A Message To Gabrielle Moses

Jack Brinkman
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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 100
Abbie Holwell
Abbie Holwell 3 hours ago
Why did you have to breakup you sound such a good fit 🥺
Aleks Ice-cream
Aleks Ice-cream 3 hours ago
Yo, you two created magic together, I loved how the channel encompassed you guys, but now that it's over I can't lie I'm really disappointed The both of you together made the channel what it was, you were just made for each other, but now that you've split ways I'm sorry to say that I cannot stay subscribed ..... it just feels like there's something missing, and there is
Russell Mayberry
Russell Mayberry 5 hours ago
if your so infatuated...why did you break up with her then and move onto JC so fast...hhmmm
Abby Negley
Abby Negley 6 hours ago
We love you Jack. I suffer from Anxiety, depression and PTSD and I can understand what you going through! We’re proud of you!
Marimar Meza
Marimar Meza 6 hours ago
If y’all both love each other what happened to y’all a relationship
XxNormyth YT
XxNormyth YT 9 hours ago
aw i feel like he regrets cheating on her but like kinda happy that he found someone else
Anna 9 hours ago
He didn’t cheat wtf stop making stuff up
AJ -TheWiz
AJ -TheWiz 10 hours ago
rubber ducky rubber ducky we solute you dude i hope your doing well
ZuShaLae Cousins
ZuShaLae Cousins 10 hours ago
Im very upset cause in every video that you are in... we all supporters can see that you are very happy but like with just one snap no vlogs,not seein you together it just broke all of our hearts and now your moving on with someone else😢
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 11 hours ago
I am a newbie here... from now on i will be here😌😌😌
Jordan Blake
Jordan Blake 11 hours ago
I just feel like they still have some love for eachother and also my email is Jorbla4@gmail.com
Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan 16 hours ago
i stop watching them for a couple months n this is what happens
tytylove 007
tytylove 007 17 hours ago
You guys are twim flame that connection was to strong yall will reconnect again.
m0ffatt78 17 hours ago
Arduous JAYMAC
Arduous JAYMAC 19 hours ago
Jaycee is not it for him. They were meant for each other Gabrielle and jack
Aleks Ice-cream
Aleks Ice-cream 3 hours ago
Right!! They're such a power couple, how dare they break up!!
Isai Linares
Isai Linares 22 hours ago
I feel u dude
Ruby Evans
Ruby Evans 23 hours ago
Ruby Evans
Ruby Evans 23 hours ago
Awwwww 😔I miss her...
Amelia Thorpe
Amelia Thorpe 23 hours ago
I can’t believe this. I’m heartbroken
_eliahblossom_ 23 hours ago
“All I had to do is think of call of duty and her” 😂💕
Natalie Sanford
how could you do this to gab
NOAH Westfall
Why did they brake up!?!
ZMasterXL *
ZMasterXL * Day ago
WAT happened i made new yt acount and forgot the channel name like forever ago now u broke UP!
I am crying pls gab go to him
Giovanni Ocelotl
Anyone know why the broke up ???
Kiara Berry
Kiara Berry Day ago
I wish they would get back together they were the most awesome and amazing couple I just hope one day yall get back together ❤️🥰
Emma Burson
Emma Burson Day ago
seeing his new girlfriend and going back to this I'm crying I really hope they get back together
Benedicta Liza
Benedicta Liza 4 hours ago
Ik people are soo supportive and really excited for his new relationship I get it he's happy Nd that's wht matters but still it kinda hurts they are no more together it just hard to accept n move on :'((
Jason Porter
Jason Porter Day ago
i may not have been lucky enough to experience a relationship like that, but i can say i felt every single word you said and i wish the both of you the best
Bunny Gaming
Bunny Gaming Day ago
They probably like we done pranking each other.. now lets prank the whole public 💀
Morgen Sheridan
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Taylor world
Taylor world 2 days ago
She was the best thing that happened to you yet you cheated and lied faker
Destiny Birk
Destiny Birk 2 days ago
Who broke up with who
Sarah Ibarra
Sarah Ibarra 2 days ago
I belive he is hurt he misess her. The "new girl" is probably a rebound not to make her feel bad but I believe it. 5 years is a long time and if you move on quickly you probably didn't fully move on your sad you need someone. He went to someone for comfort to find someone like gabrielle. This may not be true because I don't know him in person but this is what I believe. If him and gabrielle find eachother in the future and get together again...they are meant to be its the way the world works💕
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 2 days ago
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 2 days ago
Wait so what happened did she die?
