A Salty Beginning (Draw My Life Part 1)

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The audio was too quiet on the other version so I had to reupload it sorry!!
Draw my life Part 1 is mainly backstory on how I was treated growing up. The whole point of this series is to go into my old psyche and show how i got out of my suicidal tendencies. Part 2 coming soon!


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May 20, 2019

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Comments 9 545
aiko draws
aiko draws 44 seconds ago
Remember all: friends dont exist :3
Maxwell Watson
Maxwell Watson 30 minutes ago
Hey you know I had to poison fish in 4th grade it was to simulate pollution and we named them RIP fish.
boxing RAPTOR
boxing RAPTOR 2 hours ago
Avery Zee
Avery Zee 6 hours ago
It you
Creeper6677 8 hours ago
I did the same thing as I was a Kid: 1:52
Gryffindor Edits
Gryffindor Edits 9 hours ago
3:44 same
Nattycawt 11 hours ago
Cube:draw my life, you aren't done living yet Me:well if i die i can't make it you dumb dumb.
Voied Opole
Voied Opole 12 hours ago
Oooooohhhhhhh no I feel soooo bad I had a similar start to I did not have any real friends for a long time it’s until I moved for the 4th time is when I got real friends
Da Boox
Da Boox 13 hours ago
Literally why? You could've increased ad revenue a bunch if you only made the video a minute and a half longer.
PK_EPIC Boy 14 hours ago
i cant find part 2!!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣
nhu nguyen
nhu nguyen 17 hours ago
Yay! Revenge of part 2🙂
shinnick family play account
8:18 tabbes has joined chat
Natalia Barrera
Natalia Barrera 20 hours ago
Some of the stuff I am used to it like with the pure preaser...my "friends" do pure preaser on me...and I have a lot of trust issues and I feel like I have no real friends..and I feel like everyone hate me ya know some signs of depression..
Milk 20 hours ago
soooo you have DID??
_SilverLyn _
_SilverLyn _ 21 hour ago
Wow edgy
challbyt Day ago
My most memorable moment in my life is the day i started being depressed
Jack Brawnen
Jack Brawnen Day ago
Am I the only one Who fought back against People who were pressuring me I actually had at least 5 incident that lend me Not being friends with those people and beating up A little shit who thinks he's all tough with his Little BB gun
Fainting Spirits
I love this, it opens my eyes that i do act differently after being bullied from kindergarten all the way through to intermediate (im a highschooler now and bullying doesn't occur as much anymore and im safer)
Lessine Studio
Off topic timeee.... I dare shugrr to watch her first video
Working in retail I've realised this same thing as well.
The LEGO maker
Kids are freakin mean
a random youtube user
Oww the edge
Remember the time when shgurr did drawings and that was it?
Light Legend
Light Legend Day ago
the trials of purpleendy
Kailan Campbell
Zelo Official
This was my whole childhood, I feel you
Who else used to watch her fnaf animations
Jaydyn Torres
Is your brother still ok?
Michael Lucero
Why did I just randomly think (while watching this): "Artists Draws Hands & Faces Left and Right! My Best is an Anime Eye!"
Malaki Malaki
Malaki Malaki 2 days ago
Hmmmmmmmmmm where you at
The Gaming Creeper
Since I was watching this at night, emo Shgurr showing up at the end scared the HELL outta me
Manganime 2 days ago
Hello? anyone alive. especially SHUGURR
Aaima Fatima - Plum Tree Park PS (1565)
Shgurr it's been a month we need part 2
Zach Randle
Zach Randle 2 days ago
I am try to start a RUvid animation channel any advice
Audrey Animations
If She was in my grade like me i would be her friend
Ernesto Mendoza
Ernesto Mendoza 2 days ago
I feeled that way too
Evie_ Editz
Evie_ Editz 2 days ago
Ughh not getting invited to party’s I know that One time I invited my friend that we will call...child.so child was my friend I sat with her at lunch we played together I even invited her to my parties! Then her party came and she didn’t invite me and then another girl that was my friend was having a party and she didn’t invite me either then it happened with all of my friends all 5 of my friends
Kitten Fish
Kitten Fish 2 days ago
Anybody remember when shgurr was a furry?
shannon gacha
shannon gacha 2 days ago
Where is shugrr shes been gone for a month
Lavender Funduu
Lavender Funduu 2 days ago
Please make a part two please please please please please
syl mary Pokue
syl mary Pokue 2 days ago
I’m gonna be friend
SI Irfan
SI Irfan 3 days ago
Guys, we need to use *10%* of our power to teach the haters a lesson
EstFortZ 3 days ago
Black bitch: Only cool people are invited. Me: But you can fight me irl. also me: Oh wait you dont have life. (ROAST 100)
GalactaKnight 101
That ending is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
GalactaKnight 101
@Gamer Gamer EpicGuy supa agreed
Gamer Gamer EpicGuy
Ikr Shgurr have a huge betrayal and I feel bad for her
karsen Knight
karsen Knight 3 days ago
I need part two
the bad name channel
That's my childhood except I also got beetup
The Outdoorsy Girl
Wht app do u use ? To aninate
Libby Doot Deet Ya Yeet Morris
MrGobble ROBLOX 3 days ago
Cool :D
Fabrizzio Navarro
I love this video, because I feel identified.
