8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations

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8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
Celebrities care about their image more than we can possibly imagine. From all of the eyes on them from fans to the media it can be pretty understandable why so many celebrities like Cardi B or even the Kardashians would get cosmetic work done to improve their looks. Some of these celebrities altered their appearances beyond belief and spent over 5 figures on some parts of their bodies! Be sure to leave a like and comment the keyword to enter the giveaway!
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May 3, 2019




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Comments 2 821
jennifer herr
Try more then 500,000 Demi. X 3
jennifer herr
I have PTSD when the best athlete of his time transformed to a female? Biggest betrayal!
Olga Martin
Olga Martin Day ago
Problem with la la land is they want to strive to look plastic
Melody Paxton
Melody Paxton 2 days ago
Kaitlyn is still Bruce. Period.
Joanne Ross
Joanne Ross 2 days ago
Oh my god you look bad you looks bad you look bloody bad oh my god You steely look bad xxxxxx
just mee
just mee 4 days ago
cardi b is beautiful no matter what😑
Paula Morra
Paula Morra 10 days ago
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox 18 days ago
Ok so basically we all know what women would do if they had plastic surgery, but what about the dudes?? What would a man have done if anything!? DONT LIE! Tell the truth!!! Lol
Shawna Horn
Shawna Horn 18 days ago
Demmy more is a fucking pedo she fucking tongue kissed that child in that interview fucking typical hollyweird behavior
Blitzen 01
Blitzen 01 18 days ago
And she is still ugly.
Christopher Carson
Christopher Carson 20 days ago
Ariana Grande was the most shocking... oh wait!
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 21 day ago
I'm glad I was alone when the clock moved 0:37 forward... I yelled, "OOOHHHH, Wooaah!"
Kaylei Burke
Kaylei Burke 29 days ago
People who don't like Megan Fox are just threatened by her. She's a strong woman who doesn't feel the need to have a filter, and I admire her for that.
Tim McGee
Tim McGee 29 days ago
Sharon Osborne looks puffy. Just puffy.
Tyler Kingsford
Tyler Kingsford 29 days ago
No matter how much money that Cardi B creature spends, she will forever be a cunty mess.
dtopandgo 29 days ago
cardi b is not a beautiful woman
Karl Burdak
Karl Burdak Month ago
Cher is 72?!?!?!?!
kejajko Month ago
Michael Jackson didn't bleach his skin, he had a skin disease...
Mikayla Irvin
Mikayla Irvin Month ago
Lil Kim looking like a man in drag lol
Krista Johnson
Krista Johnson Month ago
Don't even like Michael but he didn't bleach he did a bunch of other stuff not bleaching though.
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier Month ago
damn lil used to be so fuckin sexy what happened?
Emily white
Emily white Month ago
Michael Jackson had viligo for the last time Michael never bleached his skin!!!
playmyjams 18 days ago
It's called vitiligo, but we get it! 😂🤣✌
deepalika tewari
Megan fox was beautiful earlier
Aurora Myth
Aurora Myth Month ago
well, to me, I like Megan's acting, example in Transformer, she is not afraid of the mud, the dirt rather than only wants to look like barbie doll in Transformer.
a dude
a dude Month ago
I swear Cardi has said she's had surgery???? Did she not literally put it in one of her songs???
nas taran
nas taran Month ago
You have to consider that plastic surgery I mean any beauty surgery is very expensive in US ,I think that is why usually celeb can afford it ,but in my country middle class also can afford cosmetic surgery
Danette Bixler
Danette Bixler Month ago
Lina Jose
Lina Jose Month ago
Cardi B is not beautiful at All! She’s just nasty individual with no morals that’s famous and rich!
