A reality check on renewables - David MacKay

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How much land mass would renewables need to power a nation like the UK? An entire country's worth. In this pragmatic talk, David MacKay tours the basic mathematics that show worrying limitations on our sustainable energy options and explains why we should pursue them anyway. (Filmed at TEDxWarwick.)
Lesson by David MacKay.



26 июн 2013




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Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod 11 часов назад
biofuels are NOT even close to being green or transformational, Solar is, Wind is, i am sure this guy is smart, but he has no vision and is back of enveloping a legacy technology. Dont be fooled
redo348 4 часа назад
+Lightning Rod I have not refused to do any of those things. You do not know my opinion, you haven't asked. Please stop talking past me. The energy density figures are broadly still correct today, that is the fact. Either check the numbers yourself or stop claiming to know better.
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod 5 часов назад
no, no I did not, but i think you are deliberately using outdated facts and methodologies and have an agenda. YOU refuse to acknowledge that SOLAR + WIND + STORAGE are by far the MOST cost effective method for ENERGY in a city as of quite recently. YOU also refuse to admit that 21stCentury technology has been stifled by Interest's that want to keep YOU in their revenue stream. YOU do not seem to be able to understand that a few panels on a garage could power YOUR vehicle indefinitely without devastating any more ground. You are unable to conceive of a better FUTURE without a GLOBAL CABAL of BANKSTERS steering YOUR every move. YOU are welcome to stay in YOUR Oil soaked cave from the 18thCentury . Good Luck
redo348 5 часов назад
+Lightning Rod Did you check the real data that I just provided you with? Did you convert 23 kWh per square foot per year to W/m^2 to compare?
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod 9 часов назад
@redo348 www.solarreviews.com/blog/how-much-electricity-does-a-solar-panel-produce Feb 21, 2018 - "Given 1kW of panels produces 1642 kWh per year in CA and 1kW of panels takes up 68.42 square feet solar panels installed in California on average produce 23.99 kWh (kilowatt hours) per square foot per year." You can use the table of solar power production per kW for each state above to do the same math for your state. and one more little thing, ... thats for about 20 years with NO additional capital outlay, no downtime, despite the GREATEST efforts of the Oiligopoly
Harmen День назад
We can build houses that are much much, much more energy efficient. A passiv house is a German concept, these houses can be build without a significant source of heat (well, a hair blower). passivehouse.com/ A passiv house uses less than 15 kWh / m2 per YEAR instead of 6 kWh per day per degree celcius. That is an insane difference. You can also upgrade your house to passivhouse standard by renovation.
redo348 18 часов назад
_A passiv house uses less than 15 kWh / m2 per YEAR instead of 6 kWh per day per degree celcius. That is an insane difference._ Why are you using two different units? It really isn't helpful. On their website they are claiming 75% reduction in heating relative to normal new builds.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald День назад
The worldwide figures paint an even bleaker picture. Currently $250 billion a year is being spent on renewables, mostly wind and solar. Over $200 billion for the past decade. The result; at most 2% of world energy transitioned, probably more like 1%. I think David MacKay was telling us this, but was afraid to say it directly in case of offending the Faithful who explicitly believe all the advertising hype put out by the wind turbine industry. ourworldindata.org
Chiranjeeb Jena
Chiranjeeb Jena 2 дня назад
In 80's, computers were the size of a room but much less powerful than an average smartphone of today. Just imagine, someone gave a TED talk in 80's. He would have said, We can't run simulations becz the computer will take half of a city. This TED talk is just like that. It presumes the technology will not improve. Solar cells are more efficient than 2013. We have crossed 20W/m2 efficiency and the solar panels are becoming cheaper too. If my argument is flawed, please provide a counter argument in the comments. [PEACE]
redo348 2 дня назад
There are several problems with that. 1) It is impossible for solar (for example) to improve in the same way that computation has. Computer power has improved by a factor of ~1 million since the 1980s. Solar is currently ~20% efficient, so the theoretical limit in power density improvement is a factor of 5 as a start. Energy is much more closely limited by fundamental physics than computation was. 2) It isn't really true that solar cells are getting more efficient. A little, yes, but not significantly. When he wrote his book in 2008 he assumed 20%. It's still ballpark 20%. Cost has gone down, but W/m^2 haven't really improved. We are talking a few percent, not the kind of thing that fundamentally changes a ballpark calculation. 3) We need solutions that make sense now, not hopefully might make sense at some point. If we really want to meet the goals to slow global warming (e.g. the below 2 degrees target) we need to have changed the global energy economy by 2050. That means starting big changes yesterday. Here are his plans for the UK to do that : www.withouthotair.com/c27/page_203.shtml
Jetztwirdsluschdig 2 дня назад
Since he his dead, which is sad, he saved 125kWh/d or he reduced 100% of energyconsumption per person a yr. this is a remarkable result. In the same time the kardashian clan burned half the planet by showing their meaningless live in fuckbook and all the other useless medias that influences the young generation all around the world.
