88-Year-Old Grandma Unboxing Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch

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Gran answers your questions and then opens her new gift, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch. We take a look at her setting up her new villager and choosing her island.
Animal Crossing Wrapping Paper by Agui: aguichart.storenvy.com/
Animal Crossing Keychains by DecodenD: www.etsy.com/shop/DecodenD
Major Contributor to Gran's New Switch Fund. Check out her music! ruvid.net/show-UCNsoe1gwVK0MThy2wmstc1A
And if you'd like to support me, please check out my game UFO50 on Steam, coming soon! store.steampowered.com/app/1147860/UFO_50/


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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
phubans 2 months ago
Updated the video description with links to significant contributors to this video, like the wrapping paper and keychains. Click "show more" and check them out!
Jeri Anne Maliwat
Jeri Anne Maliwat 10 days ago
Omg i cry already
Jeri Anne Maliwat
Jeri Anne Maliwat 10 days ago
Your grandma is just like i wanna cry omg
uselesss 12 days ago
Scott Neff His video may have not been monetized or something like that.
Hacked _
Hacked _ 15 days ago
phubans it’s inspiring ether ways if your old you can still be a gamer Granma
sebastian cassaretto
OMG your grandmom is so nice, I WANT HER TO BE MY GRANDMOM
Pelo 12 hours ago
We need an update !
Eri Da Weirdo
Eri Da Weirdo 14 hours ago
She be lookin sweet but she be playin new horizons 24/7
Jeanette Saavedra
Jeanette Saavedra 14 hours ago
she's a cool gamer😎 Keep doing what you love lady!
Pmborg 15 hours ago
I like to believe Audie is a homage to her, it's so much better if you imagine it like that
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. 16 hours ago
Please tell us if she got the villager named after her!
jimmy the killer
jimmy the killer 17 hours ago
I love how the grandmother in her kicks in when she doesn't want to waste the good wrapping paper.
Daniela 18 hours ago
she should give an island tour later! also i have audie and she's so sweet i love her, she always calls me her best friend and it warms my heart haha (i know that's just her peppy personality but she's my only peppy villager and i love her)
Djorkaef 18 hours ago
This si so cute, I hope she is fine with all these crazy stuff around the world I hope she having a great time with his switch
Zoobs 28
Zoobs 28 19 hours ago
I want to watch her stream on twitch.
Alto Mondoli
Alto Mondoli 23 hours ago
OMG ! She is alive !! Just like so many people said, you're so sweet and so kind... I hope God bless you, and I wish you'll still alive for many many years :-D
Ashely ;-;
Ashely ;-; Day ago
*This feels very wholesome.*
Olivia Wu
Olivia Wu Day ago
is there any update on this grandma’s island?
The gaming Crow
You know there is all these things happening but this video pushes those problems away
Bennedict Roque
It looks cool that a grandma can play these kind of electronics Please support her dont encourage her to give up playing!
BeeetleJuicex3 _
How dare you press the dislike button on this
Madame Evie
Madame Evie Day ago
She’s the sweetest! I love your grandma! Please show us her playing and her doing her everyday life
Goku Son
Goku Son Day ago
I hope she can play the next animal crossing as well
Main frame
Main frame Day ago
fun time with aya
Is animal crossing NH the only game you can play on that switch i want one for me
regrubmah Day ago
Shame on the bottomlicking lowlifes that disliked this video
catnurse6112 Day ago
Any updates on how she is liking the game and the Switch??
I like cats,Minecraft, and roblox Potato
Samuka's 11
Samuka's 11 Day ago
Alguém quer doar um nintendo switch com animal crossing pra mim?hahahahahahahahaha😂🤣🤣 does anyone want to donate a nintendo switch and the animal crossing game for me? hahahahahahahahhahahahahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Un Cat
Un Cat Day ago
She is so nice
ImSoCreative Day ago
Its so cute how she unwrapped it neatly
Ali-Mery Day ago
We need a update I need to learn from the pro animal crossing player I need to see her ways
natasha leigh mullins
Protect her at all costs!!
Citto Rhythm
Citto Rhythm Day ago
Wow this video is good i want to die right now
The Smug Janitor
This is truly, a magical moment...
Jay S
Jay S Day ago
When do we get to see an updated video with her island? 🙂
chase Schwab
chase Schwab Day ago
This video is so cute!
Sofia Matioli
MDT LION Day ago
Most cultured grandma ever
Captain and Princess the cats
I’ll give her my audie so she can have it on her island!
butter ・
butter ・ Day ago
Ok but like is nobody gonna talk about how smoothly she took off the wrapping paper?????????
