a day in my life *living alone*

Kennedy Walsh
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Jul 20, 2020




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lucy clark
lucy clark 2 months ago
Kennedy: i'm holding the tripod with my toes also Kennedy: flawlessly pans over to rest of couch sis didn't go to the gym bc she carries the strength of a grown man in her toes alone
Oliver Raeburn Music
How to make your nose look smaller ruvid.net/video/video-qnRGZ6BPXN8.html
Idkimjustdarkfudge lol
@Iggy Stardust just wow
Tomas Baškys
Tomas Baškys 2 months ago
I mean she used her hands to pan it over
Mumi Weazy
Mumi Weazy 2 months ago
Ananya Sahay thank you 😊❤️
Ananya Sahay
Ananya Sahay 2 months ago
@Mumi Weazy Edge Of Life Song by OTE
nevaeh quihuiz
nevaeh quihuiz 2 days ago
8:45 satisfying
nevaeh quihuiz
nevaeh quihuiz 2 days ago
I could watch cook all day
Celesto 2 days ago
Hey. How ya doin. Your noise a little big, maybe grow a butt and i will marry you? Your sister's noise is better, but she has to quit alcohol. #deepReflections
Kaylee Jade
Kaylee Jade 3 days ago
yoo anyone have any idea what eyeshadow kennedy uses? and mascara lol
Pietra -
Pietra - 3 days ago
Why wouldn’t claudia and you move in together?
AJAY SHARMA 6 days ago
Hii Friend nice video and looking beautifull and where are you from
lily dixon
lily dixon 7 days ago
the thumbnail looked like hannah meloches old apartment
Nathan Brazil
Nathan Brazil 8 days ago
02:50 You realize that under those bright lights that robe is somewhat see through?? I can certainly see some dark circles at strategic points... ;-P Don't get me wrong I ain't complaining just so you know...
dean loml winchester
blutoo blutoo
blutoo blutoo 12 days ago
Is that two girls lol
blutoo blutoo
blutoo blutoo 12 days ago
Where's the video poster second; )))))
hello friend
hello friend 13 days ago
eggs sunnyside up are perfectly cooked in just 3 minutes.
hello friend
hello friend 13 days ago
You can make a video of you moving in with a handsome man, I am available on weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????
blutoo blutoo
blutoo blutoo 12 days ago
You're poor:))))))
T Saraiva
T Saraiva 15 days ago
Girl, u wasted so much water washing the dishes
fiona skaife
fiona skaife 16 days ago
omg the lady talking as the alarm, giving me dorm flashbacks
Its Arii
Its Arii 17 days ago
Girl driving used to terrify my too but after a lot of practice now I love it, I use any excuse to drive!
N. L.
N. L. 21 day ago
we need an apartment tour whenever its completely finished
Dan Vergara
Dan Vergara 22 days ago
Jana Ptackova
Jana Ptackova 23 days ago
her nose is so huuge:O
Satan Loves Pussy
Satan Loves Pussy 12 days ago
Yet shes still prettier than you damn
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 23 days ago
Kennedy i miss your pink hair so muchhh!!
Kithyumek0 24 days ago
Roger Heinrichs
Roger Heinrichs 25 days ago
Hi Kennedy what's up baby doll 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ròbinson García
Ròbinson García 27 days ago
Chloe Walters
Chloe Walters 27 days ago
It's funny when you put on the British accent you always sound happy that's your biggest mistake we British are never happy 😂😂❤
Uriel Urrutia
Uriel Urrutia 28 days ago
I'm in love with you Do as you wish with me
Annabelle 666
Annabelle 666 28 days ago
I love this girl 😻😺🤗🖤
Nitin Patni
Nitin Patni 28 days ago
I don't know why but She seems to be crying inside....
Gracie Breuer
Gracie Breuer 29 days ago
You eat like my mom Kennedy no offense
Matthew Woods
Matthew Woods Month ago
Sue Ribelle
Sue Ribelle Month ago
I generally don't seem to understand what is attractive about these kind of videos but for some reason I felt pretty nice as the video progressed. hopefully your new "order" is peaceful and makes you happy. good luck with adulting
proofbreal Month ago
Juan Dillon
Juan Dillon Month ago
sleepy czenni
sleepy czenni Month ago
10:36 *pali pali pir right cherry bomb feel it yum*
Keira Distaso
Keira Distaso Month ago
you give me princess vibes. not negative princess vibes its just you belong in a castle with a tiara. i strive for your energy.
