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There are certain people you do not want to mess with - they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away.
Such people are usually admired - from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?



9 мар 2019




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Комментарии 9 209
MAD MIKE 24 минуты назад
Iron fist is number 2
bad boy
bad boy 24 минуты назад
7:48 that shot
I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup
That first guy, even inspiring codgers do to pushups in the park
Luca P
Luca P 56 минут назад
Haista kaka
C Martin
C Martin 56 минут назад
Met a dolphin collector on way to mums yesterday.
C Martin
C Martin 58 минут назад
High on a hill on a mountaintop. Tao of Pooh, Te of Piglet, the way the truth the light. Thx for sharing MBMIII. 🐥, nanoo nanoo.
C Martin
C Martin Час назад
D’JINN are beautiful serenities.
The Sun State
The Sun State Час назад
blow-up dolls don't hit back- but you can do other things with them
Quino Valencia
Quino Valencia Час назад
Danyela D’ Angelo is probably a gamer
Romeo Basillote
Romeo Basillote Час назад
Lol iguru look like his cutting tree in minecraft😂😂
WaVe MD 2 часа назад
1:18 Minecraft
Mathias Caspersen
Mathias Caspersen 2 часа назад
Cant take this seriously if Doug Marcaida aint on it ;)
Vedant Nagar
Vedant Nagar 2 часа назад
9 people you don't want to mess with #1 Zohan😂
Noobert 72
Noobert 72 3 часа назад
The Korean guy can do flips, wow I shall not mess with him then. I mean where the fk is Conor McGregor? The Diaz brothers? Any REAL fighters that have proof. The one that can shoot bows is cool too but can he do sht without the bow?
CelestialHand 3 часа назад
So, just a little anatomy lesson here: That was not his head. Here in the States we call that the shoulder.
pirata malayo
pirata malayo 3 часа назад
i expect some professional fighter and actual decorated soldier... totally dissapointed
Stoyan Mollov
Stoyan Mollov 3 часа назад
Giga Uguru is so epiiiic
Izagahni Gordon
Izagahni Gordon 3 часа назад
8:32 Boom headshot
Beau Stocks
Beau Stocks 4 часа назад
What about my boi chuck norris
Generic Girl
Generic Girl 4 часа назад
How tough is giga , kickin and punching the hell out of that dummy.
Yoongiverse_Otaku 666
Yoongiverse_Otaku 666 4 часа назад
Me training to try and find out who stole the last cookie
Steven Ben
Steven Ben 4 часа назад
You did real good on the video commentary
Bill Sye
Bill Sye 4 часа назад
Giga should go to mma see how tuff he really is
Mak1 5 часов назад
Tom Autry
Tom Autry 6 часов назад
i knew these two kids Smith and Wesson heck they would take all of them out with a banh
Shadab A. Qureshi
Shadab A. Qureshi 6 часов назад
Very Well researched and balanced video on “9-PEOPLE YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH”, normally such type of videos are filled with ONLY Americans, On a Side note, it was great to know the actual countries of The martial artist (Shi Yan Ming-China) and the archer (Lukas Novotny-Czechoslovakia), where they developed their skills.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 часов назад
commericails sux. they keep going unless you click on one unless you're a warrior and you can think skip, skip, skip commercial.....maybe it's on IOS ONLY
88sephiroth88 7 часов назад
nothing grateful being on roids… its like being an F1 in a go kart race
sparcerX 7 часов назад
exactly the nine people i want to mess with
binxnation banation
binxnation banation 7 часов назад
In the thumbnail i know the guy looking at the police men is supposed to be the guy your not supposed to mess with but for me the police men is the guy i wouldn't want to mess with
Diesel Monster
Diesel Monster 7 часов назад
Just speed the video up some more to make me look faster ..
SILENTSCOPE 8 часов назад
Otin nimo gamay
hadlerleco1 8 часов назад
ice man, or ice moron?