Nnamdi Nmesoma
Nnamdi Nmesoma Month ago
Kathrina Month ago
I hate these videos
directioner videos
Los AraMed
Los AraMed Month ago
0:18 #8 Cardi B 1:22 #7 Megan Fox 2:38 #6 Sharon Osbourne 3:55 #5 Lil Kim 5:08 #4 Demi Moore 6:20 #3 Cher 7:16 #2 Caitlyn Jenner 8:10 #1 The Kardashians Jenner I want my like 👍👇❤
Selina Evans
Selina Evans Month ago
Wow i never knew that megan fox did surgery. I always thought she's a natural beauty 😱
Reeba Tanver
Reeba Tanver Month ago
No offence but kim looked like she's 50 years old at 9:00
Michelle Redd
Michelle Redd Month ago
Hell I won't lie I'd have something done if I could afford it and it didn't involve anesthesia and stitches. My tummy tucked, my thighs liposucked. Nothing involving my butt, I like that it's round, sits up high, with a shelf. Don't mess with perfection and I'm 61 years young.
charlo Baljon
charlo Baljon Month ago
they won't stop until they look like dinosaur.lol.
Kyara Felix
Kyara Felix Month ago
Celebrity 600$ NOTIFICATION SQUAD!!!!
Grace Wallace
Grace Wallace Month ago
I like old Kim better
Kimberly Rose
Kimberly Rose Month ago
8:13 Kim Jenner
Monique Brown
Monique Brown Month ago
The Kardashians are fake looking old whores who dress up as racially ambiguous women to black fish. Gross.
Maria C. LopezdeAvelar
I am sorry.about Megan Fox. She was extremely beautiful before surgery.
dankie poo
dankie poo Month ago
u had me invested until u said she was the "MOTT-triarch of the family"
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili 2 months ago
I think Megan Fox went to the plastic surgeon and said “Hey can you make me look as close to Famke Jansen as possible?”
RemiT Majeed
RemiT Majeed 2 months ago
What about Renee Zellweger and Nicki Minaj ?
baby doll
baby doll 2 months ago
Why does it hurt people when some people have plastic surgery? Its their money and their body,not yours!!!!!
Thalia Rosa
Thalia Rosa 2 months ago
Cardi b looks like vin diesel
Victoria Levitt
Victoria Levitt 2 months ago
cardi b looked like that ?????????????? ........
bea colon
bea colon 2 months ago
Thumbs down not because of the commentator but the subject
Elisa sarra
Elisa sarra 2 months ago
Did this dude just say that the average person makes $40k per yr?
kk1209 2 months ago
Cardi B 's transformation was worth it. However, in any other country she could have gotten the same procedures with the same result at a fraction of the money she spent. But who cares, she's rich.
Dominique Juliette
Dominique Juliette 2 months ago
Although it is good to remind young women/men that cosmetic procedures aren't REQUIRED, this video is insensitive and disrespectful of the personal wishes of individuals. Bruce Jenner did not get surgery to LOOK like Caitlyn, she identifies as a woman and chose to make these changes to feel more comfortable in her own body and functionally BECOME Caitlyn in her own eyes; it is disrespectful at best to assume it's about looks. Similarly, making fun of these women like Demi Moore for getting surgeries on "parts of her body no one sees" (no matter how much money she spent) only enforces the heinous misconception that those who opt for cosmetic alterations do it for the viewing pleasure of others; MOST people who undergo these procedures--especially outside of celebrities whose JOB it is to look a certain way--do so for themselves and own satisfaction. I do agree though that, amongst celebrities, we need more transparency on the subject in order to stop the glorification of unobtainable body ideals.
Deepmala Janorkar
Deepmala Janorkar 2 months ago
nthabeleng letanta
nthabeleng letanta 2 months ago
Nicki Minaj was supposed to be on the list
Kelly Reeves
Kelly Reeves 2 months ago
Lil Kim looks like the girl mj
OT7RM 2 months ago
Everyone doing plastic surgery meanwhile I don’t even wear makeup at 20
Jillis Roshanali
Jillis Roshanali 2 months ago
Dumd clickbait
T Rowe.23
T Rowe.23 2 months ago
Cardi B literally rapped" Gotta bag and fixed my teeth". 😆😆
Marga Diaz
Marga Diaz 2 months ago
Great video!
Cheryl Guerra
Cheryl Guerra 2 months ago
Sherie Hollis
Sherie Hollis 2 months ago
Vee Lovely
Vee Lovely 2 months ago
Bruce need to get something to shave down those wide shoulders ! He still look like a man ! 🤨
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