A Joel Osteen & Kanye West Conversation

Joel Osteen
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Watch the “Jesus Is King” A Sunday Service Experience at Lakewood Church with Kanye West and The Sunday Service Collective” ruvid.net/video/video-zXwHM96rbyM.html

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Comments 80
mesret bezabih
mesret bezabih 9 minutes ago
Very encouraging message.God bless you all for you work together that is how God work.🙏
Gregg Singletary
Gregg Singletary 26 minutes ago
Let's pray that God will surround him with mature godly mentors.
Gregg Singletary
Gregg Singletary 27 minutes ago
This brother has jesus the only true God on his side!
Hey folks, JUSTIN BIEBER is seeking out God too!
TaeloJmathuloe 10 hours ago
“That’s Kim Kardashian-West” 😍
Fish4Man61 13 hours ago
Jesus warned his disciplines about the end days.....Be ye not deceived..... This is deception on a grand scale. Jesus also said that you will know them by their fruit.....Jesus also said that Satan himself knows scripture even better than we do!
Brandt Bynum
Brandt Bynum 16 hours ago
god bless you Kanye
Nicc Beans
Nicc Beans Day ago
I dare all yall Look up. Bro Werks Christian Drop-out (kayne westl And check out his other videos But i bet half yall fake too Devil has a slick mouth piece and in the last days deceive many. Even Snoop Dogg came dropped a album and left. U better get hip with the world and its lingo God talks different language. I bet nbdy likes Bro Werks song Christian Drop-out (kayne west) or his song America just like nobody liked Bizzle response to Lucus Joiner devils works. Look how many likes & dislikes these videos have. Ol'great Babylon.... Yall got bamboozled! Smh 30x
Rob Dinero
Rob Dinero Day ago
Biggest hypcrits ever burn
Jan Saathoff
Jan Saathoff Day ago
Thank you from San Antonio!
Religious people are truly mentally ill.
Humble Graduate of The School of Hard Knocks
The new world order and the illuminati have taken over the church
lancy meyer
lancy meyer Day ago
did he said ",the greatest artist is now working with God"!?🙄🙄
lancy meyer
lancy meyer Day ago
with the Kardashians around him I dnt think he will go far!
ET God is good
The satan comes in many ways. The Bible says, ❗️False ones will come in my name❗️ it’s nice. Kanye, if you truly believe in the power of God🙏🏼
nelson ntutnol
nelson ntutnol 2 days ago
Jesus is king
Yvonne Estrada
Yvonne Estrada 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-dEfgyw3xrqQ.html Kanye is not true to the word, don’t be deceived.
John A
John A Day ago
It is not up to you to judge a man's heart, leave that to God. Remember, people said the same thing about the Apostle Paul when he converted. Look how wrong they were. We need to welcome Kanye with love, whether he has changed or not, and hope that if he hasn't changed, our love will be a reflection of Christ and thus truly leave it to him. So either way, whether he's changed or not, it is not edifying to share videos like this. Kanye is still a new Christian and needs nourishment, not whatever false judgement you put open him, lest you drive him away from the faith.
Yvonne Estrada
Yvonne Estrada 2 days ago
Benny Stanley
Benny Stanley 2 days ago
I love you my puppy You seein this?!
Benny Stanley
Benny Stanley 2 days ago
Pray for Kanye and Kim y’all
Benny Stanley
Benny Stanley 2 days ago
Kanye’s gonna be president
Brandon Mendoza
Brandon Mendoza 2 days ago
I love this! What a blessing dude
kanyin 3 days ago
The love in the church is so pure and void of judging...i honestly wish this is how it could be in every Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kanyin 3 days ago
Christians are not going to be Christ, but be Christlike and repent!! Word my brother!! Word!!!
Chigbu Charles
Chigbu Charles 3 days ago
Hello how are you my follow believer please I need help and things are really bad for me please I beg you in the name for God feel free to call me on my number 9319877028 and God will bless you for helping me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen
FRANCK OMARI 3 days ago
Lion is lion say jésus christ because even in the hill he got his jésus fac
ireboz 3 days ago
Kanye is not ordinary, he sure communicates deeply with a power I believe is Godly. His lips confess that Jesus is Lord, super star... May God keep you under his wings forever.
