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Get to know singer Yungblud in this episode of "You Should Know," as he recalls being starstruck by Dave Grohl, what inspired his Halsey collaboration "11 Minutes" and much more.
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Jun 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Kian Dries
Kian Dries Day ago
Is his face covered in bruises or am I seeing shit?
Little Sinner
Little Sinner 2 days ago
Double the U Double the Flavor -YUNGBLUD
Swatychopsuey 2 days ago
He for sure had lips injection or something.
Darylle Adriana
Darylle Adriana 2 days ago
his iconic smile tho 🥺❤️❤️❤️
Sara Somolinos Garcia
He speaks like Louis Tomlinson, love this!!!!
Arshita Ishaan
Arshita Ishaan 3 days ago
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs 4 days ago
He should colab with pink
i want to meet yungblud i love his Music
Ellie Loughran
Ellie Loughran 4 days ago
I love yungblud you really relates to me😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Susie Keck
Susie Keck 11 days ago
how many likes there are is how many times he's going to ware is socks.
dreamfigter 12 days ago
Leo Valez ? #TEAMLEO
olye ozle
olye ozle 13 days ago
ok, omg i love his voice and music (and him himself but not as in i have a crush on him)
kylee da cat REEE
kylee da cat REEE 15 days ago
"typicl leo trying to make people laph" me: yes (i say yes alot and i just nodest that) also me: **jumps off plane with no parachot**
Sattar Zhanat
Sattar Zhanat 16 days ago
Homosexuakity propoganda
Louise Kirk
Louise Kirk 16 days ago
he is proper donny 😂
Dhruv Bansiwal
Dhruv Bansiwal 16 days ago
he's from Louis Tomlinson town 😄
some guy
some guy 17 days ago
Jesus christ! Wispering must be a nightmare fof him, he's so fucking loud (and cringy).
Seerrat Omar
Seerrat Omar 19 days ago
Can't relate to him at all .. But he's adorable 😍
ashley hornibrook
wow😯that's just crazy🥰😇😌🤩😎🙂🙃.
amada medina
amada medina 21 day ago
I love you
XP!KA_BLUEX 22 days ago
*he's too cute** TwT
Abigail Runyon
Abigail Runyon 27 days ago
I guarantee you he is wearing his pink socks
Little Monster11
Little Monster11 27 days ago
Can someone plz tell me if he's genderfluid cuz he's always talking about genderfluid and wearing dresses on stage and stuff
Ellie Pogach
Ellie Pogach 27 days ago
Yungblud is so cute i love him!!!!!
Angie MontoyaCuri
Angie MontoyaCuri 28 days ago
i dont know why but i get adorable puppy vibes from him. he's always full of energy and he looks so adorable when he smiles lmao like a little puppy and i admire him so much.
MiLeNa Month ago
do you ever just look at him and be like, basically, yungblud is just a MOUTH
Marie Antione
Marie Antione Month ago
He got nice full lips
Cecilia Nsonwu
Cecilia Nsonwu Month ago
Hayden Freeman
Hayden Freeman Month ago
Him and Louie Tomlinson are the loml I’m noticing a pattern
Mya Folkes
Mya Folkes Month ago
His smile is bigger and brighter than my future
Pazifix Month ago
Is this guy on cocaine?
Emily Rice
Emily Rice Month ago
Nah it’s just good ole adhd
aylin asli yasan
Im strangely attracted to this dude ajsjdj
Emily Rice
Emily Rice Month ago
Who wouldn’t be
You cannot tell me him and Harry Styles don’t look alike
sara m.
sara m. Month ago
cause they're white with brown hair?
Peter White
Peter White Month ago
I just remembered that everytime I watch a video of him I have to turn down the volume.
