7 STRANGEST New Engines

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7. VC Turbo
6. Circle Cycle
5. Quasiturbine
4. X3 Thruster
3. Skyactiv-X
2. Achates 2.7L
1. Liquid Piston
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Nov 6, 2018




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Comments 2 010
Sammy2k l
Sammy2k l Hour ago
Imagine a pushrod iron block v8
oh no bro
oh no bro 14 hours ago
I think we should just stick with the regular cylinder engine
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 days ago
ok.. put a piston that ratchets a crankshaft ??? omfg the noise would be insane at 100 rpm let alone 2000 where the whole thing rips itself apart trying to move the vehicle or the locking lug on the axle would just fail.. remember kids... follow the kiss principle or end up with a 50 billion part thing with 40 million more parts that can fail. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid for anyone who never heard of it.
Solve Everything
Solve Everything 2 days ago
Needs more ion engines
Replay Zone
Replay Zone 3 days ago
That last one would heat up and jam and detonate
787brx8 4 days ago
My prototype reduces knock to the point where you can advance ignition timing to the optimum setting. This gives engines more time to extract energy from the combustion cycle. Higher compression engines would become the new standard. Even diesel engines see improvements while using my prototype.
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 days ago
yeah, to bad gasoline is shit for compresion . you actually need to compress the shit out of it to get any work out of gasoline... meanwhile people running hho... hydrogen/oxygen cells need 0 compression because h2 is explosive... not just flamable like gasoline
Grav Inert
Grav Inert 5 days ago
I discovered last year that the Nikola Tesla pump is actually a rotary compression engine. The starter motor spins the rotor until the periphery is at mach 1.0 then transonic vapour clouds form after explosions. The speed of the flat disc rotor compresses the air along the spiral path and the vacuum it leaves behind cools the air to the point of phase change. The power stroke comes from the phase change from air to cloud which is 85 times more viscous. So it is like the opposite of a normal viscous coupling in the way it uses heat. The best bit is the fuel tank, hahahaha! There isn't one! All the information can be found in two British patents: teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/patents/british-patent-24001-improved-method-imparting-energy-or-deriving-energy-fluid-and-apparatus-use & www.dropbox.com/s/867hkcx0q49yt8m/GB186700696A.pdf?dl=0
Grav Inert
Grav Inert Day ago
@Harley Me the Tesla engine has no seals, it forms vapour clouds at high rpm and you are right it doesn't have to do with speed, it is to do with vacuum. Just at supersonic it is guaranteed. You are also correct about the water and the engine is designed to take advantage of the viscosity. The engine works on the principles of adhesion and viscosity. Adding a Tesla turbine to the Tesla pump does exact that. Air to water.... gallons a minute!
Harley Me
Harley Me 2 days ago
you know rotary engines are bad for seal failures right? I doubt a wankel can take much beyond 3.7g before the seals misaligned and it blew up. then again I study the fundamental laws and at 100 revolutions per minute no vapour clouds will form anywhere near that engine. why? what vapour.. you fill you engine with water? or perhaps you dont know oxygen is transperant at any speed? sounds pretty good when you dont know shit about how clouds of anything form, and it has to do with pressure, not speed.
Geburtswehe 6 days ago
Ego Planer
Ego Planer 7 days ago
what a fcking clicbite
Harald G.
Harald G. 8 days ago
Harald G. vor 1 Sekunde There is an old German Constructor's Speech: "The real art of a good construction is to omit parts, and any part that doesn´t needed is a good part because it can not fail and it cost no money. One of the most popular proves for this simple message was the good old VW beetle. Poorly also many german designers forgot this truth meantime.
Budds adventures
Budds adventures 9 days ago
Nice video
Angel 555
Angel 555 11 days ago
jmowreader 14 days ago
The Achates sounds like a rehash of the Leyland L60 engine the British used in their trains (where it ran at a constant RPM, and worked well) and the Chieftain tank (where its only saving grace was you could swap the engine for the spare you brought with you in three hours).
15 days ago
I have a concept of ACHATES 2.7L , I change it to boxter version.
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens 15 days ago
There are some cool engines here for sure. The quasiturbine engine will probably sound really cool with a larger displacement. I agree though that it does seem a bit overcomplicated
Toby Blauwasser
Toby Blauwasser 15 days ago
the future is electric.
