A Refreshing Drink (Chillhop - Chillwave - Lo-Fi - Electronic Mix)

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00:00 Summer Goes By - iamalex
03:56 Dreams - Joakim Karud
06:54 Summer - JULIAN AVILA
09:25 Ice Tea - Not The King. 👑
11:36 Sleepyface - Biocratic
14:46 Everybody’s Somebody (Lum III) - Yumi Rose 🌹
17:42 C H I L L E N I U M - Jon Presstone
20:13 moe’s - [dosbomb.]
22:30 Cold Beer At The Beach - Jay-Lounge
25:11 Morning Groove - Ryce
27:42 Beachside Dreaming - falcxne
31:12 amo - peatu
35:25 the old friends surf at hogback beach. - fantompower
38:09 Dreamin’ - Derlee
40:51 summer blues - shinobi
42:52 good afternoon, good evening, and good night - DepreSSean

Biocratic: birocratic.bandcamp.com/
DepreSSean: soundcloud.com/sean-hauser
Derlee: derleemusic.com/
[dosbomb.]: soundcloud.com/dosbomber
falcxne: falcxne.bandcamp.com/
fantompower: fantompower.bandcamp.com/
iamalex: iamalex.bandcamp.com/
Jay-Lounge: soundcloud.com/jay-lounge
Joakim Karud: www.joakimkarud.com/buy-my-music/
Jon Presstone: soundcloud.com/jon-presstone
JULIAN AVILA: soundcloud.com/julian_avila
Not The King. 👑 : soundcloud.com/coreygagne
peatu: peatu.bandcamp.com/album/memento-mori
Ryce: soundcloud.com/ryanweller
shinobi: soundcloud.com/yungshinobiii
Yumi Rose🌹: yumirose.bandcamp.com/
GIF: futuretage.tumblr.com/
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Jun 23, 2018

chilldowntempochillwavechillhophip hoplo filofilo-fihip-hopbeatselectroelectronicambientsummerdrinksrelaxingbeattapeboombapfunkvaporwavevaporvaporfunktrip hoptriphoptrip-hopchilloutsummertimespringwaterbeachvacationsoulgrooveelectronic playlistelectronic mixlofi mixtriphop mixchill mixchillwave mixchillhop mixhiphop mix




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Comments 41
Special thanks to Jon Presstone, Peatu, and DepreSSean for sending music! Please support them and the rest of the talented artists featured in this mix by clicking the links in the description!
GlitchWitch 22 days ago
Masayoshi Takanaka probably deserves most of the credit for that first track. Lame shit, Alex.
Emilie Fontaine
Emilie Fontaine Month ago
@soulsearchanddestroy where is the lovely coffee cup morning mix?? :( :(
Sadly it was struck down here on RUvid via copyright claim. Thankfully, I have back ups on Soundcloud and Spotify! soundcloud.com/soulsearchanddestroy/sets/morning-coffee-lofi-beats open.spotify.com/user/krazyxapcx/playlist/0Agpbs7VKH4qfY7GVYBs0v
Music Nerd
Music Nerd Month ago
Well, school’s out for me! I’m so happy I can pretend like I have a refreshing drink even tho I dont. I now have the freedom to do whatever I want, draw, no more school or stress. Just me and my sketchbook and the sun! :D
Albert videos
Albert videos 3 months ago
Probably my favorite mix on this channel
Nitish Das
Nitish Das 3 months ago
What a wonderful mix !
Sisyphus 7 months ago
I was listening with headphones in a library and I swear I thought that the music was coming from outside at 38:06
George Brady
George Brady 8 months ago
L Z 10 months ago
i want my life to sound like this music
L Z 10 months ago
L Z 10 months ago
wow.... this is sooooooo chilllll
Random NPC
Random NPC 11 months ago
Exquisite mix here.
Oren Ben-Joseph
Oren Ben-Joseph 11 months ago
You gotta be one of my favorite channels recently!
sirgallium Year ago
nice mix
Bingus Year ago
Favorite mix
Lesley Mingo
Lesley Mingo Year ago
Thank you soul search and destroy for another mix. I could use a drink in. This hot weather .
Steven Bilik
Steven Bilik Year ago
Great and relaxed....:)))
18:03 a true love song :D
Virtual Reality
Nice RUvid blogger music lol...Casey written all over it.
AK Year ago
Why do I feel like those who listen to this are really chill and cool fuckers
Trussemaze Year ago
So refreshing ! I wish life was all about relaxing, drinking refreshing drinks and listening to chilly music while all hate gets eradicated because of its inherent void and lack of meaning... Maybe it is, you just have to have the means to live this way...
Thanks a lot
adrian martinez
where i live the radio station used to be Magic 102 F.M. they had banner signs on buses. D love hour? at night(bed time for me back then. i was a kid.) shame it went under in D early 90's people thought pregnancy was going 2 B* on D rise
prudent rodent
I must confess the source of my good mood today: this album
Eucraft S.A.
Eucraft S.A. Year ago
good mix bruv
Date Masamune
Date Masamune Year ago
Can you create a Playlist with all of your Videos?
miranda bryant
YEssssS... This is exacTLy whaT i nedzzz this m0Rniin.. ;)
SweeBeeps Year ago
All of your recent summertime tracks have been fantastic - keep up the great work!
M. P.
M. P. Year ago
Vape, vapae, vapatum...
Fagner F Souza
I like it. Keep it up!
ChilledCheese Year ago
very chilled! enjoyed it :)
peatu Year ago
Thank you man for continuing support
Nice selection, some real top artists in there!!
Pika Beats
Pika Beats Year ago
Hello everyone I make lofi music on my channel if anyone wants to check it out
AequhOG Year ago
dope :)
Meta J
Meta J Year ago
I hate my life right now. this makes it feel alright for a bit. thanks man for the soul food mix
FaCu aRroYo
FaCu aRroYo Year ago
Same here
Jon Presstone Copyright Free Music
Oomph, lovin' this mix. Hella vacation vibes. Thanks for using my track man!
crazyman54699 Year ago
Start this Saturday right.
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