Jessica Keim
Jessica Keim Month ago
Why does he have to open his mouth so much to talk lol ya hes cute but it's a little much. Hope it isnt a fake personality thing I really do. Cuz that would suck
PunksNotDead Month ago
He’s like the Son from Sid Vicious, The Clash and Eminem because of a Threeer
Sha'nyah Wilson
Sha'nyah Wilson Month ago
I was wondering why I was so intrigued by him when I’ve never heard his music or anything but I think it’s because he’s a Leo with adhd and so am I idk I just think he’s neat
Nelviana Kenny
Nelviana Kenny Month ago
He doesn't need to do his makeup. He could just wake up with his last night's makeup, get dress and ready to go.
Lilian Dorado
Lilian Dorado Month ago
he literally looks insane but is actually very sweet and charming
Sofia Della Gaspera Calderon
Exigo una traducción al español >:v
I’m A Potato Suck On Dat
I legit told one of my friends lots of the many many reason why I love Dom’s music, showed her California (song) and practically wrote half of my heart out all in a text and she was like: BuT hE cOuLd Do DrUgS-
Cecilia Gunnarsson
Yungblud: Doncaster Me: oii oii😏
AngelKisses Month ago
All I can think is my Sons is a Leo and has ADHD and is this my Son in 10 years lol Doms gorgeous and funny hes just got a charisma about him x
Crucial Month ago
Big up Doncaster
Inola Young
Inola Young Month ago
Jourdain Kali
Jourdain Kali Month ago
The story of 11 Minutes reminds me of the two lovers from Avatar
Sarah o' riordan
Sarah o' riordan 2 months ago
I love this man❤❤❤❤❤❤
Michael Riley
Michael Riley 2 months ago
My wallpaper is literally his face
avedic 2 months ago
I don't even have this much energy when I do coke.... I'm jealous.
Charles-ingvar jönsson
I love your music.
Saranna Vasquez
Saranna Vasquez 2 months ago
Ever since the fist day of quarantine I've been binge watching things that have to do with yungblud or machine gun kelly or emo music that's all that's happened the emo in me came out due to quarantine
More Than Bella
More Than Bella 2 months ago
Harry Style and Lil Peep son
Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth
This is so cute🥺🥺
Skkkrrrt Skkkrrrt
Skkkrrrt Skkkrrrt 2 months ago
That smile after he said his name was effing adorable I-
I've got a rough idea - DIY channel
I say I'm from near Manchester.... Just because nobody knows where Blackburn is lol
Skylynn Ann
Skylynn Ann 2 months ago
i love 11 mins
rozsahegyi dorka
rozsahegyi dorka 2 months ago
I like his smile
Tae hyung Kim
Tae hyung Kim 2 months ago
I swear if we were friends , you just see us 2 being crazy and silly , like dancing while walking down the street , silly pictures On Insta just living life . Even as a lover he's adorable I love him his crazy personality , his energy , everything
McFunzy Boy
McFunzy Boy 2 months ago
You would be a perfect actor for the Joker in batman 100%
sa2 2 months ago
the fact that ill have to marry someone thats not him makes me so sad
Siman akaJulian
Siman akaJulian 2 months ago
Very nice all the best
Eric Dong
Eric Dong 2 months ago
2:05 Question: When did you start making music? Yungblud: I remember one of the first instance, I was like 11 years old... _Starts making hand jerking movements_
L ew
L ew 2 months ago
This guy is nasty
sara m.
sara m. Month ago
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
no hes not lmao what made u think that
Callum Hale
Callum Hale 2 months ago
When I look at Yungblud I see my 3 year old son (middle of 3), he is without a doubt ADHD to the brim and as a parent so difficult to deal with because he needs so much from us, and it can be overwhelming, I feel as though he's going to find it difficult to fit in with the social structure but after seeing Yungblud I've got so much hope for him, I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for helping me see something past what's right in my face, it's going to benefit my young lad. :)
________ 2 months ago
This guy just living his best life-
Liv Herman
Liv Herman 3 months ago
The fact he changed his name to be less polite 😂😂😂
Sleeves 3 months ago
lowkey in love
Watching Belly
Watching Belly 3 months ago
this dude’s trash
PunksNotDead Month ago
You are not Ready for him Yet but your kids gonna love him
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
just not tho is he
Kuh Fladen
Kuh Fladen 3 months ago
Ur Mouth is the half of ur face.
squants2002 3 months ago
I love singing and being crazy!!