NOBLE ROMAN 15 days ago
Let me know when the auto companies start making 4cyl engines at 75 mpg as standard.
N0.C1TY.D0N559 14 days ago
4cyls. Are boring and slow, life's to short to drive something slow
steve xxx
steve xxx 17 days ago
2:13 A compressor running another compressor.... that's not an engine
1905934 17 days ago
What is strange is they all need fuel to burn.. stupid.. engines that need to burn fuel belong in a museum.
Top Tube
Top Tube 17 days ago
Earth's flat space is fake
Ale Bob
Ale Bob 17 days ago
Are you an engineer???? Probably not, so don't be judging whether these designs will function or not... You try to build a whole new type of engine!!
Wladek Wloszcz
Wladek Wloszcz 18 days ago
way too much complexity and parts. no future.
K B 19 days ago
First engine is a trash. I know way simple method of combustion chamber regulation.
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel 20 days ago
I guess so far nothing will beat a mazda rotary engine by sound
Jasmijn ariel
Jasmijn ariel 20 days ago
1:22 HOW!?!?!😮😮😮
Whats the crankshift mm
Luke Wilkinson
Luke Wilkinson 22 days ago
That second engine was designed over 60 years ago but it failed. All of them make no use of the thermal loss sad poor designs.
Darko Dimitrijevic
Darko Dimitrijevic 22 days ago
In (almost) 2020....and we are using combustion engines.... where are magnetic, electric, electrostatic, fusion, inertia, ... engines? :( Because of some profit, someone is blocking our civilization to expand the other new technologies....are they really coursed?
Matthew B.
Matthew B. 21 day ago
Until I can completely fill an ev cars battery in less than 5 min. I have no need for an electric car.
Greg 22 days ago
Fokkin sceptic idiot, who cant even talk clear!
red headed stepchild
Kinda cute homemade engines, but basically USELESS , unless you want to run a go-kart at half throttle. Or warm up a Pop-Tart in a solar powered microwave oven. Go get 'em , Champs !!
George Styer
George Styer 25 days ago
What ever happened to the Herbert Cam engine of the 60's..? 6 cylinders 12 pistons with skirts welded together, horizontally mounted around a central cam and according to MIT produced high horsepower at low revs.....Could have been bought by big engine company in USA and killed .....anybody???
Alen St
Alen St 26 days ago
you should also check out Paut motor ruvid.net/video/video-HFUsnKJtMYQ.html
Fred Dinkler
Fred Dinkler 27 days ago
so, #3 , They made an engine knock on purpose?
chip67art 28 days ago
Yep, anything to keep the Koch brothers in business. They all use fossil fuels
Ellie Price
Ellie Price 28 days ago
Interesting engines but the computer voice is monotonous and boring.
This could be the first V12 engine in a kids car ? 300cc 4 stroke water cooled sohc :ruvid.net/video/video-FK7FLd02e94.html
dj 005
dj 005 Month ago
Anything to approach carnot cycle
antigravity 74100
I own the propulsion technology of the future. I'm approaching success every passing time. Humanity is waiting for me
James Summer
James Summer Month ago
How could you leave out the MYT "mighty yet tiny" engine ?
Harley Me
Harley Me Month ago
guess they dont understand the rules... you imput half the explosions, you get halh the work. so 6 cylinders and 3 explosions wont work with gasoline. the inherent problem with gasoline is IT DOESNT EXPLODE. its flameable. hydrogen is the future, stop trying to re invent the internal combustion engine there's nothing wrong with it.. the fuel your using is 5% effecient at doing the work you want it to.
David Prentice
David Prentice Month ago
Looking at my Tesla engine like...
jetfirehi5 Month ago
I didn't think of anything like this it's very interesting
Help The Rose
Help The Rose Month ago
. I just wish you would realise that you have something good to say but so damn hard to follow. Maybe it is the loud volume in the background which makes it so hard for half-deaf people like me to hear
Robert The Bruce Gorman
Space? Whats that?
Hassie Month ago
You want a crazy new engine? Check this out! Share it with your friends, it is going to be amazing! www.kickstarter.com/projects/1778511144/gasoline-combustion-engine-of-tomorrow
tekpic04 Month ago
Future of engines in Formula one technologies.
