7 STRANGEST New Engines

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7. VC Turbo
6. Circle Cycle
5. Quasiturbine
4. X3 Thruster
3. Skyactiv-X
2. Achates 2.7L
1. Liquid Piston
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Nov 6, 2018

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Comments 1 923
Immortal Spirit
Change that chainsaw bro or sharpen it before it breaks appart and smack someone across the face.
Interesting and ingenious from a mechanical point of view, BUT .. electric motors are where its at and where we’re going. They’re around 90% energy efficient instead of 20%, can run on solar sourced energy, rely upon non-contact repelling magnetic fields, and don’t need servicing for a 100,000’s of miles of use. What could be simpler compared to these new attempts at hopelessly inefficient combustion engines with hundreds of mechanical parts thrashing about ?!?
Subhagata Datt
Why waste money on complicated engineering when electric drivetrains can blow you away in performance? God knows in 10 years how far the battery technology will progress?
jonnie 4 days ago
Interesting engineering but isn't this like advancements in steam engine tech just before the internal combustion engine took off? Anyone can see the writing is on the wall for traditional fuels - its going to be fringe stuff for eccentric enthusiasts soon. Electric motor tech gives many advantages over fuel engines, the issue with electric is really more about storage than the motors themselves. If car manufacturers play ball with us we might hope for plug and play components in electric cars and better reliability down to lower number of moving parts - swap in and swap out with recycling a lot easier, cleaner and safer since spent oils are loaded with nasties. I spent my youth fixing my cars, then it got complicated, I think it might soon get a whole lot simpler again - plug and play user replaceable electric parts yes please!
Tibi76 5 days ago
A Liquidpiston működése 1:1-ben a Wankel motor működési elve. Csak ez mindennel megy az meg csak benyával. De a működési elve a Felix Wankel által kitalált motor.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 6 days ago
100 hours? I don't think that would break any records. You mean 100 years right?
Perversia 7 days ago
Came to the comments to see 'mayezduh' comments.
Tom Atkinson
Tom Atkinson 8 days ago
Thats the entire 3 phases output of the 100KVA 3 phases transformer in my street roughly. For 9.8 kg of thrust. This can work. Seems to me that optimisation is possible with these Ion drives? Probably finding a power source in the native voltage of the drive is the key.
Claudio Berta de Azevedo
I just took an UBER, guess what, TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID, hahaha this guy is OUTDATED by 10 years
W 12 days ago
most of these have been around for years. you earned yourself a disslike and a flag!
paul feeney
paul feeney 13 days ago
these videos are depressing with stupid music and poor very poor english speaker
Felix Bruil
Felix Bruil 13 days ago
Too bad the background music for non-native English speakers . . .
FlorinSutu 14 days ago
2:21 No. 4: That idea is 110 years old.
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly 15 days ago
A modernised Doble could easily give 120mph 100mpg and no emissions. If it used pulverised wood it could give a virtuous circle by planting trees for the pulverised wood fuel. The Doble was built in the 1920s in the USA and was raced giving a speed of 120mph 100mpg and no pollution. It aint rocket science and could be a world beater.
David Joseph
David Joseph 16 days ago
There is an electric motor which will replace all combustion engines in the next 10 years. The ‘MEIM Motor’ solved the past problems. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released the patent documents on June 6 2019. Your welcome.
No Name
No Name 16 days ago
Well, until then, we're still waiting for the interdimensional engine from Area 51 to appear.
Roadkill 16 days ago
The VC-engine is`nt new, SAAB did use a simular VC-engine way back in the days. They only redesigned it.
Trisean hernandez
Trisean hernandez 16 days ago
i learn more things in the internet
Michael Ingleby
Michael Ingleby 16 days ago
Electric is the way to go... ICE = dinosaur...
Nick Dodenc
Nick Dodenc 18 days ago
Isn't number 5 like a rotary engine ?
Bulent Kilinckesmez
ruvid.net/video/video-ZRUdQasuI78.html no walve engine.
David Thomas
David Thomas 19 days ago
This is why electric motors will utterly dominate
Manifest Heap
Manifest Heap 20 days ago
wait... no EmDrive ?
Scott Strang
Scott Strang 20 days ago
This tells you to never keep a car past it's warranty period.
The300ZXGuru 21 day ago
the MYT engine should have been on this list. Its 95 percent efficiency whereas the Rotory engine is only at 60 percent
osho2112 21 day ago
"...It's even received a widdow bit of funding from DARPA."
sherl martin
sherl martin 24 days ago
So electric is the answer.HUH. out hear in ag country I haven't seen one electric tractor yet anywhere. Word.
