71 Things You Missed in IT: Chapter Two (2019)

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Did you notice these secrets hidden in the background of scenes during IT: Chapter 2?
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IT's TIME TO FLOAT. Two years after the hit 2017 adaptation of It, the Losers Club is back to finish what they started against It, and I am back with 71 new Things You Missed in the new movie! I'll be breaking down the entire film, IT: Chapter Two and digging out every small detail, easter egg, reference, connection, motif, cameo, callback and homage.
I'll be pointing out every reference to Stephen King's epic 1986 horror novel It, every connection to the 1990 TV mini-series, and every callback to the 2017 prequel, It. There are also references to other Stephen King novels, analysis of how the events in It were inspired by real life events.
Additionally, I'll be analysing all the different forms of IT, pointing out all the hidden Pennywise appearances, breaking down some of the differences from book to movie and why certain things were changed, highlighting all the hidden clues and Things You Missed, all appearances of Maturin "The Turtle", explaining how this movie fits into King's "Dark Tower" universe.
Additionally, I'll dig deeper into the minds of some of the characters, such as Bill Denbrough, Henry Bowers, Richie Tozier, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom and Eddie Kaspbrak.
Finally, I'll be talking more about the deadlights, how Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are tied together, and more!
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--About IT Chapter Two--
Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club-young and adult-in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.”
The film is Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit “IT,” which grossed over $700 million globally. Both redefining and transcending the genre, “IT” became part of the cultural zeitgeist as well as the highest-grossing horror film of all time.
Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “It Chapter Two” brings the characters-who’ve long since gone their separate ways-back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.
--About Things You Missed--
These videos point out some of the little details you may have missed in your favorite psychological horror franchises, analyse their meaning and why they are important or noteworthy in that work. Typically, I'll cover Things You Missed in horror movies, and Things You Missed in horror trailers.
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Sep 5, 2019




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Chloe Check
Chloe Check Year ago
Someone else who made a brief appearance in the movie you missed was Brandon Crane, who played Ben in the mini series. He is found in the scene where Ben is on a video call just before he gets "the call" he is the man running the meeting in the office.
Shaileen Gaines
Shaileen Gaines 3 months ago
Olivia Floof
Olivia Floof 3 months ago
Chloe Check it’s really cool I have learned that a while ago
kaya quinn
kaya quinn 3 months ago
@CZsWorld dude they called penny "just a panting" that's why he became the lady also everything else is awsome
Your mikey boy Dobson
CZsWorld plz do history of mama
mstewart672 4 months ago
bryan 3 hours ago
yo stop being a bitch and show us and not covering shit
Amanda Johnson
Why am I watching this I’m 8 I have to wait like um till I’m 15 or something to watch IT :c
Amanda Johnson
The it fight Me:hi it did you eat another kid? It:yes Me:time for you to know how it feals It:wat Me:*calls wolfs* Wolfs:you called Me:yes EAT HIM Wolfs:*eats* Me:bye:3 ???:what did I jest see I must be seeing things Me:NoPE. ??:but you left Me:GACHA LOGIC😎
marshy gamer
marshy gamer 3 days ago
When i first saw the movie I thought pennywise killed Stan then I found out he did the no more want to live
Braylen Simmons
Braylen Simmons 6 days ago
why are you blocking it
CZsWorld 6 days ago
Braylen Simmons
Braylen Simmons 6 days ago
WOW, thats crazy
Tabetha Carr
Tabetha Carr 6 days ago
And one more thing; spiders are scary, but overused jump-scares are not.
Tabetha Carr
Tabetha Carr 6 days ago
Also; what do you expect? This was supposed to be a franchise-movie.
Tabetha Carr
Tabetha Carr 6 days ago
all types of things
i can watch it and it chapter 2 million times thankyou stephen king for the world best movie i love it and it chapter2
Noumenine 8 days ago
"Referenced again later in Chapter Two, when a turtle can be found on the desk..." Or when they literally use the Turtle's name...The hallucinogenic root used to give Bill visions of It's arrival in this movie is called "Maturin".