Jim McCarley
Jim McCarley Month ago
Back in the 60's or 70's they had a rotary engine they said would replace all others. I cannot remember but it may have been mazda. I guess they did not work so well, I never hear about one anymore.
jim h
jim h Month ago
The wankel from the early 1900s Mazda brought it out called it the rotary.. Kicked ass. Remove all the smog B.S. could turn around 20K rpm A 2 rotor engine fired 6 times a revolution.. Kicked Ass but not fuel efficient.. The later models were redesigned even more power...
Rizal Firmansyah
Number 1 like rotary angine
papparocket Month ago
I don't think you read the Liquid Piston material correctly. They don't compare their engine weights to other rotary engines, but rather to piston engines. For example they have a contract with the US Army to develop a 2 kW genset that is to weight 30 lbs dry to replace a 124 lb unit based on a piston diesel engine. This includes the generator and electronics which aren't too different between the two, so most of the weight savings is coming from the engine itself, which weighs about 1/5 the weight of an equivalent power piston diesel.
金善诚 Month ago
The last one is pretty weird, but it’s amazing and I like to work on it
H3R3T1C Month ago
You cannot prevent premature ignition or detonation by leaning out the fuel mixture. That's literally the opposite of what should happen. 90% of the time, race engines detonate because the fuel pump(s) couldn't keep up and the mixture got too lean. Lean mixtures also burn way too hot, which can dramatically shorten the life-span of any engine.
Owen Iverson
Owen Iverson Month ago
When you're developing ICEs completely blind to the coming electric revolution.
Owen Iverson
Owen Iverson Month ago
@rixter69 and right now, hydrogen is cheaper than batteries? Or are you banking on advances in technology to bring costs down?
rixter69 Month ago
@Owen Iverson it's only about budget, no technical...I think the future is hydrogen.
Owen Iverson
Owen Iverson Month ago
@rixter69 so you're implying that humanity has reached the tech limits of batteries? Seems short sighted. Or am I missing what you're suggesting?
rixter69 Month ago
electric revolution is a joke...We cant make good low budget electric car.
Interesting and ingenious from a mechanical point of view, BUT .. electric motors are where its at and where we’re going. They’re around 90% energy efficient instead of 20%, can run on solar sourced energy, rely upon non-contact repelling magnetic fields, and don’t need servicing for a 100,000’s of miles of use. What could be simpler compared to these new attempts at hopelessly inefficient combustion engines with hundreds of mechanical parts thrashing about ?!?
Subhagata Datt
Subhagata Datt Month ago
Why waste money on complicated engineering when electric drivetrains can blow you away in performance? God knows in 10 years how far the battery technology will progress?
jonnie 2 months ago
Interesting engineering but isn't this like advancements in steam engine tech just before the internal combustion engine took off? Anyone can see the writing is on the wall for traditional fuels - its going to be fringe stuff for eccentric enthusiasts soon. Electric motor tech gives many advantages over fuel engines, the issue with electric is really more about storage than the motors themselves. If car manufacturers play ball with us we might hope for plug and play components in electric cars and better reliability down to lower number of moving parts - swap in and swap out with recycling a lot easier, cleaner and safer since spent oils are loaded with nasties. I spent my youth fixing my cars, then it got complicated, I think it might soon get a whole lot simpler again - plug and play user replaceable electric parts yes please!
Tibi76 2 months ago
A Liquidpiston működése 1:1-ben a Wankel motor működési elve. Csak ez mindennel megy az meg csak benyával. De a működési elve a Felix Wankel által kitalált motor.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 2 months ago
100 hours? I don't think that would break any records. You mean 100 years right?
Perversia 2 months ago
Came to the comments to see 'mayezduh' comments.
Tom Atkinson
Tom Atkinson 2 months ago
Thats the entire 3 phases output of the 100KVA 3 phases transformer in my street roughly. For 9.8 kg of thrust. This can work. Seems to me that optimisation is possible with these Ion drives? Probably finding a power source in the native voltage of the drive is the key.
Claudio Berta de Azevedo
I just took an UBER, guess what, TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID, hahaha this guy is OUTDATED by 10 years
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