9 Epic Angelina vs. JWoww Fights 🥊 Ranked: Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore
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There have been countless blowouts in the 'Jersey Shore' house, but two of the most likely to fight? JWoww and Angelina, duh. From “stay get your ass beat” to threatening each other with wine bottles on ‘Family Vacation,’ these two love to throw down.
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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 80
OLCtv 4 hours ago
I'm just noticing that Angelina started dancing on him first🤦🏿‍♂️ why do that.
Watching the seasons all the way through like normal you end up siding with Jenni a lot of the time, but when they sum it up in these types of videos, she is just kinda toxic lol
Suctorial Spark
Suctorial Spark 11 hours ago
angelina is the type of person who tries to joke around but just sucks at the delivery with literally everything. 🤣🤣🤣
That girl Worldwide
Jersey Shore is played out
Aliandra Lopez
Wow, they got alot of work done. They look different.
Gee hernandez
Gee hernandez 2 days ago
The guys just chilling 🤣
Sagittarius Que
Sagittarius Que 2 days ago
Uhhh she said lips 😁😁
Joan 2 days ago
Angeliners is not a bad person but she says a lot of weird things and then is surprised when there’s a weird reaction
Brittney Cabral
Brittney Cabral 2 days ago
Angelina is fake. Notice how she pops off the minute the bodyguard starts blocking Jenny
Alex E.
Alex E. 2 days ago
I haven't seen these ladies in a minute. My goodness... plastic surgery hit each one in the cheeks, brows and lips! I love their old faces... but alcohol and the tanning also aged them out.
finn chikiuo
finn chikiuo 3 days ago
Props to Angelina showing jwow that she ain’t scared of her since day one lol
Ramos Felize
Ramos Felize 3 days ago
Its happen when somebody can't release her own anger on her own family and own problem fight other to prove her self that she not underdog..sad for Angelina she jwow stress and anger reliever
Elizabeth Stuller
if you like angelina you are so weird 😭🤚🏼 angelina is a whole mess and i can’t believe she was brought back onto the show
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Form of bulling . abuse .
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Their all bullies to Angelina . bullies
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Deena s is a follower
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Seems sweet but a follower
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Jenny is a troll
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
Nicole is better of with Joey. Nicole just leave jenni alone she isn't good for you or your marriage . she will tear you down because she is jealous of Nicole's marriage too.. I'm telling you run for the hills snooki.
Brigette Wright
Brigette Wright 3 days ago
They ganged up Angelina because JEALOUSY
dreamm Rojas
dreamm Rojas 4 days ago
But angelina never kissed him
Karen Sam
Karen Sam 4 days ago
I couldn't recognize Angelina for the longest time lol she looks so different than the jersey shore Angelina
Debbie bea
Debbie bea 4 days ago
Lol 😂
Vibess_ 4 days ago
hate the fact they tried to make them friends. if they don’t like each other don’t force a friendship between them
Mello Dee Beats
Mello Dee Beats 5 days ago
J Woww is a bully
cristian trim
cristian trim 5 days ago
I love when Angelina said she’ll be here forever, she wasn’t kidding lol.
Go Eunb
Go Eunb 5 days ago
I think the only people who grew up to be more mature over the years was Snooki and some of the guys I hate how deena tries to fight Angelina for her friends instead of helping sort things out
Norma Colon
Norma Colon 5 days ago
am sorry but they all look hurt now what happened to them they not even the old 🤷🏻‍♀️
V Lovely
V Lovely 5 days ago
Why didn't Sam go back
Mia Valdez
Mia Valdez 6 days ago
20:02 Pauly D’s face 😂😂is a mood
Delena4ever #TVD
Delena4ever #TVD 6 days ago
this show was literally just the girls having drama and the boys sitting in the back watching and making jokes about it. it’s like we were watching the boys watch a funny movie or sum💀
shagy bhai
shagy bhai 6 days ago
I see in her gym throwing some combos lol
rocoya18 7 days ago
#3 was kinda a toss up on ridiculous and dumb cause jenni asked angelina to say why she wasnt comfortable with 24 and well when she stated why she completely started saying she was being ridiculous so that basically made 24 think he could do what ever to angelina and have no consequences and that made jenni look bad because 24 didnt respect jenni or angelina
rocoya18 7 days ago
Although on #8 angelina started the arguement even though it needed to be brought up nicole was being a bully and mean girl the entire season 2 to angelina ive been rewatching unbiasedly and she was rude to her the entire time
Vincent Garcia
Vincent Garcia 7 days ago
When Ronnie talks about eating, he looks like a ninja turtle
joli minou
joli minou 7 days ago
The mouths, THE MOUTHS!!! Its like the simpsons.
Kametria Hester
Kametria Hester 7 days ago
Angela makeup don't match her body. And her teeth and lips are fake AF. Jenni lips look better tho. And skooki is a full no.
