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Hope you all enjoy!

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Aug 3, 2020




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Khanfir Imen
Khanfir Imen Hour ago
You are hugging Harry and no Mask wtffff coronaaaa
jlyxx 2 hours ago
When she said “Travis” i thought another young kid.. apparently theyre talking about Travis Barker..😳 Kourt rlly has surprising friendships
jlyxx 2 hours ago
How come Kourtney has no friends her own age..
Diane Audrey Lopez
Diane Audrey Lopez 5 hours ago
Met Kourtney once at Rodeo Drive! She wasn’t nice 🙃 but then again I’m a nobody so I get it lmao
Kaila 7 hours ago
I can tell Kourtney already getting sick of Addison 😂 she annoying af bruh 😂😭 Addison literary has Kourtney on her room wall with that disgusting accent like wtf 😂
Angelica Urena
Angelica Urena 8 hours ago
Hi addi 💕💕💕💕
Loïk Macfarlane
Loïk Macfarlane 8 hours ago
That workout didn’t even look that hard
heresthe mftea
heresthe mftea 8 hours ago
pick me choose me love me
lb_smiles Aesthetics
If i got to meet a Kardashian:👁👄👁 When addison rae meets a celebrity: hello girl!
cyyrahh nicholee
cyyrahh nicholee 10 hours ago
they said the “first time working out with them how was it” and then she said “i’m on day 3 thousand of working out w them” HUH
Genevieve Cross
Genevieve Cross 10 hours ago
If you dont like them being friends you can unsubscribe from her and the rest of us can stay and support addison and all of her friends
Tiana Temani Macon
Tiana Temani Macon 12 hours ago
Addison my Snapchat name is TianaMacon I added you and texted you
Amp World tiktoks
Amp World tiktoks 13 hours ago
ruvid.net/show-UCDZqJ65OONGcZgPYd3273bw Pls subscribe and like
matabeleman 14 hours ago
Vote for Donald on November 3 2020
Omar Daas
Omar Daas 15 hours ago
U trying to hard
Windigoz 15 hours ago
This vid gives off YoU gO Gurl energy
Madhu Suresh
Madhu Suresh 15 hours ago
The fact that this girl is living this life because of us and here we are just watching her live this life! I wish we never gave this much of attention to Instagram influencers, youtubers and tiktokers. All that the tiktokers did was move their hands and legs and now they’re famous!
Ashley Camille
Ashley Camille 16 hours ago
I wish I could have that kind of morning but ya know my 9-5 is in the way..LOL
Jakobgaatloesoe 18 hours ago
Wtf just a morning
Alysia Johnson
Alysia Johnson 18 hours ago
Don’t care what anyone says, cutest friendship and I love it! Love you both 🥺😍
Account 1
Account 1 18 hours ago
One app can make a difference in someone’s life
Caro S.
Caro S. 19 hours ago
Why does this feel so weirdly fake
Juliet Fulmer
Juliet Fulmer 20 hours ago
Haha calabasie not surprised Not in a bad way I like Addison too 💕
Manuel Altamirano
Manuel Altamirano 21 hour ago
She changed Addison
PunchNugget 21 hour ago
Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown 21 hour ago
When the video starts I'm always worried about who's talking. Then she says it's Addison. And I'm like. Oh man, I was worried I wasn't gonna know who was speaking. But now I know it's Addison.
Ava Moore
Ava Moore 21 hour ago
Addison should do a couple episodes of keeping up with the kardashians
Luiza Tancheva
Luiza Tancheva 21 hour ago
Kourtney and Kendall are the prettiest and most natural from the whole family!
kim jim
kim jim 23 hours ago
This shit looks so artificial dawg lmao
Tokelo Baliki
Tokelo Baliki 23 hours ago
I say this on all her videos She should get her own Reality TV show
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 23 hours ago
Adisoooooooooooooooon i love you so much and i love tik tok❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
eliona suma
eliona suma Day ago
Phil 232
Phil 232 Day ago
For those of you wondering, the intro song is All the Lovers by Duplex Heart, Anya Gold.
CXLI BØY Day ago
Im forced by my friends to watch a r videos
Thiqcrab _
Thiqcrab _ Day ago
follow my tik tok thiqcrab69 and if i get famous then thats cool ig
Nicole Zanders
Kourtney is an Aries...Bossy Personality to the Max!!!! She is exploiting Addison
Gre Ninja
Gre Ninja Day ago
Lol bryce every video j rod cut that out
Why people won’t puke watching these fake people talking bullshit. Who the fuck eats pudding right after workout? Then what’s the point of doing workout.
Payton Duquette
I’m broke.
Soy la única que habla español y aún así ve el vídeo 😂😂😂
Mayra Aguilar
Account 1
Account 1 Day ago
Dynamic Duo
Ariana Playz
Ariana Playz Day ago
Luv ya
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor Day ago
You look ewe
Candi Rivera
Candi Rivera Day ago
Imagine being able to hang out with kourtney kardashian every morning of you life. Oh to be addison
Terren Harryman
omg you guys you addison ray charlie the baddest
gabriela gonzalez
addison: so today i will be living a day in your life kourtney: that should be easy since we do this all the time me: wait wha- x-x (i am happy that she is sucessful)
VinnyAnd Jacc
I like your Tesla
music lyrics
music lyrics Day ago
Addison:i'm Kourtney for life... Kourtney: if you didn't notice you get Smarter since you starting hanging out with me.