Love Love
Love Love 2 days ago
I'm not watching these videos cuz gab is not there bye
Gemma Blakeney
Gemma Blakeney 2 days ago
you guys obviously still love each other so can you please get back together it would make my year 2020 sucks if you guys get back together it could turn 2020 around
Snuffy_mine2 2 days ago
They made a cute couple
I.suck. HeHe.
I.suck. HeHe. 2 days ago
Paulo Conde Rodriguez
I realy wanted to see you and gab married
Deanna Pinkham
Deanna Pinkham 2 days ago
Jack I’m sorry you and her are going though this
Deanna Pinkham
Deanna Pinkham 2 days ago
In her video she said that she is gonna have a very hard life without jack and she thought she was gonna marry you one day
1DStanforEver 88
1DStanforEver 88 2 days ago
I’m soo lost... I saw a no videos with gab and I came across your video😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 2 days ago
You were very lucky to have her, but women need change, they recognize it faster than men. You needed it too. Meet some hot chicks and then look Gabby up in 5 years.
Kate Henry
Kate Henry 2 days ago
i’m not crying... you are
nsworden06 3 days ago
this feels like more of a way of telling us about gabrielle then you telling her... but hopefully she will get the point of this video and understand i’m sure that she will tho, you guys will always be my favorite couple to be able to look over on youtube videos and more you guys will always be in my heart ❤️ and i will always keep you guys in mind. hurts seeing you guys break up and all of us really thinking about you guys getting married in real life . and i just know that we will all miss gabrielle and him together and there jokes and pranks they did they were a really good couple and always made people laugh and i will always remember that no matter what.
nsworden06 3 days ago
not to be mean or anything but the fact that his vocie is deep kinda gives me a headache but i’m honestly so sorry that this happened to you both your relationship will always stay with me in my mind . ❤️
nsworden06 3 days ago
i’m going to miss there relationship :( they were so cute and funny 😔 together i’m also wondering if it’s going to be the same since they both called it the rubber ducky army i’ll miss that and there relationship the most .
Dainger Phillips
Dainger Phillips 3 days ago
u shouldnt just let her go. how you love someone for so long then have a crush not even a month later.
Dainger Phillips
Dainger Phillips 3 days ago
no hate. this has happened to me before too. i just don’t understand.
Oreomcflurry08 3 days ago
It’s hard to tell who broke up with who
alpha dog
alpha dog 3 days ago
This didn't age well
Omadta 3 days ago
3,4 mil views offf
Akihito Rimannosuke
I heard someone Say something like: when people agree to marry each other, they should be at least after one, big fight, because that proves, that no matter what disunites them, they are not able to like without each other. I'll pray for you two.
kim taehyung.95
kim taehyung.95 3 days ago
I'm lowkey crying...
FNsuaveSZNN 3 days ago
Gabrielle's video really had me in tears 😔😔 I felt so bad
Salimasoutlet 3 days ago
My heart hurts for the both of you , I love you guys so much ♥️ and I wish you the very best. We can all agree we need a Jack in our lives
Abbie Field
Abbie Field 3 days ago
who else just wants them to have a break for like 8 months then get back together 👇🤞
Mariya Ukrainskaya
Gabis legit an angel
Mariya Ukrainskaya
Bro I’m legit tearing up, i remember how gab I would say she’d get married to u and have kids 😥 and the fact that it’s not gonna happen omg, Gavin is such an amazing person, she treats u like ur her kid 😓 I’m weeping
Emily Christine Garrison
Why ask I crying 😭😭
amber hawkins
amber hawkins 3 days ago
They really still love each other they should try to make it work if they each their that much they should really try to make it work
Abbey Ukulele
Abbey Ukulele 4 days ago
"I really thought I would marry that girl. I though I would marry Gabrielle Moses" 😢im about to lose it.