Georg Voß
Georg Voß 24 days ago
Kann man das Kaufen?
gregg4164 26 days ago
Uh, lean engines promote pre ignition not prevent it. I think you got your facts wrong.
SixString Sound
SixString Sound 26 days ago
The problem is the engineers never wrench on cars and don't know what a pain it is to fix the stuff they make.
Jaakko Pöntinen
Jaakko Pöntinen 26 days ago
Good content. Thank you. So little filler and healthy scepticism with a chuckle even! :D Love it! +++
Porco Loco
Porco Loco 27 days ago
At least trash,, all of them
nallen100 27 days ago
Might as well all be beta max. Combustion engines are a dead technology.
Tim Wicks
Tim Wicks 27 days ago
Do any of them run off of diarrhea. That would be strange. But also be cool to watch people filling the tank.
nednedtom 27 days ago
Here in Ireland. They want to stop selling gas/diesel cars trucks around 2030.
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 27 days ago
Justice Bernal
Justice Bernal 29 days ago
I just saw mostly CGI... not impressed, rather disappointed...
Levi Olive
Levi Olive 29 days ago
Where is your accent from? You sound Asian? Correct?
Jessie Bratt
Jessie Bratt Month ago
I will pray that Volvo must give me new car
Simon Blackham
Simon Blackham Month ago
The 'liquid piston' looks tri-cavity rather than the bi-cavity of the Wankel engine. The seals are on the static housing rather than the rotor tips ... a weak point of the Wankel. The combustion chamber shape is still a problem though ! The opposed piston engine was done a long time ago ... commer truck engine (rocking lever), Napier Deltic diesel (train, boat) and the L60 Chieftan tank engine (2 stroke multi fuel - anything that burnt) ... All in the UK. Try googling them...
Agtronic Month ago
3:30 "Fuel mixture is very lean so it does not ignite prematurely. Compression is very high" ... This doesn't make any sense. Both a lean (relative to 14.7:1) air/fuel mixture and high compression increase likelihood of pre-ignition. Which is why we lower compression and tune fuel more rich on turbo cars.
Mr. P
Mr. P Month ago
Listen young folks, internal combustion is very powerful, and so is 3 phase a/c induction motors. There is no competition for the electric motor (a/c). Great visuals into possibilities, but the fuel is the real point of comcern.
nallen100 24 days ago
@I totally don't work at McDonalds Right? Seems relevant though. They were the go to place for video rentals for a long time. Like combustion engines in cars. But they failed hard when it came to incorporating a new tech. Tesla is selling 30,000 model 3's a month. the "big three" may be the next blockbuster, beta max, sears, or whatever you want to call it.
I totally don't work at McDonalds
@nallen100 Blockbuster? I haven't heard that name in years
nallen100 27 days ago
Combustion engines are dead tech. Anyone or any company not focusing on electric will get left behind like blockbuster.
adam rugen
adam rugen Month ago
Hey dickhead, nobody wants to hear your opinion of the engines. Just show the fucking things and keep the rest to yourself.
Jayy Tee
Jayy Tee Month ago
I feel the same about your comment!
FishBoy Rich
FishBoy Rich Month ago
I find it very amusing how a car back in the 70's gives almost the same gas mileage with a car in the 2019 even though the cars back then had alot more weight and was less complicated to work on
cadavernl nee
cadavernl nee Month ago
I just found out that my modern car has the same mpg than the ford T. Not that bad, but my car goes twice the speed.
Hans Bernving
Hans Bernving Month ago
Number 7 is a sort of atkinson cycle
Jean-Francois Desrosiers
The quasiturbine is in fact in many application, including cars such as Mazda. No, quasiturbine is not a Wankel bc Wankel had triangle piston surface and is based on the principle of volume variation between a curve and a moving cord (a sliding single piston-object on the curve). The Quasiturbine does not use this principle, since the maximum volume as well as the compressed volume are both in a straight line contour area.
Glitched Blox
Glitched Blox Month ago
Hmm... Engine is has more variation than i thought.
Godisknocking 777x7
Everything breaks! And these all look like nightmares to repair and costly. Horse and cart are starting to look better and better! Lol!
Birgir Guðjonsson
Skyactive..Had a Mazda..no ty lol
KingyoGhostie Month ago
color me unimpressed, sorry
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