9 DIY Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hacks - Episode 7

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Today you are waiting for the continuation of the story about zombie apocalypse. Watch the new video and you will find out how our heroines coped with Doctor Maniac and whether they managed to save Zombaster.
• Scotch tape
• Belt
• Car
• Helmet
• Nails
• Drill
• Board
• Elastic bands
• Styrofoam
• Box cutter
• Hot gun
• Wire
• Flashlight
• Self-tapping screws
• Spray paint
• Hammer
• Frisbee
• Disc
• Grille
• Net
• Sticks
• Aluminum bumper
• Spikes
• Rope
• Metal ball
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 2 285
Ghulam Mustafa
Can you make one more video till episode 10
ivan djordjevic
ivan djordjevic 2 hours ago
i want episode 8 too
Anas Zakir
Anas Zakir 3 hours ago
You go awesome
Anas Zakir
Anas Zakir 3 hours ago
I want more episodes
sahana kanishka
sahana kanishka 5 hours ago
We want episode 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and so on please we kindly request please
Neelima Nair
Neelima Nair 14 hours ago
Julio Harvent
Julio Harvent 15 hours ago
When episode 8 will come?
joao victor
joao victor Day ago
login mahmoud
Where e 8
Anando Mahfuz
Post Tour new epesorsd
Boom Playz
Boom Playz Day ago
I hope episode six comes soon
syed waqar
syed waqar Day ago
Please bring episode 8. Because it is very very very good.
Nazmay Dipu
Nazmay Dipu Day ago
i like the episode please bring episode no 11
Linda Dyar
Linda Dyar Day ago
Do more about the zombie Apocalypse do you a zombie Apocalypse 3
ɾαηδσʍ Թεɾςση OF ZE EARTH
Quran Online At YouTube
Y don't u hit zombies with metal poles
Liane Erich Rallos
More ereeeeee
cahaya Putri
cahaya Putri Day ago
Fan of everything
If somebody asks me what I want for my birthday present, I would obviously say ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE PART 8!!!
Gabby Santos
Gabby Santos 2 days ago
Thanks a lot for this vid!!!
Hana Birle
Hana Birle 2 days ago
Who wants all the episodes to Come out today 😆🙃
Hana Birle
Hana Birle 2 days ago
This is very fun!!!!
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 2 days ago
I want to see 8th episode
Pooja Khade
Pooja Khade 2 days ago
Give more videos
Sophie McEwam
Sophie McEwam 2 days ago
Hi 👋 I am really glad I did it I didn’t know Regards I got to see
Pooja Naik
Pooja Naik 2 days ago
dadaEpisode 8 please
Sonic Mihal
Sonic Mihal 2 days ago
Just 7 episodes and it has become so much intense and fun
Afsha Sultana
Afsha Sultana 2 days ago
New videos please
shaina khan
shaina khan 2 days ago
I want 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 episode
Bigshow Rudinas
Bigshow Rudinas 2 days ago
what will happen next pls make again pls im really excited
Aleli Ulat
Aleli Ulat 2 days ago
From Troom Troom SELECT😫😫😫😫😫
Maribeth Tale
Maribeth Tale 2 days ago
I want Epiesod 8
william diller
william diller 3 days ago
I want episode 8
Susheela Susheela
I want next part
Chandranath Kirtania
When will next episode will come 🤨🤨
crystal pie
crystal pie 3 days ago
We want a episode 8 pleasee
Valeria Ortuno
Valeria Ortuno 3 days ago
I want to see zombie apocalypse 8 if you agree with me like
Nayana Kolluru
Nayana Kolluru 3 days ago
I am so excited about the next episode
Norwegian Tea
Norwegian Tea 3 days ago
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz 3 days ago
Give us the 8,9,10 episodes if you do not do that we will unsubscribe you
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