9 FEEL GOOD Moments That Will Make 97% Of People SMILE (Some Good News & More!) | Adults React

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Adults React to 9 moments that made us feel good this month (Some Good News).
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Content Featured:
John Krasinski "Some Good News"
Kids having parade birthday parties
Grandparents visit through a window
Cheering for health care workers
At-home prom
5 year old's RUvid channel
21st birthday in quarantine
Awwwwww those are the best parents! Love this one!
Grandma birthday
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9 FEEL GOOD Moments That Will Make 97% Of People SMILE (Some Good News & More!) | Adults React


Published on


Apr 16, 2020




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Comments 80
FBE 3 months ago
We hope this video made you feel good! Let's get some more good feelings in here - drop some good news of your own down below!
L M 2 months ago
Please do another one, this was so wholesome! Please include Captain Tom :)
YT getpickAXED
YT getpickAXED 2 months ago
React to ynw melly pls
Stanley Theodat
Stanley Theodat 2 months ago
Have teens react to the original iPhone that came out 2007
Solvita 2 months ago
Can You Do the Next Video just beiber
Bruh what's that
Bruh what's that 2 months ago
React to Lt.Litearmy the watchers X anonymous. *I DARE YOU!!!"
Chukwuneke Chidiuso
them mentioning Alzheimer no one: me: remembering Meredith from grey's anatomy
TylerDaBanana ThugBandana
I'm such a baby man. I feel like almost every fbe video has at least something to make me cry lol
Avatar N
Avatar N 2 months ago
9:56 but in Alabama you never know
October Luna
October Luna 2 months ago
Is it bad that I skip the end messages 😂😂
Ned C.
Ned C. 2 months ago
Congrats Sharon!
Niliu 2 months ago
Most of these just made me sad, cause I never get to experience them even before all this. Didn’t get to go to my prom, my birthdays are never celebrated by anyone
Mia Alcaide
Mia Alcaide 2 months ago
Omg did anyone notice Sharon was in the Merrell Twins vids called “Prom night” or is just me
krylesangerbeaver 2 months ago
Keri Walker
Keri Walker 2 months ago
Who else thinks kostas is asf
Yum_yumsauce 2 months ago
I actually love this format because I have seen some reactors that moved and that I haven’t seen in forever come back so please consider keeping these types of videos after everything goes back to normal 🙏🏽
Robin Likes starkid
Robin Likes starkid 2 months ago
See I clicked sooooooooo fast because HAMILTON was on the cover
Claire Snelson
Claire Snelson 2 months ago
Man this whole video got me crying!! Im an emotional mess. Its been amazing seeing people and the world come togather over something so bad
LisaLesa93 2 months ago
My birthday was on the 14th
Camila Chavez Ibarra
Please react to Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Diamandeye 2 months ago
Hey... Im not telling you to click this link.. but I need views so it would be cool if you would.. ruvid.net/video/video-fliF8SqpI5s.html
Francesca Scanlan
Francesca Scanlan 2 months ago
Here in the UK we're applauding our healthcare workers at 8pm every thursday!
SUS BOY V-V 2 months ago
Empathetically Me
Empathetically Me 2 months ago
I'm crying through this whole video.
No One
No One 2 months ago
Where is my hamilton fan community
Anarchy 2 months ago
U should do teens react to $uicideboy$
Terri Thorns
Terri Thorns 2 months ago
Everything Thursday at 8PM the whole of the county go outside and clap for the NHS
Sergio Díaz Nila
Sergio Díaz Nila 2 months ago
the best way to thank health workers is to flatten the curve so their job is easier. help friends who can't work right now so they don't see the need to go out and risk their life and spread the virus
Perktube1 2 months ago
2:37 - what's he saying.
Danny Philipsen
Danny Philipsen 2 months ago
"The Red Sox are gonna donate 4 tickets for life"
Sergio Díaz Nila
Sergio Díaz Nila 2 months ago
there should be some law that forces news channels to have positive news half the time they air
Sarah Scrabble
Sarah Scrabble 2 months ago
This made my heart so happy ☺️
Daniel I. Brizuela
Daniel I. Brizuela 2 months ago
Hope in the darkness.
