A look at the Japanese Countryside

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A few videos clips from a small town on the outskirts of Shizuoka.
#Japanesecountryside #Japanlife #expatlife
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Aug 19, 2015




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Comments 100
gamer cat
gamer cat 5 hours ago
I dont like cities
WeebMighty lolz
WeebMighty lolz 10 hours ago
Honestly i wanna live in Japan's countryside. I know Tokyo has alot of cool stuff but this looks more calmer and its balanced. No too much building and some nature in it too.
Maxfield Dunn
Maxfield Dunn 15 hours ago
Beautiful country
Fizzy Vlogs
Fizzy Vlogs 22 hours ago
I love watching this country side videos
yes no
yes no 2 days ago
These Japanese villages will forever call to my soul.
Prakhar Prabhat
Prakhar Prabhat 3 days ago
I love ancient Japan more than Modern Japan
Lieu G - Cuoc Song Uc
Thanks for sharing Please check my chanel thanks
TOKYO SMITH 5 days ago
This video is 5 years old, but rest assured, the countryside of Japan looks exactly the same today :)
WayGaijin 5 days ago
TOKYO SMITH it certain does!
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 7 days ago
I wish i could go there
Exquizardus Hymen Valencia Skelligan
0:06 who saw batman at the garage
Pat Downs
Pat Downs 13 days ago
Interesting. I looked up さいとうみせ and got nothing.
Puta Pets
Puta Pets 16 days ago
The backround music ruin the video
WayGaijin 16 days ago
Puta Pets Very kind of you! Thank you so much.
Puta Pets
Puta Pets 16 days ago
@WayGaijin alright i will watch it
WayGaijin 16 days ago
Puta Pets Hi. Thanks for your comment. It is a five year old video and I have stopped using music in all videos. If you’d like to see more, I have 130 uploads on my channel of videos of Japan. Please feel free to watch those.
El Lorenzo
El Lorenzo 18 days ago
This is the reason i prefer countryside than big city. It is so quiet, clean, the air is so good, it's so peaceful, compared to big city
Altay Cavuş
Altay Cavuş 21 day ago
I only visited Chiba but I think I will also go to the more countryside places, hopefully next year.
朝倉雄介 22 days ago
A video filmed 5 years ago... no covid-19...
PHAM BC 23 days ago
The Japanese countryside is so peaceful with lots of greenery. I really like places like this
Alina i Piotr
Alina i Piotr 23 days ago
great channel! Hope you see my channel sometime, just getting started
WayGaijin 22 days ago
Thank you! I’ll be sure to check out your channel too
Fensen Francis
Fensen Francis 24 days ago
Safder Lodi
Safder Lodi 25 days ago
Beautiful diciplined life 📚🌹
Safder Lodi
Safder Lodi 25 days ago
JImmy Rustle
JImmy Rustle 25 days ago
How is it living in the countryside? What is your job/source of income over there?
Kokwah Tan
Kokwah Tan Month ago
The countryside is cleaner than most part of the city i am living in now. Kuala Lumpur.
Дмитрий Макаров
Вадашима-городок маленький.именно именно такие городки и вызывают мои симпатии.конечно же он мне понравился.
WayGaijin Month ago
Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you liked the video of Wadashima. I have some videos around other small towns in Japan. The newest one is a walk to the sea: ruvid.net/video/video--o-izEW7u94.html Please watch and share if you enjoy them. Thank you!
Shiori Month ago
I’m Japanese and I live in countryside of Japan. It’s very peaceful and it’s like this.
AE Beats
AE Beats Month ago
I wanna go to Japan it's so beautiful
AE Beats
AE Beats Month ago
@WayGaijin That is also a good place with greenery.
WayGaijin Month ago
Abhishek Vinayak rao I hope you can some day! Also check out this walk in the Japanese countryside: ruvid.net/video/video--o-izEW7u94.html
say wallahi
say wallahi Month ago
this area reminds me of your name!!!
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez Month ago
When I was younger, though still very young I've always wanted to live in big cities in japan but now I've been really interested in what it's really like to live in this small country towns
WayGaijin Month ago
Joshua Ramirez I’m glad I could surprise you!
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez Month ago
@WayGaijin Woah! Thanks didn't expect for you to reply since this video was uploaded 4 years ago
WayGaijin Month ago
Joshua Ramirez they’re really nice and relaxing to walk through. I recently recorded one of my walks through a small town. You can see it here: ruvid.net/video/video--o-izEW7u94.html
Philda Sera
Philda Sera Month ago
Countryside in Japan is the best
WayGaijin Month ago
[한캄 국제커플]CAMKOR COUPLE this place was beautiful too: ruvid.net/video/video--o-izEW7u94.html
Beautiful Sri Lanka
So beautiful
Beautiful Sri Lanka
WayGaijin Month ago
Beautiful Sri Lanka this place was very beautiful too: ruvid.net/video/video--o-izEW7u94.html
Wagner Primo de Araújo
The heart of a country throbs in the countryside.