Bx Drake
Bx Drake 4 days ago
“we don’t know anything else and i’ll be honest to this day i don’t know if i want to know anything else “ .... my heart 😭
it’s abi
it’s abi 4 days ago
Who’s here after he made vids with Jaycee?
kacey james
kacey james 4 days ago
i just did that book thing :>
Paola Michel
Paola Michel 4 days ago
i just wanna give him a hug
Kaiden Davis
Kaiden Davis 5 days ago
i KNEW this was coming all the best prank channel break up ALWAYS Lance and Lizzy, Jenna and Jesse, now them. bruhhhh
NEÏLA YAS 5 days ago
Kelsey Duffy
Kelsey Duffy 5 days ago
Did he cheat or why did they break up
Nur Irdina
Nur Irdina 5 days ago
and now he moved on to Jaycee
Tyler Hoogester
Tyler Hoogester 5 days ago
Get back with her you were ment for her man
MaeMae Eq
MaeMae Eq 5 days ago
Please get back together
blah 5 days ago
i used to watch you guys all the fucking time u guys were my favorite and i just looked yall up bc i wanted to see what u were up to now and now im crying
Keira Littau
Keira Littau 6 days ago
You guys truly were supposed to be together forever. You guys made me believe in hope happiness and love. And watching this video is making me cry and I still don’t believe it happened. I hope you two will get back together
Kithalie 6 days ago
Watching this after the video with his new girl. Why am I crying. This video hits different.
peachy 4 days ago
@Savanna A y'all are mad weird
Savanna A
Savanna A 5 days ago
abby032493 ikr! I don’t think anyone in their right mind would make a relationship super public that soon. (I could see a few Instagram posts and maybe a couple “meet my girlfriend” type of videos) correct me if I’m wrong but I seriously swear I remember him basically calling it their channel and talking about making more videos in the one he just posted with her. I don’t think it’s possibly to suddenly be over someone within like a month of posting a video about how much she means to him and how he doesn’t really see himself wanting to experience someone else. I kind of feel bad for his new girlfriend because if I saw that and was her I’d be afraid of his intentions/wonder if he’s genuinely moved on. Hope for the best for him, just super strange situation. Kind of feeling bad for Gab rn even though she’s been slightly shady too.
abby032493 5 days ago
@Savanna A yeah I'm starting to think that too. Whe. I watched his New Girl video where he was angry about gab outing him. He said he was just going to film a video and post it since the cat was let out the bag. If you watch his most recent video with her in it, there's a part towards the end where he's like "at this point that we are filming this no one even knows im talking to this fine specimen" meaning that the video was recorded before gabrielle even said anything about him moving on so he already had the intention of vlogging with her and posting her etc. Idk it's really shady.
Savanna A
Savanna A 5 days ago
Ikr its kind of weird to watch a video of him saying he does not really want to move on yet and how shes the only person who treated him a certain way but he has a new girl not very long after. Like if they've already made a video together they've had to of been talking for a little while? Not much time between the end of June and early August.... feels off and this video is sad:/
ruby juarez
ruby juarez 6 days ago
The fact that you smile when you talk about her kills me cuz I guys aren’t together 🥺
Janet Thomas
Janet Thomas 6 days ago
Your so stuped
Yee Yang Gan
Yee Yang Gan 6 days ago
He is reading the notes or something
Kiley McNeal-Litz
So gab is gone...?
