8 GRUNGE HAIRSTYLES - 90's | Andrea Vegas

Andrea Vegas
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HOLAA A TODOOOS! Hoy os traigo 8 peinados grunge de los 90! Espero que os guste el video!
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Feb 27, 2018




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Comments 1 903
My PFP Is a C.
I was 13 in 92, and no girl had hair like this.
Vanna Taatac
Vanna Taatac Day ago
Sei fazer porra nenhuma
Chip Animates
Chip Animates 4 days ago
I would do these but like A N X I E T Y AND C O N F I D E N C E SAID N O
Setsady 16 days ago
F por las que tenemos cabello corto
Celeste Brown
Celeste Brown 21 day ago
I have short hair so why am i watching this lol
eliana yvonne
eliana yvonne 24 days ago
*cries in curly hair*
s i n n e r;
s i n n e r; 26 days ago
Sabrina Spellman?
Mocha _Milkshake
Mocha _Milkshake 26 days ago
Oh another cool one is where you braid one half of you head in a bunch of little braids!
Leticia Neal
Leticia Neal 28 days ago
I was grunge (among other) in the 90s as a teen and never saw any girl with their hair like these styles, except last one if going to a punk show. Infact most of the time our hair was just worn down and plainish... Maybe it was different where you live or whoever u knew was grunge in the 90s but definately not where i was( CALI). Infact a couple of these styles was more cheer leader than anything and one was vatho. But they are cute.
LadybugGirlShow Month ago
i am 8yre old girl and i did these and i look the same
Angelo Muñoz
Angelo Muñoz Month ago
You look a lot like Billie Eilish
Faded_ Abyss
Faded_ Abyss 20 days ago
espresso depresso
she kinda looks like Nancy Wheeler not gon lie
sad eyes
sad eyes Month ago
Lmao Crystal Lindy copy
atika Month ago
Oh, dear. I hate the new "grungy" style, real grunge was just not giving a fuck about how you look like. This is an e-girl, not a real grunge.
Keren Hapuc
Keren Hapuc Month ago
Hermosa! Me encantaron todos
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Graciiias!! Me alegro❤️
Sanne yeet
Sanne yeet Month ago
Ibhave curly hair so idk if this gonna work but its worth a try
It looks so easy but it is not easy :D takes me years to make my hair like that
Rhence Omigan
Rhence Omigan Month ago
You diddnt even know that shes hurting about your coments stop teasing her and i think you need to stop judding her and if shes billie why she had a differrent name like wth stop hating😕😫💔
Rhence Omigan
Rhence Omigan Month ago
Andrea Vegas no problem btw. Your so beutifull😄💖
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Thank u!❤️ I don't understand why people get mad at that I never said that I look like a billie
Sophie Dejongé
Sophie Dejongé Month ago
*cries in big forehead*
Dua Siddiqui
Dua Siddiqui Month ago
99% comments: stop saying she looks like billie eilish! 1% comments: I wish I could be this pretty! *why I can't find the one actually calling her billie eilish!!!*
_Crazy_ Psycho_
_Crazy_ Psycho_ Month ago
Im in love with your hair color 😍😩
aurora Month ago
shes so pretty but the way she was posing gave me cancer
// look alive //
*cries in messy curly hair*
Xanath Rojas
Xanath Rojas Month ago
The last hairstyle is so Björk! I love it
Andioop Month ago
I just have ONE problem.... I have bangs...........
Immature Izzy
Immature Izzy Month ago
Going to a rock n roll themed NYE party tonight and I really wanted a 90s grunge inspired look. Thank you for all the creative hairstyles!! Definitely great for inspo.
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Thankk uuu😍❤️
Debra Garcia
Debra Garcia Month ago
But the question is *Would you wear these in public?*
Pastel Affection
I wore the 3:50 one many times in public so yeah lmao.
plz go away
plz go away Month ago
I have curly hair so none of these are gonna work
Kiki moore
Kiki moore Month ago
I have curly hair and none of this is possible
Xxsarahi_garcia Month ago
*cries with brown long thick hair* 😭
* Nox *
* Nox * Month ago
Song name?
