7 STRANGEST New Engines

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Sources & Credits:
7. VC Turbo
6. Circle Cycle
5. Quasiturbine
4. X3 Thruster
3. Skyactiv-X
2. Achates 2.7L
1. Liquid Piston
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6 ноя 2018

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PhotoFortyTwo День назад
Chieftain Tanks had the Leland L60 engine. 12 pistons 6 cylinders. Opposed pistons. I used to drive one back in the early 80’s interesting to see that engine configuration again.
Munich FX
Munich FX День назад
Making new IC engines is like trying to improve the steam locomotive.
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger 2 дня назад
Dont you do voiceover work on Bob's Burgers?
frodev 3 дня назад
mostly I don’t have any idea what you said. could you please learn to enunciate more clearly. Very sloppy as it is.
Nick Goddard
Nick Goddard 3 дня назад
Look how simple is an electric motor in comparison to these increasingly baroque combustion engines.
fishfuxors 3 дня назад
The Germans used a 2 stroke Diesel version of the Achates in aircraft prior to WW2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Jumo_205
ruvid.net/video/видео-m_4PBUkSUBc.html, it might be of interest to you English forum: kertsopoulos.com/magnetism/forum Greek forum: kertsopoulos.com/magnetism/forumgr
zachary paris
zachary paris 4 дня назад
combustion is dying.
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 5 дней назад
To put money and effort in fuel drive engines, faced to electric engines and fuel cells, is the same idiotic move, like Kaiser Wilhelm invest a lot Money in Cavalry not far bevor WWI.
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 5 дней назад
Due 7.: This compression setup is allready used in the toyota hybrid VTI engines. Not exactly like your example, but kind of. to 5.: Its just similar to the "Wankelmotor", which is more efficient then the Otto-Motor but its not robust enough for a revultion. But Mazda Rx-8 use one.
Maarten Perdeck
Maarten Perdeck 7 дней назад
why move the chainsaw up and down?
Troy Ander
Troy Ander 7 дней назад
Shouldn't that last engine have opposing chambers to balance the weight. Double the boom, double the vroom!
Kiesi Kapteeni
Kiesi Kapteeni 7 дней назад
Maybe if it was presented by Morgan Freeman...
L J 7 дней назад
Prehistoric engines for prehistoric people.
Roger Turner
Roger Turner 7 дней назад
Great article. Shame that you had to use what sounds like a text reader for the commentary.
Username 10 дней назад
Here's the strangest engine: ruvid.net/video/видео-39UKSfsc9Z0.html
B Amrein
B Amrein 11 дней назад
The Liquid Piston engine is a stolen idea from Mazda's rotary engine... nothing new there. Remember -- the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Just go back to steam, only this time, use solar to heat up the water... thereyago - you're welcome!
Tarner Szear
Tarner Szear 11 дней назад
An engine that should of been in this video, is called the duke engine.
Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery 12 дней назад
Mysteries of the unexplained.
Andreas Ludwig Kalcker
Andreas Ludwig Kalcker 12 дней назад
fossil fuel is not the way ...
The One
The One 13 дней назад
Even more breakable parts and over-complication. The gasoline engine is a dying art.
Z 15 дней назад
variable compression ratio is weird especially the two crankshafts-Interesting but I would not want it in my vehicle-no way, way too many moving parts, more friction, no thanks And that flat box engine that sounded like it was about to come apart-Noooooooo Thanks
brosser1000 16 дней назад
High compression makes power. We just need an algea based biofuel and we can push that number higher, and then add forced induction. No real change in design that weve been using for over 100 years.
Steve Barlow
Steve Barlow 18 дней назад
The Opposed piston engine reminds me of the Doxford 80 years ago??
Joel Vale
Joel Vale 19 дней назад
I'm still waiting for my flying car.
cavey davey
cavey davey 19 дней назад
why are people working on new internal combustion engines? surely it is obvious that their day is done
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos 19 дней назад
If it’s not electric, it belongs in a museum.
