8 Back To School Essentials EVERY Student Needs

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Comments 80
Teachingmensfashion 8 months ago
If you guys want to see my massive shoe collection (almost 100 pairs!!) watch it on our second channel: ruvid.net/video/video-WVPLgS90HRw.html
2Much Jhaven
2Much Jhaven 2 months ago
white air forces?
Alexander Vazquez Aguilar
Teachingmensfashion love videos
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez 7 months ago
Teachingmensfashion you fucking preppy !
Filiberto Lopez
Filiberto Lopez 7 months ago
Yo jose. Bud, what happened to your knuckles?
Parrami Min
Parrami Min 8 months ago
Jose the type of Zuniga to like his own comment
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice 2 days ago
Me seeing this during quarintine
Navdeep Sharma
Navdeep Sharma 2 days ago
Jose: Take a portable battery !!!! Indian Students: 😢😢 Mobile Phones are not allowed in schools!!!!???
Ben 10 days ago
I don’t think esntls are essential
Gunnar Charles
Gunnar Charles 13 days ago
This video aged badly...
Nowrin islam Nowrin
What about a basic white Oxford
Amna Asharah
Amna Asharah 22 days ago
Just sponsored shitbags
lion warrior
lion warrior 22 days ago
man i cant till you how much i hate high school i have problems all the fucken time in home in school out side of school and in my country all the guys are peaces of shit if you dont know how to fight then you are fucked and they are pussies too like till today i have never had a 1 to 1 fight like never it is always 2 to 1 3 to 1 4 to 1 some times i get into fights 6 to 1 and one time it was street fight and it was 10 to one they kicked my ass good and i am broke as fuck all the fucken time and most of my friends are fake i dont have a girl friend and idont think i will ever get one either my life is fucked up and poring this is way i am writing this crap right now for no fucken reason.
Abhinav Pandey
Abhinav Pandey 27 days ago
Where are books???
Ayushmaan Ganguly
Ayushmaan Ganguly 29 days ago
Josh:School essentials everyone needs Indian Schools:Really
Toxic League [X]
Where do I buy that metal smoothie cup in the thumbnail
OmieTheHomie 85
OmieTheHomie 85 Month ago
Calls $150 backpack cheap
K IDRISS Month ago
Ay bro I got a school dress code all black thats life on the uk
Sneh lata Kapoor
bro mahi bags are good but are 10times more expensive then other bags
Richard Filka
Richard Filka Month ago
I have these thing and i didn’t have to watch this video
Abhinav Kannaujia
I'll be kicked out of my school if I enters in school wearing T-shirt and jeans.
ƙıŋɠ ʝąყ
Damnn. I wish I would’ve seen this video before I went back school shopping.
Life Bomber
Life Bomber Month ago
Are the ESNTLS tees good if you’re fat
Subscribe for no reason and you will be blessed
Please your sponsor is pretty long
Amulya Kaushik
Amulya Kaushik Month ago
Why do I have bruised knuckles 1:52
Charlie Graves
Charlie Graves Month ago
#1. AR-15
Paral Redz
Paral Redz Month ago
Just saying if your in the UK it’s not for you
Alex Month ago
How do you make a nerd look good
JambaSZN Month ago
Friends A life Stable mentally Gf or Bf Take a shower gross butt water. Stay Hydrated
Pavao Chudy
Pavao Chudy 2 months ago
You see...... I love your videos but you always spend 'sponsoring' a product most of the video
Bradley Ernst
Bradley Ernst 2 months ago
No offense but 5k miiliamps isn't much I have 20k but not to flex or anything
Rufus Animations
Rufus Animations 2 months ago
the views are 666 😂
Johanes Jake
Johanes Jake 2 months ago
I thought the intro was an Instagram ad😂😂
Owen Cote
Owen Cote 2 months ago
Just went to mahi leather nice backpacks but I can’t afford a 142$ backpack!
Megan Megan
Megan Megan 2 months ago
Bottom left corner jose that the right
Anders Keinnachname
Anders Keinnachname 2 months ago
My outfit that I'm wearing right now costs 10$
synczz 2 months ago
Felipe Sanches
Felipe Sanches 2 months ago
This video has more advertisements than a Race Car
izzy varela
izzy varela 2 months ago
Do any other girls watch these videos to help their boyfriends and brothers?