Gabriel Peter
Gabriel Peter 2 months ago
React to rdcworld 1
Ines Paredes
Ines Paredes 2 months ago
kids react to jack strauber or i dont wanna die of the unicorns or alecchiman but whit substitles
Fe Soleil
Fe Soleil 2 months ago
Omg, I love you guys!🥰 This is so cool, I appreciate your work so much 😭😭😭
Jelly Sub
Jelly Sub 2 months ago
Please react to ynw melly
Rushikesh Jani
Rushikesh Jani 2 months ago
React to the weekend!!!!(after hours)
Kat Bonina
Kat Bonina 2 months ago
Thanks for this episode!
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 months ago
I am happy that everyone is praising all the Health Care workers, EMT, Fire Department, or Police Officers, but there are many more out there putting their life's in danger as well. Our Truck drivers, Farmers, Grocery store workers, Restaurant workers, Food delivery drivers. Let's hear it for them as well, please.
belgianfried 2 months ago
Please next time do anyone reacting to sabaton
Layla axk
Layla axk 2 months ago
Can you guys please react to this nextruvid.net/video/video-O4Lbtv3KREM.html
Raigan haynes
Raigan haynes 2 months ago
Can your next video be a try not to sing or dance please and I love your channel. 💗
Avery 2 months ago
I'm a simple man, I see lin manuel miranda and I enter like flash
Danica Onderwater
Danica Onderwater 2 months ago
Thanks, I really needed it❤️❤️❤️
rparello 2 months ago
Congrats to Sharon. I went through a 30 pounds weight loss and had the same worries, because it is hard and a big effort, so persevere and keep the focus.
S M 2 months ago
React to Eurovision Winners
Genocide Jack
Genocide Jack 2 months ago
Hamilton is my sh* alright imma go listen rn
Family Grindage
Family Grindage 2 months ago
Can u react to system of a down
Family Grindage
Family Grindage 2 months ago
Mirva Hytönen talking about the adults
Mirva Hytönen
Mirva Hytönen 2 months ago
They have kids react to it
Shaylee Amber
Shaylee Amber 2 months ago
react to why don’t we again
Elshan Ahmadov
Elshan Ahmadov 2 months ago
React to Adore u please,we need this in quarintine
Κατινα Αμπελα
Make try not to laugh challenge plzzzzz
♪ AestheticEdits ♪
PLEASE CAN YOU GET BILLIE ON HERE AGAIN??? She’s come SOOO far and I want to see her on here again 🥺💚🖤
Arthur Diaz
Arthur Diaz 2 months ago
Elders react to Lewis Capaldi!!!
Nathan Zirk
Nathan Zirk 2 months ago
Oh my god yes!
Griselda Gamboa
Griselda Gamboa 2 months ago
Have teens or adults react to any sort of Mexican music/iconic artists back in the days.
Griselda Gamboa
Griselda Gamboa 2 months ago
React to QPark
Cinder Man
Cinder Man 2 months ago
You GO, Sharon! 25 pounds is AMAZING!
Cinder Man
Cinder Man 2 months ago
Yeah, the whole world needs a LOT more of THIS. Great to see Humans being Human.
