A look at the Japanese Countryside

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A few videos clips from a small town on the outskirts of Shizuoka.
#Japanesecountryside #Japanlife #expatlife
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Aug 19, 2015




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Raikou _
Raikou _ Day ago
1:43 we are reaching levels of comfy-ness that should not be possible
Raikou _
Raikou _ Day ago
@WayGaijin Thanks man, you are living the dream. Hope i will be able to live a quiet life in rural japan too someday
WayGaijin Day ago
Here’s some more from it: ruvid.net/video/video-xURZA8MmE2Y.html
WayGaijin Day ago
Raikou _ there’s so much comfy-ness all over this little town
artbar6 6 days ago
Lovely place for retiring.
WayGaijin 5 days ago
Certainly is!
まるーん! Month ago
WayGaijin Month ago
まるーん! Thank you! Please share the video (and any others of mine that you like)
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 2 months ago
No other cars but the truck is still waiting 👍👍
WayGaijin 2 months ago
@Silver Wolf I should thank you for watching and commentin! And thank you so much for subscribing!! I really appreciate it :) I hope you enjoy the content!
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 2 months ago
@WayGaijin oh, thanks for the notice 😊. Just subscribed hope it helps
WayGaijin 2 months ago
Yep! Hard to see that happen anywhere else
岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
Japan rescued 765 Polish orphans in Siberia in 1920, 1921 and 1922.Polish orphans lost their family in Siberia and were hungry without food. Poland asked different countries to save Polish orphans. But every country refused to save the orphans.Finally, Poland asked Japan to rescue the orphans.Japan soon decided to save the Polish orphans. Japan found and rescued the orphans who were crawling in Siberia.We Japanese did our best to rescue Polish orphans. Japan sent a total of 765 Polish orphans to Japan.The orphans were weak. And the orphans were ill.Japan gave orphans a warm meal. And Japan treated the disease of orphans. The disease of all orphans has been cured. The orphans have recovered.Many donations were collected for orphans from all over Japan. Toys were also donated.The orphans treat Japanese who take care of them like a mother.Japanese also loved the orphans as their own children. The Empress of that time also loved the orphans as their own children. Polish orphans had a good time every day.The diet of the orphans was nutritious and gave a delicious meal.On the day of parting, the orphans cried crying that they did not want to leave Japan.The Japanese also shed tears at the farewell with the orphans. Polish orphans sang the Japanese national anthem "kimigayo" and the Polish national anthem on the ship. All 765 Polish orphans returned safely to Poland. Japan loves Poland.If something happens to Polish children, Japan will help again.Japan handed out the Virgin Mary prayer card to all orphans. Polish orphans who always had it survived the war and lived until they were over 80 years old.And during the Second World War, the Japanese “chiune sugihara” saved more than 6,000 Jews.
Yubi K.
Yubi K. 2 months ago
Yubi K.
Yubi K. 2 months ago
WayGaijin Very lovely. It would be a great place to grow up and live in your whole life.
WayGaijin 2 months ago
Yubi K. Isn’t it a lovely town?
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes 3 months ago
WayGaijin ....thanks for the explanation and I am sure your new stuff is coming out just fine even without a soundtrack. I will check them out when I have a moment.
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes 3 months ago
Some nice scenery but the soundtrack is awfully out of place. Who needs boring Techno ?????
WayGaijin 3 months ago
Danny Hughes Hey! Thanks for the comment. And yeah. The music wasn’t a great idea. This video is pretty old-almost 4 years. I put it together when i thought videos needed some kind of music. I’ve since learned my lesson. My newer videos use no music at all. Check them out if you like.
Adriana Gomez
Adriana Gomez 3 months ago
So nice
Adriana Gomez
Adriana Gomez 3 months ago
@WayGaijin yes friend
WayGaijin 3 months ago
Adriana Gomez yeah it’s a lovely place!
Shannon Blackmon
Shannon Blackmon 3 months ago
Beautiful country side😘😘😘
WayGaijin 3 months ago
Always so beautiful here! Have you ever been?
