9 Things About Yungblud You Should Know! | Billboard

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Get to know singer Yungblud in this episode of "You Should Know," as he recalls being starstruck by Dave Grohl, what inspired his Halsey collaboration "11 Minutes" and much more.
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Jun 3, 2019




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Comments 2 827
breekastel 7 hours ago
He literally has crackhead energy but in a good way
Fathimath Qafoor
Fathimath Qafoor 9 hours ago
You look like Penny wise
Nieve Glasper
I love the song parents
King Rodney
King Rodney 2 days ago
Lol fellow Leo ♌️
Kendra Coleman
Kendra Coleman 4 days ago
I'm leo too bro 👊
ComZet 4 days ago
what an odd human, and not in a bad way
Hjör tur
Hjör tur 5 days ago
He looks like an American. It is a shock to me that he is British
shit head
shit head 5 days ago
his smile🥺
Jada Farrell
Jada Farrell 6 days ago
He literally looks like jade goody
Elise Criqui
Elise Criqui 7 days ago
Louis, Tan and Dom with that Donny accent OMG
Hayley collins
Hayley collins 7 days ago
Yungblud is such a vibe 🖤
C2 english student
What an accant
Sarah Tanksley
Sarah Tanksley 8 days ago
dear god he's an angel
Liv Herman
Liv Herman 8 days ago
Lol in the thumbnail why does his smile look like penny wise the clown? 😂😂😂😂
Liv Herman
Liv Herman 8 days ago
The first one is so relatable No one knows where Bolton is so we just say Manchester 😂😂😂
The Holly
The Holly 9 days ago
Is his face bruised up or is it make up? First time seeing him just now lol. I like.😊
JNB Cécile
JNB Cécile 9 days ago
it's makeup ^^
Loser Club
Loser Club 9 days ago
Bro idk why but his smile makes me happy just seeing him smile
beertention 9 days ago
1:17 omg that thing with the eyes i swear he's too cute
conspiracy theory lover101
when are you coming home to donny lol xx
4 o'clock
4 o'clock 10 days ago
He's what you call a true artist
sarah capps
sarah capps 11 days ago
Man I love him
Harry Tidswell
Harry Tidswell 11 days ago
Where abouts in donny
Aubree Joellen
Aubree Joellen 13 days ago
No one: Him: I SHiT mY seLf
A_music 13 days ago
my history teacher used to teach him 🖤
Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz 14 days ago
I'm sad that he and Halsey aren't together anymore
Lucie Novotná
Lucie Novotná 14 days ago
0:02 awwwh his smilee
Keira Maxwell
Keira Maxwell 15 days ago
Waiting for 11 minutes to become a movie that’s would be 🤯
Adventures Of Inde The Service Pupper
When he said most Americans dont know Doncaster, I was like... "Well, you haven't been to North Carolina. 99% of the girls here grew up on One Direction. Louis was from Doncaster."
bellamy c
bellamy c 17 days ago
His smile makes me want to smile heh
Trini Sánchez
Trini Sánchez 17 days ago
Jac da nugg
Jac da nugg 17 days ago
Manchester gang
O C E A N- B R E E Z E
his personality, his expressions his 'his'. he is the child of Joker and Harley I S. W. E. A. R. 🤘😂🤘
Flex Tape
Flex Tape 22 days ago
There's alot to say about someone of they can make thousands of people smile without even meaning to. Dom is so bubbly and energetic, it's hard not to just feel happier watching him duude-
Nicholas Cheap
Nicholas Cheap 23 days ago
What a character
Jaelyn Lane
Jaelyn Lane 23 days ago
I would die for this man, I’ve literally listened to him for a week and I’m so deep down a hole. I’m in love.
Jen Equestrian
Jen Equestrian 25 days ago
he and Cara Delevigne have such a similar energy like them together would be like drinking a billion bottles of Red Bull lmao plus they look alike
The Ibis
The Ibis 25 days ago
His accent tho
silverhopeful1 26 days ago
When Harley Quin & the joker have a baby....
wOrLdWiDe HaNdSoMe
wOrLdWiDe HaNdSoMe 28 days ago
slytherin qween
slytherin qween 28 days ago
Hi I'm a huge fan love your personality and all your songs pls reply
Averie Lee
Averie Lee 29 days ago
He’d be a better joker than joker
bartek ramus
bartek ramus Month ago
When he has his hair slicked back he looks like the joker. Keep killing it
Cup of tae, some suga and kookies
Queen Legitimate
He's a cutie. He's grown on me. Sexy in a very unconventional way
Ps4 Gaming
Ps4 Gaming Month ago
I've known who yubgblud is but I just listened to his music
Little Animation
Yoooo I lived in Doncaster too but then my parents got divorced and me and my mum moved to Liverpool
alternatywka Month ago
Bread Creates
Bread Creates Month ago
Dom is the type if person EVERYONE is best friends with.
Maaike Meulstee
Maaike Meulstee Month ago
I don't get why my friends don't like him like don't you see he's perfect or??
gearzdesign Month ago
he looks like the child of Fairuza Balk and Robert Smith. Seems like a good guy decent person.
Shark_girll Month ago
He has the accent of Louis and the personality of Harry and Louis mixed sooooo
charles heath
charles heath Month ago
Sorta the new version of punk. He's got that punk thing about him
Sarah Feijo
Sarah Feijo Month ago
everybody from Doncaster is perfect
Kitty Maqaroni
Kitty Maqaroni Month ago
Why do people like him? He looks and sounds like he smells like cigarettes and stale chips. Like seriously
Sofia Fuentes
Sofia Fuentes Month ago
Leo club
Mikala Demarcus
Mikala Demarcus Month ago
Is he gay?
Nadia Spodar
Nadia Spodar Month ago
He has such a beautiful smile
Sarah Willis
Sarah Willis Month ago
lps DJ wolf
lps DJ wolf Month ago
I've been in love with him for a long time man
Lizzy is a human
i literally used to live 20mins away from Manchester omg 😂😂
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