9 Smart Beauty Hacks to Feel Fabulous: Girly DIY Ideas

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Believe it or not, putting on makeup has never been so easy! We’ll prove this with these easy and smart life hacks! Discover the best way to make your eyebrows symmetric and, in order to not ruin it in the shower, put on this DIY face protector! Discover how to make a long-lasting lipstick that will leave no stains and find an emergency hack for those unwanted pimples! Be sure to stay tuned for even more cool makeup tips and beauty hacks! Stay fabulous, folks!
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00:03 Makeup Protector in Shower
01:17 DIY Long-Lasting Lipstick
02:35 Symmetric Eyebrows
04:05 Get Rid of Pimples Fast
05:00 Sweet Nail Art
05:48 Easy EyeShadowing with a Soda Cap
07:20 Cool Nail Polish Art
08:50 Rainbow Eyeliner
10:05 Quick Eyebrow Fix
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Oct 4, 2019




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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 3 months ago
Hey, Fabulous Pandas! 🐼😍 No more hassles in your daily makeup routine! 🤔💋🤯 Hard to believe? I can show you some secret makeup tips! ✨✨✨ Let me know which of these beauty hacks are you planning to use first?! 😻🤩😍 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: ruvid.net/video/video-hgUIk-mncqM.html
Gültan Umar
Gültan Umar Month ago
Marcelo Thomaz
Marcelo Thomaz Month ago
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omar bensaid
omar bensaid 2 months ago
ui pandachene wawe. ahhh...... ( like)....
Francyelle Oliveira
Pra que a pessoa vai tomar banho maquiada 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
claire palaganas
claire palaganas 8 days ago
Gunjee Anar
Gunjee Anar 11 days ago
Look at she's face 00:53
Carine Gacha
Carine Gacha 11 days ago
Ok but who takes a shower with makeup?
Bożena Wanot
Bożena Wanot 12 days ago
Who normal using glue like lipstick?
Sara Sara
Sara Sara 13 days ago
Buthena Alaa
Buthena Alaa 13 days ago
Peutfol love
J_YUL 71
J_YUL 71 13 days ago
00:30 머리숙이고감으면안되는건가..??
sofia stathi
sofia stathi 14 days ago
shabana farhath
shabana farhath 15 days ago
Copy 5 minutes craft
Mohon Khan
Mohon Khan 15 days ago
Nice 😊
RIRIN ARIYANTI 15 days ago
Hai yang warna ping tu siapa namanya nama saya laurelia
RIRIN ARIYANTI 15 days ago
Hai yang warna ping tu siapa namanya nama saya laurelia
nuyu86 adelia
nuyu86 adelia 16 days ago
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M. VINSALA8 17 days ago
9.50 is camical with colour pencils
unicorn magic
unicorn magic 18 days ago
You are what you are on the inside not what you are on the outside love Kahlyn.
unicorn magic
unicorn magic 18 days ago
I messed up sooooooooooo sorry about that sorry for that sorry
Snezana Vranes
Snezana Vranes 18 days ago
Kit Ana Beatriz Nutella
Vocês são imitando o 123 gol
Яница Банкова
Mnogo ste grozni
Шейх Мансур
Fxyhecgii gdgc Bvgheyd
Karim Damak
Karim Damak 19 days ago
Selvakumar G
Selvakumar G 19 days ago
2.11 is not working don't use
k.a adeur
k.a adeur 19 days ago
Ang pangit nang naka kulot
Manel Adnane
Manel Adnane 20 days ago
Sharon Jimenez
Sharon Jimenez 21 day ago
Hola cómo
Sharon Jimenez
Sharon Jimenez 21 day ago
denise bordoli
denise bordoli 22 days ago
Perdon solo por preguntar quien se maquilla antes de bañarse😣😕😐
Hermine Mkhitaryan
Hermine Mkhitaryan 23 days ago
I Love Emily and Jacob 💜💜💜💜
Cristina Loor
Cristina Loor 24 days ago
pauls vlog sicat
pauls vlog sicat 25 days ago
This is dump hoos showering Whit make up emely dump
Andria Maiara
Andria Maiara 29 days ago
E muito chato
Orestas Jasiukaitis
Jus mokat lietuviškai?
somegairl julia
somegairl julia 29 days ago
Grisel Gomez
Grisel Gomez Month ago
Jaja le salió ese grano
Tereza Bočková
Velmi hezké video
Rebekah Nielle
Rebekah Nielle Month ago
(0:05) Or just do your makeup AFTER you shower
Samar Kotni
Samar Kotni Month ago
بس ليش بيتحممو و هنن واضعين مكياج اصلا
yarismar yagua
yarismar yagua Month ago
Kader Kızılet
Kader Kızılet Month ago
03:58 what she gril
Mirjana Sekulic
Mirjana Sekulic Month ago
Wendy Montes
Wendy Montes Month ago
Quien se baña con maquillaje??
Griselda Merida
Griselda Merida Month ago
I love
Mundo de Valentina Lopes
Pooooorque você não coloca a maquiagem depois do banho oxi
Rubel Ahmed
Rubel Ahmed Month ago
? hb8l
Mela Trzask
Mela Trzask Month ago
Kto ma takie szerokie paznokcie 😂
juliana Bravo
juliana Bravo Month ago
Luyện Đỗ thị
Hello panda 😊🤗
Bethany The Potato
These people have never heard of goggles before on the first "hack"
XxOceanGurlxX Love
Bethany The Potato
I mean at least they're cute??
Asas Asas
Asas Asas Month ago
لوجين عمر
بنات محؤ كغطك
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Month ago
Diana Langner
Diana Langner Month ago
Orsolya Orban
Orsolya Orban 2 months ago
Oh its okay
Manuela Melo
Manuela Melo 2 months ago
c num o planejamento estratégico para o 5stf Messenger
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 2 months ago
Um is there something I'm not getting do you were makeup in the shower
Jazmin Hernandez
Jazmin Hernandez 2 months ago
Josue Gois Leal
Josue Gois Leal 2 months ago
eu amo esse canal
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