W-Hoops Play W
W-Hoops Play W 4 months ago
Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura here⬇️ ruvid.net/video/video-zSZndkoxx8w.html
New Bleppmore
New Bleppmore 5 months ago
comfy japan must be good for anxiety
WayGaijin 5 months ago
New Bleppmore it can be very relaxing!
rita joshi
rita joshi 5 months ago
Beautiful country.
Marquavious Chester
Marquavious Chester 5 months ago
The houses on the countryside is godlike. On par then what houses they have in the city.
TRENDY priyanshi
TRENDY priyanshi 6 months ago
Japanese are the worst
Blight-kun // osu!
Blight-kun // osu! 7 months ago
better than detroit homes
WayGaijin 7 months ago
I haven't been to Detroit, but I can say they are far better homes than many I saw in my hometown in Georgia
D. Vu
D. Vu 7 months ago
Japan, the best place in earth.
WayGaijin 5 months ago
It’s a very lovely place
Almighty Humanity
Almighty Humanity 7 months ago
whereever there is Buddhist the places are more nature,peaceful and spiritual nice people. all east countries are peaceful because of their rich culture and peaceful and nature loving precious Buddhist wisdom...we western people travel to east for their rich, nature loving culture and Buddhist wisdom...dear eastern people you are lucky to have rich nature ,peace loving culture and Buddhist wisdom preserve it and not allow any outsider ideology and culture in your countries and not lose yours one we west people love your culture, spirituality ,wisdom and value it
Eastern Traveller
Eastern Traveller 7 months ago
not what I have imaginned ... quite modern
Eastern Traveller
Eastern Traveller 7 months ago
@WayGaijin Where I live (Romania), we have quite a few isolated montain villages, some have acces to electricity, some not ... altrough conected to the modern world to some degree they still look like something from hundreds of years ago (some example from my country: www.flickr.com/photos/136936613@N08/45349394312/in/dateposted-public/ ) . Soo that is why I said that would had been cool seeing rural Japan like it was hundreads of years ago. I think you know what I mean to say ... still awsome places nontheless
WayGaijin 7 months ago
It is quite developed in most of the countryside here. It was surprising to me at first too
mark 7 months ago
is this even on earth? looks so different from what we have here in europe
fij 01i
fij 01i 6 months ago
You are living in Third world
WayGaijin 7 months ago
So different from what I’m used to in the States too. Some towns feel so surreal here
Street Walks
Street Walks 7 months ago
Brings back many memories
lilmamagc 7 months ago
what if you fell in love with someone and moved here?
WayGaijin 7 months ago
That’d make for a nice, relaxed life
crissyisajojofan 7 months ago
I want this life
WayGaijin 7 months ago
crissyisajojofan Me too
Rural Revival BCS
Rural Revival BCS 7 months ago
Luv countryside
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Me too
scratch 7 months ago
And all well along now in dying from the Fukushima ELE.
WayGaijin 7 months ago
I’ve been here for a while and so far no problems
Broaden horizons
Broaden horizons 8 months ago
Long experience, broaden your horizons! Thanks for sharing !
Love japani people's +919009233252
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Yogendra Singh Lodha I love the people here too
Phước Nguyễn
Phước Nguyễn 8 months ago
Look exactly like anime or vn game back grounds
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Phước Nguyễn it does! The game developers as artists do a great job of capturing the real scenery
Akshit Sarpal
Akshit Sarpal 8 months ago
i hope one day Indian will also like Japan
WayGaijin 8 months ago
I have not been to India yet, but it looks like it has many beautiful places. I hope I can visit some day.
Emancipation Solace
Emancipation Solace 8 months ago
If you must have observed keenly the number of passengers in the bus why one or two only this is something which is total wastage of resources just think about the amount of fuel used to run that bus isn't it they should look for some alternate solutions already 70000 elder people in Japan who have crossed 100 years of age are declared by the agencies of same country as burden on the society
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Emancipation Solace the buses are busier in peak commuting times. This was taken in the middle of a working/school day.
mitramoso 8 months ago
Where are the people?