Dominic Barber
Dominic Barber 3 дня назад
Wow - a sane person, talking sense without an agenda. Amazing.
Alexandre MacKay
Alexandre MacKay 4 дня назад
He is my uncle. So sad he passed away.
Chippy Steve
Chippy Steve 8 дней назад
Awful sound quality.Virtually unwatchable.Someone is really taking the hiss! Is there another recording of this lecture somewhere?
James Robert Coyle
James Robert Coyle 12 дней назад
Next is Molten Salt Fluid Fuel Thorium Breeder Reactors. www.thoriumenergyalliance.com
Rolf Schneider
Rolf Schneider 12 дней назад
Tidal waves power generation
redo348 10 дней назад
He considers it in the link below. www.withouthotair.com/c14/page_83.shtml
Gary Baxter
Gary Baxter 14 дней назад
David you have too many generalizations, on the amount of energy produced from renew able sources and how efficiently they are used. You don't say what fuels you base your calculations from. I'm sure there are biomass sources and ways of utilizing them that could deliver what you want.The problem is, main stream media is oblivious to these alternatives.
redo348 12 дней назад
_I'm sure there are biomass sources and ways of utilizing them that could deliver what you want._ We call that wishful thinking.
Kai Alive
Kai Alive 16 дней назад
Australia should use the unusable/unliveable desert as solar farms
SoloriderTV 16 дней назад
The population problem is easy to fix. First, get a world government, sort of like an EU on steroids. Second, hold a world wide lottery and every fourth person gets to live; the rest are exterminated. Problem solved. Do you really think someone isn't really thinking about this idea? Never allow a world wide government. The UN is bad enough. It just doesn't have the military power to execute their plans.
YouSurf 16 дней назад
This guy is spart and keeps it simple, although the desert option would probably require three more array farms, at least, to make up for the power loss of transporting electricity through cables from the Sahara to the UK... so..... not so good. He knows, and it is as plain as day, that the most significant answer or weighted option, is Nuclear. Just get rid of the freaking terrorists and a few other factors, such as deficient/sub standard construction materials and poor location selection.
YouSurf 16 дней назад
who the FKKKK is Ted... Why should we follow TED?
gray man
gray man 17 дней назад
they " peaked " because of politics ... not because they ran out.
Un Believer
Un Believer 18 дней назад
And what is the UK doing? Importing about 250,000 people every year from Africa and the middle-east. We are a small island behaving like Canada.
Grogster2007 18 дней назад
You should be embarrassed about not knowing how much energy you use....... I don't need a smart meter to tell me what uses most electricity in my house....what we need is children to be better educated in these topics.
Gerard Vaughan
Gerard Vaughan 20 дней назад
The learned professor has evidently no actual experience of Solar PV. My 3m^2 array provides around Four Hundred watts on a cold blue sky day. This is measured fact, and it makes Tea, and cooks, with a little help from me.
redo348 20 дней назад
And how much does it make during the night? Check how much energy it makes over a year and average it. You will get around 15W/m^2.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald 20 дней назад
The alarming thing is that >90% of renewables R&D money goes into wind and solar, but wind and solar provide only a small part of the total renewable energy we use. That's right, and it may come as a surprise that most renewable energy comes from other sources. In terms of overall energy usage they contribute an abysmal 0.9%. So in fact, all of our attempts to kickstart the renewables revolution are going into the two underperforming products which are least likely to achieve this. -How has this come about? Well, mainly through slick advertising put out by the wind and solar vendor consortia. Common ploys include cherry-picking of favourable data, using ambiguous units such as 'Homes' instead of precise energy units, quoting electrical energy as if it were total energy usage, and claiming that progress in overall renewables development is a reason to invest heavily in wind and solar. That, and funding green activist groups to promote the idea that their products will save the environment. Taking this advertising at face value is no more sensible than believing ads that claim 'Doop' washing powder is fantastically more effective than 'Blaz' washing powder at getting your whites whiter than white. Or, whatever commercial product. Worldwide, politicians and green activists need to wise-up to the fact that promotional material put out by manufacturers is NOT a good source of information to base decisions on. Anyone in any doubt about this should check the official figures for world energy production.
redo348 20 дней назад
Solar + wind are 41% of installed renewable capacity. I think it is streching it to call that a "small part of the total renewable energy we use". They are the second and third largest contributers behind hydro. Given that solar and wind are growing faster that hydro (solar increased by roughly a factor of 10 over the last 10 years) it is not unreasonable that they are getting more r+d money. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy
M W 21 день назад
Nuclear is the easy answer, but emotions win over logic in today's world. Thankfully we still have 100s of billions of barrels of oil in the ground.