Emma Catanzarite
I ALSO HATE DRIVING!!! i always feel like i’m the only one lmao i’m 19 and just recently drove on the highway by myself for the first time hahaha
sunuprnt Month ago
your british accents are honestly hilarious and accurate
Nabila Month ago
This is so funny. So, I was watching this vlog on the TV which is in the living room. My dad was sitting on the couch, looking at his phone and then suddenly Kennedy started twerking and my dad accidentely looked up and looked confused af. I died of laughter. 😅❣️
niko v
niko v Month ago
Wow I've never hearf you talk this much! You are so much more interesting and cuter than I thought!
wayne mckinney
wayne mckinney Month ago
nice melons 😉
svea aaah
svea aaah Month ago
girl i feel you on the driving part sm
Jonah Ursabia
Jonah Ursabia Month ago
How can this vid be so peaceful to watch i lorve iiiirt
Steffi Month ago
L Month ago
how about a date where I leave you alone lol... great date, see you next time on another date leaving you alone
10:37 my sleep paralysis demon at night
Moka Moka
Moka Moka Month ago
Can’t wait for the apartment decoration 😍
Alex Carver
Alex Carver Month ago
Krystle Thunder
Krystle Thunder Month ago
Krystle Thunder
Krystle Thunder Month ago
Loving the into
mehar Month ago
M.A. Antonin
M.A. Antonin Month ago
Solitude. You crave solitude.
Melancholic Moon
3:25 "I'm just gonna go in here real quick" points to closet, "and then imma come out" lol me except I still haven't come out😂
chay Santana
chay Santana Month ago
Was today years old when I realized you're not supposed to flip Sunnyside eggs
chay Santana
chay Santana Month ago
Omg fallow me on Pinterest if you want some interior design tips n ideas boo @Chay Santana 😏
Quaine Month ago
You and Claudia are literally dream sisters
Quaine Month ago
And Brandon is a also a dream brother
Hannah M
Hannah M Month ago
i just keep coming back to rewatch this because i’m honestly so proud and inspired by her it’s crazy. watching this video makes me feel like the future i want is attainable. thank you, kennedy.
Jaye Money
Jaye Money Month ago
All of them are the spitting image of a perfect white person. It makes me sad bc i wish that other people were praised such as people with brown eyes and brown hair. But no ppl with blonde hair freckles ice blue eyes and fucking skinny bodies get all the attention. LOL bye
Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery Month ago
What is that piano song it is so beautiful? Also KENNEDY HOW ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS AHHH 💚🌸
Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery Month ago
Maya Baccar no problem girly 💖 you’re so sweet too 🦋😇
Maya Baccar
Maya Baccar Month ago
@Sienna Emery ofcccc luvvv 💖 nd omg thnk you so much 😍💗!!! you're the sweetesttt🥺🥺
Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery Month ago
Maya Baccar Thank you 🌺 Your so pretty btw ☀️
Maya Baccar
Maya Baccar Month ago
Franz Gordon - Two Weeks in July 💕 and you're SO RIGHT she's stunning omggg 🥺🥺✨✨
Mohammed akram Jameel
How's corona-virus spreading so rapidly in the most developed country of the world - USA ? 🤔 they don't take off their shoes at the doorstep and roam around in the house... Ewww.. how groase. . This will spread all kinds of microbes inside house. and ya not to forget about the pets. . . It's too difficult to wash pets legs at the doorstep before entering house . . I mean has nobody thought about it till now 🤔
Mr. D TeenPop
Mr. D TeenPop Month ago
You really are challenging yourself and I think if you over do that you might hurt yourself, please be careful cause I love you ❤😘🤟
Mr. D TeenPop
Mr. D TeenPop Month ago
Hey Kennedy I really love you, but I think you're really stressing yourself making these videos
kai lee
kai lee Month ago
“the interior skills of a straight man”
7 Month ago
what mascara is she using??