Do not subscribe to Me
Do not subscribe to Me 20 дней назад
Shaggy could thrust a vehicle forward with his mean punch.
joseph galarneau
joseph galarneau 20 дней назад
That first engine the VC-turbo is a variation of the lever engine first designed by Alvah Leigh Powell in the 1930s. Some of them were used in the Elcar automobile and some were used to power pumps in the oil fields. High torque at low rpms. One of the auto engines went 350,000 miles with no problems and that was in the 1930s !!!
Alejandro Larios
Alejandro Larios 21 день назад
in the first engine, reliability is synonymous with simplicity in cars, the first engine to add more parts may be more efficient, but I doubt it is more reliable if you have more mobile parts, for something the electric motors will always be more reliable than the combustion, or Combustion engines that are simple are always more reliable than complex engines, is it a law of life, or have you ever seen a lion with 10 legs to run more?
Dirk Horn
Dirk Horn 21 день назад
Strange video... i guess no body understands what you are talking...
Manorscape Gardening
Manorscape Gardening 21 день назад
You folks narrating these have to stop talking like you are a speak and spell lol
Elizabeth Marks-Graham
Elizabeth Marks-Graham 21 день назад
Looks like more parts to break which means more repair bills and they’ll probably be more expensive to
RAFIK 21 день назад
So my ideas not stupid to build a new engin with less complexity & vibrations and you can control the angles of pistons easily and you can make it a soft flat engin for mor space. I better look for my old plans.
matt nolan
matt nolan 21 день назад
Or they can just improve and clean up emissions of the words most efficient engine ever made....any guesses? That’s right the 2 stroke diesel
Mr. Ahegao -
Mr. Ahegao - 21 день назад
Speak through your mouth, not your nose
Just Awesome
Just Awesome 22 дня назад
ruvid.net/video/видео-C-jmXlsL7Tg.html Target 10,000 Subs FIRST 6 Months Please help reach target!!
anwaypasible 22 дня назад
i seen a parallax pump.
delavalmilker 22 дня назад
Some cool concepts. But I think the 4-stroke piston engine is still going to dominate things a very long time. As mentioned in some other posts, it's all about the KISS principle.
Moto arzan
Moto arzan 22 дня назад
ENGINES have already had a 100+yrs to get better and still only at about 20-25% efficient, now we're beating a dead horse! Electric motors are already 94% efficient. EV's are the future!
Doki Bubó
Doki Bubó 23 дня назад
fuck this otto motor.go electric
Martin Chujcietoobchodzi
Martin Chujcietoobchodzi 23 дня назад
2 is old project
Michael Fixedsys
Michael Fixedsys 23 дня назад
I was previously unaware of your channel’s existence but I’m intrigued as ever. You have earned yourself a subscriber
Wagner PD
Wagner PD 25 дней назад
#5 is a Wankel. Remember the 1st Mazdas in America? Mother blew hers up filling tank w/ employer's free-2-employees 106-octane gasoline.
Muratla işler güçler
Muratla işler güçler 26 дней назад
Süper olmuş
Adam Schultz
Adam Schultz 26 дней назад
Thank you for including as many videos as you could.
Scotty D
Scotty D 26 дней назад
You said weird engines and you brought it.
CarChrisMC 26 дней назад
I really need to patent my magnetic induction engine with almost no wear at all!
CarChrisMC 26 дней назад
I really need to patent my magnetic induction engine with almost no wear at all!
JustInCaseIGetCaught 26 дней назад
If you ask me, a majority of these new yet strange engines, are prone to failure and many management conplications such as fuel consumption, just like the wankel rotary engine.
FullSpectrumuk 28 дней назад
Why they still messing with those engines when electric engines are taking over.
Fordlover 28 дней назад
Over half of those are not real
Terry 28 дней назад
No 2 uses a similar design to the deltic train engine
rohit saju
rohit saju 29 дней назад
u missed out aquarius engine
fighting and music world
fighting and music world Месяц назад
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pamn spencer
pamn spencer Месяц назад
I think I've had a couple of engines where the pistons changed holes and the rods made holes?!
