A Bike But The Wheels Are Roombas

William Osman
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Feb 28, 2020




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Comments 100
FROST Hour ago
If only he made the wheels square
disappointingly obvious
i hate how i said "the good news"
Dank Scoot
Dank Scoot Day ago
10:00 they Are not even your hands lad
Demogorgon Reap
I would have suggested making a water proof roomba that you can put in a fountain and collect all the coins for you.
100hockey Awe
make a roomba that cuts your hair
That Wide Unit777
Seeing captain sauce and I did a things comment makes me happy
SmileGamez 2 days ago
the intro...i cant 😆
Starleen Cooley
Starleen Cooley 3 days ago
A rumba that cleans pools top and bottom of the pool
Jusnoor Dhillon
Jusnoor Dhillon 3 days ago
Now can this be a swytch bike?
Trainboy1EJR 3 days ago
You know how there were those disc launchers that shot out little foam circles, do that but with Roombas! XD
IT ME 4 days ago
Why don’t you instead of crappy science do at least on video where you want something to work
Jonathan Sebastian
9:48 Who's hand is that?
joe daly
joe daly 5 days ago
big up to Big Money Salvia
SWAZZ TKKRZ 5 days ago
U should change the steering wheel on ur car to a roomba
Ketchup 5 days ago
Have you tried unplugging the roombas and plugging them back in
SippyMTB 5 days ago
Fix it with a sledge hammer
Just Jack
Just Jack 6 days ago
Michael reeves looks different
Bot No
Bot No 6 days ago
Put them in rice
opwindpixel 6 days ago
40 drone stacked on top of each other
Bradley Hornung
Bradley Hornung 7 days ago
Ah you see? That's your problem. To clean things you're supposed to use heat. You use enough heat until everything absolutely just melts and becomes nonexistent.
Just Another Viewer
By the way to fix it you need to put more water on it, clean it more so the water shoots the other water out
parz1 7 days ago
no william i wont like raycon... Im a massive dirty audiophile
Cameron Lorenz
Cameron Lorenz 7 days ago
roombus, rombus.
Insane Brain
Insane Brain 8 days ago
Yo, I was having a hard time following the pie chart... can you make it a graph for me?
Zombiecraft 201
Zombiecraft 201 8 days ago
i just got a oxiclean add about getting out a bloodstain lol
Shane Anderies
Shane Anderies 8 days ago
DOES JACK SPEDICY PIE FOLLOW William on Twitter?!?!?
Diego G.
Diego G. 9 days ago
Boden Sayer
Boden Sayer 9 days ago
Did you make sure you got out the 5 pounds of Nutella
Twice 9 days ago
Don’t get them wet
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 7 days ago
I think he was making a joke there
bradley morgan
bradley morgan 9 days ago
I love giving bike shops weird stories to tell! granted i've never done anything that unusual, but my local shop has learned a lot about high powered ebikes from me XD
Turbo Last Name
Turbo Last Name 9 days ago
Wow those are some really nice blue tooth earbuds.
The Soviet Dog
The Soviet Dog 10 days ago
Why is captainsauce not verified?
iced mocha
iced mocha 10 days ago
i did NOT expect alex to show up in this video at all omg
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 11 days ago
'It's going to break anyways, why would I try?' That's it. Right there. My new life motto.
Chez King088
Chez King088 11 days ago
Will too fix them put they in vat of sulfuric/hydrochloric acid
Liam & Tory
Liam & Tory 11 days ago
Hmmmm, I wonder why ever store William goes into, it is playing the same song.......hmmmm
Connor Mullin
Connor Mullin 11 days ago
5:21 he he bike go brrrrrrr
Matthew Fausz
Matthew Fausz 12 days ago
“Your ideas are bad” “My idea is bad”
ItzBillyBop 12 days ago
Maybe add some training wheels
Aayushmaan SHARMA
Aayushmaan SHARMA 12 days ago
I did a thing replied!
Jihyun Sun
Jihyun Sun 13 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that he stole a kid’s bike?
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 7 days ago
Probably paid the kid for the bike or the scene lmfao
Leo Nedrejord
Leo Nedrejord 13 days ago
have you tried turning them off and on again?
gamingwithEvan 13 days ago
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 7 days ago
I feel like you either missed the joke or you can't make a good addition to a joke
ryanthebomb 6000
ryanthebomb 6000 13 days ago
Buy new one,s
London_Quinn _
London_Quinn _ 14 days ago
Set it on fire. That's a fix.
Coraline TheGunslinger
I love how Williams disposition is like a youth pastor that hangs out with just fucking trash people lol
Tanapat Sukpitak
Tanapat Sukpitak 14 days ago
i hate raycons
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 7 days ago
Doyoumine 14 days ago
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Samurai of Black Ink
i think he meants a thrown made out of rommbas
Random Stuff Dan
Random Stuff Dan 15 days ago
“What is the difference between a pile of dead babies and a pile of roombas?” William has one of them and I have the other.