Samyah Booth
Samyah Booth 7 days ago
Reese’s peanut butter cup is the hair style pauly has
Fabian Avenaut
Fabian Avenaut 7 days ago
Jenni is such trash
Deep 7 days ago
they're lucky the show worked out. The real world wouldnt have been so pretty for them
Luis Irigoyen
Luis Irigoyen 7 days ago
16:40 I'm in 200lbs and that Jwoww could beat me too easily
2k_ 2easy
2k_ 2easy 7 days ago
3:15 when they switch to the boys
Elizabeth Pinzon
Elizabeth Pinzon 8 days ago
These people need anger management
Reasha Hendricks
Reasha Hendricks 8 days ago
Sam Honodel
Sam Honodel 8 days ago
Hi Sammy
Ruthless Bronson
Ruthless Bronson 8 days ago
Angelina reminds me of that guy that sees another guy act smooth and it works for him, then he tries and it backfires badly.
gaylon watkins
gaylon watkins 8 days ago
Jwow is out of line
Draeson Chavis
Draeson Chavis 8 days ago
Angelina lookin gd :)
jasmine sebastian
angelina do be looking like a troll tho
Alexis Rene
Alexis Rene 8 days ago
Angelinas still wrong for being all up on him after that
jenni lopez
jenni lopez 8 days ago
From what I see I think BOTH of them are to blame for every fight they have, if it’s not jwow starting then it’s Angelina. Period
Leah H
Leah H 9 days ago
Angelina's face is one you just wana punch, loves rarking up Jenni but then gets scared and sits back down real quick 😂 Leading on Jennis man a bonus for her. Sneaky Betch🖕
Alaynna Jenkins
Alaynna Jenkins 9 days ago
Before 24 put his hand around Angelina they literally showed what looked like angaline rubbing herself on him and then he puts his hand on her and shes like "oh my god" like what I'm so confused 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣
Jordyn Makya
Jordyn Makya 9 days ago
let’s just backtrack to the root of all this.. Angelina you came to the house w all your clothes in a trash bag 💀
Dee T.
Dee T. 9 days ago
at 4 i understood jwoww though... if we've been butting heads or beefing for years don't expect for me to just flip a switch and like you all of a sudden and be super friendly... she was trying to be respectful in saying "nah not yet i'm not ready for all that" but Angelina was doing too much... don't ever force yourself into someones space like that... physically, mentally OR emotionally. Respect other people's feelings and their pace.
Isabelle Lopez
Isabelle Lopez 9 days ago
Angelina is honestly immature and jenni gets mad easily so 😂u can see how that is gunna turned out
William Ole School Arendt
In the cab Snooki needed a big fly swatter and she should have wacked both Jwoww and Angelina!!!! Drunken fools!!!! Women argue over everything!!!!
Holly-rebecca Landan
J Wows Game face is the best! I need to learn from her! She is an amazing beast!
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 9 days ago
Angelina was grinding on him first so she was trying to be sneaky
lil Xanax
lil Xanax 9 days ago
Jenny needs therapy she is a nut
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 10 days ago
Snooki needs to stay out of peoples busy and also jwow and Snooki is always together!!! Stop just stop!!
Faith Rogers
Faith Rogers 10 days ago
Reality TV is sad...
laatjelekkerlikken 10 days ago
Ron-Ron !! :-)
Y C 10 days ago
The only reality show aside from murry where they have security babysit in the background
Nallely Posada
Nallely Posada 10 days ago
How many times Jenni has to tell her.... SHE DONT LIKE HER!
Y C 10 days ago
... i mean after this... regarding the domestic violence situation with jwow... all i have to say is you are who you attract. If you live with someone who is constantly coming at you like jenni, one day u r gonna snap. Jwow is abusive.
Sweet Summer
Sweet Summer 10 days ago
Jennys man is a creep
Like a good neighbor...
These girls look horrible
SunnySideUp Brown
SunnySideUp Brown 10 days ago
Ehhhhhhhhhhh camera perspective
Jade S
Jade S 10 days ago
The fillers I swear
Ivell Bullock
Ivell Bullock 11 days ago
It's official. Angelina is the most hated person ever on that show.
Sheila Maciel
Sheila Maciel 11 days ago
I never liked Angelina ever since the first season of jersey shore, no one can make me think otherwise. She will always be trouble and will always create trouble
The Twisters
The Twisters 11 days ago
JWoww always gets involved in a fight
TheWiseGuy 11 days ago
10:43 I feel bad for Angelina. Jwow is just plain stupid and obnoxious. She just screams a lot .
Angela Kimberly
Angela Kimberly 11 days ago
Yooo, I died when Ron said “she said lips” 😂😂😂😂☠️☠️💀💀💀
Jenni is a perfect example of a hypocrite atleast that is how they edit her
Jojo B
Jojo B 12 days ago
Love how the guys are always eating while the girls fight 😂
YG Dungeon
YG Dungeon 12 days ago
Bringing Angelina back was the worst mistake ever
YG Dungeon
YG Dungeon 12 days ago
Snooki is the fakest of the bunch
H.D. D
H.D. D 12 days ago
I would have never guessed that Deena would be the best looking girl years ago but here we are. Surgery is not the answer girls.
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