80s Flashback: When TV Watches Were All the Rage | Flashback | NBC News

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Long before the Apple Watch, gadget-lovers of the 1980s were armed with a hot, new fad: the tiny TV.
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80s Flashback: When TV Watches Were All the Rage | Flashback | NBC News

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Apr 25, 2016




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Comments 48
jazzbollywood 22 days ago
I never saw anyone in the u.k with those watches. The first time I saw the watch was in the movie dragnet and I was like how come we don't have them.
Bro sambath
Bro sambath Month ago
1980 Ice watch
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja 2 months ago
80's Gadgets they where Awesome
BEASTIEMAN 420 2 months ago
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja 2 months ago
80's Technology Devices
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja 2 months ago
Today we have Smart Watches the Technology is advancing
Lemonfridge 3 months ago
Where’s the crack? Or heroine? Didn’t see in this video
James A
James A 3 months ago
It's surprising that portable TVs didn't catch on to a greater degree given their convenience. I used to have an walkman that came equipped with an audio only tv tuner and even that was extremely handy.
Scratch Dog 22
Scratch Dog 22 3 months ago
I had a Sony Watchman around 1984. It worked well enough for what is was.
Henrietta De Leon
Henrietta De Leon 4 months ago
I have had this TV Watch since 1988, and I wouldn't give it up for any price. It is just a nice collector item and who knows what it will fetch in the years to come. Other than that, it's just going to stay in my family, or sold to a collector when my time is up on earth. My mom got it for me as a Christmas gift in 1988. A man from NY brought it to my town after my mom had searched for one. He said it was a display model in some famous NY store. She paid $150 for it!
NC car guy
NC car guy 5 months ago
Feels weird watching this on a phone
Guilshad Joseph
Guilshad Joseph 5 months ago
Anyone else feel creeped out about anything in the 1980s
The Rover
The Rover 6 months ago
Does that watch phone have picture in picture? If it doesn’t it’s no good to me.
Josh S-TV
Josh S-TV 9 months ago
Costa Zambaras
Costa Zambaras 9 months ago
You would think that once a civilization developed technology which allowed them to do wonderful things, they would figure out how to uncross a person’s eyes. As a society, we have let Julianne Pepitone down.
Larry Bundy Jr
Larry Bundy Jr 10 months ago
Never knew Sinclair sold their TV's in the US.
Ancient Forest
Ancient Forest 11 months ago
Oh look, something on NBC that wasn't fake news.
Unknown User
Unknown User 11 months ago
Ah good old american memories when stuff was built good and well organized and nothing was fake from China
Phineas1626 4 months ago
erin Asherton Right. Buy your televisions there. Just don’t buy the 4-hour battery back-up for your nuclear plant.
erin Asherton
erin Asherton 8 months ago
Unknown User That’s why tiny tv’s were made In Japan, Because The Greatest Country on earth Japan know’s how To do It better while all other one’s lie That They’re better, They’re really not.
Aman Gadpale
Aman Gadpale Year ago
jason9022 Year ago
it's not a lazy eye, she's cross eyed
pancudowny Year ago
When I first saw a Sony Watchman in a General Mills television ad--around 1984--I wanted one, but certainly couldn't afford one. When I saw Casio's television watch on display in a store window at the local mall, I was impressed... until I later saw in a magazine how big the attached tuner unit was. In 1998, with money to burn I bought a Casio pocket-sized color television... for a mere $50.00, on-sale a local Radio Shack. Despite it's screen being only 2.2" it served me well for many years. Some time later, I bought a digital-compatible pocket television with a much larger screen through eBay. Digital television reception being what is, it didn't serve me as well and saw little use. Now, with smartphones like the one I'm typing this comment on and subscription television apps, and accessories for smartphones like a armband holder that fits my wrist... I can easily watch clear, smooth-streaming television anywhere on a screen far larger than that of any vintage device, just by glancing at my wrist and touching the screen. Looks like I got my T.V.-watch after all!😊
PopeBoyy Year ago
I’d hit it
Angela v
Angela v Year ago
Only at radio shack...
mausalus09 Year ago
Within the first 30 seconds is a Lie. Since 2009, Tiny TV's are Phones. Television killed the Radio star, true, however since less than 10 years ago, Cell phones started killing TV.
ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360 7 months ago
Tv is alive and well. A lot of ppl have desktop computers hooked up to their main tv with a cordless keyboard to navigate through the web.
Tas Cabron
Tas Cabron Year ago
With those prices ..no wonder I never had one 200 dollars like 600 right now
lymarie1974 Year ago
what in the world!!!!! im a kid of the 80s all i wanted was my mtv. never knew about these watches.
Beardedcap 2 years ago
Is that ser barristan?
Mr. JH
Mr. JH 2 years ago
Somethings simply aren't meant or be that small.
The Rover
The Rover 6 months ago
You sound like my wife when she first pulled my trousers down.
Is that what your Doctor said to you?
Okami Jubei
Okami Jubei Year ago
Mr. JH and yet they still watch them in that size... And cheaper as well.
Kevin's Game Room
Kevin's Game Room 2 years ago
Lazy eye
BEAVACUDA 2 years ago
I think they positioned that lady to compensate for her lazy eye
believe achieve
believe achieve 9 months ago
i think she's GORGEOUS tho!
Julio César Perdomo
One is looking at you and the other is looking for you
Dsutphin91 Ds
Dsutphin91 Ds Year ago
Subtletones Year ago
I think they positioned her eyes to compensate for the reporter's lazy story
James Campton
James Campton 2 years ago
I would rather have a tiny tv rather than an apple watch because you cannot watch RUvid, Netflix, Snapchat on Apple Watch. On a tiny tv you could watch any channel anywhere 24/7
EuroNymos tHedEatHGoD
James Campton true. Old technology would seem more enjoyable than everything being so easy for everyone to use like modern technology.
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure
Wanna go back to the fall of 1985 on an adventure of a lifetime?
erin Asherton
erin Asherton 8 months ago
The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure That’s where I’m heading To later on, Not exactly In The fall but somewhere In The warmer month’s.
Jason Huntley
Jason Huntley 2 years ago
now if only they had the cell phones back then that would of been something
Chris. G
Chris. G 2 years ago
Cell phones did exist in the 80s. They were expensive, heavy, bulky and battery tech wasn't too great. Think "big lebowski", remember that huge cell phone the dude was carrying? that was an Ericsson Hotline [circa 1988] (or similar) and it weighed 4kg believe it or not. Another cell phone that appeared in tv and movies alot during the late 80s early 90s was the motorola dynaTAC. Such a brick it could have served as a wheel chock for a truck ;-)
Patric Kruiz
Patric Kruiz 3 years ago
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