A Portable Arcade For The Super Wealthy

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The R-Kaid-R is a handmade portable game system. Quantities of the R-Kaid-R were limited to 50 and each was constructed by hand. The R-Kaid-R emulates many classic game consoles including Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo SNES, Atari and Gameboy.
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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Year ago
NBC 2 NEWS 5 months ago
Minecraft ✔
NBC 2 NEWS 5 months ago
Tejasvin Arora
Tejasvin Arora 6 months ago
Prisec 7 months ago
@Zeeshan Ahmed you won lmfao
Liquid Honor
Liquid Honor 8 months ago
MRod 24
MRod 24 9 days ago
Miss when you made videos like this😪
Zack D
Zack D 11 days ago
Title: Arcade for the super wealthy. Me: realizes he must be super wealthy
Priyanshu Vines
Priyanshu Vines Month ago
My Dad Plays Tetris a lot
electronic finder
Wow I think you build it right
Zuzi ‘s show Bear show
so you are the super wealthy?
Pillz Therealest
can someone tell me what the music is from on the game in the intro ?
sina darigh
sina darigh 2 months ago
What is this model?
TheMauX64 2 months ago
We did this in my country 15 years ago with 5000 games
nabi diouf
nabi diouf 2 months ago
3:42 his face tho
mclean 2 months ago
*sniff* **thats wood**
Andrea Pillay
Andrea Pillay 2 months ago
Wow I think it's nice🎮
Ismael Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez 3 months ago
I wish I had one of those 😕
Aaron it Roblox
Aaron it Roblox 3 months ago
How’s watching for the item
Pedro Peraza
Pedro Peraza 3 months ago
Highway robbery
compaq63 4 months ago
my $20 orangepi and an old xbox contoller and my tv.......
GamerBlock YT
GamerBlock YT 4 months ago
The only M
The only M 4 months ago
Miss pac man male or female
Focused 4 months ago
1:24 iron man sound
Rich Technology Group
You just took me back bro! Streets of Rage 1,2,3 were the best SEGA games EVER MADE! I even played them on the Game Gear! NOSTALGIA!
Problem Solved
Problem Solved 4 months ago
its pretty retarded that the top half of the clam shell is not entirely screen. the dimensions of the thing should be designed around the screen size, and the joystick ball should be completely housed on the inside, and for that price, the joystick should retract into the control surface and pop up when you open it. just saying. also they should have support for a second controller, and wireless/wired external for running it on a bigger screen or using the controller with another system. the screen should be able to disconnect. it should be its own boombox with Bluetooth, and be able to charge things off its battery.
Real Salica
Real Salica 4 months ago
Good job finding this gem 😍
aragon twinkll
aragon twinkll 4 months ago
I still have the gameboy with tetris in it god know how old it is
willow815 4 months ago
Would I buy a affordable gaming laptop or a 2k portable arcade *sweats nervously*
Explore With Rick
Explore With Rick 4 months ago
The streets of rage music is EVERYTHING!
Chaitanya 4 months ago
He got high on wood
Uriah Evans Dragon77
*sniffs box* THATS WOOD
Vortex Spinner
Vortex Spinner 4 months ago
Looks like VAULT tech.😉 Nice indeed. I wouldn't pay the money though. I am a collector.
Rabu Boy
Rabu Boy 4 months ago
Here's some advice to all the wealthy. Buy this kind of limited edition stuff. Keep it safe and in mint condition for 30 years. Sell it for millions in an auction.
chillytown es
chillytown es 4 months ago
How does it feel to buy a raspberry pi with old buttons glued to it
Max846 4 months ago
I only come back for the "Thats wood *wheeze* " meme XD
Bean Powered Dog
Bean Powered Dog 4 months ago
They should make another that's the same except for all the expensive materials and one that can be factory made
Jan ŽATECKÝ 4 months ago
No way Who want to play this again this
kiyoaki1985 5 months ago
Screen looks like shit. LCD and emulators are a fallback option that barely approximate the real deal with all the input lag and the shittiness of retrogaming on LCD.
Oil Rig Jobs
Oil Rig Jobs 5 months ago
a piece of shit, wrapped up to look cool
Ronaldoo Brooks
Ronaldoo Brooks 5 months ago
I am educated enough to understand spending $2700 on this is a stupid idea . I thought this channel had better content to display
Ace Wency Tulabut
Ace Wency Tulabut 5 months ago
He likes "wood"
Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar 5 months ago
Why people's use fake captions on vedios
Majestros 5 months ago
Not worth the price
some random gamer
some random gamer 5 months ago
T R U M P: 4:47
Elijah Hena
Elijah Hena 5 months ago
He should just team up with 2 chainz and make episodes of most expensive shit
MD. SAYAN RAHMAN 5 months ago
Give this thing to jerryrigeverything You guys know the rest
This is Ajang
This is Ajang 5 months ago
I too have a portable Arcade, it's called "my Android phone with arcade emulator"
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 5 months ago
When you smell wood: 1:20
FeanorBR 5 months ago
This honestly looks awful.
