8 Putties You Won't Be Able to Put Down

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We love putty as much as we love spicy challenges! Here we recap some of the best putties we sell!
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Turns out there's lots of crazy putties in the world! Some of our favorites include gold putty, magnetic putty, and glow in the dark putty!
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Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.
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May 26, 2019

vat19vat 19vat-19vat19 puttyvat19 8 putties you won't be able to put down8 putties you won't be able to put downvat19 thinking puttythinking puttyvat19 won't meltprecious gems puttyglow in the dark puttyprecious metals puttygold puttyectoplasm puttyone pound of puttygold magnetic puttyuv puttyheat sensitive puttyheat putty




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Comments 3 230
Vat19 29 days ago
We finally combined all of our putties into one giant putty at the end of the video! What did you guys think? You can find even more putty here: bit.ly/2wlFaSo
caroline's CrAzY world
Hello vet19 l love your chanel! Wery wery mutch! And l want to ask you😤😥 tomorow is my birthsday! And l was thinking can you gave me a free putty!😶 like a gift!?!?!🎁 Edit: And non of my friend's are here to come and am little sed! 😧😦😟😔 Edit: and my parent's dont have mony for that!
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Roberts 8 days ago
Vat19 kan. I. Had sum
Mayrushart Fan
Mayrushart Fan 10 days ago
Tin Saleem
Tin Saleem 11 days ago
Hi vat19 how ar you guys
Mcdonald French Fries
800th like
Thea Gray
Thea Gray 23 minutes ago
The tins r to hard to open 😂
Brookelynn Gale
What's gross promo. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot
Sofia chiaramonte
Sofia chiaramonte 10 hours ago
Lily Farrow
Lily Farrow 13 hours ago
unicornforever 17
unicornforever 17 14 hours ago
So with the sensory buddies I really thought that their sense would be strong and it smell like scented squishies but ice smelt the bubble gum putty and it smells exactly like Bubblegum so I can only imagine the other ones smell exactly like their Foods
ThatCrazyHufflepuff 14 hours ago
The bed,floor,and,couch are lava! 5 4 3 2 1 Like if you were too lazy to move
Kaelynne Martin
Kaelynne Martin 15 hours ago
What's a CROSS PROMO???
Sefa Osae
Sefa Osae 17 hours ago
I did
Abby Natalie
Abby Natalie 18 hours ago
8:43 My mom uses that thermometer gun for our reptiles!
Liliana Medrano
Liliana Medrano 23 hours ago
Can you guys do putty Vs Food
Jasper Lacy
Jasper Lacy 23 hours ago
what does cross promo mean????????
Bryan Ong
Bryan Ong Day ago
But does any of those have bottle openers
Dusk MoonFäme
"Putty You Won't Be Able To Put Down" Ha, more like "Putty You Won't Be Able To Put-ty Down."! ...I'll leave.
gohatowtlaw 1031
So does crystal Baldwin just find a random house to someone lives in and says hey I want to give ghost a chance to live here is that okay
Theodd1sout Day ago
Good job Jerald
Elicia C
Elicia C Day ago
i love your YT but no vat19.com beacuse i dont want to spend 5 dollars for shiping
Sak Ura
Sak Ura Day ago
You should do a white elephants with putty!
hoang pek
hoang pek Day ago
Calm down there so many puty
Salama Alshehhi
Salama Alshehhi 2 days ago
I want one party it’s big
Salama Alshehhi
Salama Alshehhi 2 days ago
pny swan
pny swan 2 days ago
Me: there are no perfect cross promo Vat19: 7:23
Iris Frank
Iris Frank 2 days ago
8:52 The colours were different
Silhouette Shadow
One of the guys is my friends, friends dad
jfree7919 2 days ago
Kiki Noel
Kiki Noel 2 days ago
I wonder how much money it wpuld be to buy every tin of putty they make.
Xi Chen
Xi Chen 2 days ago
I see this in my public library and it costs about 69.99 $ Sad ;--;
EmmaZ Gaming
EmmaZ Gaming 2 days ago
c r o s s p r o m o
Kayden Lua
Kayden Lua 2 days ago
Did u put real food inside?😐
Lana Gee
Lana Gee 3 days ago
You should do a giveaway with this stuff
Mochi GuardCards
Mochi GuardCards 3 days ago
What if I closed my eyes and smell it and I eat it mmmm.... Yummy delicious 😋🍴💓😋✨😋✨😋✨😋✨
99,998 were down two men keep fighting men we will win the war
Choco gaming
Choco gaming 3 days ago
BEARCAT 3 days ago
Well in 9999999years It will probably melt😐
Becca Vlogs
Becca Vlogs 3 days ago
Please do a giveaway
Luca John
Luca John 3 days ago
Why do you guys make it so satisfying when you play with the putty and when I do it, it looks like poo
Ismail Mohammad
Ismail Mohammad 3 days ago
