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League of Legends
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Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.
Behind The Scenes: ruvid.net/video/video-Q40IfQbYlSw.html
Explore more: na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn


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Jul 22, 2014




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Comments 100
Yamikuro 49 minutes ago
Just waouh
döngü 56 minutes ago
You films take
NiKkoFTW 57 minutes ago
This is still the best lol cinematic so far (for me) !! SO GOOD
MageTzy 2 hours ago
2:55 :v
Frexx_btw 2 hours ago
Darius : Supp Diff
arkus 205 pl
arkus 205 pl 3 hours ago
Look at these ahri ears moves
Bruno Pelletier
Bruno Pelletier 4 hours ago
I will never be tired of that grave smirk before blowing kat's head off
Shadow Loli
Shadow Loli 4 hours ago
Lmao, now I know why Darius didn't ult in the rest of the Video, he used ulti on low hp leona with GA still active and did not reset.
Hazim Eren
Hazim Eren 5 hours ago
neden henüz sineması yok
김민재 7 hours ago
Vallrik Stone
Vallrik Stone 8 hours ago
Make A Movie
Jeremy K
Jeremy K 10 hours ago
This was made to show Darius & Naut were OP, and Leona and Ahri never freaking die (and you shouldn't chase em).
BABBYN 12 hours ago
Moba Theory
Moba Theory 12 hours ago
Make a movie plz
Drink Water
Drink Water 13 hours ago
Graves mvp 4 honors
Stefan Jelin
Stefan Jelin 13 hours ago
2:00 Not rare footage of adc getting one shotted
Alessio Procopio
Alessio Procopio 16 hours ago
Edvin Olsson
Edvin Olsson 20 hours ago
This feels like yesterday
Павел Жаров
И так, на экране тупорылая бронза, которую Катарина забайтила в лес.
Leyla Altınel
Leyla Altınel 21 hour ago
Darius: Report team
ArterDrawer Day ago
1:19 I like how ahri used charm, and draven's face is all like 0~0
That's what you get for attempting to steal someone else's buff.
cat hooman
cat hooman Day ago
Im came after wild rift cinematic trailer😆
Martin Jou
Martin Jou Day ago
Playback speed at 0.25 Go to 2:06
Dušan Banjac
4:32 my boy nautilus :(
Dachi Gaming
Dachi Gaming Day ago
2:02 , This is so accurate on how weak ADC are now
Nicole Day ago
ahri is so cute uwu
Downtown Line
I remember this is my first League cinematic I watched before I started League (Season 6), how time has pass so fast, now in Season 10 there's so many new things to this game, even music! This video will always have a special place in my heart, I will never forget how I started League
Dilif 69
Dilif 69 Day ago
Buff Zyra ;3;
Bastian Dharma Irawan
Oi jax gets fat in mobile
Nas Day ago
Ahri being carried and don't doing anything, letting teammates die and getting the kill.
Alessio Procopio
Remember this move?
dexter 2 days ago
3:47 ok who fed nautilus
Cherri Berri
Cherri Berri 2 days ago
Was made 6 years ago yet it still looks awesome
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 2 days ago
nautilus with the clutch, sadly noob team
Drink Water
Drink Water 13 hours ago
They all fed darius was the only good one on the team
Rengar: emerges from his ult darius: AA x 2 Rengar: meow?
MageTzy 2 hours ago
01 / Axel Maynard
Darius be like, omg report team all feed
druxiwnl 2 days ago
nombe a league of Draven se lo oneshotearon
José Ribeiro
José Ribeiro 2 days ago
Don't mind me. I just came here for the memories. 6:00 --> memories, as I said.
Lord Wammu
Lord Wammu 2 days ago
Every adc : 2:38
Badr Grr
Badr Grr 2 days ago
Ahmet Turan Ahlatlı
John Kramer
John Kramer 2 days ago
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.
Ellyn Cabañog
Ellyn Cabañog 2 days ago
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 2 days ago
2:55 Katarina :3
Bonk Doggo
Bonk Doggo 3 days ago
Imagine playing kata and not getting a 1v5 pentakill smh.
sinderrr 3 days ago
2:55 ...
Jordan B
Jordan B 3 days ago
When naut was jg.
