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Dan runs us though 8 points that not only assist our physical health, but our mental health as well.
Dan is a psychologist at Newstart Psychology & Counselling with expertise in adolescents, anxiety, child psychology, couples therapy, depression, HIV-AIDS, spirituality, stress, teenagers and more. He has ample experience administering psychometric tests to support the assessment of individuals cognitive and decision making capacity.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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Jul 21, 2015




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T Pz
T Pz 21 day ago
Great talk. Love the accent ❤😁
Macky Suson
Macky Suson Month ago
💚 Let's spread positivity and break the stigma
Healing of the nations
This msg was given to Ellen G. White and the Seven Day adventist preach it as their life style. Also they are one of the population studied in the blue zone study.
Sylvia Jaramillo
Sylvia Jaramillo 4 months ago
Do you have a book?
Andrew J. Lewis
Andrew J. Lewis 5 months ago
Good Content, But if you want to get your money's worth - speed this up to x2, otherwise you might start drifting off or decide to move on to a better presenter.
Alexandru-Iorgu Weisz-Cucoli
Thank you for this very useful talk. (-: Here's my summery. 1. Nutrition: Meat only 5 times of month. Better to go plant based! Beans are awesome! (-: 2. Exercise: It diminishes the depression and anxiety. a.) simple exercise: - endorphin (good happy chemical) b.) exercise regularly: neurotransmitters: - dopamine (Parkinson’s disease “reductant”), - serotonin (depression “reductant”), - norepinephrine (Alzheimer disease “reductant”) 3. Water: 70% of our bodies is made out of water, 80% of our brains are components that are made out of water. Example: tryptophan raw material to produce serotonin. - The happier you become. - Great clarity of mind, - frustration reductant, - better mental health performance. 4. Sunshine: It helps you sleep, and it helps with the pain. 5. Temperance: Abstain from certain things; for example coffee is unnecessary. No alcohol (leads to cheating) needed too. Equilibrium in work and in playing. 6. Air: oxygen is needed. Cleanses the blood that comes to your brain. Spend time outside or open that window! 7. Rest: (8-9 hours) those who rest less have the perception that they achieve better in critical thinking and they are more confident about it. [fudge ‘em!] 8. Trust: 1.) Invest in those who you love. 2.-3.) Connect with like-minded people (that you are compatible with). 4.) Knowing what your life is; sense of Purpose/Meaning (+7 years extra)
Byron Yadao
Byron Yadao 7 months ago
Back to the BASICS. Need to keep our lives simple and avoid excessive consumption.
Castiel Leem
Castiel Leem 7 months ago
8 to 9 hours of sleep... i feel lucky if i get 7 hours of sleep a day and that's very hard to come by. Pepelaugh
philomena phanthagia
What about security? Like being able to go to school in the u.s. or taking a walk in the Cambodian countryside without getting shot or blown up into pieces because of other people's acts of violence?
Erica Duignan
Erica Duignan 7 months ago
Master of the obvious
Cathleen L. Thomas
Cathleen L. Thomas 7 months ago
Bravo!!!!! So spot on, thanks for this video 💗🌬
Shea Teeley
Shea Teeley 7 months ago
This kind of talk is probably why TED doesn’t pay their speakers for their appearances. Complete waste of time. Here’s my version: 1) Just be generally healthy
RyanPatrick 8 months ago
not thinking about climate change & believing god will fix all makes you happier
Andrew Cotofan
Andrew Cotofan 8 months ago
This intro has to cut back
george clemenceau
george clemenceau 8 months ago
Very good and a nice delivery, thanks.
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo 8 months ago
you forgot number 9: money
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo 8 months ago
coffee is not bad its good for us but tea is better
Eric B
Eric B 8 months ago
This guy is full of it. Water is the new snake oil.
Toka Zhu
Toka Zhu 8 months ago
tradeoff: exercise requires either meat or too much time that you don't have
Water Ski Lake Austin
Bravo! Well done! Newstart!
james clarke
james clarke 8 months ago
With the exception of the ‘plant-based’ bit, this is straight GOLD. 🇺🇸
barrel dreamz
barrel dreamz 8 months ago
I could be wrong but I thought everyone has heard of the word temperance. Also I've read a lot about how tryptophan doesn't have that big of effect on serotonin as much on the brain as previously thought. But who knows
Julie VanBerkel
Julie VanBerkel 8 months ago
I'm lucky if I get 5 or 6 hours interrupted sleep each night. I'm doomed!
