A high school football star finally meets his match. | Will 'The Machine'

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Will is a dedicated athlete in Richmond, Virginia, with professional aspirations. But there's a difference between dedication and obsession... and Will is obsessed to the point of never smiling, never relaxing and never connecting with his fellow teammates. He trains relentlessly, earning the nickname "The Machine."
But one day while training at a park, Will encounters a new, seemingly casual athlete named Joe, a young man who with seemingly little effort becomes his rival in terms of skill, speed and strength. Confronted with his limitations during a series of increasingly tense contests, Will reveals just how off-kilter he is.
Writer/director Kent Lamm, along with co-writer and lead actor Chris Fornataro, has crafted a sharp, incisive character portrait of a young man dominated by brutal ambition and relentless pursuit of a goal to the exclusion of nearly everything else. Though its central subject is a football player, this is not a story about sports, but about a grasping, almost desperate need that masks itself through punishing drive.
The visuals and writing take its cues from its main character, whether it's in the kinetic action shots that maintain a constructed, shadowy frame or the taut yet fragmented editing that emphasizes the methodical, pounding rhythm of Will's regimen.
The few interactions it captures form a portrait of Will's isolation, including the way he pushes himself and how he pushes others away in his quest for achievement. Lead actor Fornataro isn't afraid to be off-putting in his intense, flinty portrayal of Will, but he sets up enough shadings within the mask of hardened aggression he presents to intrigue viewers instead of alienating them.
The film opens up with the introduction of a new kid in town Joe, played by actor Denzel Whitaker with a compelling mix of affable ease and athletic confidence. In his openness and friendliness, he's almost Will's complete opposite in many ways, and their interaction is both fascinating and tense. When the underlying tension of their encounter rises to the surface as a direct challenge, it nearly unravels Will and offers a fleeting yet undeniably powerful glimpse of what exactly is driving this troubled young man.
The gift of "Will 'The Machine'" is how it handles this small yet powerful moment of revelation, which recasts what we think we know of Will as viewers in a whole new -- and undeniably heart-wrenching -- light. It's handled brilliantly in the acting and directing in both its brevity and its sheer naked terror, as well as in how quickly Will scrambles to hide it after his mask falls. Though it is a small but crucial moment, it has a huge emotional impact, and audiences will be weighing its implications just as this powerful, resonant short comes to an end -- and likely aching with sadness and asking important questions about abuse, masculinity and silence.
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A high school football star finally meets his match. | Will 'The Machine'
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Nov 18, 2019




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Comments 1 758
Omeleto 4 months ago
Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. Subscribe for more: sub2.omele.to
DAVID VASQUEZ 17 days ago
Yes sir
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 22 days ago
Omeleto Absolutely amazing short and brilliantly surmised
Donald Storm
Donald Storm Month ago
Looks like a very interesting one heck of an athlete but yet I think he has some issues, a chip on his shoulder I think he's been abused. I sure do want to watch this.
Pepper daily
Pepper daily 3 months ago
empty happily sounds like Kokomo
Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis 4 months ago
Part 2?
Jaylen2 Lit
Jaylen2 Lit Day ago
This would be a raw ass shiw
D Schmucker
D Schmucker Day ago
Vineeth Noble
This is deep.....one of the best i have watched so far
Ethan Stratton
Ethan Stratton 2 days ago
I hope there’s a pt 2
P e r s e p h o n e . A n n
Someone in the comments mentioned... "There will always be a black homeschooler who is better than you." Truer words have never been spoken.
Frank piknimena II
I think I need to call my therapist, wow!
Achilleas Theodorou
Basically vegeta when he met goku🤔
CE Films
CE Films 5 days ago
wow this is gooood!!
Emmanuel Badejo
Emmanuel Badejo 5 days ago
black kid is like: "is this dude on sum crack or what??"
