8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations

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8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
Celebrities care about their image more than we can possibly imagine. From all of the eyes on them from fans to the media it can be pretty understandable why so many celebrities like Cardi B or even the Kardashians would get cosmetic work done to improve their looks. Some of these celebrities altered their appearances beyond belief and spent over 5 figures on some parts of their bodies! Be sure to leave a like and comment the keyword to enter the giveaway!
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May 3, 2019

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Comments 2 417
Tami Delaney
Tami Delaney 3 hours ago
If I had the money I would get shit done to!!!
Queen Noochie
Queen Noochie 11 hours ago
You all sick in the head.,, God made us in his image so shame on you losers
Ashley Wills
Ashley Wills 16 hours ago
Dolly Parton
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva 4 days ago
Wth is a Maawtreeark? It’s may-tree-ark🙄
Gakiya Berry
Gakiya Berry 6 days ago
Firstly cardi is NOT called the queen of rap she just started no shade to cardi n also she did admit to surgery 🥴??
Frankie Renea Ward
Cardi’s had a lot of surgery now smh.
Mochi 12 days ago
Lil Kim didn't go from black to white. She went from black to ASIAN. seriously, I'm a Asian girl, and I thought she was Asian the first time I saw her. I thought she was a ABG, meaning she just had a certain style of makeup that made her look like that
tazerdemt 13 days ago
Cardi B is not a beautiful woman, quite the opposite
Krazyness ***
Krazyness *** 13 days ago
Teisha B-more
Teisha B-more 13 days ago
you forgot about the nyc socialite dubbed the cat lady.
Doctor Mashigo
Doctor Mashigo 14 days ago
Megan Fox..... Are you really that stupid from being the most beautiful women in the world to this.... Fuckkk fucking
Aliyah Atchison
Aliyah Atchison 14 days ago
I like your video but you got one thing wrong cardi B is not the queen of rap Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap cardi B is an amazing artist but she still has a long way to go before she takes Nicky's crown and I don't think that will ever happen she's maybe the princess of rap but not the queen of rap
Hoda Haddad
Hoda Haddad 14 days ago
Hey where are those men who did these things already?!
Joy Burke
Joy Burke 14 days ago
Stupid fucker keep MJ's name out of your mouth, He had a skin disease . He did not bleach his skin.
TA Lindsay
TA Lindsay 14 days ago
If you have the money, and you want to correct a few flaws.....do it.
Arianna Imbriglio
Arianna Imbriglio 14 days ago
Lil Kim ruined herself. She was amazingly beautiful BEFORE all that plastic surgery and skin bleaching
UNDER GRACE 14 days ago
Most Of them looked better before
Magali Castro
Magali Castro 14 days ago
Cardi b has always been open about surgery she has never denied it
Magali Rojas
Magali Rojas 14 days ago
Lol Kartrashian's what a waste of DNA.
Jeffrey Adams
Jeffrey Adams 14 days ago
Megan why did you do that???
Jeffrey Adams
Jeffrey Adams 14 days ago
Cardi ass and titts are plastic
Sariah Lace
Sariah Lace 14 days ago
Cardi b,is not pretty to me.
Dabney Fountain
Dabney Fountain 14 days ago
Biggest transformation...Crucified Jesus to risen Jesus.
That 1 RedHead Girl
Kim looked like Jafar from Aladdin until she found plastic surgery.
Sabrina Calvente
Sabrina Calvente 15 days ago
You forgot cardi did her tits dumass 😂😂😂😂
Luna Feirce
Luna Feirce 15 days ago
Michael Jackson DID NOT bleach his skin. Open your eyes he had VITILIGO
magentared666 15 days ago
sara4hayati 15 days ago
Cardi said she had her ass and her tits done where you getting your info
rkcjwm 15 days ago
N m NM nvc not nnmmnmmm NM NM m mm mmv nv not cbnc nn nb bh
kpop._.trash 15 days ago
Lmao *YES* you forgot someone NICKI MINAJ
A. G.
A. G. 15 days ago
She never said she didnt have plastic surgery...she talks about it all the time!!! Fake boobs and ass, liposuction!
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 15 days ago
At 8:36 Rob Kardashian was HOT!
Jaypee Alvarez
Jaypee Alvarez 15 days ago
Queen of Rap? Cardi B? Nahhh !
Jazz Jennings
Jazz Jennings 15 days ago
Why isn’t Nikita dragun on this list
Katerina 14 days ago
cuz HE'S trash
Queen TD
Queen TD 15 days ago
Moi S
Moi S 15 days ago
I would do my teeth if I had the money. It makes a big difference on your looks.
