9 Candies That Aren't What They Seem

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This means they're also the perfect candies to pull pranks with!
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At Vat19, we've collected a large amount of candy over the years. This video shows nine of our top spicy candies that might not look spicy from the outside!
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May 24, 2019




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Comments 80
Vat19 Year ago
Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here: bit.ly/2X3W3wE
Firefox 2000
Firefox 2000 9 hours ago
i have tried the tabasco dark chocolate it was pretty firkin hot
Elizabeth Young Channel
@Boodle That's just weird
Elizabeth Young Channel
@Whiskey Tube yeah true
Elizabeth Young Channel
@Boodle ...
Rain Leong
Rain Leong 2 days ago
kiwi kiwi
kiwi kiwi 17 minutes ago
0:37 or take the entire bottle to be goldly
Just Danny
Just Danny Hour ago
Guy fiery is the cringiest person yet
Christina Urner
Christina Urner 2 hours ago
For some reason I could smell the spiciest from the other side of the screen XD XD 📺 😂
Roblo x Or The_SqoudOfSquids games QUARANTINE
Carolina Reaper Pebbles has joined the chat. Milk has left the chat. Mberry has joined the chat. Citric Acid has joined the chat. Mberry has left the chat. Toe Of Satan has joined the chat. Citric Acid has left the chat. Lil Nitro has joined the chat. 5018 Ghost Peppers has joined the chat. Everyone has left the chat.
Shannon Schroeder
Shannon Schroeder 6 hours ago
Why do you in rig to chew tobacco
Nexiz 8 hours ago
Bro that guy fieri impression was spot on
beeder gribbin
beeder gribbin 11 hours ago
its just funny that the guy came back from the dead for some more cinnamon gummi bares!XD
Teupity 11 hours ago
Hey vat 19 I found a gummy sushi at a store
Dylan Plays
Dylan Plays 12 hours ago
So many gummies I love them all (also nobody gonna talk about satan in the fire dust part that was kinda dark)
Shock 13 hours ago
🤣 did you eat that
I brought the Tabasco jelly beans
Dean Pomp
Dean Pomp 14 hours ago
Omg that would spicy
Puppet La Gaming
Puppet La Gaming 16 hours ago
Water makes spice worse
Microsoft Bob Official
This is the RUvid equivalent of a food network ad
Ella Valente
Ella Valente Day ago
Cranberry man is terrifying...
Adrian Lau
Adrian Lau Day ago
We all miss Chauncey
S o U p EE
S o U p EE Day ago
Fluff_kitty Day ago
Rex Jun Wai Ong
Can I use all of them as a prank
Sunshine Gacha
Mukasyafah Suaid
0:23 . Idk why but I just laughed so hard
Sans the Skeleton
Convection and Perfection's theme reminds me of the Simpson's Episode of "Steamed Hams" and the theme of Skinner and Superintendent
Grandpa comes back for more
Mimi Varga
Mimi Varga 2 days ago
Is it just me that watch’s these but has only bought one thing? No,just me ok that’s fine
Muhaimin Ahasan
Muhaimin Ahasan 2 days ago
Wait why are these candies specifically spicy candy?
awsomegirl 103player
-imagine getting pranked by one of these-
Fred The llama
Fred The llama 2 days ago
Chansey did not want to touch it because of the *cough* *cough* I’m i right or wrong
Moonshine  and anime :D :3
*eats popcorn don’t turn it spicy *
Dûčky Tãcøs UwU
Melody Parra
Melody Parra 2 days ago
Cami T
Cami T 2 days ago
This should be named 9 spicy candies
Superqwink loves kiwis is le trash
me: mum can we have nerds mum: no we have nerds at home the nerds at home:
Aoi 2 days ago
I guess that's what Dum Dums are
joseph OKhuysen
joseph OKhuysen 3 days ago
anuj mathur
anuj mathur 3 days ago
ohh man i just wish these were freeeeeee { who am i kidding they will never do that !!! }
Just Gameplay
Just Gameplay 3 days ago
In the nerds part i was kind of drooling LOL
specimen 11
specimen 11 3 days ago
Watching Chauncey snap is the funniest shit ever
Laylah Graves
Laylah Graves 3 days ago
6:47 they didn’t eat any!! The level never went down
Admin AABundleShop
One chips challenge is very SPICY
Deanna Coberly
Deanna Coberly 3 days ago
I never knew that this add video would be my favorite video ever. Also who else would like full on watch Confection, Perfection if it were a real show?