Roblox Kid
Roblox Kid 6 days ago
similar to my story im a blasian girl that won track captain but wasnt homeschooled was a all girl school and a like district wide track team
jamesanson 7 days ago
very well done! thanks
RedWarBird 8 days ago
i kinda want a proper full movie about this
Arcaryon 8 days ago
I'd like to remark that there isn't much one needs for an inferiority complex. I grew up in a loving family, I had a great childhood and noone ever said anything about the way I looked. I was if you will, an unlikely candidate for any of the issues we are talking about here. And yet, that's exactly what happened. Because *noone* exapt family ever said anything. When you walk down the street and notice that you are virtually invisible as an normal looking, relatively thin, average built 6 ft something guy you question everything. You grow up, you meet your first love, girlfriend but the questions in your head never go away. Am I good enough for her and for what I want from life? So eventually you start worrying so much that the mere idea of NOT being able to achieve your goals drives you into what can only be described as a constant state of subtle unhappiness. Biology is a powerful little thing. You try to fill the emptiness inside you, dress differently, change your entire behavior, work out intensively, study more than others and when you have convinced yourself enough that you are where you want to be, one bad remark from an unsuccessful night out is enough to give your own self hatred a little push to overcome all the work you put into beating it. And if a girlfriend leaves you when you go to university because it just wouldn't work out, any reasonable man would think nothing of if - we are young and chose diffrent paths. For me, that wasn't the case. In my mind to this very day I ask myself if I am not good enough, not worth it. I am not the thin normal teen anymore, by all means I am the closest version of the man I always wanted to be. My little issue isn't very complex. Society always shows you who you are supposed to be. Strong, cunning, charming, with the body of a professional athlete. Working out to some is a way to stay fit, some want to get laid more (I might fall into terms latter category) or relax from a stressful day. To me it's a way to fall asleep, not because I have an illness but because I think too much. In the end, none of the things I do will ever make me happy. Not the success at work, not the pads on the back at the gym or the girls who now, after so many years of waiting don't just notice me but fill the empty space in my heart and warm the bed. But nothing has ever closed this hole. To me I am still the thin and nerdy teenager who while not awkward just wasn't much of anything at all. I never gave up on who I was mind you and the changes I made are some of the best decisions in my life but unconditional love from someone who isn't blood related - that is something I crave more than anything on this planet. I don't want children, money or fame, I just want to believe her when she looks me in the eyes. How can you love me, when I don't love myself... I have come too far to try and convince myself that all of this doesn't matter as much. I need the attention (not from a comment section though :P) and as someone who is naturally a little too arrogant, I won't stop feeding my ego. In this regard understanding who you are, what you want and being overall a pretty self reflective and brutally honest guy [to myself, not to others] doesn't help much either. Well, so much about small worries of a nameless stranger. [I commented this already on this video as a response but given the reactions decided to put it up like this again].
Peter Black
Peter Black 8 days ago
Absolutely brilliant, I loved the ending literally leaving you to ascertain what's caused this guy to isolate and focus on his self. Damn this left me asking questions, love things like this type of filming. 👍🏾🇯🇲🇬🇧✊🏾
Naruto_chats 10 days ago
When I think I can over power my mom 11:34
Naruto_chats 10 days ago
After done clapping my girl ceeks 9:58
Rich Campus
Rich Campus 10 days ago
Likes running for it's own sake. Do something good, For it's own sake. For goodness sake.
Harish Rajkumar
Harish Rajkumar 10 days ago
yall tryna tell me this isnt an anime rivalry?
•Akuma• 11 days ago
I think the guy’s been sexually abused when he was young... or physically idk
Sammy Montanez
Sammy Montanez 11 days ago
I need a full show about this
The god of penguins Is here
White people man😂
Jake the dog
Jake the dog 11 days ago
Yea white people man, made the technology you used to type that😂
Martin Widmann
Martin Widmann 12 days ago
very good short.
Nightcore Quotes
Nightcore Quotes 12 days ago
That went 0 to 100 real quick
Evan Cantu
Evan Cantu 12 days ago
11:59 i feel bad for laughing
Jeong-Su Han
Jeong-Su Han 12 days ago
That was well done! Really enjoyed it!
Thomas Weeden
Thomas Weeden 13 days ago
Sometimes the other guy is just better. No shame in admitting that.
jrwxtx 13 days ago
Actors look too old to be high school or college.
Zachtom 13 days ago
anybody know that song that was playing in the car when he was checking out that girl? I need to get that song.
Shade Pang-an
Shade Pang-an 13 days ago
India needs one Child Policy
Mauryicy 14 days ago
Yessir Richmond !!!
1Faith1Fate 14 days ago
The main actor reminded me of a young Garrett Hedlund.
Hunter Epicness
Hunter Epicness 14 days ago
9:30 This is literally my situation quite a lot of times. I train and exercise, yet my friends always seem to match me or be stronger than me
Jake the dog
Jake the dog 15 days ago
5:42 Don't think you won't be seen staring lol
Ace Williams
Ace Williams 15 days ago
I feel like I’m watching a movie trailer to a movie that has and will not be ever created 😂
Johnna Campbell
Johnna Campbell 16 days ago
Why bother , he's killing himself
NutBoi McSlave
NutBoi McSlave 16 days ago
Gusher Yt
Gusher Yt 16 days ago
Anyone know the song at 6:00
Edward Wu
Edward Wu 16 days ago
Great performance by the lead. Quite surprised at the nuance he displays. A-grade acting.
Matt Wright
Matt Wright 16 days ago
Incredible performance of an unstable man child
Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers 17 days ago
Something is definitely going on mentally with “The Machine”. Who knows what but definitely worthy of turning into a full length feature film!