Scott Bros
Scott Bros 21 день назад
Coal utilized responsibly by ethical Western Societies is clean in that pollutants are removed leaving Earth greening CO2 and H2O exhaust....no so in the rest of the world... The Man-Made CO2 Global Meltdown Climate Change TAXATION scammers have long been proven wrong about CO2 and it's roll in greening the Earth and the higher yields of food crops.. As far as western societies having more thru hard work and diligent study and development is nothing to be ashamed of and the having does not come from the third world....
Michael Dautel
Michael Dautel 21 день назад
5 watts/sq meter sounds wrong 1000 watts/sqm falls on the planet and solar is 16 to 24 % efficient what gives?
Michael Dautel
Michael Dautel 21 день назад
redo348 I have a 140 watt solar panel in my garage that is nowhere near a square meter if exposed to full Sun it produces 140 watts /hour of exposure. If exposed to 5 hours of Sunlight it produces 700 watts far exceeding your values. A 240 watt panel would produce 240 watts / hour of sun exposure that equates to 10 watts / hour averaged for the whole 24 hours in a day and we only exposed the panel for 1 hour if exposed for 2 hours it would equate to 20 watts/ hour etc. How many hours of sunlight in your area? FYI having lived 100% on solar power since 1990 my data does not support the false claim of this post!
redo348 21 день назад
It's averaged. Night time, clouds, and space between the panels. It's real solar farm data, so it is correct for what it is. However, at the time it was the case that solar farms used low efficiency panels because they were much cheaper. That's not so true now, I've seen up to 12W/m^2, so closer to roof top values.
Tim Henry
Tim Henry 22 дня назад
We won't find anything till the fossil fuels start running out. None of us will be alive. Keep looking though. It's not gonna be government that's gonna figure it out. It's gonna be a capitalist.
Tim Henry
Tim Henry 22 дня назад
At least the snow didn't melt from your roof.
Untold 2016
Untold 2016 23 дня назад
Let's say Global warming is coming. That means also that we won't need to spent money or energy on heating. The crops will do better. Some wind farms could be installed on the sea and for the ones on the land we still grow crops under. The main problem will be overpopulation. A good thing will be innovation and Tesla cars. And I agree with nuclear . And building on deserts and live unoccupied land for crops.
bart hennin
bart hennin 24 дня назад
The only "energy problem" we have is the government. Free Markets are the solution to energy supply...The free market incentivizes innovation and ensures the most efficient distribution of limited resources. As to climate change, none of the predictions of AGW have come to pass...Time to end the alarmism.
redo348 20 дней назад
+bart hennin You didn't address the issue I pointed out- pollution is an externality. Externalities result in market failure.
bart hennin
bart hennin 21 день назад
Repeating the same thing to a different rebuttal is not a valid counter argument. +redo348
redo348 23 дня назад
No, there is such a thing as market failure. Externalities is the issue in this case. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_failure#Externalities
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 25 дней назад
They can't possibly replace fossil fuels, so we need to try and make them replace fossil fuels anyway. Liberal logic - it never did and never will make sense. Climate change - inevitable, not significantly caused or influenced by humans.
redo348 23 дня назад
Who says they can't replace fossil fuels? Definitely not this guy, here are his proposed energy plans for the UK: www.withouthotair.com/c27/page_203.shtml
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl 26 дней назад
I though the u.s. worked out the math on all sorts of energy in the 1950-60's. That may be why the decided to persue nuclear.
Cryptos Cryptos
Cryptos Cryptos 26 дней назад
1200 litres of biofuel per ectare is massive understatement... this is for example sunflower oil extracted from 1 hectare of plantation... this completely ignores the massive amount of biomass from the rest of the plant that is produced and that can be converted to methane by fermentation or to "biocrude oil" and charcoal by pyrolisis... and there is plants much more productive than the common plants grown in our fields. in therms of absolute energy accumulation...
J Henry Phillips
J Henry Phillips 27 дней назад
Reducing a brick home's leakiness rapidly increases its radon content.
realvanman1 28 дней назад
Well, at least this time the real solution was actually mentioned, at 12:17. Population control. But "I don't know how you do that". Really? Let's see. Close your legs, use condums, get an operation. The "lifestyle changes" discussed are called austerity. Overpopulation breeds austerity. Overpopulation is already causing austerity all around the globe. Do you sit in traffic? Enjoy less open space? Endure shrinking resources that cost more? Without adressing the rampant overpopulation problem, no amount of clever ingenuity will stop the coming onslaught of extreme austerity.
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson 28 дней назад
Can't stand a lip smacking speaker. Ugh. Good info though.
