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Lyric Venom
Lyric Venom Day ago
I love her creativeness.
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis 2 days ago
Billie? Queen Friend? Buried Tongue? Stapled Eyes? Ocean Hotel? Trivago
someone stupid
someone stupid 2 days ago
I understand you and feel that we have some connection and I love your music and understand it! I love your style too! I don't know why.😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Heaven Universe
Heaven Universe 2 days ago
I think wrong she was laying in the bed next to her brother talking about love 2:51
marti Janusz
marti Janusz 3 days ago
1:18 is the bestttt
beauticorns prt 2
U music scares me but i like u
Mara Monster
Mara Monster 3 days ago
Im depressiv too 😭😰😢
sir xyst
sir xyst 5 days ago
pablo medina
pablo medina 5 days ago
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee 5 days ago
My name is Calvin. She can call me anytime. And a shout out to her brother for being such an amazing musician !
Alaa Meriem Kahoul
Her drawings are so good AF !
Amanda Xoxo
Amanda Xoxo 8 days ago
I love you billie eyelashes!!!
Broadway Forever
Broadway Forever 9 days ago
If Billie was the monster under my bed, it would be the most attractive situation ever
Annabella Li
Annabella Li 10 days ago
I want a brother like finneas 😭😭
QuirkyTurtle 10 days ago
billie wanna make a song with me i am pro
Daniel Hasnan
Daniel Hasnan 10 days ago
A snippet into billie’s mind - bad guy
miiska 10 days ago
Billie are you okay
Peterle ASMR
Peterle ASMR 10 days ago
Billie dropped das N-wort wie die Amerikaner Fat Boy auf nagasaki
Eiden 11 days ago
1:18 wondering sound!
Đẹp Võ
Đẹp Võ 11 days ago
Ohh no
Jamie Dofner
Jamie Dofner 11 days ago
Why does your friend say billie so good that it fits in the song!?
Jamie Dofner
Jamie Dofner 11 days ago
Omg bille I hope you see this I love your song bad guy lovely and ocean eyes I hope I spelled your name right lol and I love your songs if you didn't notice already lol
Daniela Luna
Daniela Luna 11 days ago
Pon un comentario si eres latin@ de cualquier parte colmbia,Brasil,México, Perú.etc. 😀😀
deldepress 12 days ago
holy! her thinking is truly amazing~
bone less
bone less 12 days ago
She looks like a tranquilized gorilla
Sour_ RiotYT
Sour_ RiotYT 12 days ago
I like that burp 1:18
Rosie Darko
Rosie Darko 13 days ago
Hope she's well-protected by her fans in a way she can still live her life and keep growing as a person, it'd be rather shitty if the industry tries to bully her into this image just so they could max their quotas by using her influence. Sometimes it's pretty obvious when some talented artists got turned into a God, an entity, an institution for profit's sake, the work they produce really sound instantly different, kind of like a ghost of their previous works. I'm not sure abt the reason, maybe it's bc when someone gets to a point in their life where everything is within reach, they have the respect, the sense of accomplishment and all that, they don't feel as much urgently to express?
R • Diamonds Lyrics
Aahh ainda bem que tá com legenda pt
Amber Mathiasen
Amber Mathiasen 14 days ago
I’m going to your concert and I can’t wait! Edit:I also like your music because you try different things with your music doesn’t make me tired of your music
Lil Bell
Lil Bell 14 days ago
Me thinking about Billie she was a good kid Billie saying bad words Me: never Mind!...
Stupid Stories Animations
Umm so have you thought of doing a Q/A? Cause I have a question. My question is that what tips and tricks do you have for young (let’s say under 18) inspiring singer / song writers?
I am myself
I am myself 14 days ago
I thought her ears were AirPods in the thumbnail LMAO
Kabir Khanna
Kabir Khanna 15 days ago
sis spelled wanna like wana
Tonizguud 15 days ago
Comments filled with memes rn
Jasmine 15 days ago
1:18 lmao i love how they put a little animation for her burp.
eilish bil avocado
eilish bil avocado 16 days ago
Come to Croatia🌌
Hannah Meadows
Hannah Meadows 16 days ago
I just want her to know how much we love her. I look up to her in every single way possible.
Alec England
Alec England 16 days ago
I feel like having to much love is almost worse than no love at all Damn
Sabse Sabs
Sabse Sabs 17 days ago
True!!! Love is so powerful!!! It can be the best or the baddest "thing" in your life.
MaMaD Data
MaMaD Data 18 days ago
Sis Loves Me
xCholeo 19 days ago
Omg you can draw like a Legend...
Nai 19 days ago
Hello :) Could you watch my Billie cover? Let me know what you think :)
Friggin Chiggin
Friggin Chiggin 19 days ago
Who else was hoping this was a 22 min video loll
Mariam Aprasidze
Mariam Aprasidze 20 days ago
Billie: You can kinda understand it if you listen Me: So I'm stupid
Crazy Guy
Crazy Guy 20 days ago
2:45 what is Finneas looking at?)