Chaz Brower
Chaz Brower 4 days ago
Wake up! People of God! This foolery with Kanye (in the pulpit), allowed by Joel and others, is one of the reasons we are going through this crisis: hypocrites in the pulpit (and church pews) better "get real" about God and quit playin' with His Name! God will shut everything down (even wayward churches) and bring everybody to their knees! Every knee will bow to Him, when all is said and done! Repent and Pray, those claiming to be of God/Jesus! That is the ONLY WAY this crisis will end! #ProphetsSoundTheAlarm
nest ocasio
nest ocasio 4 days ago
Come on guys read your King James Bible and stop listening to this devils.Do you really think that the Antichrist is going to be some evil looking guy?No, he is going to be a loving, peace maker type of guy just like this people and you are the first one who will be following him.A good and a true man of the LORD will be hated by the whole world, he will never be on stage surrounded by people clapping and loving him.Come on people wake up and read the bible, the whole bible..Jesus got killed also because of his hard preaching that people didn't like.
Achunwiliu Newmai
God is the alpha and the Omega... everything will be prosperous through him (Jesus)...
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 4 days ago
2:45 is it just me, or is it weird when he tells people they can't talk or do things on their phones during interviews and such??
zacharia Michael
zacharia Michael 4 days ago
No F-word uttered, he is real born again. Blessed up
Dawningrae Shelley
If this is real ??? May God reveal these men secret lives ? May God protect true believers
Dawningrae Shelley
What a fake fake world wow to see the show and research past showboat preachers is hilarious to see in 2000-2020
Trevin King
Trevin King 5 days ago
kayden aidan
kayden aidan 5 days ago
Guys you betta go for summer sales of *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* thank me later with gifts :P
Miriam Waithira
Miriam Waithira 6 days ago
Jesus christ has worn the victory. Yeeeees
Stephanie Young
Stephanie Young 6 days ago
I have been praying for Kanye every since his Mother passed. I never forgot who he was and how grounded he was and he is BACK! When I tell you I prayed for him...I mean it. Prayer works. So many love him and lifted him up!!!! Welcome BACK
linda lewis
linda lewis 6 days ago
Hallelujah Amen 🙏✝️💟 Thank You Jesus 🙏✝️💟
Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson 7 days ago
This is harder than I think everyone knows. He's inferring that we are all being lied to as human beings, and we need to wake up. Not only did he say that our offspring are being subjected to social formalities, but we are in the same situation we are subjecting our offspring to. If we dont change the norm then the"culture"we all subscribe to will over come us and leave us with no control of our lives.
Raymondg Gwei
Raymondg Gwei 7 days ago
Thank God for you kanye west. He will keep changing you for the better in your finance and all round
Sweetie 8 days ago
Alex Martin
Alex Martin 9 days ago
"I sold my soul to the devil...it was a crappy deal..."
Randy G.
Randy G. 9 days ago
What's worst than kanye rapping? Kanya preaching.
Clavener Louis Charles
Why he so focused on Sunday service? Maybe there's something wrong with Sunday service.
Clavener Louis Charles
I hope he meant what he said🙏🏿
lotti dotti
lotti dotti 9 days ago
Just leave em, let em enjoy it, only ppl who get rich n famous is not God who gives them wealth, it's satan's world, n these are his ppl..let em enjoy their wealth n fame..the devil will come get us, not them, he already has them, n as performers they will do exactly that in the lake of fire, perform n entertain their God satan for eternity until the most high destroys them all..kanye talks mad bs..he cracks me up when he talks about jesus..😳🤣
Sunday Oyanda
Sunday Oyanda 9 days ago
God bless kanye for coming over to your side. May your Name be Glorified .
Eric Lutz
Eric Lutz 10 days ago
Kanye seems a lot more authentic than these sheeple
Nubian Princess
Nubian Princess 10 days ago
I had a relationship with God now am finding it difficult to revive it
Quantum Entanglement.
Don't believe the hype. Kanye is A narcissistic man. He has not changed. 2:38 - STOP TALKING MAN, STOP TALKING. Kanye's narcissistic rage re-emerges ever since that radio interview online of him snapping on someone
Quantum Entanglement.
