9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

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Islands throughout the world that are shrouded in mystery! From Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls to the Naval Base on Diego Garcia

#9. “Island of Socotra”- Off the coast of Somalia in the Indian ocean is an island that seems as though it belongs on another planet. Socotra Island has long been theorized as a location for the biblical Garden of Eden, and just by looking at pictures of it you can see why. The island is home to several species of plants that are can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. There are the Dr. Seuss looking Adenium socotranum which have big bulbous trunks and tiny gnarly branches that sprout from their tops and bear flowers that are a marvelous shade of pink. There odd appearance makes them kind of look like giant root vegetables. Then there are the Dragon’s Blood Trees which look like perfect natural umbrellas. The have trunks that resemble that of an average tree but their thick tightly bunched branches shoot upwards and form a mushroom like crown. Socotra is also home to three geographically unique species of bird: the socotra sunbird, socotra grosbeak and socotra starling. There aren’t many other creatures that inhabit the island other than that of bats and insects and the last time it was home to man was around the year 100 A.D. Adding to the mystery, the island has been the site of dozens of shipwrecks over the years.
#8. “Palmyra Atoll”- Though technically not an island but an atoll that formed from coral the mysterious nature of Palmyra Atoll cannot be ignored. Also known as Palmyra Island, the breathtakingly beautiful ringlet sits between American Samoa and Hawaii. Though it is full of lush vegetation and appears unblemished by man the island has long be the subject of superstition and folktales. There have been several cases of violent shipwrecks and mysterious disappearances of ships on and around the island. Those who have observed the island and survived to tell their tale have claimed having seen some extremely bizarre sights like that of floating lights, ghosts and sea monsters. It is also reported to be the home of an incredible amount of sharks who may have developed a distinct taste for humans. There is also the story of lost Incan treasure that may still be on the island. These tales and others which cannot be discussed do to their graphic nature have made Palmyra the stuff of legend amongst sailors and Pacific Islanders for centuries.
#7. “Vulcan Island”- Vulcan Island in the Philippines isn’t necessarily an island that is shrouded in mystery but it definitely is a mindblowing locale. On the northern Philippine island of Luzon there sits a lake named Taal and in that lake there is an island called Taal Volcano, inside this island is the world’s largest crater lake and inside of this lake there sits yet another island, known as Vulcan Island. Not only is Vulcan Island one of the most fascinating of natural recursion it happens to be located on one of the most active volcanoes in the entire Pacific Ocean. Because of this fact it is incredibly dangerous to visit Vulcan Island as it has been quaking and bubbling consistently since 1991.


