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Thank you guys so much for all your love and support, I hope you guys enjoy todays video ! Have a good and Blessed day. Please keep comments positive thank You.
Don't forget to wash your hands and keep clean this virus is no joke and super scary ! be safe I love you guys
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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 100
Mirayolis vlogs
Mirayolis vlogs 6 days ago
Que programa usas para editar?? Soy nueva por aqui
Mirayolis vlogs
Mirayolis vlogs 6 days ago
Hola saludos y bendiciones 👋🏼😘🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Sthefania Perez
Sthefania Perez 14 days ago
You should do a skin care routine please I love how your makeup looks bomb
rose petals
rose petals 15 days ago
eyelashes transform everything
The Wesleys
The Wesleys 15 days ago
Yes you should post that video of the warehouse and PR packages 😍🥰 I will be here watching anything you publish 😬
R M 15 days ago
Esta nina es muy humilde omg love her 😍
Queen Sandra
Queen Sandra 19 days ago
hey girl 💜can u try to do a rainbow look make up tutorial 🙃
La vida de Danii
La vida de Danii 22 days ago
Are you getting braces again ?
jasmin acosta
jasmin acosta 22 days ago
Yesssss nikkkkiiivv 😍do more makeup tutorials 😍😭
la Diablita
la Diablita 23 days ago
where are you’re Lashes from there so beautiful like youu!🥺😍saludos desde Delano California
HONEY CANDY 23 days ago
pinche fresa
Beauty and Lifestyle with Alexis
Just found your channel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
arturo robles
arturo robles 24 days ago
That is one Pug looking BF you got..does he have his shots ??
sailorx1976 25 days ago
Wow, no wonder terrorists want to end the west with extreme prejudice.
Cedar Poplar
Cedar Poplar 25 days ago
I think it comes in our genes. I mean, to know how to clean. But, imagine having to take all that paint off your face at the end of the day??
not much leg hair
not much leg hair 25 days ago
U went from a Latina to a white girl 💀
Farrah Otero
Farrah Otero 25 days ago
You should get braces
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 27 days ago
Nikki V teaching us how to clean la casa 😂 i always leave something for my siblings to clean as well lol
Janella Ramirez
Janella Ramirez 27 days ago
NIKKI V! We are a small business in Los amateurs that makes homemade soy candles I would love to send u some !!!!!
monica Garcia
monica Garcia 27 days ago
Hey niki ur super pretty ❤️❤️!!!!!!! I have a question what cámara did u use to take pictures!?☺️☺️
Natasha Sandoval
Natasha Sandoval 28 days ago
You are pretty with out make also
Jainelle Hargrove
Jainelle Hargrove 28 days ago
Liking the looking it's cute on you. You good girla
Alicia Arebalo
Alicia Arebalo 28 days ago
When you realize these you tubers don’t have any other personality traits other than social media skills
Danae Pelayo
Danae Pelayo 29 days ago
What camera do youu use ! Any one know lol ?
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 days ago
I love her humbleness my new fav RUvid 😍 especially the makeup. also what shade was your contour powder?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 27 days ago
I’ll like for a make up tutorial 😊🥰☺️
Bianca Ruiz
Bianca Ruiz 29 days ago
Probably roasting you behind the scenes
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 27 days ago
It’s good you help your mom around the house, that speaks very well of you!
Yamilet Villarreal
I love you so much Nikki!!❤️🥰
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre Month ago
People have nothing better to do than watch this? RUvid has billions of videos, and you chose this. 🤔
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 days ago
Yes more makeup tutorials
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Month ago
Why is this in my recommendations, youtube out here thirsting brooooo
Last in line
Last in line Month ago
Mercedes Najera
Mercedes Najera Month ago
Lisandra Resendiz
Shaylee Munoz
Shaylee Munoz Month ago
I love the way your makeup look came out !!🥺😍you should do a makeup tutorial girl I’m getting into makeup and need a bit of help on what makeup is good and what makeup isn’t and what’re some good drugstore products similar to some very expensive ones :)🤍
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Month ago
Nikki you really don’t need any makeup you look good with out it. You seem so down to earth about everything!!🙂
Alyza Cantu
Alyza Cantu Month ago
Yesss upload the video
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Month ago
4th of July 🇱🇷🎆✨🎇 yes post that vlog up about pr. And i use that ponds the pink one.
Veronica Stacks
Veronica Stacks Month ago
Wow. She was right she is boring
Jacky Perez
Jacky Perez Month ago
Faith Perez
Faith Perez Month ago
I love you and Jonathan’s relationship you guys are funny 😆
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Month ago
Yesss i want to see the video
Ruth Jane
Ruth Jane Month ago
It’s good you help your mom around the house, that speaks very well of you!
Darlene Ibañez
Darlene Ibañez Month ago
I’ll like for a make up tutorial 😊🥰☺️
Mahira Lopez
Mahira Lopez Month ago
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Month ago
Nikki V teaching us how to clean la casa 😂 i always leave something for my siblings to clean as well lol
Toni Cori
Toni Cori Month ago
Yes more makeup tutorials
itsMelly Channel
Nikki u are so beautiful so more makeup tutorials 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍😍✨✨✨
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Month ago
Nikki you can tell you have a good heart Shout out from Dallas, TXXX
Nancy Nancyy
Nancy Nancyy Month ago
So pretty 💕🙃
asdfghjkl Month ago
why Is the quality so bad?
Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes Month ago
Nikki you really don’t need any makeup you look good with out it. You seem so down to earth about everything!!🙂
G- FAM Month ago
Raised right 💯 Primero se limpia y luego sigue la belleza 🥰
Mahira Lopez
Mahira Lopez Month ago
Hi Nikki V I love you
Betty Rosa Obregon Muñoz
Mayra Santoyo
Mayra Santoyo Month ago
That’s the smallesssst sink I’ve seen
Karina Ferrer
Karina Ferrer Month ago
Idk why but I never seen Nikki n Jonathan kiss is it just me !
Daisy Corrales
Daisy Corrales Month ago
Yesss i want to see the video
Priscilla Martinez
Yes post the video! ✨✨✨✨
Jaylene v
Jaylene v Month ago
She looks so much like the Beverly Hills brat
Elisa Duarte
Elisa Duarte Month ago
Wow wow wow your beautiful & love watching you ❤️❤️❤️ yes post the video .!!
Brenda Gaucin
Brenda Gaucin Month ago
Que bonita! Super sencilla! Felicidades!!
Yea u should do makeup tutorials!🥳❣️🤞🏼💯
Grisel Ramirez
Grisel Ramirez Month ago
So I scrolled through the first comments because I can right💁🏻‍♀️ I see all these negative comments, people still have time to watch and talk shit🤦🏻‍♀️ this girl is beautiful with and without makeup, if she wants to get ready to go to chick filet let the girl get ready if she wants to clean and vlog let her do it, some saying “nobody wants to know about your life” but yet pushed play to watch it😂
Maris Mo
Maris Mo Month ago
Nikki you can tell you have a good heart Shout out from Dallas, TXXX
Marilyn p
Marilyn p Month ago
I love your videos!!! but definitely invest in a better camera 😔
Nikki V.
Nikki V. Month ago
Marilyn p Thank you ! I have 2 very good cameras so no need for that 💕
Maria vlogs
Maria vlogs Month ago
Omg you’re so pretty 😍😍🤚🏼
Maria A.
Maria A. Month ago
Makeup tutorial plz 😍
Michelle Grijalva
Loveeeee you girly 💛
Wendy M
Wendy M Month ago
do a hair tutorial fully on hair please
Belen Ortega
Belen Ortega Month ago
"If I look funny ,mind your own business "😂❤you are so pretty 🥺🥰
Anna Marlene Ortiz
You should do a video of cooking your favorite food or dessert , or changing my dress style for one day like do a cowgirl, dancing Mexican songs, do melody makeup and let her do your makeup, or hometown tour,or who knows me better my parents or bf, or opening packets you receive 🤩
Itzayana Torres
Itzayana Torres Month ago
Wasnt this trending?
pati c
pati c Month ago
You kind of look like Anfisa w out makeup 🧐
Viviana Martinez
You so cute I love your videos on tiktok ❤️😍😊
Can you do a makeup tutorial plz thank you
I thought she had braces on before ?
Gina Freitas
Gina Freitas Month ago
Hey Ni
Giovanna Hernandez
Love you Nikk V, also Happy 4th of July!!!❤💙⚪🎆 You are such a humble, kind, beautiful, sweet, brave, strong, and lovely!!!😘
KuuKuu Month ago
YOURE 1 outta 2 of my favorite AUGGS 💙💙💙 KEEP BEING HUMBLE BEAUTIFUL 💯💕
Naekita Eniau
Naekita Eniau Month ago
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Yhs Month ago
Trending 🔥 can you tell you are our favorite one from all the family ❤️
Gabriela Murguia
Ashley Ortiz
Ashley Ortiz Month ago
I love watching videos like this! Everyday regular life 😇 I love your personality funny personality but sweet & humble. 💗
steph R
steph R Month ago
yesss shes trending !!
VideoSurfer84 Month ago
Jose's World
Jose's World Month ago
Jeannette Martinez
Makeup tutorial
Silvia Naja
Silvia Naja Month ago
Angelica Alonso
Angelica Alonso Month ago
You’re beautiful girl! But yes do a GRWM I’m interested 😍😍
Paola Reyes
Paola Reyes Month ago
Congratulations on da trending
Lucia Ibarra
Lucia Ibarra Month ago
I love chik fil a too but the lines are always so long. Just get the app you order online and pick up on curbside. The wait is less than 2 minutes. I love using it. Lol Ok chik fil a sponsor over here 😆
Craig Month ago
Wait this is 42 on trending for GAMING.
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez Month ago
what happened to ur bottom tooth? didn’t u have braces. Omg does that happen?
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez Month ago
im getting mine off soon and is wondering if that happens. i watched when u got them off and they were perfect and straight.
Cynthia Villalobos
Nikki V you are sooo beautiful 🤩 PERIODT !
Luz Bejar
Luz Bejar Month ago
Luz Bejar
Luz Bejar Month ago
you’re my favorite RUvidr, just found out abt you 😭😭❤️
Luz Bejar
Luz Bejar Month ago
Monserrat M
Monserrat M Month ago
You are so humble nikki v !! I love your videos even though you post una vez cada 3 meses lol Nunca cambies !!! 🥰
Billy el del Gym
Mucho texto
cynthia green at heart
What do you use to get long hair super pretty .
Yvetteee Avil
Yvetteee Avil Month ago
You can mix a little bit of Clorox and fabuloso I love the purple one !! Also try some cleaning products with low odor 😊
Erendira Ibarra
Erendira Ibarra Month ago
Congrats on trending Nikki!!!!
Lizzy liz Z
Lizzy liz Z Month ago
She is the most humble one from the family at least she knows how to keep her man💗💗
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