A Stressful Tour With My Baby!

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Published on


Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 3 805
Katy C
Katy C 22 hours ago
In rewatching this blog, I'm wondering if what she talked about recently started with this performance
Aiden Schroeder
Aiden Schroeder 7 days ago
You went to Arizona the same day I did
Easy Place Tour
Easy Place Tour 7 days ago
Mick Mo
Mick Mo 14 days ago
You are probably overtired which can cause that ocd
Lovewithanamta Month ago
Don’t pick your skin my sister did that and I do it and she got a whole infection and had to get like stuff put in her hand and like a year later her finger getting big and I can’t stop but I’m so scared
Jenna Bruinsma
Jenna Bruinsma Month ago
I thought that OCD thing was normal.. I do the same when I'm bored watching TV it's okay girl no one is perfect but I do admire you for who you are I think your just so awesome/amazing
Emily Anselmi
Emily Anselmi Month ago
15:00 it’s called a anxiety attac
Laylah-Marie Austin
I pick at my skin and I have that ✋
Dahlia IsB
Dahlia IsB Month ago
13:17 wow Flynn’s got more booty then me!😂
Cassidy Westbrook
My friend has the derma thing you mentioned with the picking at skin but Flynn is so cute and I’m watching super late😂
Erin Games
Erin Games Month ago
We go to a grandma camp too it’s a lot of fun
This is how many ppl want to eat Flynn 👇🏼 👇🏼(I want to eat him so badly he’s so cute and chubby.)
Mia Southby Thomas
Hey Colleen, can you come to Cardiff in the UK please, because you are my hero! Your the person I look up to and I really want to see one of your shows!
Janaina da silva
Why is flynn so cute oh my god
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated Month ago
my friend picks at her thumbs..stress reliever 🙁
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated Month ago
Flynn is a doll!
does collen deserve all the happiness in the world? yes
MB Burkes
MB Burkes Month ago
Ahh I love how Flynn takes a bath in the sink soo cute ❤️❤️
Ali BaeBae
Ali BaeBae Month ago
13:57 I can’t get over the fact that Flynn just casually barfed
Thomas Brooks
Thomas Brooks 2 months ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Flynn: 👁👄👁
Tillie Booth Heidinger
"*GASP* NAKED!!!" Colleen Ballinger 2019
Tillie Booth Heidinger
I'm pretty sure I know how you pronounce it. Let me know if I'm wrong, though. Derm-uh-tell-uh-main-ee-a
Maisuria Family
Maisuria Family 2 months ago
Different Everything
Literally I was biting the skin off my fingers right when she started talking about her disorder!!! #2freaky&weird
Emme_lou 2 months ago
Ugh I think I have dermatillomania too. My fingers have deep hangnails from me picking at them. It hurts to use my fingers sometimes. It’s so bad and embarassing! I feel like I can never have pretty fingers.
John Antonelli
John Antonelli 2 months ago
I pick at my skin too but it goes farther than that through the years. I pick at it untill I see blood and I like the taste of it alot of people who I was friends with tried to figure if they want to be around me.
KillerQueen87 2 months ago
I have dermatillomania too, and it manifests itself mostly through biting/picking at my cuticles and skin on my fingers aswell, it really sucks, and hurts :( But I also have rosacea and tend to pick at the dry patches/breakouts on my face and just aggravating that situation as well, UUUUGH! xD
Rileigh Strickland
Rileigh Strickland 2 months ago
She looked great on broadway like if u agree
Haylee-jane Johnson
Haylee-jane Johnson 2 months ago
I pick at my skin but I don't know if I have what coilln has
Tammy Leone
Tammy Leone 2 months ago
Colleen is soooooo cute and funny
Jaelynn Rodriguez
Jaelynn Rodriguez 2 months ago
I chew on my skin too colleen I don't like it either we stay strong girl💪💪👍👍
Nina Susann
Nina Susann 2 months ago
Girl, i have trichotillomania. I got you
Carys_Style 2 months ago
14:36 to me (i could be wrong) it sounds like a panic attack and as someone who is 11 and has had anxiety and panic attacks since i was 3/4 i get what u feel Sorry for u feeling that way Sorry if i am wrong but i kinda thought i should say something
Mirkaelle Michaud
Mirkaelle Michaud 2 months ago
its a panic attack maybe cause you were about to go live in front of a big audience or because you didn't get enough sleep or something
Lanaloo216 2 months ago
It DEFINITELY sounds like a panic attack, which I get all the time. What helps me is mindfulness, and just reminding myself that I'm safe and I'm enough but you do whatever helps you!
Jordan Rutgers
Jordan Rutgers 2 months ago
She’s soo freaking cute and mom skills 👌
littleRose cutie
littleRose cutie 2 months ago
5:28 i do the same thing. i feel so bad for my fingers
kylee hayes
kylee hayes 2 months ago
even tho it’s all good things, ur under stress. ur body doesn’t know the difference between good n bad stress bc it’s all the same chemicals in ur body. u need a good spa day
_*Short gacha patotas*_ Hehehe
me and my sis will alsways tae a bath in the sink bc my mom didnt trust us in the bath tub bc we move alot
Arika Hendee
Arika Hendee 2 months ago
Flynn is soooooo cute!!!
Isabella Giglio
Isabella Giglio 2 months ago
i live in NYC i hope i see you one day! 💜
Megan Oliveri
Megan Oliveri 2 months ago
I have the same finger issues, unfortunately. If you find out anything that helps you kick it, I'd love to see a video on it!
Charlie Robert
Charlie Robert 2 months ago
pretty sure i have that same disorder! I've been picking ths skin off my fingers uncontrollably for years and my fingerprint unlock doesnt work either haha
BeepBoopMe 2 months ago
Omg this was filmed on my sisters bday and I live in Arizona I forgot to go on tour!!!
LukesLiife 2 months ago
Goody bags!!? So adorable xox
Paris Potato123465
Paris Potato123465 2 months ago
I suffer with depskksidkeksk thing
100K my dream pls sub :3
4:10 STINKEY (i know that’s not how u spell)
destinee briones
destinee briones 2 months ago
I thought I was the only one who picked off my own skin
unicorn 355
unicorn 355 2 months ago
i love colleens face in the thumbnail lol
Evin Peri
Evin Peri 2 months ago
colleen that's a panic attack
Naya 2 months ago
I think goodie bags are the cutest and nicest thing a mother can do 💕
kelilahthebest 2 months ago
You will never make it without Eric because he is so sweet
Tia Venn
Tia Venn 2 months ago
Omg I really wanted to know why I do this thank you Colleen
Jalen Reese
Jalen Reese 2 months ago
So cute 😍
Anabella Avila
Anabella Avila 2 months ago
My best friend has the same problem that you have in yours fingers so now is 2 people or more...
littleduckie3 2 months ago
Than you for talking about dermatillomania I have it too and I chew my fingers bad just like you so thank you for talking about it.
Melissa Gaylor
Melissa Gaylor 2 months ago
June 14th is my birthday
Soma Hadi
Soma Hadi 2 months ago
When u start chewing instead of chewing your fingers chew gum
Nadine Dessaint
Nadine Dessaint 2 months ago
put lemon on your thinkers and then will be more painful but il makes you stop that what i did wen i was pulling my skin off
Jessica McLeod
Jessica McLeod 2 months ago
I do the same thing to my fingers and it helps me to get acrylic nails. I know it sounds weird but it’s harder to pick when you have them
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