A Salty Beginning (Draw My Life Part 1)

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The audio was too quiet on the other version so I had to reupload it sorry!!
Draw my life Part 1 is mainly backstory on how I was treated growing up. The whole point of this series is to go into my old psyche and show how i got out of my suicidal tendencies. Part 2 coming soon!


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May 20, 2019




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shgurr 2 months ago
IM SORRY! I moved and got side tracked for a month. I was actually scared to read the comments of this video but you guys are all so nice! There is a happy ending it's coming real soon. There's a few parts left and they will all be out before vidcon! :3
Trixie123b Belangar
Trixie123b Belangar 16 hours ago
Okay! :3 I hope your doing okay!
Star. Set
Star. Set Day ago
Hello shgurr. I just wanted to say hi, and how i love your videos. You are such a good amimator and storyteller!on a different note.. i can relate to how you felt. Growing up was never easy for me. I always felt like.... the odd one out. Even today, when I am on the brink of adulthood, I feel alone. I've got a noticeable disability, along with one that isn't as noticeable but still made making friends and noticing the toxicity in these friendships hard, and everything else that comes with society, if you get what I mean. This made the last 13 or so years a living. Hell. It made everything unbearably painful, and I developed anxiety and depression because of it. I am doing better than I was since it started, but I just wanted to say that you inspire me. You went through all that, and somehow, you got through it. And if you can, I can too. I hope you see this. Have a good night and a great day tomorrow 😊
[PS] Woomy
[PS] Woomy 3 days ago
Hey this is kinda unrelated but I had a childhood in Temecula, CA and spikeballs were abundant in my backyard so I would just get stabbed :'(
Moonlight Has its words
shgurr The sweet ingredient to put in my tea~
Isabella Waller
Isabella Waller 5 days ago
RexTubeHD 2 hours ago
Hey shgurr I feel your pain people are bullying me all the time
Ashaun Hill
Ashaun Hill 11 hours ago
I’m a kid
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 16 hours ago
😮 *Huggy* 😊
awesomeaj animations
You are edgy af. Same
False_CopyrightClaims 1058
One time my friend got punched in the face really hard. He told an adult. They both got detention. Adults! These are the people we should trust.
Thomas Alves
Thomas Alves Day ago
Gonna be honest youtubers lives suck just before they start a channel
FLASH [HMOFIGFYOA] / Slayingyoudown
Plot Twist She was Joking and said she is the best girl and she dont need an Invitation
Marissa Eaparza
1:17 I’m 11 years old and you helped me feel better from what i went through and even if you don’t see this , thank you.
Sophia Rimer
Sophia Rimer Day ago
Plz reply ⬇
Sophia Rimer
Sophia Rimer Day ago
You have helped me alot
Norahcake 21
Norahcake 21 Day ago
L_ance Day ago
That scream though.
Persona 77
Persona 77 Day ago
Thank you
shadow trooper 28
a kid bit me at school today
NGN NICK 2 days ago
8:10 your welcome
NGN NICK 2 days ago
Sorry I had to say this. *Unlocks roast door* Ahhh the right one for these people BOI STOP LIVING IN A FREAK HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA HAVEING BOI Ok I went to far
pugacraftero 17
pugacraftero 17 2 days ago
8:07 drift away starts playing*
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 2 days ago
FourClover 2 days ago
Cathy Cole
Cathy Cole 2 days ago
My first memory as a kid I was 3 and fell down the stairs and cut my head open
fastNoahpop ???
fastNoahpop ??? 2 days ago
Every time when I hear the spike ball story I feel the pain
Jan Vastič
Jan Vastič 2 days ago
I'm currently 17 and can relate WAYY too much with this.....