GraceDcastle 3 days ago
I've had similar experiences throughout the years and man it freaking fucks you up. I'm really excited to see part two girl.
Katherine -Mc, Gacha Videos And More!
Ummm is it okai if i dont know how to draw hands...? Dislike:No Like:Yes Or just comment Edit: Me as a kiddo (Now ;-;) Depressed Im not trying to guilt trip or make anybody feel bad for me.. if you dont care just ignore me c:
mierda en potencia zorrete
The powerpuff girls were amazing and they didn't have hands, it's ok if you don'g know how to draw hands
GalaxyTUFG 3 days ago
Your story is very similar to mine tho I had a great person who changed my life because of her I am now a really popular person and she is known as the “The Changling” we call her that because she changes people while she changes herself and I want to say thank you to her
The amibo Slayer
The amibo Slayer 3 days ago
Its been a month please make part 2 PLEASE
Indigo Wendigo
Indigo Wendigo 2 days ago
I know, right? ._. I want to know how she became okay. :( And I also want to give her a big hug. :p
[bagelz likepatatoes]
I'm the girl who threatens my friends 🙀
CearTrap 3 days ago
So she got bullied....
Da Thing
Da Thing 3 days ago
Yup my life
UnicorniusX 4 days ago
How do i contact shgurrrrrr 😢
MrGobble ROBLOX 3 days ago
UnicorniusX idk bro :(
HACKER_69lol13 pls4
Well now u have all most 2m freinds
project world
project world 4 days ago
That last part kinda scared me
Diego Armenta
Diego Armenta 4 days ago
You almost swallowed a quarter but I did swallow a quarter
Pubbles 4 days ago
Wow. Your childhood has officially made mine look like a slap to the face (compared to a kick in the guts >~
AyeAye Animations
I am actually impressed that you make all these by yourself.
Bug Catcher Gabe
Bug Catcher Gabe 4 days ago
I hate spike balls too
Evil Mel
Evil Mel 4 days ago
Shgurr:PMA(JackSepticEye fans know) Me:Confused confusing screams
Quick Bolt
Quick Bolt 4 days ago
I got dared to eat a spikeball and I didnt
Jack Song
Jack Song 4 days ago
posted on my bday xd
*Galaxy ANGEL* Plays
Shgurr sweet heart I MOVE SCHOOLS #RunningAwayFromMyProblems. Also ARE YOU LIVING MYYY LIFEEE not but being serious it helps to hear another persons and to know your not the only persons story ☺️😔 So Thank you for sharing your story so people don't feel alone thank you for trying you help people going through similar situations, Thank You Shgurr.
Roxy Wolf
Roxy Wolf 4 days ago
I have no idea how you would be so clam about it I would have lost it
phobo fox
phobo fox 4 days ago
This feels same to me I'm in 9 but it's so close to my story just younger
Jenie Kingsbery
Jenie Kingsbery 4 days ago
Azure Nastoshi
Azure Nastoshi 4 days ago
Jeez. Secondhand depression is real yo
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 4 days ago
And me too, I wanna real friends cuz I don't have. But it's OK!!! I am like you, I have 11 years old and that happens to me. But....it's o-okay....(sniff)
mierda en potencia zorrete
@Glitch Max I'm a boy too
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 2 days ago
I am a boy, and what about you???
mierda en potencia zorrete
@Glitch Max a boy, or at leat that's what I think I am
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 2 days ago
By the way, are you a girl or boy???
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 2 days ago
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 4 days ago
OK, I'll do it.
Glitch Max
Glitch Max 4 days ago
What, Lego is torture???
John Oseda
John Oseda 4 days ago
Some bots get satisfaction. BREAKING THE MOLD only real fans of her know what I mean
Fribus 4 days ago
Anime drawing is bloody amazing I watch you’re apartment video
tsiñøisūłłI Shçãdē
You Didn’t Fight Them [A Salty *Fight* Yes I’m Not Blind] That’s Very Respectable, Specially Coming From A Guy With A Large Record Like Me. You Held Hope, You Didn’t Lose Hope Like Me, With Stories Like Yours My Blood Boils A Little, But The Way You Handled It. So Much Respect.