Rick Kinsman
Rick Kinsman Месяц назад
Hypothetical clap-trap.
redo348 Месяц назад
How is it hypothetical? It's a presentation full of real life statistics.
Owen Iverson
Owen Iverson Месяц назад
Seems he's only concerned with bio-fuels. Not solar, wind or hydro sources. Coupled with better battery tech, I think we can still be positive about our energy outlook. Now greenhouse emissions are another issue... :(
redo348 Месяц назад
You must have missed half the video. 7.30
simon gray
simon gray Месяц назад
With respect, the game of future forecasting is a loser's game: UK supplied by more than 55% renewables in 2018... theconversation.com/britain-has-shifted-30-of-its-electricity-away-from-fossil-fuels-in-just-nine-years-108969
redo348 29 дней назад
Well firstly, that's simply incorrect. Actually check the article and you will see the non-coal/gas components are 27% renewables + 20% nuclear + 7% electricity imports. Secondly, that's _electricity_, not energy use. Electricity is around 10-20% of total energy use. Think cars, gas central heating, planes etc. So divide 27 by 5, it is around 5% of UK energy is renewables. Note that I'm pro-renewables, and so is the speaker. The message is we need to make drastic changes, not token ones.
JanicekTrnecka Месяц назад
Show this video to all Solar Freakin Roadways idiots (or should I say Freaks ?).
booger king
booger king Месяц назад
You don't know how to reduce population? Easy! One child policy. the population will be reduced to half when the parents die. Two child policy to maintain current population and three or more child to increase population.
booger king
booger king Месяц назад
It's ironic how he support nuclear then die from cancer
Dick Martino
Dick Martino Месяц назад
1. Competition for oil causes wars. 2. The UK is using less energy per year even though our population is increasing whilst our renewable proportion is increasing. 3. So that's what happened to Arthur Dent.
redo348 Месяц назад
And as for the renewables proportion increasing, yes but it is still only a few percent of energy use (often the figures will be massaged by only counting electricity). There is no indication that the conclusion here is incorrect. UK renewables cannot power the UK. Either we need nuclear, or other peoples renwables, or both.
redo348 Месяц назад
I'm skeptical about whether UK energy use is really decreasing. As far as on paper primary energy consumption-yes. But that has been the case since the early 1990s. My suspicion is that it's really a decline in uk manufacturing that has outsourced our pollution to China. We then buy the things and are responsible for the pollution, but it doesn't show up in the figures. China's energy use has _doubled_ over the past 15 years or so.
Wanger Месяц назад
So there’s something called technological improvement. Don’t fully believe this talk because companies will always innovate and make renewable energy sources much cheaper and efficient.
redo348 Месяц назад
The fundamental message of this talk is to use numbers. They ground what you are saying in reality. So if you want to talk about tech. improvements then good- but use numbers. How much have things improved? How much can they improve? There are physical limits. For the full story see his book www.withouthotair.com
Austin Месяц назад
One might think this guys is watching a tennis match with the amount of Left/Right turning, jesus
Hart Fischer
Hart Fischer Месяц назад
Wow, great explanation of what the reality with renewables is. I am going with solar roofs, electric cars, and energy efficiency and CNG or Nuclear for the rest. Great video.
trillian1964 Месяц назад
I wonder if today he would take off shore wind parks into account. They don't consume any land at all. Same goes for rooftop solar. No additional land use.
redo348 Месяц назад
He included both in his book. www.withouthotair.com
nathen4twenty Месяц назад
The entire auditorium is filled with fossil components. From the elastic in this guys underpants, to the wire coating on his Madonna microphone. For all the left, and crazy northern European talk of moving away from Fossil Fuels, you never once see them in these videos appear without plastic products, the single most greatest use of oil. Hypocrites just to look cool outside of the college depantsing squad....
redo348 Месяц назад
I don't see the contradiction. If you are making plastic out of it, then you aren't using it as a fuel.
Luke Dragstra
Luke Dragstra Месяц назад
Biomass not low carbon :(
Giorgio Cooper
Giorgio Cooper Месяц назад
And what are we gonna use as a backup for renewables which are running below 28% efficiency like wind and solar ?????
redo348 Месяц назад
mark williams
mark williams Месяц назад
of course since this battery storage is coming in so roof tops could provide quite a bit
redo348 Месяц назад
In the UK solar on everyone's rooftop (10m^2 for everyone) works out at about 5kWh/person/day. Usage is 125.
Javelin Jaaziel
Javelin Jaaziel Месяц назад
You didn't include Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).
redo348 Месяц назад
+Gary Stout How much of the ocean do you think is realistically can be used? It works out that all of the world's ocean would be needed to match global primary energy usage. So, realistically, are we going to fiddle with the temperature of 5% of the oceans to make 5% of global energy? That sounds like a worrying experiment to me (changes in ocean temperature are part of the problem of global warming) and the return isn't even that much.