Kayla Slavny
Kayla Slavny Month ago
can anyone tell what Glossier lipstick she puts on at 6:36 oml it’s so pretty
Kayla Slavny
Kayla Slavny Month ago
Maya Baccar omg thank you
Maya Baccar
Maya Baccar Month ago
heyyy ✨ i just looked for it and it's the : Glossier Sheer Matte Lypstick Generation G in the shade Zip ❤️ hope this helped 🥰🥰!!!
Dulaj Amarasiri
Dulaj Amarasiri Month ago
Is your apartment Hunted 👻👿👣👺
Aryana Shanai
Aryana Shanai Month ago
i am sooo happy for you this is amazing. soooo much progress and ik you are inspiring others.
Jennie Brown
Jennie Brown Month ago
I was eating eggs while watching this
Zoe M
Zoe M Month ago
I'm pretty sure the reason I break into a random British accent every 2 seconds is from watching ur videos o.o
hElLoO :3
hElLoO :3 Month ago
2:20 my brother has Nightmares like everyday never he has had a good dream I searched in Google and went on websites , nothing bad will happen it actualy shows that u may be successful or whatever u see in a nightmare will be the opposite but the reason that u r stressed and not in the best like comfort and ur brain muddles up all ur thoughts in the day making it into something u can't really imagine
Lorena Medina
Lorena Medina Month ago
Who else remembers her pink black and blue hair
jenora Month ago
the music 🥺
Superr Jimmy
Superr Jimmy Month ago
blonde kennedy looks so much like claudia
Jana Stepanović
Jana Stepanović
claudia needs meet with ethan and go on a date with him!!!
she really reminds me of katy perry lol
eagle Month ago
13-01 feet beutifull
Leslie Montaño
Leslie Montaño Month ago
Would you get another cat or dog ?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe Singer
Chloe Singer Month ago
Why is no one talking about her lashes LIKE WOW
kleb kleb pierre
you do target loud speaker ? so you walk in target after using it without a person. goes right to her account. mothers dont speak on loud speakers.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
I LOOK PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aareen _
aareen _ Month ago
im late but, im still in love with her yt-self even my phone got out of oder for past few months due to pandemic, that's kinda stupid but its true yea.
Cecilia xoxo
Cecilia xoxo Month ago
I don’t think Claudia tries to be funny but she frickin cracks me up in all of Kennedy’s videos
Jane Moon
Jane Moon Month ago
god dam it i am so in love with kennedy.
daniel joesph livelife
Kennedy's you are a inspiration
Lauren Sousa
Lauren Sousa Month ago
10:37 okay but tell me thats not how squidward danced during his acid trip
Lauren Sousa
Lauren Sousa Month ago
kennedy- "wow they have a rooftop pool" .... starts manically dancing to alien music
allegra m
allegra m Month ago
kennedy dancing was a workout in itself.
daniel lopez
daniel lopez Month ago
Hi Kennedy I'd like your makeup but for me with or without makeup you look beautiful i wanna became your boyfriend for that
allegra m
allegra m Month ago
no one: *kennedy showering herself in fendi setting spray with classical music playing in the background*
I don't even clean myself if I had to wash dishes. She puts on a whole goddamn makeup.
Gia Caprii
Gia Caprii Month ago
Ok but what mascara is that ? Her lashes look great
Natasha Estrangel
Did anyone notice that you can see her nipples through robe ? Or is it just me 😳
Fabian Hidalgo Torres
I just wanted to say you that you in my opinion are the most valuable person in your family
Adella Mills
Adella Mills Month ago
So u just have all hot ass siblings?
Someone Month ago
What’s the song at 8:45 I honestly like it.
she looks so different without makeup!
Bella De la Cruz
Who else has been in love with her recent content? She is honestly such an inspiration❤️ (made me start my channel✨)
moiz khan
moiz khan Month ago
Hey kennedy !! Well can you tell how you are related to kennedy family ? I love JFK speeches, a very inspirational leader !!
Mishroom Month ago
You look a lot like actress Lily James! ✨
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