A Song To Help Remember Zach Galifianakis' Name

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Everyone has trouble learning how to spell 'Galifanakis.' That includes 'Missing Link' star Zach Galifianakis.
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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Andrew Salinas
Andrew Salinas 3 days ago
his name is carlos not charles lol
Vinnie Corbit
Vinnie Corbit 20 days ago
Here's the Ladybug song Zach was talking about... ruvid.net/video/video-vX9J7WcYtxI.html
Drew Martinez
Drew Martinez Month ago
The song is use to remember his name is "Tonight tonight"
V3n0Mous1 Month ago
Carolina bbq don't have shit against Missouri bbq
Winnard Alba
Winnard Alba Month ago
"Proud to be a merikn?" And "which craft (witchcraft) is it?" Hahahahahaahhahahaha
smitto78 3 months ago
Amazing that the description tells about how everyone has trouble spelling "Galifianakis".....and it's spelled wrong "Galifanakis"
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 3 months ago
Can't stand these talk show hosts fake laughs..
Sky Veek
Sky Veek 3 months ago
Man, he's got a great head of hair.
Hull Style Produtions Change the World
Both bbq sauces suck!
G Man
G Man 3 months ago
Yeah, because when the movers and shakers in the BBQ industry dream about their favorite food, it's yellow. I did not even know that South Carolina had a style of BBQ. Ya Burnt!
Yassine SHOW
Yassine SHOW 3 months ago
the chemistry between these two is wholesome
gigi moon
gigi moon 3 months ago
I appreciate the ending of that. I love fart stories lmao!
Mateus Magaldi
Mateus Magaldi 4 months ago
I can't see his face without laughing. Just looking at him is funny.
Michelle 5 months ago
The way we learned to spell a friend of mine last name was to put put the tune of Disney's Mickey Mouse= Mic Key Mou Se= Zia Man Dan Is=Ziamandanis.
s srihari
s srihari 6 months ago
They could have made a "Maybe Coming Soon" bit with Zach.
Coryntheus Rotharmel
Tie on the bed, throw rope out the window.
crazy waters
crazy waters 7 months ago
For the non-Greeks in the comments, Galifianakis means "sweet behaving boy" in Greek (local Cretan dialect). The expression "galifia" (plural = galifies) is Cretan Greek for sweet and playful behavior usually by kids towards their parents / grandparents when they want something. And most surnames at Crete end in --akis so Galifia-nakis = The sweet boy.
Jacob Burke
Jacob Burke 7 months ago
William Steeves
William Steeves 7 months ago
Jack Hughman is such a pure joke.
Keesha Brown
Keesha Brown 7 months ago
I just watched Missing Link about 2 weeks ago. Excellent movie!
Stella Mantikou
Stella Mantikou 7 months ago
John Sanders
John Sanders 7 months ago
Team Vinegar BBQ
chico221179 7 months ago
Do you know any martial arts? do I look like I do? lmfao 03:22
Yougant S
Yougant S 7 months ago
Heyy is he the guy from NOAH
Vda PR
Vda PR 8 months ago
Go to 5:25 , what Steven mistakenly said and how Zach reacted 5:28 .
Joshuea Belis
Joshuea Belis 8 months ago
Wow, what a terrible version of Bo Diddleys song. That guitar player has no wrist, and those horns?.? C'mon on. Sub me in already
Blaisem 8 months ago
Colbert seems more comfortable with Zach than most guests.
Kathrine Gilly MacMahon
I paid him $700 to have sex with my first wife in 2009 in Scottsdale Arizona at a La Quinta Inn
CarolinaChris 26
CarolinaChris 26 8 months ago
Hey I'm from Fayetteville N.C bro don't shit on our Barbecue.. South Carolina's BBQ taste like raccoons shit. And our sweet teas and banana pudding way better y'alls.
Edvin Mester
Edvin Mester 8 months ago
He should play a movie which is about Robin Williamses life.
Ben Brandt
Ben Brandt 8 months ago
Aaaand they literally misspelled "Galifianakis" in the video description. When saying "everyone has trouble learning how to spell" it...
jose holguin
jose holguin 8 months ago
He looks like a fat Robin Williams
AwesomeThunder16 8 months ago
If Andy Milinakis could age
John Sargent
John Sargent 8 months ago
I loved Jack Human in The Badger!
NOMO FOMO 8 months ago
Someone needs to go back to making claymation films or tv shows. I loved Davey and Goliath when I was growing up.
Eddie Ar
Eddie Ar 8 months ago
Zach gets very shaky when he talks, and i do this too. does anyone know what this is??