Gary Stout
Gary Stout Месяц назад
redo348 , 2/3 of the Earths surface is covered by oceans, and the area good for OTEC is immense. Also consider it works rain or shine. Open-cycle or mist-lift versions also produce tons of fresh water. Upwelling can supply vital nutrients to bolster food production, including arid coastlines. Hydrogen, bio-diesel Conversion can happen at many locations . Dr. Hans explains that there are no tropical storms near the equator. ruvid.net/video/видео-En0hZZogF20.html
redo348 Месяц назад
For comparision solar has a power density around 400 times larger.
redo348 Месяц назад
www.nap.edu/read/18278/chapter/7#64 100MW plant spaced 50km apart. That comes to a power density of 0.04 W/m^2 Not great...
K. Chris Caldwell
K. Chris Caldwell Месяц назад
The earth's mean radius is about 3,959 miles. About 99% of the earth's atmosphere, by volume, is below 60,000 feet (~12 miles). By adding that 12 miles to the radius and working thru the math, one finds that the volume of the earth’s atmosphere from the surface to 12 miles is 2,370,706,688 cubic miles. .039% of that , or 924,576 cubic miles, is carbon dioxide. Mankind burns 3 to 4 cubic miles of "fossil" fuels a year. Assume 100% of that is carbon dioxide, it isn't, but, for simplicity, assume it is. 3 to 4 cubic miles a year isn't even a rounding error in the above numbers. The _"Climate Change"_ scammers can bite me! _Liberty is a demand. Tyranny submission._
redo348 Месяц назад
That's 3 cubic miles of oil equivalent. Oil is a liquid, CO2 is a gas. If you burn a liter of fuel, you don't get a liter of gas exhaust. Gases are way less dense! :P So what is the volume of CO2 added each year? Fun question. 21.3 billion tonnes CO2 per year = 2.13e+16 g Density of CO2 is 0.5 L/g So that's 1e16 liters a year, which is 2400 cubic miles. Taking your CO2 volume, that's an increase of 0.3% a year. Now this is quite approximate, the atmospheric density varies with altitude, but let's see if we got close. The observed rise in CO2 is 2ppm/year, or 0.5%. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keeling_Curve Pretty neat, right?
Fancypants McVomitshirt
Fancypants McVomitshirt Месяц назад
There are other, better ways to transport desert solar energy to population dense areas. You don't need to run power lines over half the world. Hydrogen is one way. It is true that many countries can't be self sufficient when it comes to renewables, but most of those countries aren't self sufficient with carbon based fuels either. There will always be net importers and net exporters of energy.
Vinay N.K
Vinay N.K Месяц назад
Music is annoying. tick tick tick tick
Adela Hogarth
Adela Hogarth Месяц назад
Algal biofuel is not the solution everywhere. For Europe? No. Not enough coastline, too many people. For a country like Australia, algal biofuel could easily be produce over large, netted facilities across our economic zones of the Indian Ocean. We could even create an export market well beyond domestic consumption. It's carbon neutral, the amopunt of ocean wecan convert to it is large scale, and it will help partially safeguard coastlines from raising sea levels. Renewable energy is not a all in one thing, it's going to require creativity,diversity of energy solutions, and time and investment. Not merely for individual country needs, but looking at solutions across the entire planet on a scale of geoengineering never before seen... it is the 21st century challenge. Can we build a planet Earth that can survive us? And ultimately the answer has to be 'yes' if we want to safeguard our happiness and security.
redo348 Месяц назад
The point is that this discussion needs numbers to ground it in reality. Can algal biofuel "easily" work for Australia? How do you know? Given that australia has such a big land area, maybe it would be easier to do solar and electric cars? Either you have done the sums or you don't know, that's the point. (As it turns out, solar needs 30 times less area for the same energy output)
oilmaninpowell Месяц назад
Population reduction. The "only" reasonable answer.
nathen4twenty Месяц назад
+Football5198 Spare me the self agandizing false sanctimony footballer. When you can admit the carbon footprint of FIFA and the NFL by demanding their abolishment in the name of saving the planet, maybe you might have something.
