7 STRANGEST New Engines

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Sources & Credits:
7. VC Turbo
6. Circle Cycle
5. Quasiturbine
4. X3 Thruster
3. Skyactiv-X
2. Achates 2.7L
1. Liquid Piston
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Nov 6, 2018




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Comments 1 717
Anthony Kollar Blues
Good video!
Diego Rodriguez
1.9 k dislike are jealousy haters feminists ladys that can build shit ... I like how this new engine is made wonderful . i can wait work on it one day at the shop .
meme fusion
meme fusion Day ago
thank you for the ion thruster
Kirill Azarov
Kirill Azarov 2 days ago
Just... make... good... goddamn... batteries!
perchlorsaeure 4 days ago
Wow i didn't know this channel before, and expected a video of the quality of those indian mainstream channels that use clickbait and titles like "dangerous modern big machinery processing" that sound like they just took a bunch of words that sound spectacular and put them in a random order. But i was positively surprised. Thank you.
Fernando caldeira
Wankel 1924 evolution...
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 4 days ago
My 2015 Mazda3 has a SkyActiv engine that gets just over 40 mpg (highway). Trust me on this one, Mazda knows what they're doing.
Harry Farbey
Harry Farbey 2 days ago
different engine
Curtis Perry
Curtis Perry 5 days ago
A good rule of thumb, fewer moving parts means better longevity. (Provided parts are made to a set standard)
erh yj
erh yj 6 days ago
Now next were going to re invent the wheel. Were going to make it square but bolt loads of bits on to it to make it round . It will be a lot less reliable and cost 20 X more to produce but it will be completely new
Stephen La Croix
Stephen La Croix 10 days ago
You seem so smart. What have you created? Very good at critique. Most critics have not actually created anything.
Jexer Kyle Adefuin
Jexer Kyle Adefuin 10 days ago
OK... A two stroke and three stroke rotary engine.
Ajee Kamath
Ajee Kamath 13 days ago
check more about RVCR Technology Engines @ ruvid.net/video/video-YvyK6nD8aMY.html
Ajee Kamath
Ajee Kamath 13 days ago
How could you miss the RVCR Engine concept. check ruvid.net/video/video-iVLaUmJuuGY.html
G Hall
G Hall 14 days ago
Other than the ion engine, they are just rehashing the internal combustion engine.
Stefan Reich
Stefan Reich 15 days ago
Number 6 makes you nervous just watching it
david jones
david jones 15 days ago
it is not an engine if you run compressed air to it to make it turn
bmobert 16 days ago
I'm sorry to see both the MYT engine and the Russian Yo engine fall off the map so completely. I felt they had so much promise.
ralphsterz 16 days ago
Fossil fuels are history, this is 10 years late. Electric is the future.
T38 Talon
T38 Talon 13 days ago
Once they crack storage and recharging, then electric will be the future.
THEw5000 14 days ago
Scientist Walter exactly
Scientist Walter
Scientist Walter 15 days ago
you just had to ruin the fun with your tesla uh?
THEw5000 15 days ago
ralphsterz electric cars are lame af bro
Paul Cochran
Paul Cochran 16 days ago
The issue with the sky activ is it doesn't let all the exhaust out so it won't compress correctly and blow head gaskets very early on
Jurgen Haan
Jurgen Haan 19 days ago
That liquid piston thing has a lot more contact surface than a wankel engine. How much oil would this thing consume?
eib 19 days ago
u forget 6-tak engine
Miguel Monserrat
Miguel Monserrat 20 days ago
I don't care if combustion engines pollute this world, they are much more interesting than batteries
The title should be redesigned gasoline engines.
Vivo Xplay
Vivo Xplay 25 days ago
Richie Mann
Richie Mann 28 days ago
That 2nd one looks dangerous as hell
Arnavut Şirkeilzanadeer
Nah fam im fine with my Wankel.
Skyerzen Month ago
You should've mentioned konigsegg's electronic valve engine. That thing is dope
Skyerzen Month ago
The Nissan engine only has one compression control for ALL pistons, not individual.
#6 would be useful for generators
Montaser ahmed
Montaser ahmed Month ago
What the hell is a combustion ratio?
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson Month ago
Automobile engine durability is no longer a concern,people are expected to finance a new care every few years for life.
Chris Langieri
Chris Langieri Month ago
Newer dosent mean better, different also dosent mean better..