Брейнюбер будуєщево
Those 2 girls are stupid
Брейнюбер будуєщево
Where is the video about your child injuries you're definitely an animator?
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera 4 days ago
This really touched my heart cuz I used to go thru the same thing and i just stopped talking to them so I’m happy to learn this is not just a me thing
Caterkiller-JD 5 days ago
YOU should draw caterkillers for 2 million for no particular reason other than celebration. yess
Bob The Dog
Bob The Dog 5 days ago
Thank you for helping me through the hard ship I had when I was a younger I’m going to tell you what happened to me when I was younger it was also the worst thing that happened to me this happened in 2006. my “best friend” so i thought. when we where heading to go home from the movies. Best friend: bf Thought it was a good idea to go through a ally way ( b!ch what ) well that what I would say if this was now but anyway I said sure because he said this a short cut and I had a lot of trust in him btw I was 18 when we were walking he looked at me smiling creepily I said dude you ok he came up to me and said yea and after that all i could rembear was getting shot I woke up in the hospital the doctors said I was shot and someone found me on the ground bleeding but after that I back to school and people spread rumors about me one of them was this oh I heard (bob the dog) tryed to mug BF then after I heard about the rumors I when up to my ex BF and said what the hell is wrong with you he started to punch for no reason note I am a 6’4 one tallest non athletic person in the school but one of the kindest and if someone punched me I wouldn’t care but I just snapped I grabbed the nearest item near me which was a pencil and stabbed him with it he started screaming and said all this curse words like you b and f you I didn’t care but some people saw what happened and tryed to hold me back after that the principal asked what happened I told him and how I got shot I even showed him my scar to show proof then ex bf said is that I tried to mug him but the principal cut him off and said do you have proof of this ex bf said no the police was next to us to make sure nothing happened and police officer knew i whoud not do that because he was my Neighbor I asked him if you chould send him to cort he said sure he said to the principal to take this to cort we when there i won and Ex bf was sent to jail
Evelyn Pfriem
Evelyn Pfriem 5 days ago
I'm so sorry that all this has happened to you. So....friends. Thumbs up= yes
大田由加利 5 days ago
Brayden Lewis
Brayden Lewis 5 days ago
All this vid is me
Xx Wolves xX
Xx Wolves xX 5 days ago
My first Memory as a kid was Choking on a goldfish :|
Esubisey 4 days ago
That's the most random thing I've ever heard
Mr Purple
Mr Purple 5 days ago
I now understand why Americans have school shootings
SpOoDeR mAnS
SpOoDeR mAnS 5 days ago
Bruh I’m going through the same shit I’m in the phase of not trusting people at all and not making that much friends I’m in the edgy phase
Lala 1
Lala 1 5 days ago
I relate for the people being only rude to me but I am 10 and since I was 4 it started
GrimTheWolf MCPE
GrimTheWolf MCPE 5 days ago
Well,I Feel Ya,Shgurr,I Also Got The Same Treatment As When You Were A Kid,(i dunno it will end or not)I Am Still 12 So I Am Still In School
XxRoyichixX Gaming And Stuff
who are these so-called normal people
I don't listen I hear SHGGUR ps: I would politely ask for a next part of this sorry if I'm being rude #shgurrsweet
Red_Pula赤 色
Red_Pula赤 色 5 days ago
*video starts*' Me: Wait did I accidentally rewatched this?
Artist Of RM
Artist Of RM 6 days ago
I just realized the girl wears the colors of the bisexuality flag
Artist Of RM
Artist Of RM 3 days ago
@mierda en potencia zorrete the one that told her she was not cool enough
mierda en potencia zorrete
What girl?
Diego Carranza
Diego Carranza 6 days ago
Do a vid with jaidenanimations :D
NoobyGamer 11
NoobyGamer 11 6 days ago
Hey I see people's feeling
NoobyGamer 11
NoobyGamer 11 6 days ago
Girls:let's throw some spike fruits at that loser 😈😈😈😈 Shugrr:I don't think that's a good idea😯😯😯😯 Girls:*throws* Shugrr's brother:*chatches and does naruto cloning* "let's see how you like this!!!" *all 5 clones get tennis ball machine* Clone:*turns on with spike fruits* Girls:RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dipz* Shugrr's brother:there took out the trash. *goes back to staring at nothing* Conclusion- Shugrr's brother is secretly Naruto!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
NoobyGamer 11
NoobyGamer 11 6 days ago
When my sister showed me this here is what I thought Me: why am I alive? 😐😐😐😐😐
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