A statement from FaZe Clan about contracts.

FaZe Clan
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Not a video we ever wanted to make.
This video is 7 minutes long, and for all those invested in this public discussion, we encourage you to watch it all the way through. Speaking are FaZe CBass, as well as FaZe Clan's CEO, Lee Trink. Thank you.


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May 24, 2019




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Comments 25 671
Nasirudin Mustapha
your do do r
Daniel Lord
Daniel Lord 17 days ago
Fuck faze
Faze Nikthepik08
Faze Nikthepik08 24 days ago
Sad he is a bich
Savage_oppress Redcloud
Positive we wont let this dude leave too start his own organisation too compete against us damn this guy must be a threat if these guys who own faze clan ......trying too be positive but trying too stop somebody who wants too make another life for himself and use your fans too explained why you wont let him leave come just let the dude leave he wants too roll out
Macca_Mackenzie Month ago
But he signed it so...
EFKA Month ago
GHozt93 7
GHozt93 7 Month ago
Never join gaming org when u are Big just stat where u are just look at ninja
Dylan Bordages
Dylan Bordages Month ago
This is bull shit
cat and dogs adventures yeah
May werid was my birthday
Robin Angelo
Robin Angelo Month ago
You guys are a fucking joke now
XxThe_soiron45Xx hihi
Allter tufeu war so gut aufgehoben in faze Clan aber er ist gegang und warum Allter ?
DarkKitarist 2 months ago
LLLLLLLLLIAAARS! :) A bunch of greedy liars.
You're trash
You're trash Month ago
Im Cyxk
Im Cyxk 2 months ago
maybe those deals y’all took make more money over time than his prize earnings? try to work out a deal on maybe just taking a portion of prize earnings since it comes in big amounts. only a suggestion wish the best for you guys.
Fruit Loopes
Fruit Loopes 2 months ago
Anyone know the song?
James Bracken
James Bracken 2 months ago
Too corporate, may as well be a tv channel.
TTV mynamesdoge
TTV mynamesdoge 2 months ago
Like=faze clans side Comment=tfues side
Faze peppa pig The 2nd
Who actually knew who cbass was
FaZe Zeus4376
FaZe Zeus4376 2 months ago
How do I enter?Faze Clan
ShadowSluro 17 hours ago
I'm sorry but your not going to get in faze anytime soon, neither am I. You have to be recrutied by them manually either by them noticing your skill your being close to them. Basically what my clan does recruit and recruit only.
A box of Cheerios
A box of Cheerios 2 months ago
This is fucking bullshit
Fruit Loopes
Fruit Loopes 2 months ago
What the song in the background?
bigmac muffin
bigmac muffin 2 months ago
This is just bullshit.. Trying to clear your name? You are just assholes who use people.
Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts 2 months ago
Bro 7 figures I would work for 5 XD
Mshamba 2 months ago
Banks is a waste of life
You're trash
You're trash Month ago
You're 10 right
Straighht 2 months ago
It’s already been a month ago? Damn
Tobias Klinkenberg
Tobias Klinkenberg 3 months ago
Nice to hear the oppinion from faze, now i understand it all, and i will stay on the FaZe side.
HYPEDNINJA 3 months ago
Faze clan*talking about contracts* Faze kay:Jarvis your insane bro. (NO HATE)
Hugh Spencer
Hugh Spencer 3 months ago
Marcus Escobar
Marcus Escobar 3 months ago
Looks like a compilation of logical points from their past 6 "statements" that where mucked up by lies and misconceptions. FaZe clan more like FaKe clan
Anfony Grieeth
Anfony Grieeth 3 months ago
Come on boys
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers 3 months ago
You guys don’t even have a license to create contacts😂
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers 3 months ago
illegal contracts faze clan😂
Austin Markward
Austin Markward 3 months ago
Lol faze better take this down after getting roasted by tfues lawyer I can’t wait to see faze burn and die over this.
revistedmonk3 monk boy
cbass: this vid is gonna shed some negative light on a person we care the most me: the opposite happened
SynMotion 3 months ago
. - . confused
Ocelot Gamer
Ocelot Gamer 3 months ago
You guys are horrible
MrDan 3 months ago
TTV Lucky
TTV Lucky 3 months ago
F faze clan
Cam J
Cam J 3 months ago
Pathetic. Completely unprofessional, ingenious, and ignorant.
Cristian swoop
Cristian swoop 3 months ago
yeah ok lol
OttiProHD 3 months ago
Who is Lee Trink? I only listen to Temperrr
Blake Bushman
Blake Bushman 3 months ago
Leonda Trapper
Leonda Trapper 3 months ago
My high kill gema is 29
Leonda Trapper
Leonda Trapper 3 months ago
Play fortnight
Leonda Trapper
Leonda Trapper 3 months ago
Can I join feza
Boprider 3 months ago
The end part "faze the fuck up" is so cringe
TePz 3 months ago
Just let him out man
Jason JJ Cruz
Jason JJ Cruz 3 months ago
Faze Clan we must be the team and strong link a bond that can't be broken - a FaZe Memebr Nordan Shat comes out admits he smokes Marijuana a RUvid video I fell its wrong and not an example for the team we must be that example always I back FaZe Clan always thee best Team FaZe Clan - someone ask me why I am the example it's your live style how you live and being a leader I know first hand When to steep up take a stand and be that example that makes the difference I work hard graind hard.
8ight5ive 3 months ago
Legit nobody cares lmao
Dana Gray
Dana Gray 3 months ago
Don’t show to much
That’s why the old faze Guys don’t upload as much no more bec faze takes some profit
jay oh
jay oh 3 months ago
T. Jew.
Jhonathan Davila
Jhonathan Davila 3 months ago
Trash clan
fl00d 3 months ago
You assholes got absolutely WRECKED by Richard Lewis.
Vijay R
Vijay R 3 months ago
This just sounds to me like a company is in the wrong and is now trying to cover their tracks to avoid harassment from the viewers.
Wurlag 3 months ago
Millions can not buy you a wisdom...
Skyler Ponce
Skyler Ponce 3 months ago
Can I join
Gnome Party
Gnome Party 3 months ago
What an unbelievable mess you've made out of this situation.
Evan Duckett Basketball
Oh yeah why don't you post: A video about pressuring and signing underaged kids
Andreas Bru
Andreas Bru 3 months ago
Plzz SUB to me i GOT 0
blizzard anthony
blizzard anthony 3 months ago
Who else got members of ksi with the sideman
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