Bo Han
Bo Han Месяц назад
Or you can just go electric and get rid of all that mess.
a. mcgee
a. mcgee 29 дней назад
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Joseph Trisler
Joseph Trisler Месяц назад
I am not an engineer but, for those who are you might find this fascinating.
Terence Rucker
Terence Rucker Месяц назад
"Too Complicated!" LOL. Compared to what? Have you seen the inside of a Mercedes DOHC V12? And they run reliably for quite some time thank you very much.
AscendtionArc Месяц назад
Cool to see, thanks.
Robert Gift
Robert Gift Месяц назад
Well done! Thank you.
TheRyadrian Месяц назад
I just farted and that makes me an engine..Right. So If I go to supermarket to get food..That makes engine drive engine to fuel engine. Then what if I go fuel engine up and then supermarket. Engine drive engine to fuel up engine then drive engine to fuel engine. HOLY MCSHITBURGER
Cat Keys
Cat Keys Месяц назад
The problem I see with ANY rotary type engine is that they require a tight seal against a flat surface. You don't see this in the typical diagram of a Wankel rotary engine, where you only see the interesting shape of the rotor and the oblong double lobed shape of the chamber. With heat (read: warpage) and WEAR, maintaining the total flatness needed for a tight seal for no leakage at the sides (that you don't see in these diagrams) should be something that is inherently nearly impossible to maintain over any appreciable length of time. Not like the inherent geometric stability of the cylindrical shape of conventional piston-cylinder arrangement.
Norman Roscher
Norman Roscher Месяц назад
Why do people still bother with developing new oil stoves when the future is electric? And calling these evolutionary steps of an ancient technology "revolutionary" is ridiculous. Especially that 3 cylinder 6 piston engine in the end. Look up the Jumo 205 - a German aircraft engine from the 1930s. It already worked by these principles, and there have been trucks based on this in the 1950s.
Tyre smoke Tv
Tyre smoke Tv Месяц назад
good to see people trying to keep the rotary style engine alive
Arif Dylgjeri
Arif Dylgjeri Месяц назад
Weird Engines, this is right! Weird but nothing else.
James Hally
James Hally Месяц назад
Could a diesel engine be used in space?
Tim Travasos
Tim Travasos Месяц назад
I like the Acates and the liquid piston.
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott Месяц назад
Very nice summary, thanks for creating this video! Some of these are too complex to be both reliable and cost effective. In 1963, Chrysler produced a turbine powered automobile en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Turbine_Car. Emissions and fuel economy were detractors. But turbines have GREATLY improved in 55+ years. Turbines are commonly used to generate electrical power for the grid. So why not miniaturize a turbine for the car to generate power for a hybrid electric car? The advent of super-capacitors and improved batteries can handle power surges, such as sudden acceleration. This addresses the turbine's shortcoming in abruptly addressing sudden surge requirements
KC SNOTREAL Месяц назад
the car engine at the beginning has to many moving parts!
Pierfrancesco Poniz
Pierfrancesco Poniz Месяц назад
now please see this: it is being continuously improved and it will have a prototype, just waiting for funding to let you see the real technology disruption >>> ruvid.net/video/видео-MPW1FtV64ac.html
Marbella Southern Spain
Marbella Southern Spain Месяц назад
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Thor Stambaugh
Thor Stambaugh Месяц назад
Where is the pancake engine with a simple rotating plate?
6B8RX Месяц назад
Or you could just go electric.
Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas Месяц назад
with the electric motor revolution there is simply no more need to find the holy grail of combustion engine, IMO. What we need is the holy grail of green energy production :)
Yergot Месяц назад
Why did you disable the subscriber counter
Xyreces '
Xyreces ' Месяц назад
Which moves a small car faster? 400hp and 200lb/ft of torque or visa versus?
Frank O'Moore
Frank O'Moore Месяц назад
The era of car engines is coming to a close, these may be the last generation of beautiful designs.