NVofus 9 months ago
Well done sir, great Ted talk. 👍🏼👏
Anhettige Premachandra
Very useful
john okonol
john okonol 9 months ago
I wonder if they tried testing the all nighters at different times to see if they really absorbed more information or not?
john okonol
john okonol 8 months ago
@- m7k0z7 - I'm more interested in knowing how much of the information is retained through the all night method. Maybe, an all nighter could retain and retrieve more information with a good sleep after the all night.
- m7k0z7 -
- m7k0z7 - 8 months ago
All nighter's brain capability decreases due to lack of sleep. I noticed this upon taking exams. When I take 7-8 hours of sleep; it was very easy for me to think and think outside the box. Unlike when sleep deprived, my brain was on autopilot and didn't have the mental energy to think properly.
Diana Eidson
Diana Eidson 9 months ago
I agree with most of what he said, which basically consists of common sense. He gave new reasons for doing these things. However, I think everyone is different and certain things, like going to bed early, might not be optimal for everyone.
Diana Eidson
Diana Eidson 9 months ago
So temperance means no smoking, no alcohol, and no caffeine. Call it abstinence, not temperance.
andiroo42 8 months ago
Temperance is leaving out harmful things and a balanced use of that which is good. Abstinence is only avoidance.
ronnyandjamiejoy Sandvick
Diana Eidson i think it means balance in life about the 8 principles - the no smoking and alcohol and caffeine is non negotiable. I work in the medical field and caffeine causes more harm than good. When your body is in OPTIMAL HEALTH - it naturally leaves out certain habits.
Yin over Yang
Yin over Yang 9 months ago
What’s with the weird Jaws music ar 4:05 ?
Terence Hill
Terence Hill 9 months ago
Good presentation. Fundamental things, but many people just won't get what you are talking about. It's sad. Take some countries in Europe. They run after money all day in a job they don't like, give their children to daycare, send their grandparents to a nursing home and numb themselves for a few hours in the evening with beer and TV series. That's what they call life! And don't try to argue with them, this is the way it HAS TO be. I'm speechless by such a waste of life
capgains 9 months ago
What’s the alternative to this way of life?
Rose J
Rose J 9 months ago
Sugar could have been added to temperance or total abstinence or reduction like the meat in nutrition category.
Rose J
Rose J 9 months ago
Sugar could have been added to temperance or total abstinence or reduction like the meat in nutrition category.
c moriarty
c moriarty 4 months ago
I agree with that. Since letting go of eating sugar I've lost a lot of weight and feel better mentally as well.
Kay Crowder
Kay Crowder 9 months ago
He is a good speaker: lots of pauses, looks at the audience, some humor, brings in previous concepts, analogies, data.
Susan Schafer
Susan Schafer 10 months ago
Thanks. I enjoyed this. I think most of us know a lot of what was discussed but it helps to be reminded and get refocused on our health. It's easy to get distracted with our busy lives and the frequent distractions. Without health we really can't live optimal lives and enjoy the other things people strive for.
damok9999 10 months ago
undefined mental health? I'm sure everyone has the exact same idea of what it means right?
funny sisters challenge or show Mclawrence
Do you guys know that all what this gentlemen have said can be found in the first 2 chapters of the bible in genesis.i wonder if he is a seventhday adventist because the teaching is similar and according to research seventhday adventist lives 10 years longer than the average person.
email Email
email Email 9 months ago
Actually they find that nuns live the longest more than anyone in the whole world into their 100's
Renan Cevallos
Renan Cevallos 10 months ago
everything he said may work.except go out and breath the air and trust...this days the air is poisoned by those chemtrail...is real ..hard to believe.
Sangeetha akshay
Sangeetha akshay 8 months ago
What we give will definitely return to us back.. so try to trust 1st so automatically all vil trust each other
Madison Dohnt
Madison Dohnt 10 months ago
How important is mental health! My non-negotiable is that I have to go to gym at least every Saturday morning to start my weekend in a good mindset!