Beautiful and Motivated
Amarutrix0 17 days ago
Am I the only person who can relate to this...
BK Highlights
BK Highlights 18 days ago
Where not gonna talk about the fact that the guy runs a 4.4 and doesn’t play any sports
Jake the dog
Jake the dog 15 days ago
Well i mean many animals don't play sports and run fast\°_°/
dejojoks 18 days ago
The way he reacted in this last scene leads me to think that he may have been bullied and/or sexually assaulted.
Srt-10 Mopar
Srt-10 Mopar 18 days ago
9:24 "you train tho?? Weights? Sprints??" Black guy: "no I don't train. But I'm black"
BK Highlights
BK Highlights 18 days ago
I think the Machine always tried to impress his dad and when he’s grabbing the new guy he’s talking to his dad who abused him and he was never able to hit back and he takes it out on the new guy and the things he’s saying to him is like his dad and when the guy tackles him it reminds him of his dad also so basically that whole scene he basically saw his dad in the new guy
BK Highlights
BK Highlights 18 days ago
Anyone else notice how it’s Around August in Pennsylvania and there blowing smoke and wearing jackets
BK Highlights
BK Highlights 18 days ago
Anyone notice that in the beginning he’s number 34 but in one clip he’s 43
Phillip S
Phillip S 18 days ago
Training and Sports deffinately helps with getting over your demons. But one day sports ends, and your demons are still there. Best to get help and deal with them before they destroy you.
Pavel Martinek
Pavel Martinek 18 days ago
lOVELY!!!! HAPPY EASTER 2020!!!)))
James Anderson
James Anderson 19 days ago
He ran down monument ave to the gym for Godwin high school in Richmond Virginia when the other teammates were outside they all were actually training
Chase Baldwin
Chase Baldwin 20 days ago
I mean we’re technically both the same. We both jump up and touch the top of the doorframe.
Peyton Claunch
Peyton Claunch 21 day ago
anyone else find this slightly unnerving
Jacob Norris
Jacob Norris 22 days ago
Is this true or what
Braeland Davis
Braeland Davis 22 days ago
We need another of this please🙌🏽
duhTrey 23 days ago
5:12 dudes going through any doorway at school
Michel Fortier
Michel Fortier 23 days ago
Very well-done!
Calm Breeze
Calm Breeze 23 days ago
Dude was screaming like a women with high heels getting smacked in the alley.. Oh Get off me get offf meee Dadddy please don’t do me like that.
Darky The Evil Soldier
"Does any1 know the exact name of that Exercise he was doing at 1:23 " ?
KazumiLivesForever 24 days ago
*_ 4:29 _**_ to see thumbnail._*
Mike Danovich
Mike Danovich 24 days ago
God damn this COULD had been so amazing! Too bad it didn’t turn into anything good to watch
Harry Liang
Harry Liang 25 days ago
"Bro chill im just run, BRO STOP WTF STOP." , " no your some superhuman", " 911 whats yoru emergency"
Kaeui Hisusi
Kaeui Hisusi 26 days ago
Is it me or does anybody else feel so so bad for the guy getting pinned down😢 and saying “GET OFF ME”x8 times
John Kogington
John Kogington 26 days ago
So random
John Kogington
John Kogington 26 days ago
The part where he throws up 😂
Dana Terrell
Dana Terrell 26 days ago
the under tone of this is he's pushing himself to prove to himself that he's still a man even thought there is some obvious sexual trauma there... I would have liked to see if the two guys developed a friendship and if the home school guy could reach him, become a best friend to him. Good film though. dana t.
heikalmazlen 10 days ago
I was thinking the same thing, haha!!
Ethan Parcon
Ethan Parcon 26 days ago
Where to find the whole movie?
Matthew Moeller
Matthew Moeller 27 days ago
11:47 what I say to my uncle when I stay over
Dayvonta Medas
Dayvonta Medas 27 days ago
Like if they should make a part two
Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller 28 days ago
陳彥霖 28 days ago
What did he say on 11:33 ?
William D
William D Month ago
I like the part where they were running
Trinity Livingston
Wow, it really does seem like abuse or something happened to him when he was younger judging by how he reacted to being pinned down! That's literally how I'd react though, I hate being pinned down!
Dev Sardar
Dev Sardar Month ago
Wtf was this
Ninno Marks
Ninno Marks Month ago
Why does this guy to me kinda look like Danny Duncan
Stevie Jay
Stevie Jay Month ago
he is black so he is naturally fast
D3V1LGota Month ago
7:39 Female moans are always welcome here
Anthony M
Anthony M Month ago
I can’t believe I watched this whole ass video 🤦‍♂️
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