WayGaijin 8 months ago
It looks pretty empty, doesn't it? Even Tokyo can feel empty sometimes. I have some videos from all over Japan. Give them a look and you can see what I mean.
平静的生活 8 months ago
Jimmy Freeman
Jimmy Freeman 8 months ago
andriv 8 months ago
Japan is amaxing village ever i've seen,but i watch mr bean classis and wow damn i know uk is more beautiful village omg i can't believe so my opinion No1 UK village(by country) No2 japan village(by country) But the end is bali number 1 in the world of village but not by the country was bad
Deel Weed
Deel Weed 8 months ago
I love Japanese girls. So damn hot and cute.
Mohammad Ismail
Mohammad Ismail 8 months ago
Nice Japan 👌👍
自来卷 8 months ago
The Aryan Valley
The Aryan Valley 8 months ago
So less people..... Indian villages are filled with street vendors, gutka sellers, beggers, malnourished children, heavy population, flith, plastic
S S 8 months ago
India is best,,,
mattyores 8 months ago
Wow!! I'm so surprised that RUvid recommended me this video and because when I was young I used to go to the river of Wadashima on bicycle with my friends riding 15km 🚲🚲🚲 Thanks!!
Subu Laji
Subu Laji 8 months ago
This countryside is more developed than my city.
skgyri 8 months ago
Indian tea shop, want to see how prepare tea ruvid.net/video/video-oZ5PCg_mNmU.html
Sanjeev Rishikeshi
Sanjeev Rishikeshi 8 months ago
Nice place
Vsatyk 8 months ago
The reason why Japan is great is because they don't allow weebs in.
Fico Mate
Fico Mate 8 months ago
They have vending machines everywhere
John Haines
John Haines 8 months ago
I so want to go to Japan so bad 🇯🇵
I N F I N I T Y 8 months ago
So breathtaking.
I like Aomori city in Japan is a nice country.
kancadolan 8 months ago
Suasana tenang damai ya
Noti Shounen
Noti Shounen 8 months ago
Country sides are very good for having a peace of mind. Quiet, calm, and nature! ❤
Pankaj kumar
Pankaj kumar 8 months ago
Wow i want to live there i am from India 😍😍😊😊
Mugunthan Ingram
Mugunthan Ingram 8 months ago
@Pankaj kumar first of all you follow dissuplean country make not political every citizen See Japan germany people's they are not like Indians
Pankaj kumar
Pankaj kumar 8 months ago
@WayGaijin yes my dream to live there
Pankaj kumar
Pankaj kumar 8 months ago
Say Politics nd politicians
Mugunthan Ingram
Mugunthan Ingram 8 months ago
Make India like this
WayGaijin 8 months ago
Pankaj kumar it was a nice place to live 😊
Huntsman 8 months ago
This place shown is 10km from where I live...
WayGaijin 8 months ago
Huntsman Cool! I used to live in Shizuoka too
Subodh sk
Subodh sk 8 months ago
Love from india
WayGaijin 8 months ago
Love from an American in Japan!
NP AtoZ 8 months ago
*look alike Nepal*
Pakistan ball
Pakistan ball 8 months ago
Wow. Reminds me of Gilgit Baldistan in my own country for some reason.
3AM Dudes
3AM Dudes 8 months ago
Nice vid! Saw your post on reddit NewTubers, Self-Introductions Saturday promotion. 3am Dudes are new to RUvid. We would appreciate any feedback and support. Feel free to check it out. Thanks!
Mr.Apriza Yutama
Mr.Apriza Yutama 8 months ago
I hope I can live for thousands years so that I can live in all beautiful countries at least once.
vishal jha
vishal jha 8 months ago
Being Indiana and Pakistani there and they will make it dirtiest place
Masnia Mohamed
Masnia Mohamed 8 months ago
I love countryside..😘
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta 8 months ago
Come to see all this in my India.India is a bit crowdy but more beautiful than this
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