A *NEW* Battle Royale Experience!

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Comments 80
Lachlan 2 years ago
Double Upload Today! :)
Erick Year ago
Make a react video to my friends channel zenlu tv please hi name is kensu 😣👌😣😦
Che Norrasidah Rahmat
yes that very true when you at potroluem its very very hard
Play with me my username is aleeej
Bradley West
Bradley West Year ago
egg Year ago
why u all making a big thing bout it it’s not that good thing I’ve already played this since it came out and I’ve lost about 5 games in total because I had to turn my phone of for dinner or internet connection crashed but it’s so easy I’ve never lost a game other than thag
Tap Gaming
Tap Gaming 2 days ago
Why you keep m416 with singel shot
SXK Wolf
SXK Wolf 3 months ago
2020 anybody
Arie Irawan
Arie Irawan 3 months ago
Rip s1 erangal only og pubg players know what i mean
Boringboy 123
Boringboy 123 4 months ago
Not bragging but I win every game
DoctorStrange Wyatt
DoctorStrange Wyatt 4 months ago
nobody tell him they were bots, just let him be happy
Red Parakeet
Red Parakeet 5 months ago
His forehead is too big that the camera can't fit
Никола Батаклиев
My record is 30 kills
Никола Батаклиев
My dood ur playing againts bots
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 6 months ago
love how he missed a dude
GCV HAPPY 7 months ago
My most kills in PUBG was 14
pUBGOG 8 months ago
Is It just me or is the buggy smaller in the intro??
BABY Kermit26
BABY Kermit26 8 months ago
I love pubg
Jeffy palomo
Jeffy palomo 9 months ago
Hey lachlan want to play u and me pubg movil
Wyatt Turner
Wyatt Turner 9 months ago
Is anyone else triggered he was using the AR instead of the sniper
Dr. Dag
Dr. Dag 9 months ago
Friend me CROCYYT
Mallicool 10 months ago
Ur a bot at PUBG I’m a pro in diamond 2
Suhayb Musse
Suhayb Musse 10 months ago
I loveee 💩g
Toby Fischer
Toby Fischer 10 months ago
I got a 42 kill solo squad
komal eshwar
komal eshwar 10 months ago
All r noobs
muhammadl hamzah
muhammadl hamzah 10 months ago
2019 anyone btw lachan most pf the people are bots cuz u low rank
aBruha 4
aBruha 4 10 months ago
Lachlan pls continue playing that
Codigo Zipy
Codigo Zipy 11 months ago
This looks better than it does now
Rosetta Kaufman
Rosetta Kaufman 11 months ago
Lazerbeam is a better youtuber
STR44FF jacinta
STR44FF jacinta 11 months ago
It gets harder to win as you level up
Who miss this kind of 4x scope on snipers
There bots
Tony btw
Tony btw Year ago
Did anyone see that 6:17 player all the way to the rigth
Sj plush produtions
Only OG fans will now when Lachlan cured and played with other people
The Asmr William
They might have zombies in the game
Matthew's Studio of lego
your such a noob when i play, (Im level 96) ) you can barely get 20 kills unless you are a pro and im a pro on mobile. You get alot of kills as you just started and the game puts you in a game with noobs. Ur such a lol ass noob lachlan
JP Faragher
JP Faragher Year ago
They were bots
Mr. Hawks
Mr. Hawks Year ago
2019 anyone
rockgamer playz
Lachlan plz give me a friend request on JeshithShah
Tom Does YouTube
Because they are bots
Brain Gaming
Brain Gaming Year ago
Accept my friend request plz My username is Briansavage222
Dakotaz Dietmeier
That's what I got lol
Erick Year ago
Hey give shoutout to zenlu tv search it up on utube
Che Norrasidah Rahmat
you realy are noob
Che Norrasidah Rahmat
your are super noob becouse m16A4 better than m416
Höpé Yt
Höpé Yt Year ago
2019 Pubg mobile? EBKGetdown is my ign I have almost 200+ wins diamond rank
Lil Gang
Lil Gang Year ago
pubg is one of my fav game bec 75 of them are bots 25 of them are real players
Lil Gang
Lil Gang Year ago
i love pubg
Sirey Lay
Sirey Lay Year ago
I can get16kill but no respect
Nation of Gaming
2019 anyone😂😂
The Vortex Clan
Lol whole server was bots 95 left after 3 minutes tho
Asyraf Danish
Asyraf Danish Year ago
Lachlan play with me
Lava Maze
Lava Maze Year ago
I love PUBG I got two 16 kill games back to back
Edward Herring
Lachlan ur good cause 8 kills is more then i get in most games except this one were i had 18
Edii Torres
Edii Torres Year ago
Add me in pubg my name is scarking909
Who watching this when laclan plays Fortnite?
farel diego
farel diego Year ago
0:59 there bots and not real people
Shane Mulligan
Play pubg again
ZacharyAndMiles Watkiss
If you don't carry anything in hand you go quicker
ZacharyAndMiles Watkiss
I get 10 kill games
the. bacon
the. bacon Year ago
Will you play pubg mobile with me
Linda Contreras
PLAY ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emilio Castillo
im good at pubg is easy to get kills
Extreme A
Extreme A Year ago
Both r good games but pubg doesnt require skill u can just shoot fast and win the games in fortnite u gotta have building skills
Captian Krabs
Captian Krabs Year ago
Add Me On PUBg At LtClapped
Intro the hot man
Box Year ago
I play with my mom (Not even kidding)
Troll Ing
Troll Ing Year ago
What a loser He is playing pubg mobile Even my little sister hates him
Jontahan Moon
Jontahan Moon Year ago
Screw all of you who think fortnite is better than pubg.
Kakha Kapandze
I have ben playing on mobile from 2017 and it started in 2017 i have ben playing for 1 year
Kakha Kapandze
I am playing from season 1 to season 3 pudg mobile i have sent you a friend request name giotheambusher
Goldpasson Rebello
In the starting games you get robots in pubg
lion_bro _12
lion_bro _12 Year ago
I've got loads of wins and my highest kill is only 24 just in my opinion the pistol is really good
Xyrus Mallare
Xyrus Mallare Year ago
Lachlan when your level 10 and below most of your enemies are bots.. which is more easily to kill but if you are level 11 and above things are really going to get hard as you progress in the game because when you progress the game makes you fight with real enemy and if want to lean you’ll just have to go to your settings and find the lean button which helps you
NTG 877
NTG 877 Year ago
Play with me I am a pro
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez Year ago
Use your kar98
BullsEye The Second
There mostly bots but when you reach a level no more robots Maiby 😸
Nitasha Sarwat
Nitasha Sarwat 11 months ago
BullsEye The Second
Wow a pubg add came out of no where
To lean go setting find peak and scope or not ETC just so you know:)
Angus Neale
Angus Neale Year ago
Go to settings in the lobby and OT will come up with peek options
Selva Gutierrez
I got a 16 kill game
ayaan ebrahim
ayaan ebrahim Year ago
Use 4x on M146
Laveeta Brown
Laveeta Brown Year ago
I got 23 kills in pugd
Pola Labib
Pola Labib Year ago
The mk14 is better than kar98
Jack Hay
Jack Hay Year ago
Can you add me as a friend and my name is Keller jack757
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