Peixet Studios
Peixet Studios Month ago
Muy interesante! :)
cheese chisel
cheese chisel Month ago
1:48 wow that saw cuts terrible
mrksts1 Month ago
Everyone that says we should go completely to electric vehicles now need to remember that the extra demand ot would incur on the electrical grid for charging vehicles would translate into burning more oil, coal, etc to generate electricity. We will need to generate the lion’s share of power by renewable sources to make that idea feasible. Not saying it can’t happen but we are not there yet. 2nd, battery tech has to evolve further.
evatatus Month ago
Daniel Ginther
Daniel Ginther Month ago
Where's the Duke engine from New Zealand?
Abe Froman
Abe Froman Month ago
480 ft/lbs of torque from a 2.7L engine. That's awesome!
Mohammad Yaseen
Mohammad Yaseen Month ago
Why still develop and work on these diesel / fossil fuel engines? While the world wants to move onto electric and other technologies.
Mohammad Yaseen
Mohammad Yaseen Month ago
+Mazda Miata ..... Then we should think over, how to make electricity cheaper..
Mazda Miata
Mazda Miata Month ago
Cuz in some places electric is more expensive than gasoline. Refueling time, infastructure, building superchargers around a whole country isn't easy, you can bring extra fuel in tank, if you're stranded with no gas someone else can just bring some fuel in a container. The shift takes some time, plug in hybrids with efficient engines and then full electric depending on your government.
Markimoop Month ago
Quasiturbine: *Starts* Satan: *GRITS TEETH*
Armando Dias Stamile Soares
@Tech Planet Bitt Rotary Engine ruvid.net/video/video-hq-OR3PyQi0.html
Danny Vladuceanu
I’m fascinated by any kind of diesel or petrol engine.... my question is ‘why try so many things if in the next 50 years planet will run outta petrol?
Meboy1000 Month ago
the second one just making the infinite popping sounds lol
Jeremy Mettler
Jeremy Mettler Month ago
I say lay Piston down use as crank have groove or wave in we're plugs go get rid of top end spin piston as crank maybe
Arjen van Hassent
Imagine an engine with just one moving part, oh wait...that's called the electric motor
joe dasilva
joe dasilva Month ago
Masterpieces of mechanical engineering
AlphaSilverback Month ago
Some if those designs are gonna wear much more than others. It's gonna be interesting to see long time use results. Also- Definitely different service difficulties.
Brandon Deitz
Brandon Deitz Month ago
.......vc engine is already in 2019 Nissan altimas
Victor Gabriel
Victor Gabriel Month ago
Vai se fuder
atassano2001 Month ago
iank muin
iank muin Month ago
nyimak video
PhotoFortyTwo Month ago
Chieftain Tanks had the Leland L60 engine. 12 pistons 6 cylinders. Opposed pistons. I used to drive one back in the early 80’s interesting to see that engine configuration again.
Munich FX
Munich FX Month ago
Making new IC engines is like trying to improve the steam locomotive.
Bicentennial Nagger
Dont you do voiceover work on Bob's Burgers?
frodev Month ago
mostly I don’t have any idea what you said. could you please learn to enunciate more clearly. Very sloppy as it is.
Nick Goddard
Nick Goddard Month ago
Look how simple is an electric motor in comparison to these increasingly baroque combustion engines.
fishfuxors Month ago
The Germans used a 2 stroke Diesel version of the Achates in aircraft prior to WW2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Jumo_205
ruvid.net/video/video-m_4PBUkSUBc.html, it might be of interest to you English forum: kertsopoulos.com/magnetism/forum Greek forum: kertsopoulos.com/magnetism/forumgr
zachary paris
zachary paris Month ago
combustion is dying.
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 2 months ago
To put money and effort in fuel drive engines, faced to electric engines and fuel cells, is the same idiotic move, like Kaiser Wilhelm invest a lot Money in Cavalry not far bevor WWI.
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 2 months ago
Due 7.: This compression setup is allready used in the toyota hybrid VTI engines. Not exactly like your example, but kind of. to 5.: Its just similar to the "Wankelmotor", which is more efficient then the Otto-Motor but its not robust enough for a revultion. But Mazda Rx-8 use one.
Maarten Perdeck
Maarten Perdeck 2 months ago
why move the chainsaw up and down?
Troy Ander
Troy Ander 2 months ago
Shouldn't that last engine have opposing chambers to balance the weight. Double the boom, double the vroom!
Kiesi Kapteeni
Kiesi Kapteeni 2 months ago
Maybe if it was presented by Morgan Freeman...
L J 2 months ago
Prehistoric engines for prehistoric people.
Roger Turner
Roger Turner 2 months ago
Great article. Shame that you had to use what sounds like a text reader for the commentary.