Football5198 Месяц назад
Help the environment and remove yourselves from it or should we just kill more unborn children?
nathen4twenty Месяц назад
Thank you. The problem isn't global climate change, the problem is overpopulation.
jan van ruth
jan van ruth Месяц назад
his, covert, final conclusion: build nuclear power or was it the premise in stead of the conclusion? what is wrong with warmer summers and winters, lush vegetation and abundant energy ? make no mistake: the developing countries will ,in future, use a lot more power then they do now. and they will create the power one way or the other, and that will mean fossil fuel. no matter by how much we cut down on fossil fuel, the total amount of fossil fuel will grow much faster then we can ever decrease it. so even if we were to close all fossil fuel and replace it with nuclear power, co2 will increase. the next Tsernobyl, Fukushima is just around the corner................
redo348 22 дня назад
+nathen4twenty Its a bit of a weird statement because it seems to be that most solutions to overpopulation are government driven leftist policies. For example, encouraging women into work. That really drops birthrates, for obvious reasons. At the extreme end the one child policy was implemented in communist China. Don't think I'd recommend that, but my point is socialism clearly isn't the problem as far as population size goes- it's free market population growth.
nathen4twenty Месяц назад
You're right, the problem isn't climate change its overpopulation. And no amount of EU socialist serfs can change that.
redo348 Месяц назад
+jan van ruth You asked what is wrong with warming, I told you.
jan van ruth
jan van ruth Месяц назад
+redo348 so?? why should i care? floods have been going on in Bangladesh like since forever. what did the western world do to mitigate the problem? nothing. the same with droughts in Africa. but now the floods will be coming to the western world there is a real problem? i live in an area where there will be no flooding, no matter what happens. so why should i care? one only cares if it is at one's doorstep, well it is not at mine.
redo348 Месяц назад
_what is wrong with warmer summers and winters_ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_change#Human_health_outcomes
jan van ruth
jan van ruth Месяц назад
i wonder how many w/sqm Tsernobyl was producing before the mishap?
X etrius
X etrius Месяц назад
Always beautiful messages in the ted talks, but where are the links to philanthropic communities in collaboration with field experts to actually start contributing to a solution?! REALLY FRUSTRATING 7.500.000.000 brains but only (narrow field) experts to listen to but none to discuss ideas with on a global scale. Just trying to get in touch with the right people is a dayjob by itself :S
nathen4twenty Месяц назад
Ted talks are hit and miss. Some are just pure leftist propaganda. And others, rare instances of non-politic truly standing as information. What's really frustrating, watching another Euro-tr@sh serf telling the world we need to stop oil, whilst wearing and using almost all oil derived products in Ted Talk using any number of oil products to telecast it.
HolzMichel Месяц назад
oh let's just shitcan it all then and go back to whale oil lamps
JDave Foster
JDave Foster Месяц назад
Climate change is a religion, not a science - on both sides.
Terence Field
Terence Field Месяц назад
And where does this chappie suggest we produce food, grow forests and protect the megafauna? NO answer? Thought not.
Fear not GB...the US is in the business of selling Natural Gas
Philipp Nau
Philipp Nau Месяц назад
Thanks for your words
Westley Campbell
Westley Campbell Месяц назад
Check out these updated stats on wind and solar. There is a ton of proven data here so give yourself some time. Many of the largest corporations are going green and for good reason. Just because we're comfortable the way things are, doesn't mean we can't be comfortable the way things will be. A New Green Deal is on the horizon. wind101.info/
redo348 Месяц назад
I don't think those are "updated" stats. The information given in this video is still accurate: wind power is low power density. The reality check is that the UK cannot be powered by it's own (non-nuclear) renewables, and that is still accurate. See his energy plans here: www.withouthotair.com/c27/page_203.shtml
LifeLongStrong Месяц назад
Old enough to remember when everyone said we'd run out of oil before the turn of the century, when cell phones were the size of bricks, and had no screen, when 100 watts made 1000 lumens, when an efficient car got 20 mpg, when even race cars couldn't make 800 hp, when a TV cost $20 a month to run and was 19", instead of costing $20 a year and being 50". No one can predict the future, because technology is always changing the variables. Like everything else, we will struggle along for quite some time, struggling to move forward. Then in the space of a decade, multiple areas of advance will synergisticly coalesce into advance everyone dreamed of but no one saw.
redo348 Месяц назад
Well just looking at efficiency improvements misses the actual thing of importance: energy use has increased, not decreased.
pmmahone1 Месяц назад
You can't fly a commercial airliner with solar power. Or wind power. Digest that for a minute.
da ne
da ne Месяц назад
taunting the oilagarchy anywhere with green attitude is like poking a lion in a cage that's sleeping peacefully. you have to whisper from the other side of the glass wall.
Allan Brogdon
Allan Brogdon Месяц назад
There are so many people living on planet Earth it would not take much of a disruption to cause chaos and disaster.Were living on the edge.I know we can do better many of us will have to live differently.Sooner or later something will thin us out mother nature or ourselves.
Alan Gaillard
Alan Gaillard Месяц назад
Options for reducing the heat differential: warm the climate.