Cedrick Valera
Cedrick Valera 3 days ago
Her nails is not consistent long then short long the short again hahahaha
Gino Gallarpe
Gino Gallarpe 3 days ago
I didn't know that nautilus is so very op
It'sJustCasey 3 days ago
Darius: report my team for feeding and nat for farming on bot and being late to team fights
Emir Taalaibekov
Emir Taalaibekov 3 days ago
4:31 same situation
Mike wazowski_69
Mike wazowski_69 3 days ago
i love these so much, better then the actual gameplay
Atakan türk
Atakan türk 3 days ago
jax where
DIERWOLF 4 days ago
Thats y u should recall and buy items
Mairis Kaden
Mairis Kaden 4 days ago
Nautilus is so badass, made a double being a supp. Darius almost killed Leona and Rengar, but actually killed noone. Report Darius
Alperen Akkaya
Alperen Akkaya 4 days ago
Draven oynamayı bilmiyo galiba
Mensud Demirovic
Mensud Demirovic 4 days ago
this shows how badass darius is in cinematic im just sad cuz he cant win ruined king champ in new cinematic
Zerou 4 days ago
2:13 Imagine if he had a real weapon
ZxC PlayS
ZxC PlayS 4 days ago
Chloe 3 days ago
let them leave, copycats.
gogo saurus
gogo saurus 4 days ago
Well i think that they for sure think about making some movie or series but they don't have to All they want is money🤑riot really doesn't understand their fans
Perinto 19
Perinto 19 4 days ago
Con esa cinematica ya tienes mi alma riot! :v
Yu uu
Yu uu 4 days ago
alexcameron 4 days ago
Aaron N.
Aaron N. 4 days ago
nautilus: Support btw
milan bogdanovic
milan bogdanovic 4 days ago
you can just feel and also see the asian clasical overdoing everything in this LOL videos,and i am gessing but looks like Korean influence by the character looks and ofc fight scenes
Sabrina Lisarebekka
Lagune of Legends isch mega geils game
Cloudy Edm
Cloudy Edm 4 days ago
So zyra is also a champion
잭스 버프좀
karolekjestem 4 days ago
jebac disa
Joel P
Joel P 5 days ago
I just love Rengar ripping Draven apart
-AXIS- 5 days ago
honor support
-MiraJ- 5 days ago
How did leona miss kat in the beginning? Her Q is basically a point and click, and kat is definately in auto range
이창권 5 days ago
4:50 the power of waifu
zter XxX
zter XxX 5 days ago
i like this moment 2:57
Allan Jiang
Allan Jiang 5 days ago
It’s 2021 and Leona is still busted.
Vasily Kisly
Vasily Kisly 5 days ago
Wow, they are so useless without Darius
Michel Bruns
Michel Bruns 5 days ago
sums up how op nautilus is i guess
Antje Bartl
Antje Bartl 5 days ago
Pleas make a movi
Nuno Freitas
Nuno Freitas 5 days ago
Compare this Draven with Draven from 2019 cinematic
Ronntydesu 5 days ago
Everybody gangsta untik leonas shield bleeds
Fate 5 days ago
Remember this move?!
Christian Losaria
This is my favorite cinematic💗💗💗💓💓
СМ !
СМ ! 6 days ago
Still the best cinematic out there
마술선배. 6 days ago
아리 버프좀
alexcameron 4 days ago
Dafuq? Indeed
어림도 없지
Jue Viole
Jue Viole 5 days ago
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 6 days ago
When there is a team fight in the jungle
Garino Alessio
Garino Alessio 6 days ago
Rengar trully hates Draven
DiVA 6 days ago
Quiq question why everyone is hunting down ahri
Akali Rouge assassin
2:55 oh s*it
Matheus Goes
Matheus Goes 6 days ago
rip adc graves
angry dogo
angry dogo 6 days ago
draven and darius didn't notice leona has guardian angel
Akshat Puri Goswami
Can anyone provide this me in hindi.
Mad At Gas Car
Mad At Gas Car 7 days ago
so bad
Shadowhunter008 7 days ago
2.56 Is this Erza Scarlet?
alexcameron 4 days ago
2:56 *
Nazmi Ghani
Nazmi Ghani 7 days ago
now all of them become pop star lol
Limuru light
Limuru light 7 days ago
Imagine if he had a real weapon.
Samantha Rodriguez
Her ears actually move?
Jan florin Zamfiroiu
Son ; What is that father ? A MASTERPIECE my son, A MASTERPIECE...!
Lee* 7 days ago
Most unrealistic part.... the support actually supporting
Shaggy Destroyer Of Worlds
5:32 "I should've bought MR"
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