Jeannie Campbell
Jeannie Campbell 10 months ago
love the way he expresses himself thank you ...love this video
K Moses
K Moses 11 months ago
Simple but true
bro perfect
bro perfect 11 months ago
So simple things but doing hard
Glenn Robinson
Glenn Robinson 11 months ago
Some parts of the world there's extremely low levels of sunshine, so...
Glenn Robinson
Glenn Robinson 11 months ago
How on earth can some people get enough sunshine. Office workers etc who live closer to the poles. Get real. Dont put burdens on people they cant bear or live up to you dimwit.
Shafiul Abid
Shafiul Abid 11 months ago
Nice sir..... I Do
Albert Albert
Albert Albert 11 months ago
excercise, water and sun are good? How come Vampires live thousands of year lying still inside a coffin?
Rajesh d m
Rajesh d m 11 months ago
Include meditation in your subject...
Rajesh d m
Rajesh d m 11 months ago
@V. Dargain you dont know proper meaning of meditation..its not for rest..this have lot of meaning in it.. you can study about pathanjali maharshi..there are lots of books available what are all the benefits in meditation they reaveld
V. Dargain
V. Dargain 11 months ago
Meditation would be classified under rest , because you are deliberately putting yourself into a restful state
Shubham Vibhuti
Shubham Vibhuti 11 months ago
Kurious Beats
Kurious Beats 11 months ago
“We live in a society”
Michael Nawrot
Michael Nawrot 11 months ago
Can you give a source for the research about gathering together giving 14 years more life expectancy? Id like to look deeper into that :)
Sean Scott
Sean Scott 11 months ago
Hail Hydra!
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 8 months ago
I can do this all day..
Graham Trave
Graham Trave 11 months ago
He could be right ... Could have just said.. Moderation in everything and surround yourself wth people you love and who love you.
Mel D
Mel D 11 months ago
Good talk but could have maintained a neutral accent
Jenny g
Jenny g Year ago
mighty meat gang
is that pitbull?
email Email
email Email Year ago
Kay Crowder
Kay Crowder 9 months ago
That goes in with Trust
email Email
email Email Year ago
Excellent refresher
email Email
email Email 11 months ago
@V. Dargain I'm glad I got that correct LOL
V. Dargain
V. Dargain 11 months ago
Correct .
kevindanielpg Year ago
1. Nutrition: Acording to centenarian studies eat beans. 2. Exercise: It produces good neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, etc. 3. Water: Helps with the transport of triptophane. 4. Sunshine: It helps you sleep, and it helps with the pain. 5. Temperance: Equilibrium or Ecuanimity of experience, for example don't abuse Drinking Alcohol/Coffe and don't smoke cigars 6. Air: Spend time Outdoors/Nature. 7. Rest: Don't Overwork, basically you're not a machine, you need it. 8. Trust: have Friends, Family, a Community that you love and loves you, that and a Purpose. This is a bad resume but a I try to summarize it as simple as I could so you don't have to see all the talk, its quite boring.
Richard Harris
Richard Harris 6 months ago
@kevindanielpg, Your "bad" resume looks fine with me :D The video was fine with me, but Thanks anyway for your Cliff Notes/Summary of the video
Doa Alhajaj
Doa Alhajaj 7 months ago
Thanks saved me time
Sonia Kiran
Sonia Kiran 8 months ago
Thanks for putting up this helpful list.
keecefly 8 months ago
@barrel dreamz 🖕 😶
barrel dreamz
barrel dreamz 8 months ago
@keecefly "sane"
Gabriel HH
Gabriel HH Year ago
What a poor talk! Some generalizations
Lean 10 months ago
Too obvious not Ted talk material at least for me sorry.
email Email
email Email Year ago
Lol. It's a concise list. I think it was good
Wendy Manson
Wendy Manson Year ago
Thank you so much for this.
V. Dargain
V. Dargain 11 months ago
Yes . Thanks ! I'm getting the help I need , but hearing it reinforced is also a help .
Casanova Casanova
This guy cant even keep his hair.. first grow some hair .