Saitama Kun
Saitama Kun Month ago
Who’s here after playing Ghost of Tsushima?
princess Ayaka
princess Ayaka Month ago
So beautiful 😍
saad ehsan
saad ehsan Month ago
Outstanding....... Like a European country
Cris Crafts & Knowledge Power
Superb places to live
The Adrien
The Adrien 2 months ago
So sad.
pigopinath agrahara
pigopinath agrahara 2 months ago
Infrastructure and cleanliness are better than what is seen in underdeveloped or developing cities
Samuel S
Samuel S 2 months ago
I have found my home, even though I can’t speak Japanese
Chen chen
Chen chen 2 months ago
Japan is like the Germany of asia 😍
Sejal Choudhary
Sejal Choudhary 2 months ago
Where is Naruto ?
17ダニエル Month ago
at Konoha village 🗿
Captain Fuerher
Captain Fuerher 2 months ago
So this is where doreamon and Nobita were from.
Kim Kriesha
Kim Kriesha 2 months ago
Japan Countryside looks like Philippines Countryside 😯😍
Barrie 2 months ago
Its my dream to live like that one day, im just afraid ill never be able to due to money and getting a job. regardless its so beautiful and peaceful the people are very kind and humble and the culture is so awesome too
Simi Rajeev
Simi Rajeev 2 months ago
Love Japan
alex miranda
alex miranda 2 months ago
I want to go to Japan for the countryside, almost everyone wants to go to Tokyo. I cant drive an Rx7 FC in the city of Tokyo, i meanI can't but i don't think it would be as enjoyable. Where as in the countryside side I have a nice open road to enjoy myself.
pat c
pat c 2 months ago
i hear that housing in the rural areas is very affordable
Sandip Chakraborty
Sandip Chakraborty 2 months ago
Where are all the peoples?🙄🙄🙄
The Adrien
The Adrien 2 months ago
Do your reaserch on Japans population before you comment that.
Tarun Thakur
Tarun Thakur 3 months ago
It was my dream to go to Japan and I wish I was born there because of the education system there my school teachers said I was a wasted potential and I felt embarrassed at that time
Inge Uanee Katjiuongua
Gosh is this rural? Having electricity, tarred road and tap water, this is a peaceful life for me. Come to Africa and experience what it means to be in a rural area hahaa, but we still love it as it is a peaceful experience
Faruk 3 months ago
I am from turkey so far away but I will visit japan one day hopefully next year. And I love japanese motorcycles I inherited the Kawasaki Z1 of my granpa I will definitely visit this beautiful country
allgoo 19
allgoo 19 3 months ago
I have no doubt in my mind, the privatization of public transportation which started in 1980s, played a big role in this.
paulmeetsjapan 3 months ago
hi guys i also lived in countryside you might want to see more in countryside you can subscribe to my channel :)
paulmeetsjapan 3 months ago
@WayGaijin yes! i wanna share the beauty of countryside here im pilipino and my wife is japanse maybe we can do vlogs :)
WayGaijin 3 months ago
Looks like a really fun channel!
Femke Vandecauter
Femke Vandecauter 4 months ago
so peaceful yet exiting to go to
Nature, Food & Peace Of Mind
ruvid.net/video/video-7xvmFmViohs.html Watch mesmerizing didplay of nature beauty in a village in the northern Pakistan. Northern Areas of the country are also called Switzerland of Pakistan
Chenda Forrest
Chenda Forrest 4 months ago
It's nice. But it doesn't look picturesque.
Goldenstatewarriors GSwarriors
I really amazad in Japan even though it's a province but so clean ....I will go to Japan someday and work
[censored] [REDACTED]
Bruh looks like my backyard
Meldz Ayo
Meldz Ayo 4 months ago
wanna learn japanese ? here watch it ruvid.net/video/video-Xe5zX71f6II.html
Dharmender Singh
Dharmender Singh 4 months ago
Nature and technical can coexist..
Dharmender Singh
Dharmender Singh 4 months ago
Both of my daughters who are ten and four years old want to go Japan after watching Doraemon and shinchan.