Gabe King
Gabe King 2 months ago
Add ends 6:57
Hassan Bouih
Hassan Bouih 2 months ago
... Bro... you are the best +_+
Dudus 737
Dudus 737 2 months ago
I like your water bottle that you have in your picture where did you buy it ?
haimthebot 2 months ago
i dont know what yur talking about or where you live but 120 euros for a backpack is not affordable at all.
Juanpamol 2 months ago
1:51 what happened to your hand bro
TJ Trapz
TJ Trapz 2 months ago
I have 7 more hours before my holiday ends 😭😭😭
FWAX ALPHA 2 months ago
ktbi3 w txri gabrite
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas 2 months ago
Tarek Abdel-Galil
Tarek Abdel-Galil 2 months ago
How many sponsers does he have on this video???😂😂😂
Dane Ross
Dane Ross 2 months ago
white sneaker get dirty tho their not very practical
Zain the White King Dermaveen
Not to be rude but you talk to much
Alexander Vazquez Aguilar
Middle school kids
SeaGrain 2 months ago
How is it affordable I'd the bags cost £109
YUVRAAJ 3 months ago
Are you here 2020 because school starts next week
Raymond Prado
Raymond Prado 3 months ago
Can you show us essentials for back to school with uniform
Kenzie Evers
Kenzie Evers 3 months ago
Hey can you tell me some good perfumes in indian groceries
Horraine ThaKid
Horraine ThaKid 3 months ago
Is John sport bag pack good?
optimisticview 3 months ago
why are u screaming ?
Saboor Mohammed
Saboor Mohammed 3 months ago
Where did you get the green pants from in the part you was mentioning “clean white sneakers”
Ellis Edwards
Ellis Edwards 4 months ago
Every rich person should have this Poor people your out of look
Nabranes TwistyPuzzler
I have a 64oz water bottle.
Nabranes TwistyPuzzler
I have a Swiss Army Gear Backpack.
manan kathuria
manan kathuria 4 months ago
All stuff sponsored!
K IDRISS 4 months ago
For your info I live in Scotland we have uniform and have to wear all black shoes I need help
Doing Suff For Youtube
All students are broke from the beginning of school
Doing Suff For Youtube
Dislike ..... I want to be a gentleman for my school:) Disgusting things LOL
Johnson Yuen
Johnson Yuen 4 months ago
handsome man
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 4 months ago
The only thing you need is an extra underwear, I once shit on my pants and fuck that they messed up
Daniel Crane
Daniel Crane 4 months ago
This video has like 5 ads
Louie Bili • 17 years ago • edited
Number 6: AK-47
Jared Watts
Jared Watts 4 months ago
Why doesn’t the esntls website let you search or find clothing
James Guertin
James Guertin 4 months ago
7th grade me making a shopping list in my mind after watching all his videos
AnthonyLikesDinos 4 months ago
"The backpacks are RIDICULOUSLY affordable" Not all of us can blow off $150 for a sack of leather
Steven Perez
Steven Perez 4 months ago
So no one saw his cuts on his knuckles
Zach Meltzer
Zach Meltzer 4 months ago
this mahi shit is expensive af
Jake Helms
Jake Helms 5 months ago
Those “affordable “ back backs are 150$
Qwackmac 5 months ago
Some of these I can’t use because i live in English
bogfoot201 _
bogfoot201 _ 5 months ago
I bought a champion bookbag 🧐
Popular Food
Popular Food 5 months ago
I would get that but I’m a very wide person so it would look so wierd on me
Pravinesh Kumar Jaye
You're the coolest guy! Love from Singapore
Johann Peña
Johann Peña 5 months ago
Piss tasting water🤣
Bocqez 5 months ago
I like the low top air forces
Slavic Goose
Slavic Goose 5 months ago
My school only allows clear or mesh backpacks 😫
bread *whole wheat*
bread *whole wheat* 5 months ago
You left out a AR15 assault rifle
LuisFN ツ
LuisFN ツ 5 months ago
My school doesn't allowed backpacks they only allow string backpacks
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