Jay Guerrero
Jay Guerrero Day ago
03:53 lol
Delilah May
Delilah May Day ago
I love Addisons voice
The Ultra Warrior
Are you related to Summer Rae? Be blessed
Fani sandoval
Did she low key call her dumb?
Chance The Man
Lol nice
TibetThreeStar Talent
“Safety first “
Directioners Forever
Addison- HARRY me- styles?
enya hi
enya hi Day ago
im still homeless but im less chubby
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed Day ago
POV:looking at the video eating avocado 😂🤔
ilgimozgur 2 days ago
Omg ilysmmmmmmmmmmm I am literally your BIGGEST FAN ilysm I wish I could meet uuuuuuuuu I’m dying tooooooo someone help me meet her omggg
Kristel Clarke
Kristel Clarke 2 days ago
I love you
Juzthyn Castillo
Juzthyn Castillo 2 days ago
What’s the first song name.
Phil 232
Phil 232 Day ago
All the Lovers by Duplex Heart, Anya Gold
christian vetter
christian vetter 2 days ago
This is the most white privileged video ive ever seen
spark Z
spark Z Day ago
Ayo fax
allison miranda
allison miranda 2 days ago
i just remembered didn't your dad show up on stranger strings
AbigailXoxo 2 days ago
wait I hate working out and I just realized I could workout and finesse the *BLEEP* out of it and get my anger out on every thing I hate lmao
Anahi Esparza
Anahi Esparza 2 days ago
I can’t believe she went with an older kardashian lmao
Daja Liina
Daja Liina 2 days ago
They went into the pool sweaty yuck
Mercedes C
Mercedes C 2 days ago
Oh no big deal
EW Editzz
EW Editzz 2 days ago
Isabel Guerrero
Isabel Guerrero 2 days ago
Addison: doesn’t say curse words for her “young viewers” Also Addison: throws it back in every other Tik tok 🤣
Robert djjTV
Robert djjTV 2 days ago
3:55 Kourtney: "Did you notice you have gotten smarter?" Addison: there's "100" in a billion
evelyn grace
evelyn grace 2 days ago
i think i found my new favorite kardashian
safa ali
safa ali 2 days ago
She is not even skinny
lolo .2012
lolo .2012 2 days ago
When they jumped in the pool together they were cute they really have a good friendship 💞
mooni kisses
mooni kisses 2 days ago
I just can’t imagine..I mean Addison just doesn’t fit in..
Israa Mahmood
Israa Mahmood 2 days ago
Any one else wondering why i feel like Addison is turning in to one of the K group girls like , you even hired someone to hold your umbrella for you # K GIRLS VIBE # THE NEW KARDASHIAN
Isobel Amber
Isobel Amber 2 days ago
I love them together
Zoie Nolan
Zoie Nolan 2 days ago
I love how Kourtney got annoyed when he called it a ponytail. I thought I was the only person who got annoyed by that.
Niharika Chatterjee
That’s not a house it’s a palace correction*
Clovir 2 days ago
Addison Rae: *BLEEP YEAH*
chantelle B
chantelle B 2 days ago
she reminds me of danielle cohn
Shashi Bala
Shashi Bala 2 days ago
I am after rimorav vlogs
Mich Pelep
Mich Pelep 2 days ago
No one : *BLEEP*!!
Cali Williams
Cali Williams 2 days ago
I found her merch.... now i shall tell my grandma what i want for christmas ❤️
maisieewilcock 2 days ago
i love the social distancing😍😍😍
Adithya Adhi
Adithya Adhi 2 days ago
I love Addison a love from India kerala❤❤
Savannah._.avfc. 2 days ago
Ma friends say I look like her... bruh now I think I do
Birna Ída Hlynsdóttir
Sandy Love
Sandy Love 2 days ago
2:53 is this any good?
Gie Ann Blanco
Gie Ann Blanco 2 days ago
Good thing absorber is not here
Nicolly Delboni
Nicolly Delboni 2 days ago
Pera a babá da kourtney era brasileira tô chocadah passadah kakakakakak😱
Aubree Martinez
Aubree Martinez 3 days ago
Girl lives with the Kardashians now💀
CAKES & ART 3 days ago
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Lin Beek
Lin Beek 3 days ago
Who’s that Harry guy?
lala lisa
lala lisa 3 days ago
lol the fact that a 20 years old girl has a bigger body that a 40 years old woman
barry collett
barry collett 3 days ago
barry collett
barry collett 3 days ago
23k woow
Isabela Sampaio
Isabela Sampaio 3 days ago
Vitamina de abacate é bom mesmo kkkkkk
KingEvano 3 days ago
Ahhh I saw a video of the avacado pudding on tiktok and I accidentally refreshed and lost it to the void
alyssa 3 days ago
"6-7 days a week". hOw lOnG dO yOu tHiNk a wEeK iS?
Yahir Raudales lira
I love you so much
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