RITA 4 months ago
i tried this last year, I explored country side using the jr pass takayama hokuriku area tourist pass, literally stopping at every station and finally reaching Shirakawago...what an experience!!! I will try again next time after the lockdown.
sir froggo
sir froggo 5 months ago
not gonna lie this looks a lot like southern/middle france, but with japanese styled houses and rice fields
Save the Rhino
Save the Rhino 5 months ago
Nice footage, not so much with the soundtrack
WayGaijin 5 months ago
Yeah, in hindsight the music just doesn’t fit. I’ve pretty much stopped using music altogether because they never seem to age well. I’ve recently found this same footage on an external hard drive and I’m thinking of uploading this video again without the music. It’ll fit much better with the rest of the videos on my channel. Thanks for watching and thanks for the comment! I love getting feedback
* lntroversive cosmopolitan
Love japan and your video. I wish I'm the one who is walking next to you
Wilson S
Wilson S 5 months ago
kei cars look good only in japan
• Balance •
• Balance • 6 months ago
Japan must be the cleanest country ever. I thought Tokyo was clean.. even their country dirt roads are clean!
Redd Hong
Redd Hong 4 months ago
Germany is clean except the big cities like Berlin Cologne..
WayGaijin 6 months ago
The Noonies it’s definitely on par with the cleanest in the world
Jeffrey Lin
Jeffrey Lin 7 months ago
Wrong BGM xD
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Yeah it really doesn’t fit as much as I thought. I’ve been thinking of digging up my old footage and putting the video together again without background music. I have many other videos without music.
Stephen Tutton
Stephen Tutton 7 months ago
Countryside is great. Live the Non Non Byori lifestyle. Great in korea too. Not so much nz. Farmers can be U ranuses Not all farmers are like that. NAFALTS. My japanese not very good. Need work of some kind. Great place to be cteative as an artist or monk or something.
m vl
m vl 7 months ago
Oh the very same swallows. Here in the North of Scotland they return from Africa in April and build their mud nests in our sheds, and stay till September. Having grown at least two broods. Love them.
Levino Fernandes
Levino Fernandes 7 months ago
Beautiful Video. Love It .
Levino Fernandes
Levino Fernandes 7 months ago
I love your Country.
WayGaijin 7 months ago
Thank you so much
The Rogue
The Rogue 7 months ago
I wanna live there, quiet, simple. It's isolation, and I love it.
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter 8 months ago
Been there, nice place. It's no surprise that the settings for legend of zelda was inspired by areas like this.
Tsurrym IcedCoffee
Tsurrym IcedCoffee 8 months ago
I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. Respectfully. Just looks nice :) and videos like this make my heart happy.
WayGaijin 8 months ago
So glad you enjoyed the video! I have more like it if you want to see
Daniel Keo
Daniel Keo 8 months ago
The culture shock is immense, when comparing Japan and America. That in Japan almost everywhere is so clean, whereas in the US and Canada, there's litter all over the place. The tight-knit communities in countryside Japan feel like a place frozen in time.
muoschi 9 months ago
I want to see the countryside and the main attraction. Tokyo and Kyoto and of course Mt.Fuji
Little Things in Japan
This is the japan I love! Great video and places!
WayGaijin 9 months ago
Thanks so much!
Woahh I love the countryside even though I have never been to one. It's just so pleasing to watch
@WayGaijin I have been to Japan but sadly couldn't go to the countryside
WayGaijin 9 months ago
The countryside is my favorite thing about Japan
@Little Things in Japan I really want to goooo!!😍😍
Little Things in Japan
Japan countryside cna really offer amazing places to visit and enjoy. Furthermore, every prefecture has its on peculiarities so you'll basically never stop to learn new things!
World Travel Rafhat
World Travel Rafhat 9 months ago
Nice video. Thanks for sharing.
Ashan Noweria
Ashan Noweria 9 months ago
Maybe oneday
WayGaijin 9 months ago
depressed clown definitely one day
Mikooljohn 10 months ago
How do you teleport in Japan Countryside?.. its too much aesthetics damn
PMDP S2806
PMDP S2806 10 months ago
With Instant Transmission?
WayGaijin 10 months ago
If I find a way, I’ll let you know
小宇樂園 10 months ago
Vianca Vega
Vianca Vega 11 months ago
Hi from GMA, Philippines' TV Channel. How can I reach you to formally send my request/permission letter to use your video? Thanks :)
Vianca Vega
Vianca Vega 11 months ago
@WayGaijin Hi Sir, sent request letter. Hoping for your positive response. Thank you! :)
WayGaijin 11 months ago
Hello there! Thank you for watching, and thank you for your message. You can reach me at waygaijin@gmail.com
Raikou _
Raikou _ 11 months ago
1:43 we are reaching levels of comfy-ness that should not be possible
Raikou _
Raikou _ 11 months ago
@WayGaijin Thanks man, you are living the dream. Hope i will be able to live a quiet life in rural japan too someday
WayGaijin 11 months ago
Here’s some more from it: ruvid.net/video/video-xURZA8MmE2Y.html
WayGaijin 11 months ago
Raikou _ there’s so much comfy-ness all over this little town
artbar6 11 months ago
Lovely place for retiring.
