8 Explosive Love & Hip Hop: New York Reunion Moments💥 @VH1 Ranked

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Throughout the years, shoes, words, and feathers have flown on the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion stage. These are the craziest moments of all.
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Mar 10, 2020




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Comments 80
VH1 Love & Hip Hop
VH1 Love & Hip Hop 3 months ago
TIMECODES 0:20 - Rich Dollaz vs Safaree 1:40 - Erica Mena vs Nya Lee 3:02 - Cardi B vs Peter Gunz 4:30 - Joe Budden vs Consequence 10:39 - Somaya Reece vs Rich Dollar 14:25 - Yandy vs Samantha & Erika 17:20 - Remy Ma vs Brittney Taylor 20:26 - Cardi B vs Asia
not that serious
not that serious 11 hours ago
@Rocky Rae because her and her sister fought a black woman ?
not that serious
not that serious 11 hours ago
You mean Taharihy 😭🤣
Chelseaxamber c-e
Lmao you fr gave your subscribers a reason to not watch then entire video ... weird flex but ok
reggie wolfpac
reggie wolfpac Month ago
@Joy Anderson Yo He Stole Joe Budden in the back of his head HA HA.
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty Month ago
@Rocky Rae how though? She is literally doing exactly what she was trying to tell Tara and Amina not to do!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jazemine Silas
Jazemine Silas 40 minutes ago
Consequence new teeth too big for his mouth ...
Bella 123
Bella 123 3 hours ago
Cardi b such a 🐄 very uneducated
Ronda Green
Ronda Green 6 hours ago
Wait, wait wait. Ain't Dream brittney's friend? Why ain't she say shit when allat went down? But it is what it is.
Kam Milly
Kam Milly 8 hours ago
Finally somebody smacked that man 😭😭😭😭
not that serious
not that serious 11 hours ago
Taharihy popped the ish out of him
Sa'-Mya Owens
Sa'-Mya Owens 12 hours ago
To be honest with you I can't stand this damn host like they dry ass shit
Koda Cl
Koda Cl 13 hours ago
Joe was being nice the first time this other dude is plain stupid
Strawberry Cheesecake
I hope all these people got health insurance, cause these reunions are risky
Vivian Espinoza
Vivian Espinoza 21 hour ago
Haha joe budden crazy af
Richard Krishendath
The last one I watch I watched it a thousand times
Samantha Wauls
Cardi b stood up for them women
model marc
model marc Day ago
erica been ran through since mobb deep was teenagers.....read the book....
Lâ Carters
Lâ Carters 2 days ago
Bring Monique back as the host please lmao
Nigeria Parker
Nigeria Parker 2 days ago
Nya Lee swing was off.
T. E. Burgos
T. E. Burgos 2 days ago
Why are so many women in certain communities so misogynistic? Calling a man "vagina" in order to insult him and demean him is indeed sexist and misogynistic. Why would "acting like a woman" be an insult? Are these women not understanding that this is the kind of sexist shit that is internalized and that shows up when you least expect it? If you want men to respect you because you believe that women are powerful queens, why then call a man "a woman" with the purpose of insulting him? That does not make sense. Women who do that are perpetuating the notion that being a woman is bad.
Michele Goodes
Michele Goodes 2 days ago
It's called, "Respect" not, "Respek." Aretha Franklin even spelled it out for you.
Shenelia Davey
Shenelia Davey 2 days ago
Is teeth thou💔
Shenelia Davey
Shenelia Davey 2 days ago
Did you see he shut the lady up fr
Shenelia Davey
Shenelia Davey 2 days ago
She missed thou👀
Khalifa Muhammad
Khalifa Muhammad 2 days ago
I will never forget when cardi let loose on Peter lmaoooo
Jazzyonthebeat !
Jazzyonthebeat ! 2 days ago
Damm he didn’t have to sneak him
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace 3 days ago
Asia was wayyyy prettier than cardi. I think Cardi felt some type of way.
jsein09 3 days ago
Waiting for the day someone pops rich in the face
Soulful loner 23
Soulful loner 23 3 days ago
Jada BoBada
Jada BoBada 3 days ago
I bet peter guns know who Cardi is NOOOWWW💯💯🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Naissa's World
Naissa's World 3 days ago
Joe Budden was fine 🤤
Naissa's World
Naissa's World 3 days ago
Safaree defended Erica and they weren’t even together yet wow maybe it was fate
TIL LA 3 days ago
They always miss Everytime they swing on someone or throw something at some body besides a drink they miss. whats up with that? let's make some connections pls. lol
Notthefather 4 days ago
Somaya made Rich walk off the stage but he gonna "charge" at Safaree.😂
melanin princess 101
Rich dollaz needs to retire
Y O 4 days ago
AdoreKi3rra ༄
AdoreKi3rra ༄ 4 days ago
20:35 I’m deaddddd
Beloved Gifts
Beloved Gifts 4 days ago
Consequence wife looked so disappointed 😂😂😂😩
Trendsetter5420 4 days ago
M N B Society
M N B Society 4 days ago
I love how Cardi defended Amina and Tara ❤👏 She right... You wanna teach your daughters to tolerate men treating them like ish
level up
level up 4 days ago
chilee wth is going on at 1:32 ? No Ma'am!