plague doc games
plague doc games 3 days ago
It's Hamilton, Sir.
VISKI 4 days ago
Gacha squad# With friends
Me* this is family friendly channel Vat19* says the f word
Rage1776 4 days ago
I’m never trying any of this things
Lewis Motem
Lewis Motem 4 days ago
Netflix: are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 7:25
Harley Poole
Harley Poole 4 days ago
I put one spicy pebble in a normal bowl of nerds
King Family
King Family 4 days ago
So cool
Merrick Quinones
Merrick Quinones 4 days ago
I wonder why they REALLY like sponsoring Bud Light...?
Alec Studios 2020
The first one would be a great prank
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos 5 days ago
Rayyan Hayy
Rayyan Hayy 5 days ago
3:53 the most quickest gulag clutch in the world
Blank Blood
Blank Blood 6 days ago
Nobody gonna mention the devil went down to Georgia reference?
Alivia Zepernick
Alivia Zepernick 6 days ago
OMG this video is so funny
Why Must Birds Fly? FoulMaster GT
This video is too hot for me.
Im Justsayin
Im Justsayin 6 days ago
Who plays Chauncey
Sunny Falcon
Sunny Falcon 6 days ago
(The first one) Jason dean as a candy
Banana Man
Banana Man 6 days ago
4:00 bruh he cake from the gulag
Yumi Kunitomo
Yumi Kunitomo 6 days ago
You guys are good at editing that you could make a movie
Marianne Nicole Gerona
I bet fisherprice was the devil
D.A.O Games
D.A.O Games 7 days ago
If satan has a foot fetish, then his wife is gonna have a bad time.
G log
G log 7 days ago
i can eat spasy cende
My Yt has nothing
Put the nerds on a cupcake 🧁 for sprinkles or the batter so it looks like condetti
Onion 7 days ago
“Toe of Satan” “Toe” *you literally are sucking satan’s toe in a way*
Darius Grigaliunas
That one wierd girl
1st pepper gummy: *says nothing* 2nd pepper gummy: ooh, smell the orange 3rd pepper gummy: lOoGs HhHoT
Chris Karwick
Chris Karwick 9 days ago
Dude, once my friend sees nerds,........she eats them all sooooooooo get ready for revenge on stealing my candy..
Sandy Quilty
Sandy Quilty 9 days ago
“First they’re spicy, then they’re sweet! Spicy, sweet gone!”
Crafting_redpanda :3
totally fire emoji wow that really got me thats really corny
doggo 9 days ago
I would buy the spicy nerds so i could eat one in case i get tired.
cool dude
cool dude 9 days ago
No one: VAT19: holy shit is that ice cream Ok kids, you know the drill
SpaceLovingDan 9 days ago
iron_pikichu 10 days ago
3:48 holy ~~~~ that was dark
Price Box films
Price Box films 10 days ago
He came back for more gummy spicy beats that’s funny
ourlovesongs 10 days ago
Yeah but like who would buy really spicy food that you’re gonna hate
Grace Zatell
Grace Zatell 10 days ago
Why was that so depressing watching them eat the spicy hard candies with the father and son.
Albert L
Albert L 10 days ago
Hahaha he came back from the dead to eat more candy
Star Tonight - In the Sky
Who watches tease a lot but didn't buy them or it's just me
Sienna Bagwell
Sienna Bagwell 11 days ago
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