A State Of Trance Episode 1000 [@A State Of Trance]

Armin van Buuren
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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 100
Ossi Pietarinen
give me tickets to visit there, huge trance fan thanks to you guys
Zilvaras2 Day ago
3:11:04 epic story for the epic track... count the goosebumps for As The Rush Comes!
MrMassey888 Day ago
Armin a want that cd
MrMassey888 Day ago
Oh and thanks for the adagio thats gonna be played at my funeral lol
MrMassey888 Day ago
Honestly love this set by far the best av heard
AllesKiten Day ago
Fuckin cool ⬆️
livefourBRE 2 days ago
I remember when I first started listening ASOT in 2004, listened it till 2012. This brings so many memories. Congrats Armin on this huge milestone!
miko mikojet
miko mikojet 2 days ago
miko mikojet
miko mikojet 2 days ago
Thanks !!! 1000 !!! : )
Alex Mendes
Alex Mendes 2 days ago
Hey Armin, my name is Alex. I'am from Brazil. Let's go.
Ariel Pineda
Ariel Pineda 3 days ago
Sin duda este set y grandes temas es un viaje y recordar que el trance es parte de la vida y armin con sus asot hace que sea genial gracias armin .desde 🇵🇦
Paul Beadle
Paul Beadle 3 days ago
I love trance but because I was there when it first started im sorry nobody will ever beat early Tiesto he was just on another level in everything I am so pleased I was able to live trance from the start ❤ But Shivers is one what hits in the heart every time thank you so much 😀 😊
Андрей Лукьянов
Thanks you for you music Armin
Presley Viegas
Presley Viegas 4 days ago
4:22:35 that kid is raised right :')
Victoria Chubb
Victoria Chubb 5 days ago
I've said it b4. THIS is the best ASOT episode ever! My life is flashing before me!!
Yo// //////
Yo// ////// 5 days ago
Come on Armin!!!!
Hein Kuhn
Hein Kuhn 5 days ago
Thank you Armin, Ruben and all the amazing artists that have meant so much in my life and carried me through so much. Thank you Trance Family !!!!
Luke Silva
Luke Silva 6 days ago
WOW!!! First song was like a punch in the face!!! #50 - Tiësto - Suburban Train !! Goosebumps on the memories!!!
TheShizao 6 days ago
This set is already a classic.
Denry 889
Denry 889 6 days ago
anybody knows the titlle of last song
Adi Șveț
Adi Șveț 6 days ago
Oh man, back when music actually made sense and gave you deep feelings. I still always listen every single time to the ASOT 300 to 400 episodes.
Bimăr 6 days ago
Taking that trip down memory lane bring chills up and down my spine.
Love Trance
Love Trance 6 days ago
hahaha...Armin: Ruben did we cheat? Ruben : No (Ruben Mind: We manipulate so bad, that even our real good tracks aren't on top, just some shity tracks from us)
Love Trance
Love Trance 6 days ago
nr 5 COMUNICATION whthf!! this is nr 1 Nr 2 Breath In Deep ....and others tracks come from 7-8 and beyond....silence boring shit track (just to say that tiesto isnt a shit dj)(Adagio realy! u mean Samuel Barber - Adagio (Tiesto Remix) why this love for tiesto because vs this track is Simon O'Shine - Apprehension
Fb Gaming Zoone
Fb Gaming Zoone 7 days ago
I love You
José Miguel Fuentes
2:17:15 BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Puede haber mejor música que la que pone Armin? Cambio mi vida, desde que empece a escucharla, se la inculco a mi hija y espero que no pare nunca. Mi tema favorito es New Horizons, aunque no estuvo en el top 50, saludos a todos los ASOT lovers.
jhesiel Angel Ibañez Paredes
Stefalzaretti 8 days ago
Armin sei il migliore!! Armin you're the best!!
Bad Games
Bad Games 8 days ago
So much years. Great music. 1k Gratz! Listening from 2k8. But where is new generation of trance?
C 8 days ago
Plastic music is horrible.
Денис Шетманюк
Почти весь топ 20 состоит из треков 10 летней давности, грустно. Almost all of the top 20 consists of tracks 10 years ago, sad. 😞
TheVisualAngel 8 days ago
Thank you for bringing back beautiful tracks that we forgot that we had forgotten them.