Katherina Johal
Katherina Johal 2 days ago
Why do u always play victim
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 2 days ago
Katherina Johal agreed, she is so emo
Jessica Craft
Jessica Craft 2 days ago
Rap holy crap crap crap that’s all I’m saying is crap well those bitches out there like my mom she’s making us dinner well I don’t like dinner she always make us sleeping to
Kuroshiro Killer
Kuroshiro Killer 2 days ago
Honestly, I've only been able to get to this far BC of all these stories, like... Yeahhhh tbh I can relate to Shgurr senpai's story. At a young age of 4 I've developed gynophobia, then losing trust to adult, and literally everyone else bc of the same reason. Yknow thanks for sharing this cause I know that others have it worse than I do and I can have hope too in the future cause people like you have overcome all these hardships and it's like a motivational video to me as a freshmen highschooler so thank you ~
Gomi Kun
Gomi Kun 2 days ago
I can't really relate to you. But I do with the thing you said about how they point out every single thing about you.
Doodle Noodle
Doodle Noodle 2 days ago
Oml this is so me thx so much
uh, you know the difference between a "Draw my Life" and "Animate my Life" right?
my earliest memory... i pissed on the floor and my brother skipped on it.
Maria tube
Maria tube 3 days ago
My earliest memory is when i went to kindergarten and on the stairs i began feeling sick cuz my teaher made me ate all the food they gave there and that made me puke.
Vincenzo Pollice
Vincenzo Pollice 3 days ago
Bilgewat3r 3 days ago
That spike ball story reminded me of an event that happened back in my childhood too, one that I had mostly forgotten. I forget exactly how old I was at the time but while I was in scouts, there was this one weeklong camp that I think was mandatory for some reason or another. There were all sort of activities on a schedule kinda like classes but mostly outdoor and preparedness focused. There was also quite a bit of an age range of the kids there (I was on the younger side then). I remember going over to one of the older kids’s campsites for some reason or another during a time when either our schedules were free or after the day had pretty much ended. I forget whose bright idea it was to start a pinecone war but one way or another we all started throwing pine cones around. Initially I didn’t want to participate but I think they roped me in because of that peer pressure and whatnot. Idk if you, the reader know about these pine cones but let me fill you in on them. Pretty much all of them had already opened and each seed bit thing...? had like a spike on it that normally wouldn’t affect anything if they were closed. So essentially they were less like light woodenish rocks and more like woodenish morning stars/medieval flails. And these kids were throwing them at each other. Me included (important later). Thankfully I was wearing a bit of a winter jacket as it was starting to get cold so the spikes never hurt me and I think people were careful enough to not throw them too hard. I don’t entirely remember if rocks got involved or not but since I don’t remember any wounds from them, I’d guess I was either good at dodging or they weren’t. But then one of the older kids, maybe high school age? lost all common sense as that’s the only way I can think to explain it and brought out his fly fishing rod and (thankfully SO thankfully) it didn’t have a hook on it. But he started flinging it around as if he was actually fishing in the midst of this group of kids a bunch younger than him. Somehow the end of the line nicked my ear and that’s when I basically collapsed trying to hold back tears. I don’t exactly remember what happened between then and what comes next but I would guess one of the other kids got an adult leader. The next bit I remember is that everyone involved or at least most were gathered around a picnic table getting quite the scolding. I’m not sure if it was for all of us with the pine cones and rocks or just the guy with the fishing rod but I could not lift my eyes off the ground. I was a bit in pain from the ear bit but that was manageable, the thing that really got me crying was more the terror of being in trouble even if I wasn’t right then mixed with a bit of homesickness. I remember distinctly trying to stand as still as possible to not draw attention to me to show I was crying and trying to get all the tears to land on my glasses so nobody would see them fall. Not the worst part of that trip imo. Idk if it was the day after or a couple days later butI was somewhere free of my schedule again and doing something when I came across all these huge sticks, nearly logs with a group of acquaintances all piled in a kind of tipi (spelling?) formation against a rock face. We discovered that our small bodies could just barely fit through the top so it was like a little single person fort. I was the last person to climb in and I don’t remember why but the others started poking sticks inside. There wasn’t really enough room to move let alone dodge them so of course the sticks hurt. I don’t quite remember this either but they may have been mocking/insulting me for some reason when I was there. I also remember it getting later in the day/evening then too so it got much colder. I didn’t have any of my warm stuff with me and I was too afraid to get out so I just stayed there trying to keep warm but feeling bits of me go numb. It was at this point my homesickness or some sort of feeling of overwhelming despair reached it’s peak, it’s pinnacle. I remember wanting to leave right then and there, never see any of these people again, and dreading the thought that I’d have to get out and even be near them. I also remember thinking something like where are any adults around here, why are they seeming to be slacking? Anyway I forgot what the point of this comment was but now you know (at least one of) the reason(s) why I’m introverted and antisocial and whatnot lol. Idk why I shared any of this tbh. Well if you managed to read this far, wow lol. I commend you on your focus and patience to be able to get through this wall of text. Thank you for your dedication. Hope you have a nice day/night! I’ll be busy trying to think happy thoughts again lol
Bilgewat3r 3 days ago
This is a heckin novel right here... I’m sorry to anyone who thinks they have to read The whole thing. I didn’t realize how long it had gotten.