Everan McCartan
Everan McCartan 2 days ago
WHOLESOME 100000000000000000!!!!
NERF 2 days ago
Who in the world would even dislike this!?
jesspool gachaxx
jesspool gachaxx 2 days ago
i mean my nan has spent 2 and a 1/2 years playing animal crossing. she is 89 and isn't famous nor has a character named after her, it's just pot luck ;-;
Exact Edge
Exact Edge 2 days ago
This is the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever watched ❤️
Sodutri 2 days ago
TIO TWIN FAMILY 2 days ago
Kaydence Strouse
Kaydence Strouse 2 days ago
She better stay on that island I'll be visiting her soon from my 3DS because I'm poor and my mom wont buy me the Switch 😚✌
Gabriela Molinari
I recently lost my grandfather right before the pandemic. It was hard, as he lived with us for nine years and was part of our family. This video made me so happy. God bless you guys❤️
nathaniel cosgafa
i love grandmas
Alexa Vornicescu
Alexa Vornicescu 2 days ago
the 1,7 dislikes are from the people who didn’t get peaches from the first try as she did🙂
adventures with Emma G
has she got her self in the game yet
pip 2 days ago
Man I miss my grandma
Matthieu Misawa
Matthieu Misawa 2 days ago
Stay safe plz
Amber Breach
Amber Breach 2 days ago
Her trying to open the box made my heart melt, so cute-
Paola Maldonado
Paola Maldonado 2 days ago
Que alguien ponga subtítulos en Español. UwU
Haemgurber 2 days ago
*wholesome: 100*
Yume Tachibana
Yume Tachibana 3 days ago
She’s so cute I love her!
Porcupinerses 3 days ago
Wait until she figures out theres a villager named audie
Little Miss Moon
Little Miss Moon 3 days ago
I can't believe she didn't get Audie-
Penguin Boi0224
Penguin Boi0224 3 days ago
You are so cute
Alexis Kent
Alexis Kent 3 days ago
Would love to see an update follow up to this video. Your video made my wife and I get the game
Vero 3 days ago
She is so cute 💕💕💕😭
BuilderNoob 3 days ago
Roses are Red Violets are Blue She opens her gift At 9:09 I hope she enjoys her gift!
Jerrica Goodwin
Jerrica Goodwin 3 days ago
The only person not impressed with this rare switch console is the cat and that's very on brand for cats.
Gotch Gun
Gotch Gun 3 days ago
11mill now congrats gran
Benji Boards
Benji Boards 3 days ago
owO gamer girl!!111????/
GATUK1773R 3 days ago
como si ser gamer tuviera un limite de edad _l
Max Brinkerhoff
Max Brinkerhoff 3 days ago
XXstream master
XXstream master 4 days ago
does she know what nookazon is, and what does animal crossing grandma think about time traveling?
Jianimal Gaming
Jianimal Gaming 4 days ago
This is so cute and makes me want get my mom a Switch for her next birthday.
Liona Pettigregg
Liona Pettigregg 4 days ago
Before the video I got an add for new horizons. ROTFL
Kingston 4 days ago
And now Audie is one of the most sought after villagers.
wolfertime animaljam
Is her name Audie? Because I pretty sure the animal crossing makes made a wolf based on her, I think, pls answer
whichelo place
whichelo place 4 days ago
she's got a villager named after her
예온 4 days ago
그 할머니다 !!!! 튀동숲 할머니
naka mau
naka mau 4 days ago
誰か日本語字幕つけてあげてくれんかな~ 英語分からんくて会話の内容知りたい~(・ω・`*) モニカも来てほしいなぁ~
23560ツ꧁༆lυcк cнαท࿐꧂ツ
how cute, I loved kk.
justbinge watchingYT
How is she doing in acnh? If she needs anything, i wouldn't mind giving her anything i have 😁😁😁💗
Avril Platt
Avril Platt 4 days ago
You should play with her whenever you do an animal crossing new horizons video! This grandma videos make my day whenever I see them the just make me say aww the whole video :>. You should upload more of this content, this really makes everyone's day!
Ethan the Squirtle
my heart, my soul, omaigad
Ethan the Squirtle
I'd like to grow old and be this type of grandad, very wholesome.
Ruthie V
Ruthie V 4 days ago
Someone get her the filbert amiibo
STATIC and more shock UWS
So holsom
WRX LegoBrickProductions
Why would anybody dislike this
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