A$AP Ferg - Dennis Rodman (Official Video) ft. Tyga

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A$AP Ferg - ‘Floor Seats II' out now!: smarturl.com/floorseats2
featuring "Dennis Rodman" ft. Tyga and more!
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Director: Frank Borin x Ivanna Borin
Producer: Veronica Radaelli
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Exec Producer: Frank Borin x Ivanna Borin
DP: Maz Makhani
VFX: Frender VFX
Prosthetics FX Makeup: Malina Stearns & Sasha Glasser
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell @ Company3 NYC
Editor: Ivanna Borin & Frank Borin
Video Commissioner: Hope Wilson
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#ASAPFerg #Tyga #DennisRodman #HipHop #OfficialVideo


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Sep 25, 2020




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Comments 100
EnNergyTrix 2 days ago
Ferg turning into a bull
EnNergyTrix 2 days ago
Dennis Rodman the OG of being weirdly cool as fuck!
FullyJoker 3 days ago
FullyJoker 3 days ago
The bass is FIREEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jasper Tayco
Jasper Tayco 3 days ago
i thought you're iferg lol
Arianna Costantini
🔥 Lyrics 🔥 Yeah, please Woo, woo, woo Ayy, the party is poppin' (ayy) How she whip it, she mop it (yeah) How she lick it, she top it (yeah) The bitches, they swappin' It's sloppy, it's slimy (slimy) It's ratchet, it's grimey (ooh) I'm sinnin', I'm winnin' (winnin') I'm Dennis Rodman (Rodman) Hit a bitch with a mean lil' fadeaway (fadeaway) Ayy, bitch, you not my type, tell her "stay away" (stay away) The party is poppin' (poppin') She whip it, she mop it (mop it) She lick it, she top it The bitches, they swappin' (swappin') Don't try me, it's by me (by me) Feel me, it's on me (on me, yeah) Super sonic (pew) Don't play games like Sony (Sony) Pocket (pew) rocket (pew) Pop it (pop it), lock it (lock it) Legs, fuck it (fuck it) Simon Says don't stop it (stop it) Bennihana's, cookin' bodies on a Saturday (woo, cook it) Heard you got a new chain, it's on layaway (yeah, layaway?) You rappers, all you do is copy (copy) And these bitches click my story 'cause they wanna watch me (watch me) Ayy, she gon' send a text when it's gettin' late (woo, gettin' late) Ayy, meet my security at the gate (at the gate) Bitch, you lookin' at a star like we in a Wraith (in a Wraith) Beat it like Billie Jean, moonwalk away Ayy, the party is poppin' (ayy) She whip it, she mop it (mop it) She lick it, she top it (top it) The bitches, they swappin' It's sloppy, it's slimy (slimy) It's ratchet, it's grimey (ooh) I'm sinnin', I'm winnin' (winnin') I'm Dennis Rodman (Rodman) Hit a bitch with a mean lil' fadeaway (fadeaway) Ayy, bitch, you not my type, tell her "stay away" (stay away) The party is poppin' (poppin') She whip it, she mop it (mop it) (ayy, ayy) She lick it, she top it (ayy, ayy) The bitches, they swappin' (swappin') She mean, a queen, that's makin' bands Her ass a fiend, potato yams Put money on his hand, I call it head band You die here, Dennis Rodman It feel like we won the Final's, we got five rings (yeah) We livin' in series, I'm thirty-for-thirty, I shake 'em like Kyrie You niggas stuck on that bullshit, I ain't talkin' 'bout Dennis We the ballers in the game (uh), feel like we runnin' a scrimmage I'm the best, put a nigga in the Guinness My bitches bad, Trinidad, red stripe in the Guinness We paint our nails, hit Mimi for the manicure Only thing we were duckin' is them Lambi' doors The party is Hold the fuck up, Tyga, run that shit He with the Tiger King when I'm the king when it comes to this Rodman thing All of my songs hit Bada-bing, in a pandemic, but I do not feel a thing Last week, bought four of them chains Glowin' up until I'm tourin' the game Restorin' the game, rappers is wildin' Baptized 'em, now I drown 'em Trap album, now they silent Made a mil' talkin' 'bout violence While on a island Beautiful view from a palace Talkin' 'bout shoes with my stylist You is a coward Not really valid Mixin' the hustle with talent Got your bitch browsin' Her comment a thousand Instagram emoji smilin' The party is poppin' (ayy) She whip it, she mop it She lick it, she top it The bitches, they swappin' It's sloppy, it's slimy (slimy) It's ratchet, it's grimey (ooh) I'm sinnin', I'm winnin' (winnin') I'm Dennis Rodman (Rodman) Hit a bitch with a mean lil' fadeaway (fadeaway) Ayy, bitch, you not my type, tell her "stay away" (stay away) The party is poppin' (poppin') She whip it, she mop it (mop it) She lick it, she top it (top it) The bitches, they swappin' (swappin')
Abdo Worfly بن طريش
هل من عرب
Johnny Guzman
Johnny Guzman 5 days ago
Yooo this video was filmed at my highschool💀
E clan
E clan 7 days ago
Guy from nailed it 🥵
Meltem Kalay
Meltem Kalay 9 days ago
10/10 ❤️
ppp ppp
ppp ppp 9 days ago
0:34 pentagrama
John Logan
John Logan 10 days ago
Tyga is on another level.