Jad Hallab
Jad Hallab 9 days ago
so many trance classics... For me "Gouryella - Tenshi" was the song that got me into trance. "Armin - This world is watching me" is an all time favorite also. So many so many
ASOT 1000! I come from Taiwan,pretty love this channel, Armin and music always powerfuly,it up my life. Thanks you again Armin! And ASOT 10000 shirt sold ,that cried😭
Moon & Sun
Moon & Sun 10 days ago
FollowMySpirit 10 days ago
Once back from Venus to Earth THX Armin :BEST EVER
Toma Liliana
Toma Liliana 10 days ago
Anton Lozi
Anton Lozi 11 days ago
Congratulations on your anniversary. Inspiration. Healths. Thank you for your emotions.
Jani Ikävalko
Jani Ikävalko 11 days ago
Hard to understand who voted just basic vocal trance tracks for top25 but whatever. There were like 300 proper trancetracks to choose of for past 30 years. Not even Delerium Silence tiesto remix there.
Playstation God 1973
Wonder is Armin A Football Fan Hes music is always Amazing 💖
Jameslfc33 11 days ago
Lethal 👍
lemehdi0 11 days ago
Where is "The power of goodbye" @Perpetuous dreamer or "You never know" @Ally&fila ??
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Foudhil Boughanem
Foudhil Boughanem 12 days ago
2021 and this asot classic the vote of fun loving classic trance song from 1997. Where's markus sckullz. Photographer.vini v. Andrew??????
Sandro Ehrlich
Sandro Ehrlich 12 days ago
Holy he did it. 1000 Episodes! Tears! What a true legend.
sovalye99 12 days ago
listening again again and again...
BiosteelOfficial 12 days ago
Amazing! Thank you Armin! Peace and Love!
Artem Ashyhmin
Artem Ashyhmin 12 days ago
Brick 12 days ago
The top 10 was such a special moment for me.
смерть кастрюлям
im inlove in girl from Turkey
Kate A Considine
Kate A Considine 13 days ago
Greetings from Dublin, Ireland. Loving the tunes guys. Kate.
Marian Scigulinsky
Marian Scigulinsky 14 days ago
This is what I needed today. THANKS
Kate A Considine
Kate A Considine 13 days ago
I agree, the world needs this music!!! Hello from Dublin, Ireland.
Sandro Hanusch
Sandro Hanusch 14 days ago
Ein Meisterstück, Gratulation Armin, beste Grüße aus Deutschland.
marietto 14 days ago
this should be at n°1 - Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
Ulugbek Kayumov
Ulugbek Kayumov 15 days ago
Armin and Ruben, I have a question for you...why didn't you include in top 50 the song of Mat Zo - Near the End which was in your ASOT 450 Athen...this is a really magic and unual music....Please if you read me include in one of coming ASOT his song - Near the End. Kindly ask You....Thank You in advance
oneworld onesource
oneworld onesource 15 days ago
Thank you Armin and Ruben. This is maybe my fiftieth time watching and listening to this episode (1000) and will be many more. Listening to producers and fans’ messages has touched me personally in all levels. Its amazing how and what music can do and ultimately bring people together especially in this crazy times. Looking forward to better days!
서연 15 days ago
Oh Man Congratulations to ASOT Episode 1000. Thanks for the wonderful music, Armin. Your music has gives me lots of inspiration on a daily basis.
Alan Paul Blanc
Alan Paul Blanc 15 days ago
Dixciline Castillo
Dixciline Castillo 15 days ago
Me gusto muchísimo👏👏🖒saludos desde🇵🇦
MJ MC 16 days ago
desde mexico a ecuador....saludos
Divya niranjan
Divya niranjan 16 days ago
Enjoying this episode to the maximum ... Thanks Armin and team .. for spreading happiness through music ... 😘❤️❤️❤️
miguel cruz lopez
miguel cruz lopez 16 days ago
2:37:22 track name please!! Como se llama este track no lo encuentro en youtube.