It's Rosemary
It's Rosemary 20 days ago
That's so dope dude. Shes creative
Clare Kayton
Clare Kayton 20 days ago
Too much love is almost worse then no love at all
Jasmine Gravador
Jasmine Gravador 21 day ago
It’s so cool how Billie and Finneas uses real life recordings into their music
Aex Lee
Aex Lee 21 day ago
can you just imagine you were this Calvin dude, you just had to say your friend's name and next thing you know, your voice recording ended up in a mainstream music video. well man, he's a lucky boi
Helen Stock
Helen Stock 21 day ago
(Pause the video for this.) 1:49 In her new animated official video for "you should see me in a crown" at the beginning of that official video there was like a symbol of a stickman with a slanted neck. Now, look at Billie's necklace.
RadyTV 22 days ago
I envy her for having actually had the chance to become an individual, growing up homeschooled and with artists all around her... while the "normal" people all get uniformed by school and social protocol
Sophia 22 days ago
"sometimes, the most dangerous situation are the most attractive to you" deym
i dont like poptarts
Emma Fedorova
Emma Fedorova 22 days ago
Anyone else find it a little weird that she separated people from artists?
Octavia Talley
Octavia Talley 22 days ago
I like how she just burp 😭🤣
Pixie Sarah
Pixie Sarah 23 days ago
I wish i was in one of her music videos
Angelina Mcclain
Angelina Mcclain 23 days ago
It made my day when she burped.
Lilly sparkle
Lilly sparkle 23 days ago
Also ich würde sagen das billie bei so welchen Phantastareien zum Psychoterapolten müsste
Ngọc Nguyễn
Ngọc Nguyễn 24 days ago
First time hearing Finneas talking. I thought Billie's voice is pretty low for a girl. Ehem, but Fineas is damned way heavier ( even for a guy)
XxMoonlight_AishahxXx :3
Hippity hoppity, Billie’s mind now my property (An unoriginal comment lol)
BxD ViBeS 24 days ago
I think what billie is explaining is a type of obsessed love, kinda like what people would call yandere.
Didi Godfrin
Didi Godfrin 24 days ago
She’s just like kurt!!😶
Zoe Springer
Zoe Springer 24 days ago
my cus showed me some of your music me and her love you vids thank you for creating these songs keep up the good work
Card FundZ
Card FundZ 24 days ago
1:18 LOL
SgtNoob21 24 days ago
Did she just burp 😂😂😂
kb b
kb b 25 days ago
Aaaahhh....mk ultra
Yulya Fatikhova
Yulya Fatikhova 25 days ago
I ❤️ Billie
Chimia Seok
Chimia Seok 25 days ago
It’s fucking creepy but creative 👌🏻❤️
henlia871 25 days ago
when she said that having too much love is the most as bad as having no love at all .... she's an actual god
Sienna Neill
Sienna Neill 26 days ago
1:18 1 like=1 excuse you for billie
billie ionaire
billie ionaire 26 days ago
billie and finneas‘s mind is crazy and unique, i’m in love
Yaneth Figueroa
Yaneth Figueroa 26 days ago
I love you😘😘😘
Kinsey Copple
Kinsey Copple 26 days ago
A 17 year old is more wise than any adult I’ve ever met
Aesthetics _
Aesthetics _ 26 days ago
She draws so good :(
Riverdale Edits
Riverdale Edits 27 days ago
01:19 *BURP* 🤣😅
Eggie Non ya
Eggie Non ya 27 days ago
Will u be the monster under my bed?
Kieran Thornton mosey
I’m pretty sure I’d be happy if billie was the monster under my bed as I could tell everyone that I met the best artist in the world
kayla maisonet
kayla maisonet 27 days ago
lol 1:14
Kenoba 27 days ago
ohhhhhh finneas is here
Omar Isea
Omar Isea 28 days ago
0:32 wow so nice to see genuine and honest artists and at that age?? wth dude
Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell 28 days ago
The way she randomly burps in the middle of interviews...... 😂🤣
Ana Laudano
Ana Laudano 28 days ago
i love you with all my heart omg
Laila Amour
Laila Amour 29 days ago
Why that 😫😫😫
Sujal Gurung
Sujal Gurung 29 days ago
I gotta agree with Billie and Finneas. Having your teeth shaved at the orthodonist is the worst sound and just feels so bad. Got immediate flashbacks of how it felt as if I was having Vietnam flashbacks.
Lucifer 29 days ago
Calvin kinda sounds like venom lmao
Dana Paola Galván Bonfil
She is the best and I Love her songs 🥰
Jocelyn Elizabeth Franks
billie: calvin say my name calvin is smart not to question
instant lunch
instant lunch 29 days ago
Visual art O N P O I N T
LemonadeBlog 29 days ago
I love she
JASON CRAK 29 days ago
Te amo bellie
-A JCB Month ago
Masav Russia
Masav Russia Month ago
Cori Mireya
Cori Mireya Month ago
I love this creative human being. Such a good brain in that fucking skull!!!
Eric T
Eric T Month ago
"Basically... I mean... you can kinda' understand it if you just LISTEN!" Billie's pretty special.
stephanie and shopie
wow your BOOTIFUL and have a lovely voice like the earings
dorothy the dinosaur
*can i hug you please*
Sophia Month ago
нихуя, русские субтитры
blaak berry
blaak berry Month ago
Ain't no one gonna talk about those drawings in her book? 0:37 It's dope.
LucasGatcha Month ago
Hey Billie, can you draw some anime? If you do, thank you!
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