Asma Ali
Asma Ali 11 months ago
Stop the personal attack
Casanova Casanova
Casanova Casanova 11 months ago
asma dirrir shame on your mom
Asma Ali
Asma Ali 11 months ago
Shame on U
email Email
email Email Year ago
David Wilder
David Wilder Year ago
Sound advice.👍
Beknazar Suranchiyev
Thanks! My picks: 1. Water 2. Exercise 3. Temperance 4. Trust
Bobby Axel
Bobby Axel Year ago
Nice pics
Livon Diramerian
Good lecture.
Marion Fiedler Music
I clicked on this video by coincidence during my jogging session. Feeling goooood now as I cherish the jogging hours especially when I feel sad. Thanks for sharing these principles. I will ponder on them. This was precious.
Paul Clay
Paul Clay Year ago
I like this, although it is a bit difficult to remember what all the letters stand for! Maybe there should be one for things we should consider stopping or reducing, as they can harm mental health - S-T-O-P (S - Social Media, T- Texting (addicted to your mobile phone) Obesity (too much sugar and refined carbs) P - Procrastination). OK, perhaps as contrived as NEWSTART, but worth a try :-)
Paul Clay
Paul Clay 11 months ago
@email Email I agree, I don't, but many people I come across seem to need pointing in the right direction to sort their lives out.
email Email
email Email 11 months ago
You don't need all of those abbreviations to remember how to live.
Gabriel P.
Gabriel P. Year ago
Now that OZ has spoken, I think he thinks to practice his English. Nothing new here. Learn to enunciate. Go back to school. Really you must be joking me, go listen to Allan Watts for a little piece of mind/ trust.
Lean 10 months ago
@GRUNDID I just posted a comment in the same line of thinking without reading yours. This guy is a Dr he is not serious, terrible accent. His introduction was full of mistakes . This talk is very basic .
yvonne blake
yvonne blake Year ago
This sound like our Adventist Health Message :-)
Freen Nutricion Funcional
Excelente conferencia, explicada con claridad y simpleza. Muy bien. Muchas gracias.
Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive Year ago
I believe in a higher power, common sense!
Cesare Hip then Hop then Hip
But do you believe in lower power? Make any sense?
Simon Liebe
Simon Liebe Year ago
"Allow" and "let me share" x 50. Allow someone to look through you script,.
Simon Liebe
Simon Liebe Year ago
@Catherine Schmitt exactly. No one is perfect. Some less some more. We should never comment when we are annoyed. True that.
Catherine Schmitt
I think you meant to say "your." Maybe you should proof read before you comment.
Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive Year ago
Allow me to comment. Share hope.
Chris Manzi
Chris Manzi Year ago
They asked the oldest woman in the world was asked on TV what's the secret for living so long, she said " Being Regular"
Kilian Schulz
Kilian Schulz Year ago
Lol. Can you expand on your definition of that?
Harles Balanta
Nothing new here, although totally disagree with the need to invoke higher power.
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke 11 months ago
Why Not Now I invoked my higher power in Lapland to bring me a bike when I was a kid, it really worked!! The manifestations have dried up since I got into double figures! Higher power blah blah belongs in NA/AA where a little self delusion can be beneficial. Any serious person should avoid religious beliefs and dogma!
Harles Balanta
Know the word without understanding it, go to wars based on the holy books, the child may not touch the flame of the candle out of respect, but won't really understand why until it touch it, you were not suppose to know the answers, you were suppose to get there by yourself, any wishful thinking any imaginative support will only create confusion, use logical critical thinking and get there by yourself. Goooosh I really was hoping not to have to expand on this, hope you get it tho.
Why Not Now
Why Not Now Year ago
@Harles Balanta how does your answer to his question address or discount the need to to invoke a higher power ?
Harles Balanta
@Richard Merchan of course, many, Richard I hope you can understand using few words, (Knowledge without understanding is counterproductive) what's the use of many years more of life if are to be use to bump gains the same rock.
Richard Merchan
Any valid reason for ypur disagreement?
Jason Earley
Jason Earley Year ago
I do this automatically or subconsciously, but I don’t buy the god stuff . My purpose is music and art. No gods needed, those are man made ideologies help nothing but destroys people’s mental stability.