Brandon Richmond
Brandon Richmond 5 months ago
A portable arcade for the super wealthy Me: Clicks in poor superbly
Alex B
Alex B 5 months ago
That is so cool
batist1703 5 months ago
показывает все через жопу
Joe Kalou
Joe Kalou 5 months ago
Can’t tell if this thing is backlit or not
DrunkFox 5 months ago
> *sniffs* >Lew: That's wood. > *WHEEZ*
Juls 5 months ago
Well I want it so badly 😭😭😭😭
NathanDrake 5 months ago
“If u bring this to a party, thats kind of a hit” More like: “if u bring this to a party, say goodbye to two and a half grand cuz someones gonna break it”
TRIX TRIX 5 months ago
richard klegin
richard klegin 5 months ago
No way ! Not paying $2,700 for . The guy must be on meth to ask the price for when you could go to any hardware store and buy the wood and gold paint for less
richard klegin
richard klegin 5 months ago
Their was no mrs. Pacman , it was Pacman in drag
richard klegin
richard klegin 5 months ago
Probably just an expensive raspberry pi board.
Danish Rehman
Danish Rehman 5 months ago
Not worth it. 32 gb. Rasberry pi. 3 master system games
Anddres Torres
Anddres Torres 5 months ago
Me buys a 100 dollar smartphone............ Download apps 😅😅😅 save 2500 hmmmmm
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor 5 months ago
Dumbest flex ever
Nick Terence
Nick Terence 5 months ago
just buy a pandora's console with 2200 games from ebay for $250
Dirk Rieger
Dirk Rieger 5 months ago
1:21 he knows how to smell wood....
vasil asenov
vasil asenov 5 months ago
what about Sega and Sega mega ?
Jessica Green
Jessica Green 5 months ago
2 iPhone 11s OR a emulator that's overpriced that should be about 150 IF
Whale Deity
Whale Deity 5 months ago
*SNIFFFFFFFFFFF* That’s wood! :o
Mayuresh Indapurkar
Mayuresh Indapurkar 5 months ago
morning wood, you mean?
TruFantom21 5 months ago
That isn't worth two and a half grand.
Link 5 months ago
I got one, its called the nintendo switch
Bread. 5 months ago
Trump : 4:48
fjvideo 5 months ago
A sucker truly is born every minute.
inderpreet singh
inderpreet singh 5 months ago
people in 1800s: handmade? eww yuck, comeon we are living in 19 century, stop using handmade products people in 2000s: handmade? fancy, luxury, for super-rich only, $2700 for a wooden box, so much luxury . . human beings are weird -_-
Seth Horst
Seth Horst 5 months ago
Things were still hand crafted in the 1800's with manual labor of people in factories. It was sometimes during the 1990's that hand crafted products slowly made its way out of the public picture.
Billy Bob Johnson
Billy Bob Johnson 5 months ago
Piece of shit box
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 5 months ago
But I can do all this with my iPhone 😂
Seth Horst
Seth Horst 5 months ago
But iPhones are not authentic enough.
Jastal D
Jastal D 5 months ago
Little over priced for a pi-cade. Considering you can get a used full size arcade for $300-500 if your just gonna gut it for a mame box, and its about $200 for either a Pi2Jamma Board, or for Arpicade board. Or just do what ever one else does, buy a bartop kit for around $250, a Raspberry Pi, and a couple of USB encoders to run your stick and buttons and toss a used flatscreen from a pawn shop into it.
living legend
living legend 5 months ago
Dont nobody want that dumb shit bitch
Seth Horst
Seth Horst 5 months ago
Smart people that understands the complexity behind those machines would.
krozz1 5 months ago
He definitely likes to smell wood laughs !!
Black Truth
Black Truth 5 months ago
Most satisfying
BLNTSMK 5 months ago
id rathr get a sony bvm 1st w the money but if I was in my bag id get this
ModGyver 5 months ago
How do they come up with $2700 🤷🏻‍♂️
Seth Horst
Seth Horst 5 months ago
It comes from the cost of the materials, and the time it took to make them.
Melisa Michelle
Melisa Michelle 6 months ago
This is something that jungkook would buy
Llama :D
Llama :D 6 months ago
Id kill for this shit
Angel Rivas
Angel Rivas 6 months ago
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