Александр Месяц назад
Ничего не понял, но выглядит забавно
Val Veadora
Val Veadora Месяц назад
Number 6 is a bit like a deltic engine
Omegadarkdrake Месяц назад
imagine making new modern gas/diesel engines when electric is on the rise
Kragatar Месяц назад
I'm amazed... the clickbaity looking thumbnail was actually in the video for once.
neil wilkinson
neil wilkinson Месяц назад
#5 Quasiturbine - This is very similar to a concept put forward in the early 1970s by the Rotarymotive Developments group in New Zealand. RMD was engaged in exploring various rotary concepts, many of them developed from inventions of Mr Hamilton Walker. Most of his patented concepts were based on an oval piston or stator as in this engine. This particular geometry - using a lozenging rhomboid piston - can provide consistent seal engagement between the stator and pistons but that is about all it has going for it. Otherwise it has most of the shortcomings of the common Wankel with high surface to volume, even more complex sealing grid, plus a few extras such as the varying angular velocity of the drive shaft (or the need to add a differential mechanism to take out the hunting of opposite piston pairs) and high mechanical forces at the seals which have to drive the inertia forces as the pistons rock back and forth...........9 out of 10 for complexity
electronics help care
electronics help care Месяц назад
Wow yeah this thing probably hits way harder than my zvx 18 what was I thinking
WMithrandirXbox Месяц назад
You forgot the most amazing unreleased engine: the Duke
岩本徹三 Месяц назад
Callsign Vega
Callsign Vega Месяц назад
To be working on any petroleum "engine" is incredibly stupid.
TheZero Dav
TheZero Dav Месяц назад
the last 1 would faile do to vibrations of the non centered drive shaft
Zachariah Woller
Zachariah Woller Месяц назад
So everyone knows about the Duke engine.
Jeffrey314159 Месяц назад
The first engine looks like a smog machine
spacetweek Месяц назад
Any engine based on combusting a fuel is technologically obsolete.
Mason Gilbert
Mason Gilbert Месяц назад
#4, ion propulsion, is hardly "new." It has been fully realized in prototype form for nearly 60 years and will continue to exist ONLY as prototypes for the indefinite future because it has no foreseeable practical application. Uh-huh, "Humanity's Glorious Future of interstellar space travel just like in Star Trek," yada, yada... Like I said, it has no PRACTICAL application. No, Gene Roddenberry's LSD "trips" do not qualify. RUvid is SO often so fucking stupid and disappointing because of shit like this-- video creators who palm themselves off as "authoritative experts who Know Everything" about a given subject area when they're really just common beer-hall bullshitters, plus too fucking lazy to even research the shit they do know about
A Br
A Br Месяц назад
I invented 2 new engine-generator for transportation and stationary electrical like houses and building. The first one is call abr extrifuge surge generator. It is a low cost compact generator for cars and airplanes and ships that work by acceleration and deceleration of mass and weight transfert. The second one is a 2 pistons per cylinder engine that is call abr c.c.p engine. c.c.p mean central compression piston. It work like a normal engine but the compression has almost no drag on the engine and the power stroke ratio of power is 6 time higher. This engine dynamically ajust the power stroke to become a very long stroke aspect ratio which is more powerful. A car with a c.c.p engine can easily do 200 mpg or more. Im asking 1 200 billion u.s dollar without income tax to sell these imventions to the broad international market to handle climate change and lower the price of electricity for transport and building and factories. I can send many diagrams and explanation by email to big manufacturers and gearhead. bababri54@gmail.com
A Br
A Br Месяц назад
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willythewave Месяц назад
@A Br I`m sure the Nigerian Prince would be more than willing to accommodate you, just return his emails.
Zissou Moonshot
Zissou Moonshot Месяц назад
A revolutionary new engine that gets... 37mpg... wow, big improvements being made! We need a quantum leap in tech, a 1970s Honda Civic gets the same milage as cars in 2019.
ABC123 2 дня назад
Safety equipment isn't free
Dan Jonsson
Dan Jonsson Месяц назад
what ever happened to the MYT engine?
SnoopyDoo Месяц назад
Over a hundred years since the car was invented and we're still seeing almost nothing but fossil fuel motors polluting the planet.
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