Jaxson Kelly
Jaxson Kelly 9 days ago
He's so afraid of getting demonitized that he can't even show blood what a loser
Piggley pig Pig
Piggley pig Pig 11 days ago
It’s 3am on a school night, why am I here.
ciudemun ciudemun
ciudemun ciudemun 11 days ago
i prevail
Rachel Dawnson
Rachel Dawnson 12 days ago
Most of these movies aren't clear with how some things work. This is why people prefer reading books, since it's easier to explain the confusing parts a movie can easily screw up.
asylumclown 12 days ago
I just noticed that someone walks past the second hand rose store wearing the beaver hat.
Justin Bell
Justin Bell 12 days ago
I went and saw this in theaters with my friend both stoned to the bone and when bev climbed down into the club house I not realizing they had flashed back whispered out that she was thicc..... I've never tried so hard not to laugh
it's roberto
it's roberto 13 days ago
Wait the doufer brothers created stranger things and it and finn was in both!
it's roberto
it's roberto 13 days ago
Wait a second when it 😂😂😂put down so many words it was spelt the same way in the movie!Well the covor of the front screen.
it's roberto
it's roberto 13 days ago
Jees can the it actor be behind the camera
Martina Rollan
Martina Rollan 13 days ago
When you mentioned the storm blowing Derry away, that reminded me of the opening scene of the 1st movie when Pennywise told Georgie that "a storm blew me away... blew the whole circus away..." or smth along those lines.
Byron Thomas
Byron Thomas 14 days ago
I love how anything that even resembles blood gets censored immediately by youtube, when they allow worse things to he shown on other channels. Doesnt make sense
Kat Lockhart
Kat Lockhart 14 days ago
The stake broad dose look like the carpet patterns from the shining because I've been to the hotel. To know what it looks like
Kat Lockhart
Kat Lockhart 14 days ago
This kind of reminds me of Mary Poppins. I think 🤔 in the middle of the movie, there was a red balloon that kind of look like exact replica of the red balloon in it. it and Mary Poppins are kind of similar in away. Because they both float. And I wonder what happened to henry's mom in the movie. It really ever explained what happened to her? Did she die. Or walked out on him in the movie?
Mateja Ivanov
Mateja Ivanov 15 days ago
Fun Fact: Eddie's actor plays Deputy So and So in the movie Sinister.
NwO 4LiFE 15 days ago
Get rid of that douchebag beard. You're a cute guy but not with that
I Dunno
I Dunno 15 days ago
I love how these are things that I actually didn’t see on my two watches of the movie Instead of screen rant saying “See Ben is now fit”
zombietwinkies44 18 days ago
God Young Bev is like the highlight of these movies, her actress really made me wanna see bev survive
Crouchy The Clown
Crouchy The Clown 18 days ago
You think it ended..
Reese Noall
Reese Noall 19 days ago
whos exited to watch it chapter 3
Artin Tarahomi
Artin Tarahomi 19 days ago
U actually look like profile pic
Billie Cental
Billie Cental 21 day ago
i actually am a fan of stephen and we have the same birthday so thats cool
Billie Cental
Billie Cental 21 day ago
10:36 LMAO
Nicholas Williams
can i hav a mosin das
Nicholas Williams
me to
Sam ewyk
Sam ewyk 21 day ago
Sorry but personally I strongly believe that pennywise isn’t permanently dead. he I mean IT is immortal. I believe the person who made the story said that he has had enough of clowns so he didn’t want to make another one. or at least not a sequel. he said he might make a prequel or 2 but that wasn’t definite Ps: personally I hated the ending. To be honest it made me feel horrible and sorry for IT despite the horrible things IT did . I would rather have IT be trapped in that leather basket thing than what they went with. or they all but maybe 2 die but that’s just my opinion
paz puiggros
paz puiggros 21 day ago
0:54 *aM i stIlL hAnDsOmE aS aN aDuLt?*
Emma Homer
Emma Homer 27 days ago
No offence but your dancing was WIERD
Alexandra Walton
Alexandra Walton 28 days ago
How did vikky get the scar on her face
Lynn Moore
Lynn Moore Month ago
Hello I'm new
Jaime Doolie
Jaime Doolie Month ago
cool dance pennywise they should give pennywise a award for good dances *claps*
Isabell Xie
Isabell Xie Month ago
Watching your back log now, found your channel not long ago. Love your channel, love your analysis. Also, you look cute in glasses.
