8 Terrifying Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape

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May 5, 2018

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Comments 3 576
Mazza P
Mazza P 17 days ago
They should bring in the lions back in the arena, I wounder if they would smile then?
Choff C
Choff C 17 days ago
All these scum Bags need is to get a left wing liberal politician on their side to get off..!!!
Jada Parks/Villanueva
Those who did not kill themself, should have gotten the DEATH PENALTY and executed the very next day.
Buddy Simmonds
Buddy Simmonds 20 days ago
Nikko Jenkens is a punk. My friend put him in the cuffs and he cried like a little girl. He couldn't hurt anyone without a weapon.
Mr. Piccolo
Mr. Piccolo 20 days ago
weak ass nigga couldn't handle 10yrs, wouldn't have had it TOOO bad with the $$$ he got
April Brooks
April Brooks 21 day ago
Demonic !
Bob Tom
Bob Tom 22 days ago
I cannot finish watching this video. You are far too stupid for my own comfort. 3:50 " Two years later, the man was charged with life in prison without the possibility of parole." .... The word you were looking for was "sentenced" as in " he was sentenced to life in prison" not "charged" Simpleton.
Ryan 88
Ryan 88 22 days ago
The real criminals are the ones in office and running this sick terrarium we live in. But the ppl are so braindead they dont have a clue Good luck on X mas week 2019
Tristian Boof
Tristian Boof 23 days ago
1 or 2 actual Americans, the rest where. You guessed it, Africants
Deni Smith
Deni Smith 23 days ago
Why is that Josh Jones guy acting like an aggressive dog even sounds like he was growling while continuing to show his teeth like he was gonna attack lmao
MrMethadrine 23 days ago
No3 is so cringy..
Christine Bourke
Christine Bourke 24 days ago
I do not see any terrifying moments.Just a bunch of criminals throwing thier toys out of the pram.Pathetic excuses for being human.
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry 24 days ago
They should have the electric chair right in front of the stand sentence and get it done and over with
Dern Vader
Dern Vader 24 days ago
Bracamontes is a hero. The police are totally corrupt and deserve whatever they get... just look at the flag in your local courthouse. Why does it have fringes on it? To look pretty? Uh, no, because if you look it up - the fringe represents 'Marshal Law' - so they are stating that when you are in the courtroom, you are under Marshal Law and basically have no real rights. So good luck fighting that traffic ticket! 'We' cannot see him swallowing anything or drinking from a bottle of water... all lies, he died because Jebus struck him down!
Dern Vader
Dern Vader 24 days ago
You have to plead 'Not guilty' in a murder case, by law they have to find you 'guilty' in trial... ever notice no one has ever said a 'guilty' plea? Since the penalties include death.
Inger Rogers
Inger Rogers 26 days ago
I believe the no#6 guy killed himself because regardless of his crime; he was a man with a free spirit. Going to prison would have destroyed him. He knew it! His intelligence overwhelmed him, so he committed suicide. Smart man. However, I believe God will something to say about his choices.
Inger Rogers
Inger Rogers 26 days ago
This is my first time taking an interest in your channel. The subject matter is intense and educational. I'm enjoying the historical facts you bring to us. Thank you! Ms. Ice Cream has subscribed to your channel, and I hit the notify for more interesting videos.
laura johnson
laura johnson 28 days ago
Where do you even get a cyanide pill?
jay blue
jay blue Month ago
We just need to go back to hanging! When someone murders or rapes.just have a public hangin! In the streets & invite everyone to see what happens when u do this.ill guarentee this shit will decrese dramitacly.youre welcome.
Chucky Gorealla
Chucky Gorealla Month ago
What about all the white school shooters
#1 Ravens' Fan
#1 Ravens' Fan Month ago
It seems that if you kill a normal person in this country, you get a few years in prison. However, I you kill a cop, then you will either get life in prison or the death penalty. I can't believe that the courts think that a cops life is worth than the everyone else's.
Smack Month ago
Rxndn Cndndnd
Rxndn Cndndnd Month ago
Yeah give the police a death penalty too for killing innocent black people.
mumbus 27
mumbus 27 Month ago
Penitentiary bound and pointed out by them snitches
Daniel Howell
Daniel Howell Month ago
The kid with the t shirt is probably the least terrifying thing I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure he's being butt-raped on the regular.
Bb Kkk
Bb Kkk Month ago
How tf are they terrifying
KJ JEWELRY Month ago
At 3:08, that man is not on anything, he is clearly demon possessed
brandon bentley
brandon bentley Month ago
Not to go all fascist guys but it's high time this scum is taken out back and disposed of...
Bootylicious Month ago
The man grinding his teeth looks like he's had some good beak!
John Alred
John Alred Month ago
The guy baring his teeth should be on dumbest criminals instead of here.
clarence bubbins
A bunch of animals
colognelover87 Month ago
These are just comedy
shawnda mccormick
There's only one word for this.
shawnda mccormick
Nasty. Needs that smile knocked off!
Arron P.
Arron P. Month ago
03:51 on drugs?? If they had him locked up prob w suicide watch how's he gonna get drugs..?I think I'll know the reaso other inmates right?? 06:22 Lyndon Johnson
Alexicon Month ago
Heart 2019
Heart 2019 Month ago
Mr Jones is possessed by Satan ... ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
Philip Buckley
Philip Buckley Month ago
who titles thes videos....nothing is remotely....terrifying.....
W a v e
W a v e Month ago
5:58 dude in the back is appearing again in 7:04 on the left side what the fuck ????
Brad morris
Brad morris Month ago
Really not terrifying is it really?....are you a wet wipe? Do you get scared to watch telly tubbies because its scary or somethin? Its so annoying when its falsely captioned
Arthur Wilk
Arthur Wilk Month ago
Why waste time on these dead beats, bullet to the head and off to the furnace. These parasites do not deserve any taxpayer money wasted on them, let the family pay for the bullet too.
Ove Lumiste
Ove Lumiste Month ago
Killing 2 dirty cops and feeling good about it is not that bad, those same mfs probably shot even more ppl but yeah can't be sure about that
Brooke’s Beauty
Want real advice get out of the United States if you don’t want to die
Brooke’s Beauty
The only reason I’m telling people is bc I took an oath to serve and protect my country and people and the people are more important
Brooke’s Beauty
I know way more than I let on however we are headed for more major issues if we don’t get rid of trump
Brooke’s Beauty
This sucks the last guy was smoking hot I was gettin my life until they said they killed him and after being military myself he has a point thanks to trump we’re losing our allies and I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia wants to kill us
Momenтo MoRi
Momenтo MoRi Month ago
How can another human really tell if another is mentally competent. Anyone who does shit like these people are INSANE
Angel Simone
Angel Simone Month ago
I am not that crazy to do what these people did to loose my freedom that I have in my life for murder? NO way I wouldn't want to be in court only for jury duty and that's it! I had to pay a speeding ticket 175.00 and I had to face the judge and I never did it again! I had jury duty twice that's all!
Angel Simone
Angel Simone Month ago
What the hell happened to that man's face and head in the first one he looks like one of satan's henchmen! Scary looking and wide eyed possession he needs to be in a state hospital!
Indian Child
Indian Child Month ago
The third one is creepy asf...
King Dubeskins
King Dubeskins Month ago
Its possible? He is on drugs lol
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