A Digital Freakshow of a Guitar

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Guitarist/Songwriter/Samurai Born in the Manitoba prefecture of Canada, samuraiguitarist, honed his discipline under the study of the country's most powerful musical sensei. Bred on rock, raised on the blues, trained in jazz, samuraiguitarist creates incredibly innovative videos that showcase his talents on the guitar.


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Mar 9, 2020




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Chuck U Farley
Chuck U Farley 2 hours ago
Quick get Tenacious D on the phone and tell him to bring his sax a boom we're gettin the band back together !
Bricker Updike
Bricker Updike 13 hours ago
He didn't look too excited when he said he sounded like the Wii menu
Space Comma
Space Comma 17 hours ago
Mega man music be like
Space Comma
Space Comma 17 hours ago
I'm gonna argue the entire earthbound soundtrack was written on this
Red Corbett
Red Corbett Day ago
I never thought I'd see a grown man use a toy. Not just that but BETTER than an actual child.
Arif Hamzah
Arif Hamzah Day ago
7:06 cool..Please do full version.
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson 2 days ago
Was I the only one that sort of liked the ending song?
Not Even Ted
Not Even Ted 2 days ago
This made me nostalgic. The 80s was awesome. 6:58 Revenge of the nerds haha.
Valour's Blasters
the first demo reminds me of something from animal crossing, lol
Tony Adler
Tony Adler 2 days ago
Deam this dude looks like a women thats transgendert into a man
Peter F.
Peter F. 2 days ago
I love it!!
jay mcgurran
jay mcgurran 2 days ago
Nah. Don’t fancy it.
xxstreme 2 days ago
hello di you need to tuning the string or adjust string tension? and is any fret note had midi output? or digital sensor when touching?
The Boy in The Striped Supreme
I want one
Veronicca Lakewood
Had one . It did midi which means it could play any sound on my Yamaha . For my money the Yamaha EZ AG is far better . . . If you plug in a midi cable to it and a Yamaha keyboard or midi bank, and you can do over 200 midi sounds . I don’t play piano so My EZAG does it good. Review the EZAG. You will be pleasantly surprised . With midi studio 4 , I have recorded my sheet music . So it’s good . But the fret board on the dg20 is awful. The EZAG however does what I need for classical and piano sounds .
Jerry Lehti
Jerry Lehti 3 days ago
looks like fun
J Coins
J Coins 3 days ago
I need a 1983 DG-20 Casio Electric guitar. Set to mandolin. Add some drums. HEAR ME NOW
TheEdawg77 3 days ago
I wanted that thing so bad when I was a kid.
dodge ram 1500 1996
I actually legit want one. That is the coolest 80s thing lmao
Rai Rye
Rai Rye 4 days ago
Yooo I need a full version of that last piece you did
Samuel DeCoske
Samuel DeCoske 4 days ago
3:54 honestly some effects it sounds interesting enough to be an opening
JD Desmore
JD Desmore 4 days ago
OK every beat gave me Nostalgia like I want this
Banana Man
Banana Man 4 days ago
This is actually awesome, too bad it can't do MIDI output.
Bill Collins
Bill Collins 4 days ago
SinkingSail 4 days ago
Wish 6:59 was a full song 😢
subrata roy
subrata roy 4 days ago
From where I can buy this guitar
majsketchup 4 days ago
Samurai the kinda dude to vibrato on a synth
That’s actually dope as all hell.
Blias Treb
Blias Treb 5 days ago
DG 20s were sold in discount box stores for $109. I tried one out and was curious, but my college income couldn't afford it.
Alexander Gaddis
Alexander Gaddis 5 days ago
Jakub Burian
Jakub Burian 5 days ago
yooo i love how this sounds ,it has its like retro lo-fi tune to it
ssnake552 6 days ago
The first one sounded like animal crossing.. Don't know why...
braveheartbob 6 days ago
if Mario was mainstream pop
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean 7 days ago
This sounds amazing!
Sam Gray
Sam Gray 7 days ago
My friends dad was a backup guitarist for Reo Speedwagon, his guitar has a built in synthesizer.
PaleRider9802 ___
Not going to lie, i want one.
lord_of_cinder 9
lord_of_cinder 9 7 days ago
the trumpet sound is kinda awesome..
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo 8 days ago
Well, if you wanted to easily make an 8-bit cover of your favorite song, there you go.
Gingerbred_Hed 8 days ago
Its perfect to make 8 bit music
J3I0music 8 days ago
How can we take away the beauty of acoustic sound and give you gameboy quality sounds. Gotta catch em all
Midge E
Midge E 8 days ago
Every Sega Mega Drive game theme song made on this thing?
Nathaniel Morris
Nathaniel Morris 8 days ago
This as messed up as Joe Biden
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 8 days ago
Darkfox Bill
Darkfox Bill 9 days ago
That last setting just made me think Sonic Casino Zone.
Darkfox Bill
Darkfox Bill 9 days ago
It's so retarded that it's kind of fucking cool. (Horseshoe theory of coolness baby!)
Cody's Corner
Cody's Corner 9 days ago
This is cute
drasdwayne 9 days ago
I remember K Mart had these back in the day. One aisle over from the cassettes and CDs. I was a kid so I didn't know how to play anything back then.
Sarem 9 days ago
How is the feel? Is it similar to a classical feel? The strings look pretty apart similar to a classical/Flamenco. (Asking because I am a Flamenco guitarist. Pretty curious about this)
Sealgair Folús Studios