I don't know what to put here
What's that terrible song called?
20hammb Unknown
20hammb Unknown Month ago
bruh really
Zarian Frye
Zarian Frye Month ago
i wonder, with how popular you are. this is a serious question but have you had anyone obsess over you yet? like im very cerious about it. ive wonder how many youtubers get stalkers or obsesser that are crazy over that youtuber
Daniela Morales
Daniela Morales Month ago
I love the dance
Daniela Morales
Daniela Morales Month ago
I love pennywise pls
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon Month ago
Ok, so another It, 27 years later, they should reconvene as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Cruz, John Malkovich, and Tilda Swinton.
Junelle Salmon
Junelle Salmon Month ago
It: This time it’s personal.
Rëéd Mãyfløwér
So.... We're not going to talk about the fact that a red upside down triangle shape the balloons are in symbolizes being gay, and how both eddie and Richie saw the balloons in the same order? In the first movie eddie goes to the well house, and when the leper becomes pennywise the balloons are in that order, and with richie in the second movie when paul bunion attacked him
iseeyou 919
iseeyou 919 Month ago
Wasnt it a girl in the book because she had eggs and stuff right?
LitGitness Month ago
Imagine watching a video with the guy who plays old Richie, and there being an ad about jif peanut butter with the guy who plays old Richie
Finn W.
Finn W. Month ago
"because that's where he resides in." no one: my brain: dEfInItElY nOt BeCaUsE tHaTs WhErE hE rEsIdEs
Taylor Dickerson
The part when cz tries to do the penny wise dance got me😂😂😂
gravity falls
gravity falls Month ago
I love you know because you mentioned zelda
Glenda Rendon
Glenda Rendon Month ago
i started dying laughter when the logan paul lip was there njhvkjgjhgjuf
BlackSheepAlien Month ago
I’ll admit I instantly liked this video because I have the same little Pennywise keychain & it made me appreciate Zac just a little more 😂🖤🙌🏼
Jyriene Rivera
Jyriene Rivera Month ago
wait, what about Beverly's dad? i thought he died on chapter one, but why Beverly looking for him? i'm confused.
Diane Elmore
Diane Elmore Month ago
Did you ever seen that penny watch me a alien
Luke Arber
Luke Arber Month ago
1:03 lol
Lillian Estrada
Lillian Estrada Month ago
it's a birthmark not a scar (._.')
The Grey Pineapple
When you showed the scene when Pennywise was dancing I started dancing, then I saw you were and I was like "omg yesss"
B C Month ago
Done with the penny wise keychain giveaway X
Dove Taylor
Dove Taylor 2 months ago
If you notices in part 2 when Henry bowers sees the balloon in juniper hills the tv in the asylum shows a piece of meat going down the sewer on the street just like pennywises
Creepy Cassette
Creepy Cassette 2 months ago
Gc Cruz
Gc Cruz 2 months ago
How do u feel about number 3 coming out 👀😗
Adam Mazur
Adam Mazur 2 months ago
Why the censoring??? (BTW I ❤ U 😉)
Blooming Blossoms
Blooming Blossoms 2 months ago
Ok is it just me that is really into scary movies in quarantine, hungrily searches for theories, and going back to CZ’s old videos
Sixpath Chakratails
Sixpath Chakratails 2 months ago
Bro I noticed that he had Tim currys it hair when that happened
ryanholovics 2 months ago
How come none of the losers could remember anything about Derry until they got back, except Stan?