uzonyi20 11 days ago
duckbot 11 days ago
This song is hella slept on
Bijoy Timung
Bijoy Timung 13 days ago
Ox are very powerful
Adum Ligess
Adum Ligess 15 days ago
Dennis Rodman one of my original idols how sick is this. Dope ass collab!!
Deon Delduca
Deon Delduca 15 days ago
Jimmy Smokestack
Jimmy Smokestack 16 days ago
Tyga: song is called Dennis Rodman MJ: thats all I needed
mourad kolai
mourad kolai 16 days ago
hanamishi 😮
John Mc
John Mc 17 days ago
Trippy beat
ІГОР Володимирович
Класна музика
wwk I am
wwk I am 23 days ago
Wow didn't know iFerg was black ???😳😱😳😱😳😱😳
Filhodo Poderoso
Filhodo Poderoso 24 days ago
The best
Johanna Jordan
Johanna Jordan 25 days ago
Totally not satanic
Johanna Jordan
Johanna Jordan 25 days ago
I can’t help myself when it cums to TYGA ....me can’t help me-self
truediabolique69 25 days ago
Tyga b ugly fr he make my eyes bleed
IAMTHE DEVIL 25 days ago
Tyga and Asap
Dark Blood
Dark Blood 27 days ago
malato mentale
malato mentale 27 days ago
Dennis Rodman#91
Dan Vinchy
Dan Vinchy 27 days ago
*Try to listen to this on fast flow, playback speed 1.25*
David Žižka
David Žižka 27 days ago
Beat: 9,5/10 Lyrics: 9,5/10 Flow: 9,5/10 Ferg levitating in the locker room while spinning ballls on his fingers: 1 000 000 000/10
Xavy Gutierrez
Xavy Gutierrez 27 days ago
The best of the best, Dennis Rodmam
Ava Wilkerson
Ava Wilkerson 27 days ago
why is ya'll disrespectful to tyga that is not cool be more mindful
DANNY D 27 days ago
Tyga 🔥
Nico Smith
Nico Smith 28 days ago
The DMX of the NBA
LUCIANO FRAZÃO 29 days ago
Tân Võ
Tân Võ Month ago
MJ took that personally while he was searching his name on RUvid and no song appeared
Elena Kaloyanova
Why this song doesn't have like 100 mil views !?
Antek Moskwa
Antek Moskwa Month ago
tyga i lwive y7ypuy
Rod Man
Rod Man Month ago
Remix 👇👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-LSqlM_MVgck.html
maryam noor
maryam noor Month ago
Federico Monti
Federico Monti Month ago
I don’t like this kind of music but Rodman turns to gold everything he touches. #realGOAT
Jake Lourenz Adan
Your plating codm hi
Joshua Dagnachew
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Month ago
₀⁰⅛⁰🚗₀🛺₀Ⅵ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ ₀
goofy nigga
goofy nigga Month ago
This song suck like with
Tin Month ago
I love that we’re still making music about the goats
Йоан Христов
why does this song has only 9 million views?? ITS LIT!!!