I feel him with the mum bit!! My mum's gr8 but she neva cried ova my singing or was like thats amazing!! And it sucks man!!!!😁
Mystic_ Plastic-yt
Mystic_ Plastic-yt 3 months ago
I live in Doncaster and I've never heard anyone like him
His existence I'd everything I need right now
cath salazar
cath salazar 3 months ago
Such a cool dude lovin him in 2020!🔥😻❤️👍☮️
Caitlyn Mosher
Caitlyn Mosher 3 months ago
What's ur sexuality? I'm bi
Elena Stefan
Elena Stefan 3 months ago
Yungblud's so nice, I'm crying-
Nathi ._.
Nathi ._. 3 months ago
Genade 3 months ago
“Typical Leo , trying to make people laugh” lol
Insert Loner
Insert Loner 3 months ago
God, people getting obsessed with him like 15 year old girls obsessed with Harry Styles
Un Humano. BHC's Auntie
Reading the comments I realized I'm not the only one who instantly liked him. I mean, I started listening to his music and watching interviews *four* days ago, and I immediately felt so good about him, and I honestly don't know why. I mean, this is weird but I love it. ♥
Average Joe
Average Joe 3 months ago
Why are there so many topics of one man??? Or videos... i never heard of him till the other day and helluva of videos. Why should i know you???
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
becuase he's the best-
Ahmed Abed
Ahmed Abed 3 months ago
Kourtni Kopernik
Kourtni Kopernik 3 months ago
Wtf is the hype with this guy he's so gross looking and he looks like he smells like rotten meat and BO
Un Humano. BHC's Auntie
Mate if u don't like him just dislike the video if u want and leave without insulting, thanks.
dontletitbreakyourlarryheart 28
his accent... I LOVE HIM
Summer Nulty
Summer Nulty 3 months ago
I know we're Doncaster but idk how to spell it cos i live an hour away from Manchester cos i live like 15 20 minutes away from liverpool
pamela john
pamela john 3 months ago
It seems like he's one step away from shouting
CDawg 3 months ago
literally a walking clown
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
just not tho
Sam Jenson
Sam Jenson 3 months ago
he’s so sexy
Lily Milkshake
Lily Milkshake 3 months ago
His smile is so genuine and cute 😂💖☺️
Cassidy Morrow
Cassidy Morrow 3 months ago
Dom: >p Me: YES >:O
Ruby 3 months ago
Nobody: Me in Quarantine: maybe you should give into that deep temptation
Katja xxx
Katja xxx 3 months ago
awww, my eyes .... yuck
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
if you don't like it, leave
Annie Lawrimore
Annie Lawrimore 3 months ago
Kimteimizz Harley Quinn
joker is here😘😘
Lapin Desilescoco
Lapin Desilescoco 4 months ago
I'm gayyy❤🏳️‍🌈😁
juliay smth
juliay smth 4 months ago
s cute that he thinks i don’t know doncaster.. b*tch i stan one direction, i know exactly where that is. lmao
Anna k
Anna k 4 months ago
he's weird but i love him so much for some reason
Fer 4 months ago
He is so beautiful and so pure and so chaotic I looove him
Jambo 4 months ago
Jambo 2 months ago
Walking talking pen
Jambo 2 months ago
@rubi i and why'd you call me gay as well?? It was just pride month it's 2020
Jambo 2 months ago
@rubi i how would you know anything about a man you've never met or knew?? Tosspot
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
@Jambo he just didn't tho, we all know he wouldn't do they, tosser
Jambo 2 months ago
@rubi i he caught me in the toilet and tried to drown me in the toilet whilst calling me gay repeatedly. He also claimed to have sexual relations with my mum. Very traumatising
Karina Carmin
Karina Carmin 4 months ago
His face even without foundation is so attractive!
rubi i
rubi i 2 months ago
he doesn't wear foundation
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