Alfred bellini Bellini
Alfred bellini Bellini 8 часов назад
Every one of them would destroyed in the UFC no doubt
Nayan 20786
Nayan 20786 8 часов назад
Thanks for the video bro,don't know why this was recommended,I will try to be more carefull.Even though I always stay in my room playing PC games, watching TV shows sleeping after 9 hours of job.And Dont plan to travel much.
Victor Aznar
Victor Aznar 8 часов назад
12k people know this video is 100% stupid
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 9 часов назад
UFC belt or STFU
SuperE 301
SuperE 301 9 часов назад
How about the Rock
Macartan Caughey
Macartan Caughey 9 часов назад
No matter how tough you are there is always a bullet out there with your name on it
Lukáš Vondráček
Lukáš Vondráček 9 часов назад
8:50 Czechoslovakia has not existed for more than 25 years
milkman man
milkman man 10 часов назад
Bruh munks already got that ass whooped by MMA XU XIANDONG
Pedro Picapiedra
Pedro Picapiedra 10 часов назад
Mike Tyson?
Pedro Picapiedra
Pedro Picapiedra 10 часов назад
Lol what joke is this
Ethan Wiltshire
Ethan Wiltshire 10 часов назад
Not to be sexist but from the footage of the marksmen girl she's just ok the shots were fired just a few feet away from the stationary targets. I know girls much younger than her that make her skills look pathetic at best. So I find it comical that you put her in this list
Big Jims Shed
Big Jims Shed 10 часов назад
What a lot of shit
Kendrick Robinson
Kendrick Robinson 11 часов назад
You don’t want to mess with any quiet person
Leslie Starck
Leslie Starck 11 часов назад
Did anyone see Indiana Jones and see his solution to tough guys? When this man can out dodge a bullet then I will be impressed...
Matt Marzula
Matt Marzula 11 часов назад
That thumbnail... funny. I used to choke slam guys that big into the sand. Show muscles aren't go muscles...
Anoniem Anoniem
Anoniem Anoniem 11 часов назад
Put them in a ufc cage and watch them cry...
Joshua Kehlert
Joshua Kehlert 12 часов назад
it doesn't mean if your strong you can fight
aaron porto
aaron porto 12 часов назад
I don't agree with many of these people you saying in here. No. 👎👎👎👎
momo 12 часов назад
1:17 when I'm mad and start punching the wall
Randall Fortney
Randall Fortney 12 часов назад
The real bad asses are the ones know one has heard of
Alberto Nation
Alberto Nation 13 часов назад
6:10 (there is no such thing as right or wrong questions) so its not wrong if I say I want to kill someone
Grace DeLeon
Grace DeLeon 13 часов назад
10:Hispanic mom
Shloyo Miller
Shloyo Miller 13 часов назад
Sheldon Cooper SDG
Sheldon Cooper SDG 13 часов назад
Crav maargaar 😂😂 it called crav magar
ZIPNADO 8 13 часов назад
A MacDonalds meal, would defeat them all
Exclusive Max
Exclusive Max 14 часов назад
Bruce Lee should've been here
Willy707 14 часов назад
Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them
Willy707 14 часов назад
Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them
Willy707 14 часов назад
Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them
Willy707 14 часов назад
Bro gimmie the gun i wanna miss with all of them
Kev Efe
Kev Efe 14 часов назад
(GiGa Ugoguru) Man! do you have to be a white man to know you should start your own movie?
Life of Gopnik
Life of Gopnik 14 часов назад
Who also does teakwondo?
A Zambrano
A Zambrano 14 часов назад
I would personally advise a person to stick to one art or MMA, as I am third dan myself, it is a waste to see a person for instance number 1, who is multi-talented but had he took on a high paying sport like Boxing UFC MMA etc he would be in line to earn millions and that's the point, doing backflips, spinning kicks, four directional punches etc may be good to protect yourself or get a pat on the back but sadly your bank balance will stay the same, when I got my first million-dollar purse I retired at 24 then I concentrated on getting my first dan and so on,
A Zambrano
A Zambrano 14 часов назад
I broke the collar bone of a well-known fighter using the 1-inch palm strike, the person can never fight again, I came out of retirement to earn 3 hundred thousand in which I gave to the person in question,
Nedim Talovic
Nedim Talovic 14 часов назад
= Jesus Christ!
otineb5 14 часов назад
Anyone that hits concrete or a tree is......., can't think of the word but it begins with an s.
