9 DIY Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hacks - Episode 7

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Today you are waiting for the continuation of the story about zombie apocalypse. Watch the new video and you will find out how our heroines coped with Doctor Maniac and whether they managed to save Zombaster.
• Scotch tape
• Belt
• Car
• Helmet
• Nails
• Drill
• Board
• Elastic bands
• Styrofoam
• Box cutter
• Hot gun
• Wire
• Flashlight
• Self-tapping screws
• Spray paint
• Hammer
• Frisbee
• Disc
• Grille
• Net
• Sticks
• Aluminum bumper
• Spikes
• Rope
• Metal ball
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 2 566
Lindokuhle Ndlangamandla
Why aren't Zombies coming when you make stuff
Annalicia Byrd
Make episodes
Annalicia Byrd
Do a episode 9
ramunas paulevicius
hey Umm do A thing with knifes or forks and some old fashion Nails C;
Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson 16 hours ago
If they do so many episodes they should put it together and make a movie
Michael Lanclos
Michael Lanclos 16 hours ago
Angie W
Angie W 17 hours ago
Xoxo troom troom
Marilene Moraes Verissimo Mofa
S mgdhixsmzsjtdf Zombies
Kirsten Cameron Pabilona
Scared and I will not be zombie
Rahul Rowdy
Rahul Rowdy 2 days ago
Lilly is bueatifull in this video
Luiz Quelcio
Luiz Quelcio 2 days ago
Porque vcs mudaram para inglês
Logeen Mustafa
Logeen Mustafa 2 days ago
ده خنكم
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 3 days ago
Please make episode 8
Toyia Johnson
Toyia Johnson 3 days ago
Gnuhbngjhgyń ojubogouuhhniLIHLUHtesthtr57((*(444%4- Yugoslavia’s. jklhhgiubhgughghgygyg+75&
Kamrunkamrunkamrun Kamrun
We want episode 9,10 please who want added a like
Kamrunkamrunkamrun Kamrun
I like your episode
gergana milenkova
I like zombie apocalypse videos pls mek a nadar
Karuna's realms of Fantasy
I am 7years
Andrea Nascimento
Faz em português
Ellisia Wells
Ellisia Wells 4 days ago
This is stupid coz zombies are not real
Larinha the cat
Larinha the cat 5 days ago
Episode 7!!!!!😀😀😀😀
clashing gameing
clashing gameing 6 days ago
I want episode 8 i like the series
Samuel K. Ngugi
Samuel K. Ngugi 6 days ago
make a part 9
Manjula Bangera
Manjula Bangera 7 days ago
I won't to work in troom troom what's the address
Nair Santiago
Nair Santiago 7 days ago
NINJA NOTURNO 7 days ago
Queria em portugues mais vou espera lança
Ammaora _The gamer girl
scary movie it's TO scary
NEYFAX ZX 7 days ago
is a much bueno and me sirbe for te day tomorrou arigatogosaimas up iran low eu
ItsYoGurlElla UWU
I think these are the only type of videos that are useful on Troon troom
Cristiane Amaral
Cristiane Amaral 8 days ago
Oi tudo bem
User User
User User 8 days ago
I want episode 9 10 11...
Clarisse Vilar
Clarisse Vilar 8 days ago
Ta em outra língua
Roseli Cruz
Roseli Cruz 8 days ago
Faz esse episódio em português
thiago augusto oliveira
oiiiii gentttteeee
Juhi Kazmi
Juhi Kazmi 8 days ago
Yes... it's very nice
Alyse Pippard
Alyse Pippard 8 days ago
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Harvey 9 days ago
Kattie Priebe
Kattie Priebe 9 days ago
Troom troom you know everyone knows zombies aren't real so they don't do these hacks but people love your vids because of the storyline
Flaviana de Souza Diirr
eu queria que fosse em português😞
Morena Aiello
Morena Aiello 9 days ago
Spricht jemand deutsch
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 9 days ago
Plzz make the next episode I have been waiting for so long
Malathi Vepari
Malathi Vepari 9 days ago
I want 1 to100
Robert Heller
Robert Heller 9 days ago
Here's the real survival guide kids ruvid.net/video/video-cZPzw-EYkfA.html
Preeti Singh
Preeti Singh 9 days ago
What about episode 9
R o s e h i p f a i r y
97% of the comments are 'i want more episodes like if u agree' 1% guessing when there will be a zombie apocalypse 1% thinking logically about a survival plan 1% talking about parts of the video
Domboy 830
Domboy 830 10 days ago
I am pls to see the next episode
Milagritos Sanchez
Milagritos Sanchez 10 days ago
Like si tendras ttiempo para hacer esas manualidades o diys
Eloise Catarine Paiva Vieira
Y Love you
eitasham mohammed
eitasham mohammed 11 days ago
i like the background music send me it on my email am4385527@gmail.com
xXbubble X
xXbubble X 11 days ago
Troom troom: the car is looks scary Me: the car needs to be wash =-=
Vicente Lima
Vicente Lima 12 days ago
Eu quero en portugeus
Sharad Samel
Sharad Samel 12 days ago
Amazing versions but how are we gonna do all this stuff while zombies are everywhere😋😋
Armstrong Clan
Armstrong Clan 12 days ago
Show me part three show me part three
Armstrong Clan
Armstrong Clan 12 days ago
I want to find out where your safe places Atjon is
Dr. Heidi Henrickson-Zohn
I have bene waiting forever just make episode 9 i am 9 i love you your the best
XxAshley Gäćhâ
XxAshley Gäćhâ 13 days ago
Did anyone hear ooof! At 1:04
Anushree Jon
Anushree Jon 13 days ago
There are too many people's for this zombie videos. But I want 8 episode you also then heat a like come on
ashish sharma
ashish sharma 13 days ago
we love your vedios and we want more episodes keep up.......
mariam amr amr
mariam amr amr 13 days ago
عيزين منه ب العربي
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