to spell it but ya it sucka
Grace Moyer
Grace Moyer 3 days ago
Ovaroe 3 days ago
Girl, that sounds like a Panic attack. As someone with a panic disorder you are describing to a t my panic attacks. i'm sure its a mix of a lot of things. panic attacks tend to not make any sense.
Elizabeth Lins
Elizabeth Lins 4 days ago
Colleen I have that thing you talked about so your not alone
carrie glanzer
carrie glanzer 4 days ago
BigFoot Bubba
BigFoot Bubba 4 days ago
self cannibalism. It's a thing.
Vanee3614 5 days ago
Storytime. Once I literally ripped the skin around my nails while I was sleeping and woke up with blood everywhere and I was so confused as to where it came from and I realized that it was from my thumb so. That was fun.
Nevaeh Williams
Nevaeh Williams 5 days ago
Colleen sounds like you had an anxiety attack you don't know why but you just freak out it's ok I have them all the time you just need to try to drown it out whether it's watching RUvid or Netflix or listening to music for me youtube really helps me it will get easier you will find what works for you love you and your family ❤️😘
Isabel Kent
Isabel Kent 5 days ago
You're good at singing
Laylani Mendez
Laylani Mendez 5 days ago
I think you had a little panic attack the same thing happens to me
Christmas blogs From payton
I used to bite by skin around my nails and what I would to is I could put hand sanatiser
Hannah Bannana
Hannah Bannana 6 days ago
I struggle with picking at my skin too. I pick at the side of my thumbs all the time. I used to pick my lips too. To the point where it got really, really bad. I'm trying to stop as well .
Gianna Ball
Gianna Ball 6 days ago
This is how many people think that Flynn is cute😚 👇
Sam Duncan-Jones
Sam Duncan-Jones 6 days ago
GIRL! I PICK MY SKIN SOOOOOOO MUCH! 😰 WE TWINS! And I have realised that I am a DISEASE 😖🥴
yasser kaab
yasser kaab 6 days ago
he is soooo cutee
Sara Alhamach
Sara Alhamach 6 days ago
Cece Smith
Cece Smith 6 days ago
I have the same problem eating and ripping my own skin off yeah😕
AnabelsStuff 6 days ago
This is how many hours of sleep Collen will get ⬇️
Game Phone
Game Phone 7 days ago
i could watch flynn all day
Paiges Place
Paiges Place 7 days ago
Omg that’s exactly what I have with the finger thing
Morgan Wortham
Morgan Wortham 7 days ago
Morgan Wortham
Morgan Wortham 7 days ago
Flynn burped up vomit so gross but yet so cute
Sanaa Stewart
Sanaa Stewart 7 days ago
I do that too😂😂😂😂
Gary Rattray
Gary Rattray 7 days ago
@t 3:10 omg so funny
Isabella’s Squishies and Slime
Barbara Luckert
Barbara Luckert 7 days ago
I literally thought I was thr only one with this disorder like actually 😹😹
Creina Lister
Creina Lister 7 days ago
Don’t worry I have the same thing of picking at my skin
Mya Dumaresque
Mya Dumaresque 7 days ago
Maybe it was because of flin or new tour? ( sorry if I spell anything wrong😬)
Amber Murphy
Amber Murphy 7 days ago
emma 7 days ago
anxiety, panic attacks, and compulsive behaviors are so real!!!! even when you feel like theres nothing objectively wrong and your life is going well, anxiety can be there and it's not shameful to acknowledge that. not trying to diagnose, just offering support!! mental health is super strange and can feel irrational but talking about it more helps destigmatize it
Crazy Goat
Crazy Goat 8 days ago
Flynn is da cutest😍♥️
Nita Stockman
Nita Stockman 8 days ago
I have it to
Allison Hardin
Allison Hardin 8 days ago
I also have dermatillomania and it sucks
pretty lady suwa
pretty lady suwa 8 days ago
Go to united Kingdom
Chelsea Dickinson
I did all three like subscribe and notification
Oh I thought it was from flinyn and him bitting you with his tooth
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