Delano Blanco
Delano Blanco 15 часов назад
My mother
MOTIV-8-U 15 часов назад
the"ninja" probably has a glass jaw. Didn't see any MMA guys on the list. I tell you what I would put John Jones, Anderson Silva and Daniel Cormier against anyone on that list minus the shooter of course.
Hemen Kareamg
Hemen Kareamg 15 часов назад
Me me me!
Jay Polyak
Jay Polyak 15 часов назад
No Christmas
madafaka992 15 часов назад
ok ok all this is nice but where is Chuck Norris?
Prathamesh Sawant
Prathamesh Sawant 15 часов назад
Keeping all these incredible people aside.. The only person you don't want to be messing with is a Soldier guarding his/her country..
HANK THE TANK 16 часов назад
We need to hire these dudes to protect Tommy Robinson.
Titus Thompson
Titus Thompson 16 часов назад
Rule number#1 Never reveal your skills check your attitude. #2 Avoid fights if possible. #3 Be humble! #4 Never underestimate an opponent or his skills. #5 You are not bullet proof or unbeatable. They carry guns now and a crew with skills. Or they own the police when they pull you over! So is this all worth it? Karma is real.
vsmith3rd 16 часов назад
Jon Jones is watching this like "meh".
Gray Pistachio
Gray Pistachio 17 часов назад
John Motyl Jr
John Motyl Jr 18 часов назад
A bullet drops every single one of these dudes.
Matt Toll
Matt Toll 18 часов назад
The first dude looks scary fast. The Indian lady is a joke.
michael khanlian
michael khanlian 18 часов назад
Good Advertise for this people 😄
Na zametku
Na zametku 18 часов назад
Na zametku
Na zametku 18 часов назад
8 March original. 9 March copy !!!!!!!
Na zametku
Na zametku 18 часов назад
Na zametku
Na zametku 18 часов назад
Its just Copy with translation 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Robin Miller
Robin Miller 18 часов назад
Question.. *Why is the first guy NOT a stuntman for Hollywood?*
Generic Girl
Generic Girl 4 часа назад
A- Because they have short careers B- Because he is a nigg.
L H 11 часов назад
He has trained a certain way since childhood and is not capable of pulling his punches or kicks, i.e. - he cannot fake a fight. Insofar as straight stunts are concerned, he probably does not feel the risk to him, physically, is not worth it.
Robin Miller
Robin Miller 18 часов назад
My Mom should be num 1..
I_am_ Dimi
I_am_ Dimi 19 часов назад
The guy on the thumbnail is vito from hardgainercrew lul
cobblerama 19 часов назад
Why the hell hasn't Hollywood come knocking on Gigas door? I'd pay to see him in a film, or a bunch of films actually
Khmer Meme
Khmer Meme 19 часов назад
Boyka want to know all this guy location
Guchu Sokukuki
Guchu Sokukuki 20 часов назад
8:30 thats not his head but shoulder.... it would be pure suicide if not major selfinflicting concussion which is not a joke to get if he had been doing it with his head... nevertheless pretty impressive dude
bill smith
bill smith 20 часов назад
Hardly anyone could withstand this fury...says the gay English guy. Anyone from 125 on up in the UFC might get touched by that carnival act because they couldn't control the laughter.
ulysses cooper
ulysses cooper 20 часов назад
I'm thinking that's the real Black Panther 🐯
Sharif Samir
Sharif Samir 21 час назад
Indian women 🤣😝
Paul Richards
Paul Richards 21 час назад
All pussies
Taariq Khan
Taariq Khan 21 час назад
Nice to see some people had enough resources to never grow up.
bur bur
bur bur 22 часа назад
I can beat all of them in calculus with one of my eyes closed
Jim Bob Cooter
Jim Bob Cooter 22 часа назад
Bart Koomen
Bart Koomen 22 часа назад
Lars andersen
Jackob 22 часа назад
Wow Lukáš novotný is from Slovakia? :D thats very nice :3
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