Abdias Santiago
Abdias Santiago Month ago
0:35 wtf Haramichi Sakuragi
Anton Lipatov
Anton Lipatov Month ago
kizaru - ballin👍👍👍👍
eXtreme second
eXtreme second Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-me_OhUJsoew.html 🏆
aallii Mhry
aallii Mhry Month ago
Cringe level ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
walid barhoumi
walid barhoumi Month ago
this is so amarican XDDDD
Qwerty XZN
Qwerty XZN Month ago
bruh imagine making a song called donald trump...
Eternal w Crusade
Tyga too boring. Ruin the song.
Ivan Nurzhinsky
Ivan Nurzhinsky Month ago
This song is so underrated
GD-Aqua Month ago
Andrea Civallero
🇮🇹 italia ?
abdalla gamal
abdalla gamal Month ago
Leonardo Plazas Barrera
Beeffffff tekachi
nadine Mosawy
nadine Mosawy Month ago
Hopsin flow
tolqa ksk
tolqa ksk Month ago
Alexandru Căldăraru
Yeee 😎👏🖖🖖🖖 România!!!
sempiterno Mangata
When the illuminati hits
Alissa nordal
Alissa nordal Month ago
Wen I wanna see my bebe Galz shaking it or being the one 😂
Scum Bagg
Scum Bagg Month ago
Mj probably took it personally that the song wasn’t named after him.
Unpicaicea Sst
Unpicaicea Sst Month ago
rodman - legend
J Nicole
J Nicole Month ago
mugal abdo
mugal abdo Month ago
tmorrow he gonna die im serious :( 😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱
Zlajo Saiyajin
Zlajo Saiyajin Month ago
mugal abdo
mugal abdo Month ago
@FLux idk but some channel saying tyga gonna die
FLux Month ago
Tatiyanna Pinckney
This video is so good, I just wish the song was too :/
Fuck Iluminat
Fuck Iluminat Month ago
melhor 👍👍👍
Master Chief
Master Chief Month ago
I dont like this song but I will decide to like just because dennis is in it
Sandra sandra
Sandra sandra Month ago
make me rich
Red Duck
Red Duck Month ago
Here before tiktok
420 Month ago
Ferg killed it
jagi Bodi
jagi Bodi 2 months ago
ur dead 2021.3.12😏
Takoyaki 2 months ago
that was a literal bullshit LMAO
נתי ג׳ו
נתי ג׳ו 2 months ago
Adar Kun
Adar Kun 2 months ago
Anyone from iferg?
Francisco Noyola
Francisco Noyola 2 months ago
69 flow rh
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 2 months ago
Som brabo 😎
matheus sadiklari
Sim mano
Frintmusics 2 months ago
Ferg should hold his money for badder features because Tyga totally carried him with his perfect verse
Leon Benth
Leon Benth 2 months ago
Hey guys please check out my first 2 songs❤️❤️ it’s a lot of work in there I really appreciate it ❤️
AsAP lc
AsAP lc 2 months ago
NICOLE 2 months ago
JEDIKUSH 2 months ago
So who did it first, bad bunny or ASAP Ferg
METHOD MAN 2 months ago
Omg the Part Part where tyga gets muted from Asap Ferg he turns into devil killed it . I bang my head my so hard im now paraplegic😖
Kevin Britto
Kevin Britto 2 months ago
I miss the ahhh sound of Tyga.. which he uses in his old songs
jkingVEVO Month ago
He still does that occasionally. Last song he did his signature sound was on Ty Dolla Sign’s “Spicy” remix this year.
Monar Carriel Melissa Naomi ‘2B’
Johnathon Alger
Johnathon Alger 2 months ago
Asapferg: I need someone to intro for me , hold up 📞 Tyga: yo man was up
Anarky 2 months ago
i feel sorry for Dennis Rodman really
Anarky Month ago
@AlwaysMikeyy it's a shitty song..
AlwaysMikeyy Month ago
Newstile 2 months ago
eh amigo re cajetilla chavon 🔥🔥
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 2 months ago
SUPER Dope that they actually got Dennis Rodman to be apart of the video. And I like the end where Tyga replicates the pose from the legendary Bulls security guard lol
Reed Griffin
Reed Griffin 2 months ago
Wilt Chamberlain may be the greatest, but Dennis is my favorite.
Jaysavv777 2 months ago
Krook19 2 months ago
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 2 months ago
RODMAN!!!!! Oh my gosh yesssssssss!!!! This shit gonna be good. Amazing year already!!!!
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