Miori Rouson
Miori Rouson 4 days ago
Consequence look like Steve Harvey
Ashley Alonzo
Ashley Alonzo 4 days ago
Nya swings at erica and misses lol
cardi-throw the shoe hennessy-oop it's time and throw hands me- SISTER GOALS
Cardi ain’t said nothin wrong
Cate M.
Cate M. 5 days ago
That swing Nya made was too wild...
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 5 days ago
Consequence need to fire who did his teeth
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia 6 days ago
#6 Cardi told him lol 😂 burn 🔥 #5 stuttering from gate he knew Joe B would smash he’s ass. Punk ass moves.. 😝 💪🏼
Frannnyy D
Frannnyy D 6 days ago
joe budden voice is sooo soothing
Kiki Morton
Kiki Morton 7 days ago
CARDI spoke NOTHING but facts! 😂 I didn’t see one lie ??
oh.its.mellissa 7 days ago
Nya lee is so stunning
Winnie Kaswii
Winnie Kaswii 8 days ago
Joe's voice, my lord
Amazing Jums
Amazing Jums 8 days ago
Consequence teeth are disrespectful.
shakima reid
shakima reid 8 days ago
Peter must feel so damn salty Cardi literally got more money than all of them
Michael Starina
Michael Starina 8 days ago
Cardi only said what every damn view has thought about peter gunz
Monica G.
Monica G. 9 days ago
I love Joe's demeanor.
Rujeandy Maduro
Rujeandy Maduro 9 days ago
Clownsequence is a better name
Ashley Carrington
Consequence acts like Napoleon Dynamite. 🤪
CMendezGaming 9 days ago
Hold up ...why the girl in the middle look like a hologram 😂😂😂 3:19
aisha ahmed
aisha ahmed 9 days ago
Tiara and Amina were SILENT because Cardi read Peter to FILTHHH
Mystic Vac
Mystic Vac 9 days ago
Somaya read Rich so bad he had the producers kick off her the show
ndg7134 9 days ago
It's ironic that guys name who slapped Joe budden is "consequence" because that face looks like his own consequence... i mean honestly tho..... he has to be the ugliest dude I've ever seen............ like.......ever. In my whole entire life.
aria 343
aria 343 9 days ago
"all this drama about a guy who isn't offset" yo I had to laugh at that one.🤣
gwen shanahan
gwen shanahan 9 days ago
Yo consequence hit was weak ass hell
Crystal Alarcon
Crystal Alarcon 9 days ago
Im from the East Side😂 me to Rich
P S A 9 days ago
Yo Samantha got her entire soul snatched out her body 💀😂
XY Charizard Y Chaizard
I could not get punched dead in you're mouth
Tay Roman
Tay Roman 10 days ago
Shot 97 DJ’s are very messy. Keisha just, who was that idk. I thought you just said it was Keisha
Morissa Wardlaw
Morissa Wardlaw 10 days ago
Who is sahmya anyway. She went to far. All for cloudy then. Idk what she does now but her to sit there and undermine Olivia is crazy. Get yo life sahmya Reese. Corny af
Sandy Wilson
Sandy Wilson 10 days ago
Planed.... when Yandy got up to fight that was the Q for her sister to attack Samantha. Yandy full of shit!
Hunnibunz Calhoun
Hunnibunz Calhoun 10 days ago
That girl snatched Samantha to hell when she pulled her by the hair 😩😳🤣
lI Unknown Il
lI Unknown Il 10 days ago
How long has rich been on this show? Geez
lI Unknown Il
lI Unknown Il 10 days ago
If Erica dont stfu🙄like damn let the girl talk ain’t nobody tryna hear you
BLACK HEART 10 days ago
The force of the swing knocked erica back in her seat now she talking friendship.
Jayden McDaniel
Jayden McDaniel 10 days ago
the hollar the person did in the back when safaree and rich dollaz was arguing 😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭 SENT MEEEEE
Jasmine Velado
Jasmine Velado 11 days ago
2:16 that girl just hating her. like wtf why you hating on her. yeah she a stripper but she working hella hard to get be successful and earn money to survive so girl sit down and stfu
3pitomeofmusik !
3pitomeofmusik ! 11 days ago
Yo I wish they had kept Monique around as the host
Sergio Padilla
Sergio Padilla 11 days ago
Rich greasy AF
Alejandra Leyva
Alejandra Leyva 11 days ago
cardi mad bc his gf was mad at her ? lmfaoooo she got some strippers beat up bc they slept with offset lmaoaoao
Andrew Atuahene
Andrew Atuahene 12 days ago
Love and Hip Hop aka Jerry Springer show lolololololol the fire is starting to boil lolololol
Monique 12 days ago
Joe really said “ooo that’s what I like” 💀
alec browne
alec browne 12 days ago
Joe's voice is so soothing
Natasha T.
Natasha T. 12 days ago
Mona is so loud and ridiculous lol
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