Eduard S
Eduard S 16 days ago
Armin is the best 🎶🎶🎶👏👏👏
Maria Benjamin
Maria Benjamin 16 days ago
What an incredible achievement!!! Congrats and thank you, Armin👑💋🔥❤️🧡💛💚🤍🖤💜💙🤎❣️💕💖💗💞💞💘💝💟😍👏🥰👍😘Love you. Greetings from Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺
Nenad Nedovic
Nenad Nedovic 16 days ago
Wow alot of suprises with this top 50. Congrats guys.
truckeronroad com
truckeronroad com 16 days ago
For me, William Ørbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1999) always was better like Tiesto version. Ferry's version was the Epic Tune...
Beto Beto
Beto Beto 16 days ago
I really liked them all, but I missed the classic trance music: Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa - Out There (5th Dimension)🇧🇷😕😜
Parth Malik
Parth Malik 16 days ago
Parth Malik
Parth Malik 16 days ago
Ohh when they play silence 🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Alex Sed
Alex Sed 17 days ago
DORIS SITA 17 days ago
1000 ❤️ 😉 🥰
Levent Boran - Rasyonel Vegan
04:42:24 This is the most beautiful trance track that has ever been produced in the human history.
benn zhong
benn zhong 17 days ago
shoutout from singapore
scrapveiw 17 days ago
Simply the best, still listening at 51, still love it.
Ulugbek Kayumov
Ulugbek Kayumov 17 days ago
Burned with desire....
Alfredo Gutierrez Martinez
Muchas gracias, Armin Van Buuren, esas canciones me recuerdan buena parte de toda mi vida
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 17 days ago
Very good very good here from peru
EdFunk 18 days ago
TAKE ME AWAY........ Congrats to AVB.... :) Congrats to RdR - You two are fooking awesome :)
Włodek 1410
Włodek 1410 18 days ago
Nothing special here, i tought you gonna rock the stage with some dark trance. All i can see is old radio tracks.
Андрей Жмаев
cafe del mar
Michael Franke
Michael Franke 19 days ago
Congratulations Armin and ALL your team on one thousand episodes of epic aural experience. It is unbelievable how many of the top 1000 songs are my personal favourites too! THANK YOU ALL
FlexX- HRO
FlexX- HRO 19 days ago
Omg. I listen asot since under part 100 om my i pod touch 4th generation. Not every track but i love your music til today. Its so inspirimg. I love your music. Keep on going.
Fb Gaming Zoone
Fb Gaming Zoone 19 days ago
I am sorry baby
Artur Bernetsyan
Artur Bernetsyan 19 days ago
Congratulations at 1000 asot!!!!
Artur Bernetsyan
Artur Bernetsyan 19 days ago
The best beautiful mix. Old music and new. Thx man for your positive music
S O U L 19 days ago
what track is playing in the intro? 01:02
zwerg0177 20 days ago
1000 Sendungen absoluter Wahnsinns Danke für die vielen Jahre geile Musik Mario aus Alzey Deutschland
Nick Watts
Nick Watts 20 days ago
No more prancing armin
Gabor Ferenczi
Gabor Ferenczi 20 days ago
Congratulation Armin and Ruben,you are amazing guys now and forever,keep going and make more thousands for us!!!
Mark Manley
Mark Manley 20 days ago
Armin, in the words of "Walter (Jeff Dunham) "your carreer is zooming !!! : )
Alex Izvesniy
Alex Izvesniy 21 day ago
1000 (((-_+)))+++++ а познакомился с ASOT в 2009 м спасибо всем огромное за такие работы!!! ASOT +++
fanatykCZ516 3 days ago
protoVAX 21 day ago
Hi! So...Where is Saint Vitus- Gaia?
josé jacobo durán salazar
!Grande Armin y Tiesto !
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis 21 day ago
Reviewing again
Economía en Sencillo
I love shivers! It reminds me of My childhood
Lai Leo
Lai Leo 22 days ago
Can't believe no found of Cosmic Gate in this epic episode
Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza
Gijs Meijerhof
Gijs Meijerhof 23 days ago
You sir, are a true legend and hero for music. Thank you very much for being who you are and keep doing what you are doing. Love from Amsterdam
Nick Baumann
Nick Baumann 23 days ago
Brutal :)
metrafan 23 days ago
best dj.!!!!Hallo from ukraine
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