8 DIY Giant Unicorn Candy vs Miniature Candy / Amazing Unicorn Dessert Recipes

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What do unicorns like to eat? Of course, multicolored candies! And what their likes more, giant or miniature yummies, what do you think? We know for sure that big unicorns like huge sweets, and little unicorns like tiny ones! Don't believe? Watch our new video and you'll see everything with your own eyes!
Supplies and tools:
• White chocolate glaze
• Food coloring
• Silicone chocolate mold
• Small candy packages
• Big container from protein powder
• Acrylic paint
• Eggs
• Mixer
• Sugar
• Corn syrup
• Parchment paper
• Round mold
• Milk chocolate
• Cream
• Tinfoil
• Cracker
• Pastry syringe tip
• Marshmallow
• Peanuts
• Ziploc bags
• Rolling pin
• Caramel topping
• Baking mold
• Peanut butter
• Puffed rice
• Double-sided tape
• Tweezers
• Gelatin
• Silicone bear mold
• Vegetable oil
• Milk
• Flour
• Baking powder
• Wooden skewer
• Whipped cream
• Syringe
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Mar 20, 2019

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ItZyagurl INK!sans Undertale
Nana love. The. vidos💙💋😍😀
Amy Kim
Amy Kim 2 hours ago
I love unicorns especially little ones 🦄🦄🦄
Kristen Stillwell
Kristen Stillwell 3 hours ago
Great video ❤️ 🦄
Kristen Stillwell
Kristen Stillwell 3 hours ago
😂 this is one of the only videos that I’ll actually use these hacks from.
wahab siddiqui
wahab siddiqui 6 hours ago
Said thought stuff gets best events acquaintance vegans gadgets such eggs eggs study vkx Xxx
Bianca the derp face 0.o
...am I the only person here that doesn’t like candy..?
lukman m
lukman m 7 hours ago
ini beneran
wahab siddiqui
wahab siddiqui 6 hours ago
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megan nowman
megan nowman 13 hours ago
wahab siddiqui
wahab siddiqui 6 hours ago
Puneet Pagare
Puneet Pagare 13 hours ago
Very nice and cool 😗😗😗😗😗😗
Regans Rules
Regans Rules 16 hours ago
Lupita Barbosa
#what a waste of time
Lupita Barbosa
Lupita Barbosa
A person is wearing a unicorn coups and pretending that it is a unicorn 😭😭😭😭
maelene wolf
maelene wolf Day ago
I'm a little unicorn🦄🦄
Rufus Wims
Rufus Wims Day ago
Oh yeah let me giant food giant candy and giant small candy small candy and sonic pen by and also make all the stuff that you always mad not to be allies are you the on this unicorn video by
Rufus Wims
Rufus Wims Day ago
Oh yeah by the way you better give me freeze of some much and that cup and AA boat at your pots and everything goes on March and the for your pause and death family stuff I'm assuming you say you have to make annoying RUvid video no more now get the purpose right if you don't M are running yes is it annoy bilden the not the oaks the object not the oaks just not doubts and barrel for 350 OK climb up to stairs OK I said 350 there's only 23 this scene 311 way no 315 OK so yeah don't go to 316315315 OK so only 315 by
song makers
song makers Day ago
Araceli Ayala
Moez Fortnite
Yogeeta Devi
Yogeeta Devi Day ago
You do fun diy crafts.
Ben Davenport
Ben Davenport 2 days ago
Your rite now I am not sure what time are you doing?
Ben Davenport
Ben Davenport 2 days ago
2 days ago
I really like your food hacks
shadije asllani
shadije asllani 2 days ago
Amanda Dedvukaj
Amanda Dedvukaj 2 days ago
Who was here for the problem of the unicorn trying to get out of the mouth?
Amanda Dedvukaj
( the front picture big one)
Satinder Kaur
Satinder Kaur 2 days ago
Salad The biggie
Salad The biggie 2 days ago
Who would want to make *Unicorn Candy* ?
adolf bastian
adolf bastian 2 days ago
Sheri Coleman
Sheri Coleman 2 days ago
Ur a in a onesey
Nick Baker
Nick Baker 3 days ago
I love Sophie so so much!
kou her
kou her 3 days ago
Jaroslaw Plich
Jaroslaw Plich 3 days ago
Especially the stress marshmallow AHH IM DIENG :\ yeah Sophie I agree I’m dreaming about it 1:
Jaroslaw Plich
Jaroslaw Plich 3 days ago
When you look at food videos you really are going to eat it i I would die I wanna go shopping :p
Bayan Said
Bayan Said 3 days ago
You’re daughter is soo cute!☺️
Redith Morales
Redith Morales 3 days ago
Ua troom troom is the best
Riri Murkad
Riri Murkad 3 days ago
Waw so kyut
-// D o 0 m \\-
-// D o 0 m \\- 3 days ago
*puts random stuff in bowl* *puts bowl to side* *magicly makes candy* I dont understand
ALEX Martinez
ALEX Martinez 3 days ago
Shaila Sanchez
Shaila Sanchez 3 days ago
Nada Daygham
Nada Daygham 4 days ago
big candy
Sylvia Dorval
Sylvia Dorval 4 days ago
Aww there so cute
Sophie Vlogs
Sophie Vlogs 5 days ago
I love unicorns 🦄
Virginia Fishel
Virginia Fishel 5 days ago
Cierra Hodgson
Cierra Hodgson 5 days ago
I love this
Szarina Dator
Szarina Dator 5 days ago
Lillian Morgan
Lillian Morgan 5 days ago
{\_/} •. • >🦄 If u want the unicorn u have to pay one like
Bayan Said
Bayan Said 3 days ago
Lillian Morgan how about I dislike it still works😉
Arks or Orkos
Arks or Orkos 5 days ago
now this troom troom is more better lol
Miss B the Amazing
Does it count as plagiarism when you slightly edit a wrapper and remake candies as “UNICORN” 👇🏽
luven ovi
luven ovi 5 days ago
I also have a unicorn
Kizsha Alexandria M Abad
U are the best 👧🌞🍧😉😁😊
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