Thomas Ellis
Thomas Ellis Месяц назад
My takeaway from this is that we can abandon the idea of an industrial-scale way of life without fossil fuels. But we CAN have a more modest, relocalized way of life. The transition will be hugely difficult and traumatic--but what other option do we have?
redo348 Месяц назад
I don't think that's the takeaway he intended. Here are his energy plans for the UK. They don't include going back to living a localized way of life, for the UK that simply isn't possible, there are too many people and too little land. www.withouthotair.com/c27/page_203.shtml
mjr0823 Месяц назад
PS: let's not forget about Grid Batteries, Smart Meters, Carbon Taxing and EVs...
mjr0823 Месяц назад
This talk is from June, 2013... As of Dec, 2018, your numbers have to be completely recalculated. I do not hear anything about biofuels. The landscape is being covered with wind farms, the oceans are accumulating wind farms, PV panels are covering roofs as a building standard. Conversion to LED lighting has Exploded, both public and private. It's time to update your research and create a new talk!
redo348 Месяц назад
Well he died, so that isn't going to happen. But I have checked out and basically it holds up today. The reason noone talks about biofuels is because he was right. The same power per unit area limitations apply to solar and wind today, with the exception that solar farms have gotten closer to solar on rooftops. 12W/m^2.
ExRE_Sapper Месяц назад
David MacKay Sir David John Cameron MacKay FRS FInstP FICE was a British physicist, mathematician, and academic. He was the Regius Professor of Engineering in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and from 2009 to 2014 was Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. Wikipedia Born: 22 April 1967, Stoke-on-Trent Died: 14 April 2016, Cambridge
rlui123 Месяц назад
Rationing is not a solution.
MrZeddy100 Месяц назад
Cars, ships, airplanes all crashed due to design flaws but humans persisted to better design and safer product. It is the same with nuclear power. Shall we ban all transport because they were originally poorly designed? Why ban nuclear?
Bbm add#11
Bbm add#11 Месяц назад
He didn’t mention anything about the mining and refining of nuclear materials, solar panel materials, and the core of batteries that would be needed. He also didn’t say anything about the storage for depleted materials.
Bbm add#11
Bbm add#11 Месяц назад
He also didn’t mention that there isn’t much of a needed for a low carbon revolution. All the computer models that say were are doomed are based on parameters like a population of 30 billion and carbon emissions 10 times height than they are right now.
cujet Месяц назад
The world is truly insane. There is no shortage of energy. There is an awful amount of waste at every possible place. Without so-called "lifestyle changes" we could likely cut energy consumption in half.
redo348 Месяц назад
Renewables are currently a few percentage of energy (not just electricity) usage. So if we cut consumption in half, it is a fact that there would still be a shortage of renewable energy to make up.
Steve Housden
Steve Housden Месяц назад
"Renewable" is just a term to talk about zero carbon energy while excluding (the best choice) nuclear.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Месяц назад
Let's not talk about all of the toxic metals and chemicals in renewable energy sources.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Месяц назад
+kensaiix Fair enough. The methods of harvesting renewable resources have major problems that have not been addressed, and in many cases not even considered.
kensaiix Месяц назад
+Richard Jackson but you said "renewable energy sources", not "solar panels". there is a big difference here, the first is a general concept and a collection of technologies, the second is a very specific technology or device.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Месяц назад
+kensaiix Solar panels are full of toxic metals, and no one is talking about what to do with them after their life expectancy is over.
kensaiix Месяц назад
that comment is a bit out of context, also you seem to be mistaking renewable energy sources, with batteries. a renewable energy source is for example tapping into tidal forces or gaining energy from flora.
ncooty Месяц назад
I find it annoying that he sucks the roof of his mouth at the start of nearly every sentence. Does he think it's punctuation or that it signals something?
Christine Ervin
Christine Ervin Месяц назад
Why don’t you make a real calculation of how much fuel Britain consumes annually/yield/year. Then you’ll get an actual number of space you need to commit to bio-fuels.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Месяц назад
Why are your parameters half imperial and half metric?
redo348 Месяц назад
Because he is British. We have a bit of a mixed system. Metric is used in science but the standard units for cars are miles per hour and miles per gallon.
Rebecca Jean
Rebecca Jean Месяц назад
I liked the discussion but not following the PV W/m/m calculation. We regularly get 8000 watts for several hours from 36 300 watt panels on the house. Works out to 118 W/m/m. Installed a year ago. Now there are 360 watt panels for the same price. That's 20% more than a year ago. We consume 8 to 12 kwh each night but the batteries are full on average by 11AM every morning. Hottub is on a time and shuts off at 11PM and turns on and filters for 2 hours each day at noon. Outback Radian, simpliphi batteries.
redo348 Месяц назад
The PV powers he gives are long term average (e.g. over a year) including times when the panels are producing nothing.