Gracie Sloss
Gracie Sloss 6 days ago
Why am I crying
Intriguing Mind
Intriguing Mind 6 days ago
Sarah 700X
Sarah 700X 6 days ago
They are not over yet. Love y’all prayers!
jennie c
jennie c 4 days ago
He has a new gf
Jesus Carrasco
Jesus Carrasco 6 days ago
You lived through and enjoyed puppy love with an ideal girl, beautiful inside and out. You've developed do's plenty of don't's to share in a future relationship..
lexi bae
lexi bae 7 days ago
Jackkk is zaddy
Ami 7 days ago
So a month ago he made this and said he still loves her and now he has a new girl who is 'perfect' sounds a bit disingenuous
Ami 3 days ago
Heavyn Powell I’m 19 😂 I am fully aware and completely get that but it’s the fact that he said in one of his videos that ‘she’s not just a rebound’ and he’s never met someone like her. It just sounds super serious and a bit of a piss take that he made this video and then right after made a video talking about his ‘new girl’ and has basically made it a joint channel again so soon with someone else. It just doesn’t add up to me. I think both Jack and Gab are trying to make each other jealous but Jack’s just more subtle at doing it, as someone that’s been in love, there is no way in hell that you can fully move on from someone that soon without missing them etc
ItsBreeZy 4 days ago
Even if they never get back together, he will always love her, and will never love someone else the same way he loved Gab. It’s impossible. No one else is her, and you can’t just forget your first love or ever stop loving them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move on. You can’t just force something that the other person doesn’t want. And if it’s mutual, you have no choice but to learn to be without them and eventually you will move on and be better. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, and there may even be tears or horrible days, but that’s okay. It will get better, distractions and support can help. Lots and lots of support. Things will never be the same, but different can be good too.
Heavyn Powell
Heavyn Powell 4 days ago
Ok ok you’re probably young and don’t understand after going through a breakup that absolutely destroys you, a rebound is exactly what you NEED. He needs to feel loved and supported right now.
ClairRose 5 days ago
Fidan Hasanzade yeah bruh kinda rushed it. Rushing relationships never works
Emberlynn Jacquard
i think he may be trying to fill a hole with some "perfect" figure. he loved gabrielle and i think he still does. the new chick is a rebound im pretty sure. im not trying to make the girl feel bad but, yeah..
Angela Signor
Angela Signor 7 days ago
yo my hearts broke man just know i love your videos and her vids and im sorry for you.i hope you win in life
Antonio 09
Antonio 09 7 days ago
That was painful to watch :( Especially when you can generally see it in somebody’s face 😬 but its made me realise how lucky I am to have my Missus so hope one day you sort things out👊🏾.
Jenny Manchester-Howell
the way he talks about her makes my heart melt.
adam mujeeb
adam mujeeb 8 days ago
Why did this make me cry 😭😭
Tahmeed Chowdhury
Okay so cam someone explain what the actual f*ck is going on? I took a break and now their channel name is also changed!?
Sanskruti SN Patil
Take care of urself ❤️
Chelsea Moses
Chelsea Moses 8 days ago
Who cheated huys
Jad 8 days ago
Can someone explain what happened did they break up and y did she cheat or something
Fatema Tharoo
Fatema Tharoo 6 days ago
Ya, they broke up, but NO ONE CHEATED!!
Lucie-lou Self
Lucie-lou Self 8 days ago
Any one else telling themselves they will get back to together :(
Fejemi Pagayona
Fejemi Pagayona 8 days ago
I really am so sad because you broke you're like one of my favorite couple in youtube, It felt like I was the one breaking up with the two of you, I literally turned off notification coz I can't accept it. And I'm just watching this now 😭, because I just got the courage to do so. I'll really miss JackandGab. I'll still support both of you 💕
sharon doogan
sharon doogan 8 days ago
I love what he said that gab was the best thing that happened to him ❤️❤️😢😢😢
MinLight Sistar
MinLight Sistar 8 days ago
I have always though of them as couple goals but it’s sad to see how things turned up. But that’s okay. We’re still here for both of you guys ❤️
Kayla May
Kayla May 8 days ago
Don’t know how I came across this video 🥴🤣 first time on this channel
Mia J
Mia J 8 days ago
Wait did they brake up I don’t know if I spelled that right because I’m half asleep 💤
Diksha Kowlessur
Diksha Kowlessur 7 days ago
maddie craver
maddie craver 8 days ago
Why am I crying and I've never even watched your videos before😭
Jordan 8 days ago
I hope this is a prank
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