7 Trades Coming To The NFL (Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton, Le'Veon Bell)

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With the NFL season over halfway through, there's plenty of trades taking place surrounding many teams and deals include Odell Beckham Jr, Le'Veon Bell, Cam Newton, AJ Green, Antonio Brown & more.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
JAXON COULTER 3 months ago
Todd Gurley is going to the Antlanta Falcons
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker 4 months ago
seahawks need antonio brown
Wichita Disciple
Wichita Disciple 4 months ago
OBJ won't go to the 49ers... they need a QB first!
Pizza Boy
Pizza Boy 5 months ago
Tee Cee
Tee Cee 5 months ago
He CAM is going to Wa. Redskins to reunite with Ron Riviera.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 5 months ago
A 2 million dollar watch.when hes broke it will be the white mans fault
Christin Wilson
Christin Wilson 5 months ago
These comments are too funny 馃槀馃槀
Lu Rollz
Lu Rollz 5 months ago
The diva to Chicago 馃槀
Jimmy Thielen
Jimmy Thielen 5 months ago
Mute subtitles
danniiee116 6 months ago
Are you and @WrestlingNewsNow related?
Fortnite Guy
Fortnite Guy 6 months ago
Can Levon bell come to h-town
3635 Irving
3635 Irving 6 months ago
Ceedee lamb
belal goozy
belal goozy 6 months ago
I can鈥檛 take him seriously 馃槼馃槀馃槀馃槀
swervxzz 6 months ago
I feel the raiders should pick up cam newton
Ninja hhypher
Ninja hhypher 6 months ago
Packers Leveon bell Bears cam nwton Packers aj green Packers obg
Icyyy Antt
Icyyy Antt 6 months ago
OBJ - Patriots or 49ers or Ravens Le鈥檝eon Bell - Raiders
Elijah Donham
Elijah Donham 6 months ago
Dude obj can鈥檛 switch he under contract
Bee Goody
Bee Goody 6 months ago
He talks like a transformer fighting
Skittles 6 months ago
Cam should go to the Broncos
Unicorn Makaykay
Unicorn Makaykay 6 months ago
Why my team they keep win
Eddie Alacan
Eddie Alacan 6 months ago
Jonathan Cazares
Jonathan Cazares 6 months ago
Go cowboys
ASABOGAL 6 months ago
69 likes and Odell joins the packers
Kevin Cloonan
Kevin Cloonan 7 months ago
does this guy just forget a rod has davante adams? like. he just doesn鈥檛 exist now when aj green and odell are being mention?
Wyatt Oschwald
Wyatt Oschwald 7 months ago
can i get alot of likes in this coment
Cody Anderson
Cody Anderson 7 months ago
Boi let Tom Brady get odel
BB Sneaks
BB Sneaks 7 months ago
cam newton sould go to the bangols
ag4wake 7 months ago
This mixtape is 馃敟
SenseiKeo 7 months ago
These comments though
Avery Jacobs
Avery Jacobs 7 months ago
Why is he ending every sentuuunnnncccceeee like he's asking a questuuuuunnnnn
Vani Kabbinada
Vani Kabbinada 7 months ago
I like his rap style..
Tevin Prejean
Tevin Prejean 7 months ago
Obj to the Seahawks
danny melis
danny melis 7 months ago
The packers have Adams they have at least one good receiver, it they had two that would be great
yetty 7 months ago
Maybe hes just trolling and we are the crazy ones!?
yetty 7 months ago
Lmao ruvid.net/video/video-aoglkRYYBjo.html
Idk_a_good_name 7 months ago
Cam need to get trade and hurry up his surgery
Payton Williams
Payton Williams 7 months ago
love you cam
SanJuanCreole 7 months ago
Obj isn't going anywhere bro. Lmaooooo GO BROWNS
Jay Cannon
Jay Cannon 7 months ago
Imagine being a Browns fan
BluntriX 7 months ago
This cypher is fyre.
jamil Jamilblee
jamil Jamilblee 7 months ago
If bell is willing to restructure that contract if im kc i give the jets a 3
Khristian St. Clair
Khristian St. Clair 7 months ago
LB to Houston 馃槻馃憤馃憤
Salty City
Salty City 7 months ago
I threw up... his talking got me sick
Mixed Sprite
Mixed Sprite 7 months ago
OBJ probably isn鈥檛 going anywhere. The Patriots don鈥檛 have anyone that the Browns would need
銉凾heRealToof 6 months ago
Mixed Sprite they can release him and the pats could pick him up if he demands a release
TaubHau Hlau
TaubHau Hlau 7 months ago
Imagine this guy's commentating a NFL game or a FIFA game.