Julia Coombs
Julia Coombs Месяц назад
From: "Not My Real Name". Renewables (unfortunately)... are "JUST NOT" there YET. Bio-fuels are a 2 edged sword. By growing food stocks for bio-fuel, you are no longer growing crops for food consumption, which (especially) in relation to 3rd World Countries, causes that population to have insufficient food for survival (as bio-fuels are being shipped to first, etc., World markets, for foreign currency). Another example of how renewables are JUST NOT THERE YET, is Germany. Politicians were elected on the promise of getting rid of nuclear power plants, & having renewables solving Germany's energy shortfalls. Again unfortunately, this was not the case. As a result of the nuclear power plants being moth-balled (by the Left), & a real lack of energy from renewables, Germany AS HAD TO again bring on-line, their coal & fossil fuel plants (which by all reports, has far surpassed all desired/mandated greenhouse targets). So by trying to solve all our energy crisis/shortfalls, through political ideologies, Humanity has just worsened the overall situation, & hastened climate change. Thoughts?
willy reeves
willy reeves Месяц назад
I reduced my heating/AC bill by over 60% by moving from Illinois to Florida. not why I moved but it was a nice side effect. so where people live matters greatly in this equation.
paul joe
paul joe Месяц назад
China, India, the world, will NOT decarbonise. Oil will flow on. We need crude for diesel, (ships), kerosene, (aircraft), tar, (roads and plastics). We, mankind, will not stop developing and flourishing. Not if we are given a choice. A democratic choice. Decarbonisation , if you want it good people, would have to be forced. Pol-Pot style. And that would make you, not such very good people. Nobody could say "Sorry. No more development", and get elected.
Rocksparadox From the blocks
Rocksparadox From the blocks Месяц назад
2:30 No explanation for this ''calculation'' is given.. What *the FCK* is it supposed to be ? 60 miles per hour / 30 miles per gallon =2 gallons per hour 1 kilometer/80 meters spacing=12.5 cars/kilometer. 12.5cars *2 gallons=''25 gallons per hour'' 1200litre per hectare per year /3,78541(litre/gallon)=317 ''gallons'' per hectare per year 25 gallons *24 hours PER DAY *365 days PER YEAR / 317gallons per hectare per year=690 hectares 690 hectares/100 (hectares/km) =6.9 km wide.. 6.9 *IS NOT 8* ...
Lethal Месяц назад
Dont get me wrong here, even though some overzealous, over emotional hippy will lose his mind over 3 words of thus commemt. The fluff is, Governments believe taxing citizens is the solution to global warming, they tax us, subsidise energy companies, and then we pay more for that energy. For what, a tiny tiny tiny amount of emission reduction. Its pathetic, the amount of Carbon we create by driving cars and heating our home is a small fraction of the carbon created so you can have plastic, aluminum, clean water and bicycles. Wake up, this is all ideologies and propaganda. We can not change the climate by taxes.
redo348 Месяц назад
"The amount of carbon created by driving cars and heating your home is a small fraction of the carbon created so you can have plastic aluminium clean water and bicycles" No, if you do that maths it isn't.
Alex Hand
Alex Hand Месяц назад
He looks like James Taylor.
Bryce Wellington
Bryce Wellington Месяц назад
Bio fuel isn’t carbon neutral only nutrient neutral, the carbon is what is burned and not being returned to the soil where it is needed
redo348 Месяц назад
No, the carbon in plants comes from the air.
disgruntledtoons Месяц назад
It's beyond the scope of this talk, but a better focus on reducing our energy needs will help. Planning our cities so that everyone can live closer to work and shopping is a key point here; it seems that our civic planners have a fetish for clustering everything so that everyone has to live twenty miles from work. Insulating our houses better will help reduce our heating requirements, too.
Well Wisdom
Well Wisdom Месяц назад
Numbers have a funny way to put things into perspective.
Default Channel
Default Channel Месяц назад
Fluff Men... LOL. We call that blown in insulation. I want to look into closed cell foam or SIP construction when/if I build my little retirement cottage. (little = 850sq ft or 79m2)
imperijasd Месяц назад
Pa je li bre majmunu nijedan, gde je SRBIJA, govno jedno kapitalisticko!?
Mike Beale
Mike Beale Месяц назад
Sadly people are c**ts and will never do the right thing.
Mike Beale
Mike Beale Месяц назад
80m spacing and 60mph, is he having a laugh lol
rumple stiltskin
rumple stiltskin Месяц назад
Latest generation Nuclear is our only viable option...
A3Kr0n Месяц назад
You can push on the levers all you want but without significant population reduction nothing is going to help. We have two choices: Either we reduce our population, or nature will do it for us.
Walter Horsting
Walter Horsting Месяц назад
Check out Seaborg.co Molten Salt Reactor 250 MW Thermal in 20' 30-ton Shipping Container.
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