CoCo’s World
CoCo’s World 15 days ago
now THATS a transformation!
Mrs. Morgan
Mrs. Morgan 15 days ago
4:36 you ignorant pos Michael Jackson had a damn disease call vitiligo!!! Don’t speak bout things you know nothing about!
Aina Donaghy
Aina Donaghy 15 days ago
Vannessa M.
Vannessa M. 15 days ago
Cardi B had a boob job and a bbl now she has more
Toni Love
Toni Love 15 days ago
Shame Ms Osbourne couldn't do something about her personality
sass far
sass far 15 days ago
ur beautiful just the way u are
Gel Ian
Gel Ian 15 days ago
LeBronFan23 vs Michael Jackson Fan 1958-2009
ok so did he think michael jackson bleach his skin because FOR YOUR INFORMATION HE DIDNT, HE HAD A SKIN DISORDER CALLED VITILIGO WHICH RUINES THE PIGMENTATION OF THE SKIN, but if you think he didnt bleach his skin, respect for you
bloom 16 days ago
OMGStunning Styles
OMGStunning Styles 16 days ago
Cardi B has said from the beginning that she had her body done. She doesn’t deny it at all
Elisa Gareau
Elisa Gareau 16 days ago
As we can understand that, ces personnes ne s'aiment pas du tout telles qu'elles sont au naturel. So sad and fake people...
S. Clark
S. Clark 16 days ago
You left out Nikki Minaj. Not only did she surgically alter her entire face and body, she's been living in the closet too.
Wakana Vki Rachel
Wakana Vki Rachel 16 days ago
Khoi Maraj
Khoi Maraj 16 days ago
Cardi the queen of rap???? WHATTTTTTTT😂
Sophea Dutch
Sophea Dutch 16 days ago
I forgot about how Cardi B was looking before the teeth thing...dang!😳
Bullterrier’sMOM 16 days ago
I’m sorry but Bruce Jenner looks HIDEOUS
Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Martin 16 days ago
Nicki Minaj's queen of rap
Xon'Nique Williams
Xon'Nique Williams 16 days ago
Man little kim though, im sorry but she missed her self up, what did she want to be a white women?
Sunspot Dawn
Sunspot Dawn 16 days ago
None of these woman had surgery. The fake people did. Geez. That guy was never the real Bruce Jenner. Stop the madness.
AJA RizA 16 days ago
I like Megan so beautiful
Blanca Reyna
Blanca Reyna 16 days ago
I don't think there is anything wrong with plastic surgery..some people just go to far.
Rihards Svitins
Rihards Svitins 16 days ago
got a loads of money ..... hmmm what to do? today im gonna mess up myself :D
sara parrish
sara parrish 16 days ago
Meg Ryan! Ruined herself!
Cass 16 days ago
lil Kim ....
Rebecca Rugrat
Rebecca Rugrat 16 days ago
False info in the first 2 mins. Cardi b never claims shes only had her teeth done she even talks about her butt job in an interview on RUvid. More research needed musical meaning.
Rebecca Rugrat
Rebecca Rugrat 15 days ago
@Mrs. Morgan yes and it was even confirmed in his autopsy. Would of took seconds to find out.
Mrs. Morgan
Mrs. Morgan 15 days ago
Rebecca Rugrat he also says that Michael Jackson bleached his skin.. He didn’t he had a skin disease called vitiligo
Audrey Hoover
Audrey Hoover 16 days ago
Anyone else thinks that Megan Fox looked better before the surgery?
Karen A
Karen A 16 days ago
Meg Ryan went from hot to hideous! Mickey Rourke was a babe now he looks like Godzilla
Karen A
Karen A 16 days ago
Kendall and Kourtney are the only two that looks like they didnt have anything done.
Karen A
Karen A 16 days ago
Megan Fox was a bombshell BEFORE the surgery, like wth? Why did she feel like anything needed to be changed? Natural beauty. Now a plastic! Doggone shame
Pink Shukra
Pink Shukra 16 days ago
I want the new iPhone xmax pliz 😁😁😁😁 in gold
Pink Shukra
Pink Shukra 16 days ago
She doesn’t freakin look 72
Pink Shukra
Pink Shukra 16 days ago
Lil Kim is literally a different person
Pink Shukra
Pink Shukra 16 days ago
Fox was pretty the way she is I mean she wouldn’t have had any movie roles if she was ugly
In. Lms
In. Lms 16 days ago
Tbh, Megan fox is beautiful before and after surgery
Mojisola Shabi
Mojisola Shabi 16 days ago
First fact already incorrect. Cardi has always be honest about having cosmetic surgery.