I hate Kanye. He just LOVES being the center of attention and hearing the sound of his own voice shamelessly. He is annoying, Exploiting religious people's need to appear holier than thou. He is the type of sinner who (x). _______________________________________________ • Commits the same sins over and over again. Apologetic in public but non-apologetic in private • Blames everything/everyone else for HIS sins • Believes that he can commit most sins just as long as he pretends to repent for them in public • Does more harm than good. Driving more people to become delusional atheists Bible thumbing and misquoting scriptures • Collects money from people much like televangelist like Joel
Ricquee el silencia
They make it about Kanye not about Jesus Christ.
T Mate
T Mate 9 days ago
He said the only super star is jesus. His whole speach is all about Jesus
Wyatt Parrish
Wyatt Parrish 11 days ago
Sevin is the greatest rapper...hands down...
jahzlovesouljah 11 days ago
So blessed kanye
Tammy Hodges
Tammy Hodges 11 days ago
I love how God has given him the decrement of what people are carrying on them
Jovany Rodriguez
Jovany Rodriguez 11 days ago
How can you guys really be that dumb
mark long
mark long 11 days ago
jesus is 5,9 160p scary
mark long
mark long 11 days ago
the devil is satan, may he have mercy on your spirit
shamar storm
shamar storm 11 days ago
Take your kids touch screen phones away .and give them a straight flip phone only .or no phones at all .because the devil is working through the phones.
shamar storm
shamar storm 11 days ago
When you repent to the great Lord he listens to you and he will wash away your sins ..
annabel henry
annabel henry 12 days ago
He touched my heart with his words, God bless you Kanye.
Vengesai Muyambo
Vengesai Muyambo 12 days ago
The most powerful prayer is wen u realise u are having a conversation with God ..Love you Kanye
Amaife Valdestiny
Amaife Valdestiny 13 days ago
Glory to God only Jesus is the super star
Frank Cremaldi
Frank Cremaldi 13 days ago
I havnt listen to kanye since the world said he went "crazy" but after this I realized he is not crazy, he has found the lord and it's a beautiful thing brother, I have my own issues with drugs, crime and all types of negative stuff fueled by the devil and this just changed my life...thank you kanye west
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson 13 days ago
Leidy Ichyy
Leidy Ichyy 13 days ago
Everyone of these comments are crazyyy!!! This is Blasphemy to the extreme. The way they use God for fame & money is CRAZYYYY!
rocksy romeo
rocksy romeo 13 days ago
Bro this is real evangelism
rocksy romeo
rocksy romeo 13 days ago
Wow wow Men i agree with you kanye. Jesus is the true superstar ever
Kelci Bee
Kelci Bee 14 days ago
This was uncomfortable to watch.
RhythmDroid 14 days ago
God will bring this nation together more than any politician could ever dream of. Thank you Kanye.
teddy thodo
teddy thodo 14 days ago
The greatest artist that God ever created is now working for him.... lol did he really just say that... I hope that was a joke.
Dani Alex
Dani Alex 14 days ago
“The only superstar is Jesus” but “I need complete silence” so everyone can hear MY voice? “God is using my arrogance and cockiness?” Umm...is that “really” what God wants? For me to be arrogant and cocky as long as I tell people I’m doing this for God. 🤔 This still feels like advertising and promoting Kanye, his church, going on TV, being followed around by a camera crew, and coming to large churches to be seen. Doesn’t the Bible day, “be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven?” I mean where is the freakin line?
B K 14 days ago
A valid point friend.well said indeed.
Clever Amegbanu
Clever Amegbanu 15 days ago
The move of the Holy Spirit before the rapture is manifesting rapidly.
Thalun Kipgen
Thalun Kipgen 15 days ago
He is a Changed man
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Glip Klopsyiop
Glip Klopsyiop 16 days ago
So many people wow
Nolitha Makapela
Nolitha Makapela 16 days ago
Nolitha Makapela
Nolitha Makapela 16 days ago
God Bless You Kanye West God Is With You Where Ever You Go You Are Now A Born Again Christian Congratulations ALL THAT THINGS ARE YOURS👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌
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