GreenMachine 05
GreenMachine 05 3 days ago
Adults to me are just the teenagers you see in movies but the only thing different is that you can’t fight back.
NoelBunnie 3 days ago
Girl I know what u mean this hits me hard
Nilsein Celestin
Nilsein Celestin 3 days ago
THE CRINGE IS REAL! (no shade love yo vids)
brooker smith
brooker smith 3 days ago
1:34 who said your story’s ending?
Princess Brave
Princess Brave 3 days ago
I had depression for 2 years. The first year was of well... Inappropriate.... Um..... Things........ The second was a complex friendship
Glass of water
Glass of water 3 days ago
I too learned to see the world like this
St0rmshad0w44 animation
When the teacher gives home work 2:12
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz 3 days ago
I felt depprion in 4th g i just had bullies and it just lowers my confident
Hachem Ajmi
Hachem Ajmi 3 days ago
Been here since the beginning never thought I would see this day
T.O. Grumpyre second Account
4:11 kid pleas... if she knew that you’re mom would make *YOU* she would have never opened her legs
Lexie 345
Lexie 345 3 days ago
the fact that I related to this video an astronomical amount made me realise how much I hate my peers (apart from a few kids of course)
Greg sipy Sado
Greg sipy Sado 3 days ago
Yea California sucks
Julian Vera
Julian Vera 3 days ago
Sameee literally anytime and am not smiling for a sec or not talking teachers are like "WHY ARE YOU SAD”
M C 3 days ago
asks about weekend ignores you taking abt your weekend I SEE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE
that 1 mspaint creeper.
Aww I wish I could’ve been friends with young shuggr. But alas I’m just an 11 year old girl. -.- And I get the spiky ball thing. Also I used to live in California, it was wear I was born. But I moved to New Jersey in August of 2016.
King lightning Dragon
Too much salt
Rope Burn
Rope Burn 3 days ago
Bro I would have socked... EVERYONE.
AJ WYLMS 3 days ago
My first memory as a child was my mom changing my diaper
SUB THEORY 3 days ago
My first memories are 1.going to a park in NY called letchworth with my family( I still have a picture of all of us) 2. Is my parents getting divorced 3. My dog ripping the eyeball off of my favorite stuffed animal 4. Going to a fake wedding that my kindergarten held to show us proper manners and I was the best man
Mr. Yes
Mr. Yes 3 days ago
And that’s a story on how she became an edgy teenager
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast 4 days ago
I wish I could be your friend but I am below 13. :(
Milly KKitty
Milly KKitty 4 days ago
Channel created 8 years ago, Shgurr is in her 20s, Around 16 she broke, So Shgurr is atleast 20-26 So it is possible her first video might have been when she was around 16, but it could have also been before 2010 🤔
Stewart K
Stewart K 4 days ago
NY first memory is my cousin and my brother fighting with lightsabers while I sit on top of a couch with the sounds of cooking the background.
She could have said "Yeah I'm in my early 20's- 'But everyone else did it then too bto'
Nadine Alameddin
Nadine Alameddin 4 days ago
Gurl. Did it mom know about ANY of this?
Maximus Gardiner
Maximus Gardiner 4 days ago
Aren’t you technically already drawing your life... Being an animator in all, telling life stories
•m!lk• 4 days ago
People don’t bully me because I’m tall and philipino
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