Jaybird196 2 months ago
What's with all the blurred images?
Zeithri 2 months ago
For someone who makes a lot of horror related stuff, you sure are quick to censor everything.
крисс 283
крисс 283 2 months ago
Схерали на англиском
Celeste Gimmelli
Celeste Gimmelli 2 months ago
I wonder if there is going to be a it three
Nezuq_Chanzx 2 months ago
So this guy is telling us theres lots of seasons of it but if the director dies it stops-
Grazer Lover
Grazer Lover 2 months ago
morgana williams
morgana williams 2 months ago
i have a weird feeling that this gut likes the movie it for some reason
winner winner chicken dinner
The movie, IT Chapter 2, came out on my birthday but I was too young to see it in cinemas
Linn Richardt
Linn Richardt 2 months ago
Omg im the 3,000 cmt
Adalyn Kaye
Adalyn Kaye 2 months ago
Am I the only one that realized Betty was ripped in half to she lived up to her name,Betty RIPsom
The Awesone Bat
The Awesone Bat 2 months ago
11:16-11:21 Although in the original film, there were only left behind posters for ‘The Avengers’ (1998) and ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998), I found this rare behind the scene picture with the movie marquee still reading “Thank You for the Memories Derry!” and I found posters for ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘The Conjuring’. I believe that the Capitol theatre was originally supposed to close down in 2013 (3 years before Pennywise returns). Source- www.google.com/amp/s/aminoapps.com/c/horror/amp/blog/back-in-derry-maine-for-it-2-filming/D8QF_Pu47wDvJWgx4omxjbzDQ8G88n
Sandra Owens
Sandra Owens 2 months ago
The things that are in Pennywise is ours or the dead lights Scary
Kenneth Cook
Kenneth Cook 2 months ago
Why can't you show blood? What's the big deal, anyway?
head shot
head shot 2 months ago
I think it 1990 was better
dean smith
dean smith 2 months ago
Love that dig at logan
xd SPIDERZ 2 months ago
he looks like the director \
Matthew Fleming
Matthew Fleming 2 months ago
This guy doing the video looks just like the it director Andy musheti
Tricia Kelly
Tricia Kelly 2 months ago
Hey, man. This was well done. Informative and entertaining. Noice.
Millie C16
Millie C16 2 months ago
I wish he didn’t blur a few scenes i was hoping to see IT get stabbed again.
dontcallmeedward_ 2 months ago
I Think the 2nd movie is what bev saw in the dead lights...
Jackie Wickson
Jackie Wickson 2 months ago
I'm 9 year's old and it still doesn't scare me
piggies yumbacon
piggies yumbacon 2 months ago
Thats cool no one cares Jackie
Jackie Wickson
Jackie Wickson 2 months ago
I'm 9 year's old and it still doesn't scare me
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming 2 months ago
Why it not show any blood whatsoever LMAO
HeliRy 2 months ago
Isn’t Pennywise also indirectly alluded to in The Dark Tower, as an agent of Walter?
Kaxenia Kristelle
Kaxenia Kristelle 2 months ago
Mike stayed in derry as to not lose his memories, the rest lost thiers, micheal even calls himself "lighthouse keeper" in the novel
EveryDumpling C.
EveryDumpling C. 2 months ago
But he does low key look like Muschietti , like if im right.
Lance Hopkins
Lance Hopkins 2 months ago
“I’m actually borrowing this mike, and don’t wanna break it.” That was such a sincere and hilarious moment.
Free movies uploaded
Hyokins 3 months ago
Also, the "You've got mail" poster is scratched up in a way that it spells "IT" 18:46 also, they still had the actress who played Betty Ripsom. She was one of the 3 bullies at the beginning playing a guy.
Jesse 3 months ago
I'm a little disappointed that CZ didn't mention the crush Richie has on Eddie. It's subtly hinted at thoughout It Chapter 2 and pretty much explicitly at the end of the film.
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