Christopher Gonzalez
Imagine Beckham and Brady 馃敟馃敟
Jamie Osgood
Jamie Osgood 7 months ago
Someone please put sick beats to these barzzzz.
Zizou 10
Zizou 10 7 months ago
AB to seahawks, lets goo i hope so
call me benny boyyo
call me benny boyyo 7 months ago
I hope they all get traded
C R 7 months ago
yearrrrrr wellllllllll deadlinnnnnne leveon belllllllll begannnnn
globalpumpz yt
globalpumpz yt 7 months ago
Us Steelers need cam
Tim Wiesler
Tim Wiesler 7 months ago
You won't get him
jzamudification 7 months ago
difently rapping lol
bagged Q45
bagged Q45 7 months ago
AJ Green drafted to the Ravens 馃
Justis Adams
Justis Adams 7 months ago
When did the Baltimore ravens get A.J green
Shawon Razzaque
Shawon Razzaque 7 months ago
davejoe75 7 months ago
OBJ is overrated and has the most drops on the team!
The BroSki Boi
The BroSki Boi 4 months ago
davejoe75 Agree!!
MustangPlayer43 7 months ago
Adarius Luckey
Adarius Luckey 7 months ago
Chicargo bears 馃槀
Robert Shook
Robert Shook 7 months ago
I can鈥檛 listen to the video anymooooore. The way he ends his sentences is driving me crazy for suuure. You guys have a great dayyyy.
Tied Pods
Tied Pods 7 months ago
I traded j Bennett for Odell Beckham jr on the mobile NFL
Alexander Sy
Alexander Sy 7 months ago
As a Patriot fan and an OBJ fan, I say, 鈥淧lease baby Jesus, let the Pats get OBJ鈥
Robert Brady
Robert Brady 7 months ago
And why you got everyone going to green bay
Vince 7 months ago
This man saying Allen is good 馃槀馃拃
Crissy 7 months ago
Bruh this guy back
Tony Crow
Tony Crow 7 months ago
Cam to the Bears are you crazy Broncos man
Frank Martin
Frank Martin 7 months ago
Oh my gaawwwwwwwd!
Rick S
Rick S 7 months ago
easton christensen
easton christensen 7 months ago
I can鈥檛 finish this videoooahhh...
TheLegginator5000 7 months ago
I couldn鈥檛 watch this the way this guy talks makes me want to get violent
Not Me But You
Not Me But You 5 months ago
Bigboy _steven
Bigboy _steven 6 months ago
TheLegginator5000 under rated comment馃ぃ
TEEZ BEEZ 7 months ago
Do you realize the packers have davante Adams
Aaron Cervantes
Aaron Cervantes 7 months ago
I can't do these videos...I just can't.....ugh.
Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes 7 months ago
the disrespect to avante Adams
doliio volay
doliio volay 7 months ago
7:06 - 鈥淥dell Beckham Jr鈥 rap by NFLHub
Juan V
Juan V 7 months ago
Obj should鈥檝e went to the niners all along
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
7:06 - 鈥淥dell Beckham Jr鈥 rap by NFLHub
Erin Howard
Erin Howard 7 months ago
the bengals need a new QB like cam newton??????????
doliio volay
doliio volay 7 months ago
Oh man, I would love that Cam to the Bears trade
Ryan Witte
Ryan Witte 7 months ago
0:43 , Carolinuhhh
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
Brings up Cam: Are you sure about?
Ryan Witte
Ryan Witte 7 months ago
0:43, carolinuhhh...
Mikey earl
Mikey earl 7 months ago
C u thaaaairr
Ebonae Johnson
Ebonae Johnson 7 months ago
I want Lamar Jackson to get traded to the sellers
land3nn _
land3nn _ 7 months ago
Ebonae Johnson don鈥檛 we all
Champ Zero
Champ Zero 7 months ago
The way this dude talks literally makes the video unwatchable. Did you lose a bet or something my guy?
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 months ago
Why did you go to the choose we need a running game
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 7 months ago
Trade deadline over.
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