A Portable Arcade For The Super Wealthy

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The R-Kaid-R is a handmade portable game system. Quantities of the R-Kaid-R were limited to 50 and each was constructed by hand. The R-Kaid-R emulates many classic game consoles including Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo SNES, Atari and Gameboy.
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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 3 372
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 months ago
Prisec 21 day ago
@Zeeshan Ahmed you won lmfao
0kqx X_josi1
0kqx X_josi1 2 months ago
Ambiguous User
Ambiguous User 2 months ago
You suck
rayden&ruben1231 2 months ago
hello- what is that song you played at the beginning of this video- I have to get it: I really like it. Thank you.
FirePhoenixDragon YT
Marc Morris
Marc Morris 3 days ago
$2,799.00 i made a better cabinet and have more emu games for less than $100 only fucking idiots would buy this trash.
Uncle Wang Next Door
I was googling where I could get it until I heard it cost $2700.....
william simin
william simin 18 days ago
Where can I order it ?
You Reposted in the Wrong Neighbourhood
If you pay more than like 30 dollars for a reteopie you're actually a dipshit
don cs
don cs 21 day ago
that is the most hipster thing ever!
Sal -
Sal - 22 days ago
That Thumbnail Was Soo Clickbait Lol
kimo the fun genius
I think I will stick to the arcade archives on the switch
Pikachu Sacha
Pikachu Sacha 23 days ago
You know that s retropie right ?
Al La
Al La 24 days ago
Cool lew
varities of videos
varities of videos 25 days ago
i want to buy this so give the link please.
PanCake 27 days ago
looks like a laptop
Roblox Pro
Roblox Pro Month ago
i want this
Fengzhou Li
Fengzhou Li Month ago
I bought a Chinese one in Taobao with 2400 games. It only cost 1300RMB ($185) and it has all metal body and buttons
EZRA Weller
EZRA Weller Month ago
Me sees thumbnail Also me: how does it close?
Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone 24 days ago
Hackeronte Month ago
satvik keshtwal
satvik keshtwal Month ago
Who else ever like the sound of button 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️👍
Natalie Thornton
Can you please please please buy me one I love almost all of those games and that is awesome
catoblepag Month ago
1) Overpriced piece of crap you can build at home from 1/10 of the cost (or even less). 2) No arcade purist plays on a f*****g LCD screen.
Daniel Weaver
Daniel Weaver Month ago
Muhammad Abdullah Waseem
Sees wood Proceeds to smell wood Says "Its wood".
Jenny Sierens
Jenny Sierens Month ago
I suck
Rhema gaming shop
With battrey or cable di arcade
Sarajevo Month ago
How long till someone smashes the screen against that knob? Besides that, I'm pretty sure I can have that made here locally for less than 10% of that price..
Claude Month ago
This isn’t therapy because it just makes we want more stuff
SuperTheToaster Month ago
The only China I like is white
This is horrible who would really want this
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Month ago
overpriced garbage, you can put an emulator on a laptop with all these games and more for 10X cheaper and have more than double the battery life
Jason i love oz
Jason i love oz Month ago
didn't kmart bring out one of these made of cardboard,,
Grÿmoda 009
Grÿmoda 009 Month ago
That "one guy" is making a fortune off people's stupidity.
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades Month ago
LED? For that kind of money I'd expected an OLED at least.
Scott Galpin
Scott Galpin Month ago
What neo Geo games where there...
Jan Andrew
Jan Andrew Month ago
What the fuck what happened to packman 1:13
LookABear Month ago
you can just see the input lag what a failure
Derp Tower
Derp Tower Month ago
How in the fuck is this not violating dozens of copyrights from numerous companies?
Annonymous Ghost detector
This thing not even worth $27 . Peoples who buy this should get on pills lol
Hecko Hernandez
Hecko Hernandez Month ago
Walnut is not that good of a wood, brass for the buttons? really? 8" display? my watch has a bigger display and lets not talk about the 3 hour battery, fucking shameful. Also I take it you don´t play much arcade since you are so amazed with this garbage, arcade joystick is supposed to be fixed in place unless you only gonna play retarded games that don´t require fast moves...
Tech Wizz
Tech Wizz Month ago
he out there sweating, try hard on a retro game lol
Justin Fulton
Justin Fulton Month ago
Fools and money soon parted.
Eric Esquivel
Eric Esquivel Month ago
All those great games and this guy's "go to" is Tetris?? Lame asf. I woulda loved to play the neo geo
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