Jacob Naofal
Jacob Naofal 9 months ago
@c moriarty well said
c moriarty
c moriarty 11 months ago
I understand that not everybody is into the God Stuff. There are 12 Step organizations such as AA, OA, GA, EA, etc., and at their core of their recovery is a belief in a Higher Power. Faith in a Higher Power is the key that opens the door to a happier and healthier life.
Cor B
Cor B Year ago
@Richard Merchan Nonsense, you seem to suggest that no "believer" (in any of the 5000 or so "gods") can have any mental issues.
Richard Merchan
The God stuff is not something you buy, is something you experience otherwise you will continue having mental inbalances, that applies to every human.
Jake Costanza
Jake Costanza Year ago
70% of our bodies is made of water, why not drown, then?
Richard Merchan
Good point, it is a miracle, dont you think?
Wellington Almeida
He lost me when he suggested we should believe in a "higher power". Please...
Richard Merchan
Maybe you have been lost for a long time, he is talking about mental health. Trust and faith are important factors in mental health for every human been, in all cultures and races.
Tom Nowlin
Tom Nowlin Year ago
Life is better with a little faith.
Sónia Cabecinhas
But he suggest it as a way to resonate with other people and to develop trust in what we do and create a purpose. You can other focus that gives you a way to not start to overthink or question everything... It may feel that you are just being a sheep, and maybe you are, but it reduces anxieties you may have about purpose.
Michael Mallal
Physiology is fascinating. Opening up hospital wards was promoted by Florence Nightingale. I trust Trump, Xi Jinping and Kim.
Nikhita Prabhudesai
The 8 principles seem incredibly obvious at first, but they've become increasing hard to incorporate into our lives lately! Thanks for the reminder dan banos!
Abhihsek B
Abhihsek B 3 months ago
hard to incorporate ? just cycle to work.. you will get air sunshine nutition ( because of hunger ) water exercise almost everything
Astrology Yoga
Astrology Yoga 6 months ago
its easier to post a typical comment. but, i want to point out how lucky we are in india. the purpose. the sunshine, the sleep, the veg diet, the temperance, the trust.
Rose J
Rose J 9 months ago
@Tash Super.Sweet There's probably a TEDX or RUvid video answering your question / concern.
LISA MOORE 10 months ago
Yes you must change your life style. Or your brain will suffer. Prioritize brain health or personality disorders kick in. It can also lead to more severe mental illness like scizophinea
Tash Super.Sweet
Agree Nikhita. The question is then; why have we made our lives so difficult that it becomes hard to implement/live such natural principles? Maybe it is sound to look at our lives in general and first reduce what makes them complicated. Then secondly, incorporate (one by one) these 8 principles
Sukamto Kamto
Sukamto Kamto Year ago
Thanku very much for your explanation
Esteban Chiarella
Weeeeena loco!
Storm Meridian Dee The Broccoli Fox
Would love to see a more in depth TED Talk on this subject.
Brian Gomes
Brian Gomes Year ago
1. Water 2. Nutrition 3. Air 4. Sunshine 5. Rest 6. Temperance 7. Trust 8. Excercise
Geetha Kannan
Geetha Kannan Year ago
Enjoyed every minute of this talk and Appreciate you. Very well Explained . Thanks
Muhammad Ameen
Brian Gomes 7 is new to me !
Barbara K
Barbara K Year ago
Much more than just these i think..
Michael Mallal
Maslow discussed this I think.
joshua tolliver
you forgot exercise
clara night
clara night Year ago
But what can we do if our water is toxic containing fluoride, our food is toxic containing chemicals and fluoride, our air is toxic from chemtrails containing heavy metals like aluminum, barium and fluoride. Plus, all adults have been vaccinated with toxins like mercury... and fluoride is a neurotoxine.
email Email
email Email Year ago
@Corporeal Being 😆
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans Year ago
@David Smith no.. their not when people from the military have taken pictures of it.. Its real..
David Smith
David Smith Year ago
Chemtrail are a myth
Corporeal Being
@clara night well then, it looks like a couple of your concerns have already been dealt with. As for additional toxins, fasting can help your body eliminate those, and I've heard that Chlorella can help remove metals from your body (but you may want to verify this, as I haven't dug too deeply into it yet).
clara night
clara night Year ago
@Corporeal Being i have a filter and a garden but what to do to the fluoride in the air?
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