Lucifer in Barbie
Para nada son grunge estos hairstyles lpm
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Es grunge inspirado en los 90, no confundas
rawr XD
rawr XD Month ago
am i the only one getting serious billie vibes from her lmaoo
Kerstyn Glass
Kerstyn Glass 2 months ago
*cries in curly hair*
Yoongi’s Chubby Cheeks
*has short hair* I suck
JENNY 2 months ago
I’m like “I wanna try thaaaat” And my short hair says “hell no”
Viktória Kovács
Viktória Kovács 2 months ago
Wow, you are outstandingly beautiful.
h i
h i 2 months ago
Gay Cheatham
Gay Cheatham 2 months ago
4:16 is literally what my hair looks like right now
Saige Elizabeth
Saige Elizabeth 2 months ago
When 6 is you’re everyday hairstyle😂
Shizuka Kuwanomi
Shizuka Kuwanomi 2 months ago
Abbacchio ._.xd I loved this video nwn
Lory E.
Lory E. 2 months ago
*1. Don't use a comb*
Lazer-EXE 2 months ago
I buzzed my hair off five months ago why am i looking at this? I don't have any god damn hair lmao
Taylor Fugere
Taylor Fugere 2 months ago
low-key see looks like billie
Tsurugi 2 months ago
Leí "Cringe" :ww
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez 2 months ago
If you search "90s hairstyles" nothing 90s comes up but this is ACTUALLY IT thank you lol
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Thank uu♥️
Mars Nicole
Mars Nicole 2 months ago
Why did I know that there would be zero grunge music in the background?! 😭
Irene Bavaro
Irene Bavaro 2 months ago
Nobody "grunge" wore their hair like that in the 90's.
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Elamorde tuvida
Elamorde tuvida 2 months ago
Yo me quiero hacer el de los moñitos o colitas, pero me hacen ver tierna, como una nena de 5 años, y no me gusta :c
ThatRandom Watermelon
I look bad in all of themmmm. Why can’t I be pretty like youuuuuuuuu
Aïda DeSouza-Nianduillet
I thought she was Sabrina for a minute
Samira Guevara
Samira Guevara 2 months ago
Aquí solo hay puros comentarios en ingles *seriously* 😑😐
Panic! at the beebo
Panic! at the beebo 2 months ago
*suffers in side shave*
Camille Smith
Camille Smith 2 months ago
I wish my hair wasn’t layered. It’d make it a lot easier to do any hairstyle pretty much.
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts 2 months ago
*COMMENTS* 55%- People complaining about people who say she looks like Billie Eillish 25%- Random stuff/complimentss 20%- She looks like Billie Eillish
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts 2 months ago
I don't get why people are getting mad at people for saying she looks like Billie Eillish... They are just saying that her hair colour sort of looks like Billie's. They are not saying Billie invented the colour at all. P.s. You look really pretty!
Andrea Vegas
Andrea Vegas Month ago
Thank uuu🙏🏼❤️
Lou qia
Lou qia 3 months ago
you look like Kiernan Shipka
*** liz
*** liz 3 months ago
𝗖𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆 𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗿 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗼 𝗶 𝘄𝗮𝘀𝗵 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲
*** liz
*** liz Month ago
Pastel Affection ty for the advice💗
Pastel Affection
Washing it all the time actually makes it worse, cause it "removes" the natural oils in the hair that then will start producing more, that's why your hair is greasy. I suggest you to wash it like only 2/3 days a week.
Lelouch vi Britannia
Nothing for boys
Valeria Rdz
Valeria Rdz 3 months ago
Chale, en estos casos es triste tener el pelo largo, porque sabes que ninguno de estos peinados te quedarán bien con tus mega mechones de pelo :((
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