A Real Mermaid's Tale: The Mermaid Of Bacalar

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Being a person can be wayyy too complicated, time to be a mermaid!!!
The story of Mermaid Abby and the day she turned into a mermaid. Having two legs can be super fun sometimes, but why do it for too long when you can have a tail?! It truly is a Mermaid Miracle!!!
But don't worry land lovers, Mermaid Abby can do a special spell whenever she wants and return to land for a little bit.
Life under the sea is definitely the place to be!!
Mermaid Abby in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico at Lago Bacalar.
Mermaid Abby: @indigochildren
Mermaid Tail: Merbella Studios @merbellastudios
Shot By: Aline Kras @imaline
Cenote Negro aka La Bruja.
Un agradecimiento especial a Alberto Salmón!

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May 4, 2018




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Comments 25
Fg Brandon Le
Fg Brandon Le Month ago
How did you do that🙁 I wish I was one😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MineRobGachaUNICORN13 Marie
3:12 I see mermaid are fake she was dress up 😢
Brielle SillyGoose
Brielle SillyGoose 2 months ago
how come when you touched the pool water your tail didnt come ?
mermaid Sophie 15
mermaid Sophie 15 2 months ago
i love this channel BTW your beautiful, im 10
Lemoniee Foster
Lemoniee Foster 5 months ago
I want a mermaid tail 😭
Elizabeth Diale
Elizabeth Diale 6 months ago
I have to sign in
selanie Umacob
selanie Umacob 7 months ago
That is not rill
Tuyeni Hamukwaya
It makes me scared in my bed just thinking of me swimming underwater that deep
Kuerengke Gach
do you have powers
Lilac Juvia
Lilac Juvia Year ago
*To be a mermaid*
akira's playz
akira's playz Year ago
I wanna be a mermaid -_-
Xavier Martinez
@The Best Mermaid Channel Ever. Did you get the message that i sent to you 3 months ago with the whole New York radio thing??
Hope and Zaria queens S
I know her ahe dose mirmad school
Risal Rachman
Risal Rachman Year ago
You're such beautiful mermaid...💗💗💗
Alexandra Lupu
Where did you buy it?😮😁
CactiCostumes Year ago
there are sellers every where from mertailor to mernation for around $3000
Angel Singh
Angel Singh Year ago
You are not real marmaid 💖
CactiCostumes Year ago
Melody West
Melody West Year ago
And that's what a professional mermaid does,.makes it look easy :)👍! (Coz nope its not...)
Mrs LaBelle
Mrs LaBelle Year ago
Does anyone else know that a long time ago when mermaids were still alive they were not as pretty as we see them today
Amiel Williams
sparkle diamond lps mermaids on the live right now
water star
water star Year ago
1st LOVE THE TAIL AND VIDEO!!!,2nd have you ever heard of the youtube shows ,SLM(Secret Life of a Mermaid) and MM(Mermaid Miracles)???, and 3rd I’m wearing a T-shirt RIGHT NOW,that says on the back “I can’t wait to get my TAIL on the beach” then it shows a pretty tail. Thanks again for the vid and keep up the good work!
CZwittle .hubbers
CZwittle .hubbers 2 years ago
Ok so obviously she's wearing an fake tale but whatever its still cool
mermaid Sophie 15
mermaid Sophie 15 2 months ago
just beliveeeeeeeeeee
Mermaid Ash
Mermaid Ash 2 years ago
I love you guys as much as I love the sea❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -mermaid ash
Radical Jack-ical
Radical Jack-ical 5 months ago
Mckayla Hill no one is a mermaid, they aren’t real. Grow the fuck up
Mckayla Hill
Mckayla Hill 11 months ago
Mermaid ash how do u become a mermaid I've always wanted to be one ever since I was 2 and I still ain't one please tell me I with tell anyone
Mulungi Vannisa
Mermaid Ash wow
Sierra Cal
Sierra Cal 2 years ago
i was just wondering how much raven's tails are and how long it took to get to your house also awesome video love it
Adam Cooke
Adam Cooke 2 years ago
What beautiful footage and wonderful production values, both on land and underwater. Many years ago I wrote a poem about a woman who comes to the edge of the water like this, slips beneath the surface and embraces her new mermaid life. I'm now recording it as a song for my new album and I'll be thinking of Abby and the Best Mermaid Channel team as I head back into the studio later this spring. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration and hard work!
Radical Jack-ical
Radical Jack-ical 5 months ago
You are a weird, creepy guy Adam
Adam Cooke
Adam Cooke Year ago
I'm not writing for "likes." I'm writing to thank these folks for their hard work.
TEEN Draco Malfoy
Adam Cooke you had so many writing and you only had 1 single like..
sweetwasaaabi 2 years ago
TritonsGuard 2 years ago
I always liked your tail. Suits you well.
The Best Mermaid Channel Ever
TritonsGuard we love Mermaid Abby’s tail too!! Soooo MerMagical ✨
kristian hove
kristian hove 2 years ago
i agree, it would be loveley if i could jump into the ocean or fjords sometimes and become a merman when i felt for it. I live in a town witch is close to the ocean and i can imaigne mysel jump from the cay and become a merman when i want to.
The Best Mermaid Channel Ever
kristian hove if you wish ad believe, anything can come true!!!!!
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