Mosaic Paintings
Mosaic Paintings 16 days ago
Bruce is still kind of funky looking. The male gender he was born as is still there in his face.
soibim ubani
soibim ubani 16 days ago
Cardi b’s teeth was most worth it
soibim ubani
soibim ubani 16 days ago
Vinithi Vini
Vinithi Vini 16 days ago
Kylie looks a lot like Caitlyn and Kendall like Kris...
LadyJay882 16 days ago
Very deceptive thumbnail...
Sanja Trifunovic
Sanja Trifunovic 16 days ago
Meghan Fox...yikes! Totally wrong..... Sharon O. ....sorry, I know she’s done a lot but she really looks beautiful. Lil Kim....OMG.....the worst thing ever. Demi.....liar liar 🤥 pants on fire .....come on Demi, at least come clean about who you are........or trying to be
Sanja Trifunovic
Sanja Trifunovic 16 days ago
Cardi B... only her teeth? Lol 😂 And her nose, and boobs, and ass, and liposuction, and skin tone and uhhh.... can’t even continue
Sanja Trifunovic
Sanja Trifunovic 14 days ago
Sahara if you say so 🤥😂
Sahara 15 days ago
Cardi never got work done on her nose but she did get butt injections, breast implants and liposuction
NARRAJOKO 17 days ago
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars 17 days ago
Lil Kim was pretty now she looks like a freak.
Rajuggwggegeg Gentes
If you have the money, why not.....
Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans 17 days ago
Lil Kim looks like she switched ethnicities. You were beautiful Kimberely 😔
Mya Murphy
Mya Murphy 17 days ago
0:26 QUEEN!? OF RAP ? nicki baby i am so sorry .
gavin idah
gavin idah 17 days ago
Cc Cccobra50
Cc Cccobra50 17 days ago
Cardi B has told everyone she got her butt done - by a "doctor" in Queens, NY. So yes she has had things done to her body.
Pat Earehart
Pat Earehart 17 days ago
Surgery for vanity purposes is addictive.
Trish Hill
Trish Hill 17 days ago
A lot of these women were beautiful and didn't need any of this. Now everyone looks the same basically. Jenner looks horrible! He looks like a man trying to look like a woman.
Trish Hill
Trish Hill 17 days ago
Omg! Cardi B... what an ugly dress! 🤣 Megan Fox was way prettier before the surgeries! She was stunningly beautiful. Not that she's not now but I'm surprised!
Tamia Scott
Tamia Scott 17 days ago
4:23OMG his voice sounds like a tik tok meme
Ashley Pardo
Ashley Pardo 17 days ago
For your information Michael Jackson had vitiligo ok so get your story straight
Ferxani.xo 17 days ago
Cardi b has said on her Instagram before that she has gotten plastic surgery on her butt and her breasts 🤦🏾‍♀️ next time don’t lie... which is why I’m not even finishing this video.. who knows what other lies that they’re telling
Raimery Llanes
Raimery Llanes 17 days ago
An aid to self-esteem is not bad 😁 , for those who can afford it 😭. I hope the Google has translated very well 😌
Micahla Clark
Micahla Clark 17 days ago
Cardi b admitted to plastic surgery like on her boobs to
Brenna Nelson
Brenna Nelson 17 days ago
The only surgery I think I’d spend money on would be my teeth
Eleni-Lydia Stamellou
you can stay younger with healthy food and excercise and you don't have to be rich for that, plastic surgery only makes you look worse
Brenna Nelson
Brenna Nelson 17 days ago
Cardi also has a fake ass and boobs😂
craziism 17 days ago
Y’all always get on little Kim but it’s much deeper than just I don’t feel pretty, idk it just bothers me to hear people discuss it because some of it was out of her hands from what has been reported. Also the fact that he said it was easier to sympathize with Sharon Osborne and not Kim also is upsetting considering she along with almost all the other women dealt with insecurities. A quick google search would have explained numerous reasonas to why she looks how she does now outside of simple plastic surgery. He gave plenty of background to Sharon’s situation would’ve been nice to hear about Kim’s. I’m not angry or anything I just felt like that wasn’t really fair
Venus Dahlin
Venus Dahlin 17 days ago
I don't see anything wrong with plastic surgery. If you want something done and have the means to do so then go for it. However I don't feel like this is something you need to hide. In particular when there is a notable difference in the before and after picture.
Ohh thatt’s Layy
Ohh thatt’s Layy 17 days ago
She is NOT the queen of rap lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
D W 17 days ago
WHY THE F black people like to BLEACH THEIR SKIN???
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