Miss Vero
Miss Vero 2 months ago
You guys make me happy! I love that there is content out there that is real and fun and enjoyable all while being true to life and current. Y'all just bring a smile to my face every time I watch, even when the content is designed to make people cry (and I do) I still smile because at the end of the video there was brightness and positivity brought into my life and the lives of countless others. Thank you for being so creative and entertaining and bringing smiles to peoples faces no matter what is going on in the world. God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy always. :-)
Kody Allen
Kody Allen 2 months ago
As an EMT it warmed my heart seeing the love healthcare workers are getting! And as for the birthdays, my fiancée is turning 19 on the 23rd, and I decided to make him a video with all his family and friends saying happy birthday. I've literally messaged every famous person I can think of to get them to send in a quick little video to make it that much more special, but no one has responded. So, if you got any celeb connections hit me up lol
Zayne Bonshire
Zayne Bonshire 2 months ago
Do ‘Adults React to TOOL’ , please I’m begging you guys
peteriscool 2 months ago
React to playboi carti when the album comes out
Random User
Random User 2 months ago
Coffin memes ⚰️
Layan 2 months ago
Omg that’s the girl who talks behind the camera. Hey GIRLLLLL
ang3ls w1ng
ang3ls w1ng 2 months ago
There is a bunch of deputies in florida who once a week try to support local restaurants by buying 100 meals from them then go to a truck stop and give it to truckers to thank them for their hard work
Roguespartan119 2 months ago
I have family members who work in hospitals, and I'm so thankful for everything that they and all of their coworkers are doing during this pandemic to keep us all safe. Thank you so much, healthcare workers!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
nitandirector 2 months ago
Have they reacted to Sweet Anita yet?
Graham Kruger
Graham Kruger 2 months ago
Do elders react to Johnny Clegg pls!!!!
Abm Wirewolf
Abm Wirewolf 2 months ago
You should make try not to cry music edition Hope by XXXTENTACION F.n by lil tjay Jocelyn Flores by XXXTENTACION Lucid dreams by juice WRLD Memories by maroon 5 Fire on fire by Sam smith Everyone dies in their nightmares by XXXTENTACION See you again by wiz khailf and charily puth Bad by XXXTENTACION Sad by XXXTENTACION Better now by Post Malone Circles by Post Malone
Griselda Gamboa
Griselda Gamboa 2 months ago
Abm Wirewolf that’s a great idea 🤔
Solene Vasseur
Solene Vasseur 2 months ago
Kostas is HOT.
Matt Plowright
Matt Plowright 2 months ago
I know exactly how you feel, Lainey. I am currently 3000 miles away from my wife, whom I cannot be with because we are in different countries. It sucks not being with the person you love but we have to stay strong and be postive.
CalculousPower0 2 months ago
You guys should do a reaction to no doubt
Fkin Genius
Fkin Genius 2 months ago
Please react to Jon Bellion please for the love of god react to his stuff and especially his song Mah's joint trust me they are going to love it. Please listen to this request React channel or FBE
`zoe_wolfy` :p
`zoe_wolfy` :p 2 months ago
I still cant forget the fact Brandon called nf forgattable. I still have that feeling of hatred for him XD jk
jason hoagland
jason hoagland 2 months ago
iann dior
jason hoagland
jason hoagland 2 months ago
Iann doir
Emma H
Emma H 2 months ago
You go Sharon! 💗
João Veríssimo
João Veríssimo 2 months ago
Please make teens react to Dream theater I love your videos
bobosmith101 2 months ago
please....stop putting the sidebar to spoil what's up next.
John Harvest
John Harvest 2 months ago
College kids/Adults React to Siames. They hit the 100 million views with song "The wolf" some days ago
Smilies2013 2 months ago
hi. i been watching your reaction videos for a while. i would like to do a suggestion. How about kids reacting to: Wednesday Addams being a mood for 7 minutes straight.
Blink Tea
Blink Tea 2 months ago
Try not to get mad?
6 9
6 9 2 months ago
Elders react to nle choppa?
Deem Al
Deem Al 2 months ago
Hello.. We are Ahgases fans of the global band GOT7 ! Can you make something out of your cool art for GOT7? Their song will be released on Monday 12:00 PM on JYBE Channel link : ruvid.net/u-jypentertainment We look forward to it! Thanks in advance 🙏🏼💚
Pyro Hakys
Pyro Hakys 2 months ago
DragonKazooie89 2 months ago
5 - how about us working at the grocery store making sure you get food? :P 6 - Had to due something similar for my Nana's 90th birthday over Skype. We were supposed to have a huge party with extended family earlier this month...
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