Kickass Duke
Kickass Duke 8 months ago
I love their state pride battle, reminds me of anytime I, from Ohio, meet anyone from _ichigan
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 9 months ago
in my mind he will always be fat jesus
Neztle 9 months ago
Im so fucking high
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 9 months ago
North Carolina vs. South Carolina BBQ!!
Rusty Pistol
Rusty Pistol 9 months ago
the way he got out of that bbq corner. But fo realz fuk the vinegar bbq, bring it on sugar!
Nathaniel Lopez
Nathaniel Lopez 9 months ago
Late show sucks.. Stephen sucks... I'm only here for zach
Cicada Tubular
Cicada Tubular 9 months ago
I only watched the third hangover movie so I could only use that title as a reference. I guess you are just more important than I thought. Sorry Zach. You got me.
F Y 9 months ago
Carolina bbq is the best. Carolina meaning North Carolina. SC aint a real state.
hate bagel
hate bagel 10 months ago
Is it just me or does Zack Galifinakis look like he is high off his ass.
Scummy9201 10 months ago
He always dresses like an old man.
@Nr1SupermanFan 10 months ago
Zack's so hot
1977swampy 10 months ago
I got mistaken for Charles Norris 3:15 :)
Jason Barbee
Jason Barbee 10 months ago
Colbert always steps on his guest’s lines trying to be funny.. not working! Colbert is the opposite of funny! He thinks that his guests are on the show to sit there and listen to him talk about his day.
Ifihada Hammer
Ifihada Hammer 10 months ago
Zach is so sexy.
Casper Christensen
Casper Christensen 10 months ago
Why the fuck does this man have a big beard. He shaved it off in a movie i saw, and he is "weirdly handsome" without it.
Jerry Pecks
Jerry Pecks 10 months ago
CAROLINA BBQ? Lol please.
Jerry Pecks
Jerry Pecks 10 months ago
BRING BACK BORED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbest cancellation ever.
김수광 10 months ago
Top 3 Zach Galifianakis' Roles 1st Mister Link 2nd Lego Joker 3rd Humpty Dumpty
Loco NoiA
Loco NoiA 10 months ago
a genius comedian right there
Ranja Ranja
Ranja Ranja 10 months ago
I love Zach :)
Mathew Dillon II
Mathew Dillon II 10 months ago
NC BBQ, it’s where it’s at!
sur-taka 10 months ago
the best case of misunderstood sarcasm was still Hitlers intern startin war with the Soviet Union. #SketchHistory #GermanHumor
Chandra Star
Chandra Star 10 months ago
Call the police I just farted.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
He's returned in an egg. Rotten.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
I believe it's Zack. In the back.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
Clearly politics.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
All ears. Need some new buds.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
Station wagon.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
Off with there heads.
George Manifase
George Manifase 11 months ago
Mork from Ork. Nanu Nanew.
Atara Kay
Atara Kay 11 months ago
call the police i farted hahahaha
S Anderson
S Anderson 11 months ago
Born and reared in NC> GA for 30 yrs> to SC for family obligations. I get the rivalry-and embrace the differences...and the barbecue. Zack's uncle Nick was my congressman. I can sing the campaign song!
Matador Media
Matador Media 11 months ago
I've lived in both NC and SC and I've got to say... Lexington NC BBQ is the best and it's vinegar-based.
Kris Kepron
Kris Kepron 11 months ago
Please...just bring back the Colbert Report, and John Stewart.... this is always so bad. Thank god Fallon is here to make you look better.
88tongued Year ago
Amy Sederis
David K
David K Year ago
You ain't got no pancake mix
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith Year ago
I loved Stephen Colbert back in the day, but he's such a terrible interviewer. God... Painful to watch.
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera Year ago
Zach always reminds me Toto’s video Africa...
unreal011 Year ago
4:24 îîîu, ăștia pun oțăt pe carne... câh.
Basketvector Year ago
and they ALL PLAYED GAMES at the lady bug picnic
Eli Cebrayilov
My mannn
Kristina Kiil
Kristina Kiil Year ago
I just love Zach's personality so freaking much, he's hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Lilian Tong
Lilian Tong Year ago
OMG as he said what his kid yelled my dog farted! LOL!
Sounds surprisingly like the “Fun” song from Spongebob.
Andrew G
Andrew G Year ago
I don't think he looks like the guy in hangover 3 but he looks like the guy in hangover and hangover 2!
Mac Mizzo
Mac Mizzo Year ago
As a north carolinian, I can confirm they were serious as hell about that barbeque! U can hear all the country come out of Colbert! Lmao
Wow the person who wrote the video's title didn't notice the song spells out NICK, and not Zach's name.
JKB Beats
JKB Beats Year ago
Or tonight tonight
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