Shashank Draws
Shashank Draws 15 days ago
dude, you just made a perfectly fine bicycle and turned it into some scrap metal..... I appreciate it
Jace Keller
Jace Keller 15 days ago
Since when does he know alex
Leancrafter 16 days ago
1:44 Dead Rising 2 crafting cutscene
sHimon Wayne
sHimon Wayne 16 days ago
“I’m not trying to make a better bike...” 🤣🤣🤣
3verstorm1572 17 days ago
yo if you give me this bike, i will bunnyhop it and see about the roombabike drop test
Joel FREAM 17 days ago
9:18 When you stand up too quick and that low blood pressure kicks in
Sarah Willacker
Sarah Willacker 17 days ago
Whyyyyy didn't he just reuse the sprocket from the original bike wheel
EZILLA 2.0 17 days ago
I hear a .50 bmg round followed by a .50 cal. machine gun does to trick.
Dez with a Z
Dez with a Z 17 days ago
Soak them in rice? That's what I did when I dropped my phone in the toilet...
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 18 days ago
5:17 No, William is the idiot because he just admitted to stealing a bike that is clearly chained to the tree someone call Dr.Phil
Squinty Boi
Squinty Boi 20 days ago
Roomba pong with 10 second lag paddles. Pool Roomba/ Roomba that floats on the to of a pool to collect the garbage on top and empties water back into the pool by using mesh dust bin. The sweepers can be paddles.
Lucky_9arlic 21 day ago
'lets take it off a jump' XD
Ben Masta
Ben Masta 21 day ago
the best way to fix your roomba is to not use it to pick up 5 gallons of pudding.
Ben Masta
Ben Masta 6 days ago
@Thomas farquhar it really was lol i still cant believe some of them actually had dust containers full of pudding
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 7 days ago
But that's funny as shit
The Darkknight
The Darkknight 21 day ago
i think they dont work becuase their circuits are still too dirty... like that nutella... very sticky stuff
RevolvingPenguin 21 day ago
did he actually steal that bike
Bryan 18 days ago
The 808
The 808 21 day ago
unus annus anyone 0:00
Cezar Pinteala
Cezar Pinteala 22 days ago
I got two ads one after the other. The first one was a roomba ad and the second one was a tour de france one
Chris L
Chris L 22 days ago
You should make a Roomba but the Roombas are Roombas. It would be so crazy!!
MatthewPlays_YT 23 days ago
SmileGamez 23 days ago
"It hurts" Welcome to the problem with male bikes
Random 23 days ago
How to fix: Get a New one.
bacon boy
bacon boy 24 days ago
The truth is is that William stole the bike off a 5yo girl and beat them to death
Linux Epic
Linux Epic 24 days ago
I thought it would be that the roombas are flat as usual and just glide
yub bois
yub bois 24 days ago
Putting rubbing alcohol on water-damaged electronics sometimes fixes it even fix my water damage bike light
Blue fin gaming
Blue fin gaming 24 days ago
When Life give you roombas you make a...... Bike but the wheels is roomba:v
pedro 24 days ago
This man literally stole a bike some little girl forgot on the park.
Colorfulbacons YT
Colorfulbacons YT 25 days ago
i would like that bad news first please
retroruin 25 days ago
seeing all the replies to your tweet at 1:20 really shows how well known you are in the RUvid community
Corbin's world
Corbin's world 25 days ago
How to fix rooba put it in rice
Nic evans
Nic evans 26 days ago
"how you gonna keep traction?" Bro...it's made of roombas.
Kang 26 days ago
Why have I not seen this until now??
TheLegoDragonSlayer Build
I love how he just stole some little girls bike. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Iwo iwaszkiewicz
Iwo iwaszkiewicz 27 days ago
they are hydro locked
AngeLz179 27 days ago
did you try putting them in rice?
Austin Warren
Austin Warren 28 days ago
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 28 days ago
man you just stoll that kids bike
ImfamousWarrior 29 days ago
Why didn’t you take it to a skatepark >_
Suspicious Boi
Suspicious Boi Month ago
A bike but a recycled ideas for views
Robert Santillo
Robert Santillo Month ago
to fix them, all u gotta do is throw potato chips at them, but scream "i hate grumpy taco in latin" exactly like Eminem, ig
Z _ero Gaming
Z _ero Gaming Month ago
We need medieval roomba
Dopamine Driven
Dopamine Driven Month ago
Someone hacked my CC info to buy raycon headphones. Fml
Drd Stealthy
Drd Stealthy Month ago
Hey that’s my bike
Sharp Jackson
Sharp Jackson Month ago
9:17 and out of no where, I threw up...
Damian Peterson
Damian Peterson Month ago
William's greatest and most underrated feat, becoming black for a few seconds
smooth jazz
smooth jazz Month ago
ded baby jokes are good becuse they never got old............
Drew Playz
Drew Playz Month ago
Make a claymore roomba
Radiated Leader
Radiated Leader Month ago
"I don't have a pile of dead babies" Sure you don't...
StonyDrake BL
StonyDrake BL Month ago
Did you try putting them in rice
Dj Darian
Dj Darian Month ago
Is offline tv Asian hypehouse? I don’t understand what it is exactly
crow _
crow _ Month ago
Ok.... I constantly died laughing at dead baby jokes
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