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pyramid architect
Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile Island is the most mysterious island on earth.
btetschner 3 days ago
Thank you that was really enjoyable.
deathchilde 4 days ago
#9 should be at #1
No Justice Just Us
Socotra is my endz
Would you step on stuart little For billion dollars
cringey fucker.. i hope there will no more philippines reference in any videos.. if someone mentioned philippines in the video most of filipino *which is lives in a country side* are looking proud of it.. Fuck you im ashemed of being a filipino... being proud to be filipino on small things like being mentioned in a videos? Fucking cringey shameful.
HytaleStudios 5 days ago
Hate to break it to you all but 9 is actually incorrect. The Garden Eden was located in a different area, Euphrates River and Tigris River. Undiscovered but between those rivers.
Susy 8 days ago
I just discover there is island well scary islan that's near to ma country somalia😨
Silent2theSkull 6SK
I think chills told people there's a haunted place that is called island of dolls
BoOkOfSeAn 8
BoOkOfSeAn 8 8 days ago
It's from Philippines i mean the Vulcan island
Mark Gerard Crizaldo
Wow philippines
Dila Tenan
Dila Tenan 11 days ago
I see Jeffrey Epstein’s didn’t make it to the list
Black fyre
Black fyre 10 days ago
😂😂😂😂 too right!
Fluffy Nido
Fluffy Nido 12 days ago
stop talking about my home country the philippines
Trust nobody Trustsnuthin
Fkn U.S always behind some shit there the ones that are the great deceiver
dak kidin
dak kidin 15 days ago
one legend say socrota island is place for dajjal being prisoned by god.
Nicole K
Nicole K 16 days ago
Socotra is currently inhabited. Look it upon Google maps!
Samantha Cunningham
So America forced the inhabitants off their home island to build a base while they have a continent, and now they wanna get rid of the black people in the Caribbean to get their hands on our islands, cause they've completely turned their home into a complete wasteland.
Muskan Pandit
Muskan Pandit 19 days ago
We all have such a beautiful Earth and all we can do is to sit having a phone in one hand and let the world be destroyed by Some HUMANS !
Steven Bruno
Steven Bruno 19 days ago
I’ve been to Diego, I promise y’all the only interesting thing there is all the Filipinos who work there😂
Amara BC
Amara BC 20 days ago
Nkatuwa lang na nsama pa ang taol" hehe TAAL po 😁😁
Claud jr Duay
Claud jr Duay 14 days ago
Arlene Abanto
Arlene Abanto 25 days ago
I am a Filipino I live in the Philippines like this if you too
Dating Advice 4 Men
You missed Santinile island of India, where 50K years old Africans settled and never let others see what inside.
Chris Mccoy
Chris Mccoy 28 days ago
I'm flying my dragon💋😎💋👽💋
Blasterproductions101 lolol
I came here because of Sea of Thieves
Sai Fuauli
Sai Fuauli Month ago
Most of these places are not island
Delia Claros
Delia Claros Month ago
f*** youuuu
Delia Claros
Delia Claros Month ago
WAT!!! the vulcan island in the philippines!! i saw that vocano in tagaytay
Kert Parabas
Kert Parabas Month ago
Eto lang tagalog na comment na makikita mo dito, kaya i like mo na
Monica Dupont
Monica Dupont Month ago
I am totally serious about this. How do I go about buying one of these islands? Please message me if you know, or can give me more info. Thank you and have a fantastic evening !!!
Alexi Month ago
That first island is where breath of the wild got a lot of their ideas for trees
Sam Vue
Sam Vue Month ago
How cool the eww first video......I love it
Emily Lee
Emily Lee Month ago
Gross beaks hehehehahA
Frutos Serito
Frutos Serito Month ago
How about Biringan Island of Samar, Philippines.? hahaha
Malawmi ctea Ct
Malawmi ctea Ct Month ago
*5. Island of Dolls* What if you unexpectedly notice a Real Baby hanging in the tress..!? 😱 *Childee_FoXeS*
Sam Jarvis
Sam Jarvis Month ago
RapaNui is a Pacific Island and the natives there are the same as the rest of us Polynesians in Culture, History and DNA. I can even understand some of their language because of that. By my translation "RapaNui" might mean something like "Great Discovery" or "Great Search". "nui" is easy, we use that in Polynesian all over the pacific, It's mean "Great/Vast" so like the Great Plains. Rapa is a bit harder to translate but it's possible a variant of our word for "Vision, Seek, Search" The Polynesians spread all over the Pacific, not just South-East Asia.
Getthepicture Month ago
Horse shit video
hi ppl
hi ppl Month ago
11:32 XD that voice crack hahahahaha
Cp Tv
Cp Tv Month ago
There are allso have that tree in the philippines that tree called Dita tree
red_ command-minecraft vidioes
Yay island in an island
Hedgehog Month ago
Can we give it up for David Attenborough 💪🙌
Michael Williams
Siminthesky Month ago
5..island of the dolls became tge satanic symbol of their many sacrificial rituals where babies were raped and cut alive and eaten..so each doll stands for a killed child
bjørn jørgensen
turn down the dramatic voice omg
Joshua Choo
Joshua Choo Month ago
The only thing i got frm this video is that the voice over was so monotone i felt asleep lol. Highly recommend to those who have trouble sleeping at night lmao
KKeith YT
KKeith YT Month ago
Im from philippines and we went to taal volcano we swam in there for a minute and got scared because of the mud because the seems to pull you down so i got scared to swim in there for a minute more and the water is greenish and underneath is so dark And actually taal volcano is not dangerous people have lived in there for about 50 to 500 years a lot of people have lived in tgere until now I just visited them this august
gavingus Month ago
Gold= canadian coins!!!
Tribal FX
Tribal FX Month ago
Polynesians found Rapa Nui, the peoples of Rapa Nui are Polynesian brah our ancestors sailed those islands and sailed the whole pacific
M M Month ago
Was hoping to see Epstein's Island on this list
Rainbow Kite Gacha
The Island of Dolls is Very Creepy 🤪
Horde News
Horde News Month ago
how did they get to eastern island...... well they sailed there then re-populated on the island... Half of this is just copied from other you tube videos, even with the same footage and pictures from the other videos. Like the doll one.
Kiba Liu World
Kiba Liu World Month ago
The narrator voice is so dramatic but somehow I find it attractive and sexy😬
Steve Stiffler
Steve Stiffler Month ago
the Floating eye island isn't the only one. I've seen several others just like it all over the planet
liway macuja
liway macuja Month ago
shiet i live in philippines and im so scared because someday it will explode
First News
First News Month ago
I know doll island!
Xzdogg Jameson
Xzdogg Jameson Month ago
False. Pepole live at Socotra Island, It has an airport & It's part of Yemen.
Mooto Shah
Mooto Shah Month ago
I am gost
Tamanna Jannat
Tamanna Jannat Month ago
Door Mouse
Door Mouse Month ago
oi mate ya missed 1 ;)
Sandro Mamo
Sandro Mamo Month ago
you forgot malta!! its the only island in the mediterranian sea, you just imagine that sicily is 73 times bigger then malta. just misteriously in malta fits, india, pakistan, libya,sirya, somalia, africa, serbia these are the places i can remember.
Yhan Saredlab
Yhan Saredlab Month ago
Dude i leave in Philipines
Michael Jack
Michael Jack Month ago
Hope you long life because now got satellites 🛰️ laser weapon which travel in light speed 300k km / second 🐒 . GPS location tracker
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