Username 2 months ago
Here's the strangest engine: ruvid.net/video/video-39UKSfsc9Z0.html
B Amrein
B Amrein 2 months ago
The Liquid Piston engine is a stolen idea from Mazda's rotary engine... nothing new there. Remember -- the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Just go back to steam, only this time, use solar to heat up the water... thereyago - you're welcome!
Tarner Szear
Tarner Szear 2 months ago
An engine that should of been in this video, is called the duke engine.
Сергей Семянников
Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery 2 months ago
Mysteries of the unexplained.
Andreas Ludwig Kalcker
fossil fuel is not the way ...
The One
The One 2 months ago
Even more breakable parts and over-complication. The gasoline engine is a dying art.
Z 2 months ago
variable compression ratio is weird especially the two crankshafts-Interesting but I would not want it in my vehicle-no way, way too many moving parts, more friction, no thanks And that flat box engine that sounded like it was about to come apart-Noooooooo Thanks
brosser1000 2 months ago
High compression makes power. We just need an algea based biofuel and we can push that number higher, and then add forced induction. No real change in design that weve been using for over 100 years.
Steve Barlow
Steve Barlow 2 months ago
The Opposed piston engine reminds me of the Doxford 80 years ago??
Joel Vale
Joel Vale 2 months ago
I'm still waiting for my flying car.
cavey davey
cavey davey 2 months ago
why are people working on new internal combustion engines? surely it is obvious that their day is done
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos 2 months ago
If it’s not electric, it belongs in a museum.
Do not subscribe to Me
Shaggy could thrust a vehicle forward with his mean punch.
joseph galarneau
joseph galarneau 2 months ago
That first engine the VC-turbo is a variation of the lever engine first designed by Alvah Leigh Powell in the 1930s. Some of them were used in the Elcar automobile and some were used to power pumps in the oil fields. High torque at low rpms. One of the auto engines went 350,000 miles with no problems and that was in the 1930s !!!
Alejandro Larios
Alejandro Larios 2 months ago
in the first engine, reliability is synonymous with simplicity in cars, the first engine to add more parts may be more efficient, but I doubt it is more reliable if you have more mobile parts, for something the electric motors will always be more reliable than the combustion, or Combustion engines that are simple are always more reliable than complex engines, is it a law of life, or have you ever seen a lion with 10 legs to run more?
Dirk Horn
Dirk Horn 2 months ago
Strange video... i guess no body understands what you are talking...
Manorscape Gardening
You folks narrating these have to stop talking like you are a speak and spell lol
Elizabeth Marks-Graham
Looks like more parts to break which means more repair bills and they’ll probably be more expensive to
RAFIK 2 months ago
So my ideas not stupid to build a new engin with less complexity & vibrations and you can control the angles of pistons easily and you can make it a soft flat engin for mor space. I better look for my old plans.
matt nolan
matt nolan 2 months ago
Or they can just improve and clean up emissions of the words most efficient engine ever made....any guesses? That’s right the 2 stroke diesel
Mr. Ahegao
Mr. Ahegao 2 months ago
Speak through your mouth, not your nose
Just Awesome
Just Awesome 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-C-jmXlsL7Tg.html Target 10,000 Subs FIRST 6 Months Please help reach target!!
anwaypasible 2 months ago
i seen a parallax pump.
delavalmilker 2 months ago
Some cool concepts. But I think the 4-stroke piston engine is still going to dominate things a very long time. As mentioned in some other posts, it's all about the KISS principle.
Moto arzan
Moto arzan 2 months ago
ENGINES have already had a 100+yrs to get better and still only at about 20-25% efficient, now we're beating a dead horse! Electric motors are already 94% efficient. EV's are the future!
Doki Bubó
Doki Bubó 2 months ago
fuck this otto motor.go electric
Martin Chujcietoobchodzi
2 is old project
Michael Fixedsys
Michael Fixedsys 2 months ago
I was previously unaware of your channel’s existence but I’m intrigued as ever. You have earned yourself a subscriber
ANDY WALKER & The Baker Street Band Official
Wagner PD
Wagner PD 2 months ago
#5 is a Wankel. Remember the 1st Mazdas in America? Mother blew hers up filling tank w/ employer's free-2-employees 106-octane gasoline.
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Adam Schultz
Adam Schultz 2 months ago
Thank you for including as many videos as you could.
Scotty D
Scotty D 2 months ago
You said weird engines and you brought it.
CarChrisMC 2 months ago
I really need to patent my magnetic induction engine with almost no wear at all!
CarChrisMC 2 months ago
I really need to patent my magnetic induction engine with almost no wear at all!
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