This is something I would legitimately use... AND I LOVE IT.
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
dao, and a purpose to do this
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 9 days ago
A similar device appeared a couple of years ago. It was called the Jamstik, made by Zivix: jamstik.com/
Jay Prentice
Jay Prentice 9 days ago
Until the last close up i thought the 🎸 was black. TRICKY TRICKY YOU ARE....LMAO great job
User Whatever
User Whatever 10 days ago
So it's a keyboard with the neck of a guitar. The strings have no purpose other than giving the illusion of playing a guitar. P.s.: I hear Lovers to the Grave by Praying Mantis at 5:00
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson 10 days ago
A few years ago I saw a couple of videos on youtube about the Moog Guitar. Have you ever heard of it? Where is it now? Is it still around?
SellerThink 11 days ago
I had many opportunities to buy one of these, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Zoinks 11 days ago
“Electric guitar” lol
Dom Hawtin
Dom Hawtin 11 days ago
I believe that the guitar does it’s own vibrato but interesting to see that you can’t “unprogram “ that from your mind.
Dom Hawtin
Dom Hawtin 11 days ago
Going up...first floor, women’s lingerie.
Robert Giles
Robert Giles 11 days ago
Worst Synth guitar I've ever heard.
Bernhard Wall
Bernhard Wall 11 days ago
It makes me smile because I totally wanted something like that back in the day. But what an instrument like that could sound like today...
Keenan Troll
Keenan Troll 12 days ago
Dissapointed that you didn't mention it could be used as a midi controller!
lynchie137 12 days ago
I kind of want one....
Wacky The Whaleysaurus
Ok.....so is there a setting to make it actually sound like a guitar.....? All I'm hearing is crappy synthesizer bullshit.
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson 13 days ago
Looks like fun.
zatanuz 13 days ago
For 8 bit music, maybe have a future.
William Matthews
William Matthews 13 days ago
Is that shirt for sale?
Chris DudeDurian
Chris DudeDurian 14 days ago
Without a doubt the revolutionary Tesla cyber truck of Guitars 🎸
Verner Viana Gusmao
This guitar is the very definition of my worse, most disgusting, straight out of Satan's bottom nightmare. 100%
Rick The Explorer™
Thousands of ouch. Eternally.
garner wang
garner wang 14 days ago
Wish we could have seen what hendrix would have done with this thing
Zach Armendo
Zach Armendo 15 days ago
What song is he playing at 2 min
Zach Armendo
Zach Armendo 15 days ago
What song is he playing at 2 min
hundaba chikaka
hundaba chikaka 16 days ago
i would love to play take on me in that thing
cy fassihi
cy fassihi 16 days ago
Weird! The guitar may be an instrument created for the dyslexic! The guitar's "B" string inherently has 5 #s/bs; and naturally its relative major is at the "D" string, with 2 #s/bs. The napkin shows in writing that all "written" music can thus (theoretically) be transcribed and transposed into a single picture/pattern super imposed on the guitar's fretboard ~ so it doesn't need to be "written." Napkin is available to view on facebook - cfassihi. thx. Cy
Barto Bruintjes
Barto Bruintjes 16 days ago
For a real guitar player this is more for a container dump .
Vampwatch1462 16 days ago
5:14 it sounds like the theme for a final level in a western 8-bit game! I want this guitar!
Jay Dillon
Jay Dillon 17 days ago
thank you
Blackout 17 days ago
6:59 thats absolutely dope, make it a full song :D
Phatlove123 17 days ago
Is there like a newer version of this
Bussa The Younger
Bussa The Younger 17 days ago
😂😂😂What the hell is that shirt dude🤣
Misterhelmet 18 days ago
Great and useful video but disgusting sound
๓คภย ςђค๏
Very BAD!
Name 18 days ago
But that funky clavinet though
Jake Jordan
Jake Jordan 18 days ago
“Do this well and your making music”
Nenad Trajković
Nenad Trajković 18 days ago
Can you use any effect on this?😉
Donnie Goodman
Donnie Goodman 18 days ago
We'll allow it
Donnie Goodman
Donnie Goodman 18 days ago
I would plug it into t wait that sounds kinda cool w
Lakás Angolkert
Lakás Angolkert 18 days ago
The Casio drum sounds haven´t changed since I was a child. Now I am over 40. :-) Unberliavably unnatural and lame tones and sounds overall...
Donnie Goodman
Donnie Goodman 18 days ago
And that's what atomic fallout can do to the part of the cerebral cortex that interprets sounds inherent generations after the initial exposure
Dog 696969
Dog 696969 19 days ago
As soon as he started playing it I checked the description to see where to get one
Screamskull25 19 days ago
This is how 8-bit songs are made
Sandy z
Sandy z 19 days ago
I'm laughing so hard and I so want one.
J P3
J P3 19 days ago
But will it blend?
Ag3nt 47
Ag3nt 47 19 days ago
That guitar looks so fucking cyberpunky and i love that
MuckyMuck_Plays 19 days ago
Hearing DG and Sci-Fi in the same sentence, reminds me of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from CoD Zombies lol
Croz 1007
Croz 1007 19 days ago
WOW...that thing sounds like shit.
Qrow Ok
Qrow Ok 20 days ago
I would love to see dragon force use one of these.
micael martel
micael martel 20 days ago
that last song was straight up out of a final fantasy game in 1995
Chris Sadler
Chris Sadler 20 days ago
I keep hearing NES sounds. Lol
Ray Gunn
Ray Gunn 21 day ago
Cool !
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