WayGaijin 11 months ago
Certainly is!
まるーん! Year ago
WayGaijin Year ago
まるーん! Thank you! Please share the video (and any others of mine that you like)
Lone Walker of life
No other cars but the truck is still waiting 👍👍
WayGaijin Year ago
@Lone Walker of life I should thank you for watching and commentin! And thank you so much for subscribing!! I really appreciate it :) I hope you enjoy the content!
Lone Walker of life
@WayGaijin oh, thanks for the notice 😊. Just subscribed hope it helps
WayGaijin Year ago
Yep! Hard to see that happen anywhere else
岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
Japan rescued 765 Polish orphans in Siberia in 1920, 1921 and 1922.Polish orphans lost their family in Siberia and were hungry without food. Poland asked different countries to save Polish orphans. But every country refused to save the orphans.Finally, Poland asked Japan to rescue the orphans.Japan soon decided to save the Polish orphans. Japan found and rescued the orphans who were crawling in Siberia.We Japanese did our best to rescue Polish orphans. Japan sent a total of 765 Polish orphans to Japan.The orphans were weak. And the orphans were ill.Japan gave orphans a warm meal. And Japan treated the disease of orphans. The disease of all orphans has been cured. The orphans have recovered.Many donations were collected for orphans from all over Japan. Toys were also donated.The orphans treat Japanese who take care of them like a mother.Japanese also loved the orphans as their own children. The Empress of that time also loved the orphans as their own children. Polish orphans had a good time every day.The diet of the orphans was nutritious and gave a delicious meal.On the day of parting, the orphans cried crying that they did not want to leave Japan.The Japanese also shed tears at the farewell with the orphans. Polish orphans sang the Japanese national anthem "kimigayo" and the Polish national anthem on the ship. All 765 Polish orphans returned safely to Poland. Japan loves Poland.If something happens to Polish children, Japan will help again.Japan handed out the Virgin Mary prayer card to all orphans. Polish orphans who always had it survived the war and lived until they were over 80 years old.And during the Second World War, the Japanese “chiune sugihara” saved more than 6,000 Jews.
Yubi K.
Yubi K. Year ago
Yubi K.
Yubi K. Year ago
WayGaijin Very lovely. It would be a great place to grow up and live in your whole life.
WayGaijin Year ago
Yubi K. Isn’t it a lovely town?
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes Year ago
WayGaijin ....thanks for the explanation and I am sure your new stuff is coming out just fine even without a soundtrack. I will check them out when I have a moment.
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes Year ago
Some nice scenery but the soundtrack is awfully out of place. Who needs boring Techno ?????
WayGaijin Year ago
Danny Hughes Hey! Thanks for the comment. And yeah. The music wasn’t a great idea. This video is pretty old-almost 4 years. I put it together when i thought videos needed some kind of music. I’ve since learned my lesson. My newer videos use no music at all. Check them out if you like.
Adrisss GP
Adrisss GP Year ago
So nice
Adrisss GP
Adrisss GP Year ago
@WayGaijin yes friend
WayGaijin Year ago
Adriana Gomez yeah it’s a lovely place!
Shannon Blackmon
Beautiful country side😘😘😘
WayGaijin Year ago
Always so beautiful here! Have you ever been?
W-Hoops Play W
Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura here⬇️ ruvid.net/video/video-zSZndkoxx8w.html
New Bleppmore
New Bleppmore Year ago
comfy japan must be good for anxiety
WayGaijin Year ago
New Bleppmore it can be very relaxing!
rita joshi
rita joshi Year ago
Beautiful country.
Marquavious Chester
The houses on the countryside is godlike. On par then what houses they have in the city.
Blight-kun Year ago
better than detroit homes
WayGaijin Year ago
I haven't been to Detroit, but I can say they are far better homes than many I saw in my hometown in Georgia
D. Vu
D. Vu Year ago
Japan, the best place in earth.
WayGaijin Year ago
It’s a very lovely place
Almighty Humanity
whereever there is Buddhist the places are more nature,peaceful and spiritual nice people. all east countries are peaceful because of their rich culture and peaceful and nature loving precious Buddhist wisdom...we western people travel to east for their rich, nature loving culture and Buddhist wisdom...dear eastern people you are lucky to have rich nature ,peace loving culture and Buddhist wisdom preserve it and not allow any outsider ideology and culture in your countries and not lose yours one we west people love your culture, spirituality ,wisdom and value it
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