2:48 that was so unsatisfying...
BIG OL TITTES 3 days ago
For the heat change the color should be called blurple and orangellow.
Jessi Abney
Jessi Abney 4 days ago
So many cross promos!
big chungus
big chungus 4 days ago
*C R O S S P R O M O*
Mattias Pleš
Mattias Pleš 4 days ago
diana rebka
diana rebka 4 days ago
Modaires 4 days ago
I love your putty’s and I love you vat 19
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia 4 days ago
Reyna Castro
Reyna Castro 4 days ago
What happenes if you mix
Fake V I B E Z
Fake V I B E Z 4 days ago
Damn *cRoss pRomO*
NGUYEN VANBO 4 days ago
What will happen if you mix it with fire
NGUYEN VANBO 4 days ago
Does it melt
Emma BDot
Emma BDot 4 days ago
caroline's CrAzY world
l want to eat the putty!!🍕🍫
Maria Adam
Maria Adam 4 days ago
WeirdSide 4 days ago
I think house hunters is a great show
Dreaded Rear adm
Dreaded Rear adm 5 days ago
Why would you ruin pizza
Cat Daisy
Cat Daisy 5 days ago
David cruz
David cruz 5 days ago
I thought this was an ad 4:20 😂😂
Tailslandian Gardens Real Estate
0:44 Cross Promo 11:24 VAT19!
Emily Montalvo
Emily Montalvo 5 days ago
Here is a burning question, will putty burn, melt, or will it get ruined if it gets wet?
Lily Shannon
Lily Shannon 5 days ago
I have a question about the putty. When your done playing with it is your hands gonna smell like the putty?
cheska bell Kawaii
can you guys give me some
Luca Sumi
Luca Sumi 5 days ago
non eatble toys that smells like food is not really a good idea
dawn flowers
dawn flowers 5 days ago
Home 23
dawn flowers
dawn flowers 5 days ago
Can I have 2 chocolate smelly putty I live in clackamas lawn field road sunny Brook caldera
The actual bird that ate harry
Voda 6 days ago
3:35 Acting 10/10
Modaires 6 days ago
Maria Liza Tima-an
Can i have all
Ivonne Landeros
Ivonne Landeros 6 days ago
It’s sticky
kdude 226
kdude 226 6 days ago
What if you sat the thermal putty in front of a fan would it change quickly to it's regular color
kreamerfire 6 days ago
Make the worlds smallest popsicle
K.A.T. Live Music
Elba Pineda
Elba Pineda 6 days ago
Luci Jaekel
Luci Jaekel 6 days ago
Is anyone playing with their putty while watching the video
yo yo people boy
yo yo people boy 6 days ago
you guys shut sell that
sophia le
sophia le 6 days ago
my sis has ice cream flavor putty
Sarah Corbett
Sarah Corbett 6 days ago
Hi vat19
Zoey Elloso
Zoey Elloso 7 days ago
You don't Crumple.mold.shred Food......
Get to 1000 Without any vid
“More than enough to share with your friends” ME:bish my friends can back off
Dulce Quintos
Dulce Quintos 7 days ago
Does the smell last forever?
savigegirl 932
savigegirl 932 7 days ago
8:40 ORANGE!!!!!!!!!
Anime Kitten
Anime Kitten 7 days ago
It's actually really pretty. I like that color with that luster.
Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson 7 days ago
"And it never dries out" Me:even if you put it in liquid nitrogen
MidnightShinx _
MidnightShinx _ 7 days ago
Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo .w.
Meepinacan 123
Meepinacan 123 7 days ago
So ectoplasm putty is just glow is just the glow in the dark putty?
Lover Draw lane
Lover Draw lane 7 days ago
Maura Heslin
Maura Heslin 7 days ago
you guys need to make edible putty!!!
Yermakash Kulzhabayev
Make one putty which don’t stick to nothing like couch,rugs ok because my mom is mad when it sticks somewhere
Blue Gacha
Blue Gacha 8 days ago
This is how many cross promos there were ||||
Natthan Tomas
Natthan Tomas 8 days ago
Starlig 11
Starlig 11 8 days ago
7:25 *Cross Promo intensifies*
trinity germany
trinity germany 8 days ago
at the 1:51 the wiggles have came to vat19
nathan feldbusch
nathan feldbusch 8 days ago
Please make it in bigger tins
John Archuleta
John Archuleta 8 days ago
What does cross promo mean
MEGA_XxpotatoXx :3
ReiaTheLostOne o
ReiaTheLostOne o 8 days ago
One question, how are the Ectoplasm putty and Glow in the dark putty different?
cris rivera
cris rivera 8 days ago
what if you guys put a scene where you get a sun burn and said ouch then play with the putty
Emmett Worden
Emmett Worden 8 days ago
I’m ordering the gold putty my precious one.
Sean Patel
Sean Patel 8 days ago
No one: Really no one: Vat19: cross promo
Billy Baccus
Billy Baccus 8 days ago
wut dose cross promo mean
Slumpedhenry_yt 9 days ago
9:20 were the put all the putty together) That will cost 1 like thank you
Paloma Lizarraga
Paloma Lizarraga 7 days ago
Slumpedhenry_yt lol u got only one like and its not from me 😂😂😂
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