7 STRANGEST New Engines

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7. VC Turbo
6. Circle Cycle
5. Quasiturbine
4. X3 Thruster
3. Skyactiv-X
2. Achates 2.7L
1. Liquid Piston
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Nov 5, 2018




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Comments 80
Tyler Stclair
Tyler Stclair 4 days ago
The x3 thruster is some star wars pod racing shit
Levi Stepanian
Levi Stepanian 5 days ago
Jonathan 9 days ago
I guess there wont be much need for these with electric on the rise.
Sep G
Sep G 6 days ago
electric motors are simpler, just need battery tech to be better though current battery tech already fit the use-cases of some motorists. i see Electrics and Hybrids all the time in Europe because charging stations are a lot more accessible there. only if battery companies had better lobbyists than oil oligarchs in the US.
ati nagy
ati nagy 9 days ago
Here is a strange but simple gas engine to the collection: www.nagyrotormotor.com
ghost 123
ghost 123 10 days ago
Wankel rotary till i die
bob thompson
bob thompson 11 days ago
The steam and air on Tesla made one already
crunchymunchy 14 days ago
Gm: yeah, just reuse the block... New heads? Sure, yeah that works. Just make sure they fit that one block we made in 1997...
Charles Harmon
Charles Harmon 27 days ago
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala Month ago
The VC turbo was my idea!!!
Leaetta Hyer
Leaetta Hyer Month ago
If I could get a dentist to wire a small reciprocating generator to my wife’s lower jaw we could free ourselves from nuclear energy !
Leaetta Hyer
Leaetta Hyer Month ago
I wonder if that VC is really made by the Viet-Cong ?
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson Month ago
Aren’t electric motors making most of these redundant?
Mark Hopewell
Mark Hopewell Month ago
Talented engineers completely wasting their time and ours. The future is electric.
immortal joe
immortal joe Month ago
Even mechanics are engineers themselves and they quickly pickup the defects of creators of machines
PsiCommando Month ago
To be clear, rocket engines ARE true engines. SRBs (Solid Rocket Boosters) or rocket MOTORS are NOT engines. Ion thrusters by definition are electrodynamic rocket engines; thus, X3 IS a true engine. The main difference between X3 and other rocket engines is in it's fuel, or, more precisely, reaction mass. As you know, a chemical rocket mixes liquid fuel and oxidizer in an injector for spontaneus combustion before ejecting it through the nozzle. The exhaust shoots one way, and Sir Isaac Newton pushes the rocket the other way, but Ion thrusters have more in common with nuclear than chemical rockets, with one major difference. Ion thrusters excite Xenon gas and use electromagnetism to expel it through the nozzle at high speeds - NO OXIDIZER REQUIRED. That means no combustion, and it also means you can triple the amount of propellant for the same amount of wet mass. Nuclear rockets are similar in that regard, but use heat exchange from an open cycle solid core fission reactor to heat up Hydrogen gas to use as reaction mass (again, no combustion takes place); nuclear rockets provide much greater thrust to weight ratio (TWR) compared to ion thrusters, at a cost of efficiency (specific impulse - ISP).
Satch Persaud
Satch Persaud Month ago
That infinity motor looks cool but not sure how long it will last, the 3.7 is a great engine
Don KiksBiscuits
Square or hexagonal shaped pistons 🤔
Craig Dovey
Craig Dovey 2 months ago
INNengine ,
Ken hutch
Ken hutch 2 months ago
I like the circle cycle engine
Escenas Eliminadas
Escenas Eliminadas 2 months ago
innengine 🇪🇦 ruvid.net/video/video-aovQguKPG4A.html
Lorenzo Trevisani
Lorenzo Trevisani 2 months ago
Very intresting. It all depends on the efficincy and consumption for the future.
Jaxx Brat
Jaxx Brat 2 months ago
More insane abortionating of the Oto movement which is not efficient to begin with.. False statement at 3:30 ..lean mixture preignites faster
Dino d
Dino d 2 months ago
Ion drive is very old tech. Already it's the fastest engine ever created by man. It's already used on space probe n it's velocity is keeping on increasing
Lovan Alexander Berényi
T3SKATLIPOC4 2 months ago
...piston primitive engine
Edilson Alves
Edilson Alves 2 months ago
Miuto bon motores rotativo
norlesh 2 months ago
How about doing one on none combustion motors/engines.
Avery MacLeod
Avery MacLeod 2 months ago
I still love the hemi V8
Marc T
Marc T 2 months ago
The liquidpiston X-engine is a sick beast. It has a lot of advantages over a regular wankle, and also burns 10x less oil.
Peter Flowers
Peter Flowers 2 months ago
flavorles 2 months ago
The X3 supposedly can slowly accelerate to 25 miles per second but that also equals 90000 mph🤔
Sean Zhang
Sean Zhang 2 months ago
I laughed my ass off! What hell it is?
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 2 months ago
the liquid piston is going to be great for drones! lightweight and simple is going to be more important than lifespan. the military can always buy more!
Snorri Ö.K.
Snorri Ö.K. 2 months ago
0:28 - what's the difference? When stepped on, nothing changes.
paul 2 months ago
Hmm, Okay. I see only a few "new "engines designs. Three are really based on old designs, The wankel with two types, opposed piston , and the high compression multi fuel. The ion drive is very workable probably for space travel where long distances and slow build up speeds will equal hude speed over time isn't that important. The circle cylinder looks interesting but I worry about high emission gas output and low hp , and number 7,,, Well the more complicated and moving parts to go wrong physics tells us, the more will go wrong,, I see this monstrously a grenadine ready for the pin to be pulled at high rpms, Of course it's just an opinion.
Mr. Garage
Mr. Garage 2 months ago
Speaking of new engine tech - My son was watching this video finding new things, and I have to say it is a fascinating 4 stroke design. No valves, rotating sleeve which is also the output shaft. A brilliant mind came up with this. ruvid.net/video/video-I5m7HFtHLtQ.html
TheLouisamite 3 months ago
The last engine is not new at all it operating the same as a 3 stage rotary ,an is close to being a wincle
TheLouisamite 3 months ago
First of all number 3 isn't a combustion engine at all, it's just an air motor ,it doesn't run on fual it's ,,it's being turned by compressed air
TheRedRabbit 3 months ago
I wang that engine for my leafblower
Sander1678 3 months ago
I don't understand why companies are still investing in combustion engines.
Vlad Lu
Vlad Lu 3 months ago
Because, at the end of the day, the total efficiency of a gasoline car is still better than an electric car, in terms of energy generation, transport, and, of course, materials.
M'agape Farms Homestead
If you want efficient engine designs check out the Bourke and Paut engines.
Tristan Wibberley
Tristan Wibberley 3 months ago
5:10 , that'll vibrate so much
Tristan Wibberley
Tristan Wibberley 3 months ago
1:25 - that's not a running engine, it's being driven by an electric motor. It just proves you can make some things that fit together when rotating.
Tristan Wibberley
Tristan Wibberley 2 months ago
@Eff yore Feelings it's going "fop fop fop" which is what I'd expect the pistons to sound like when they rush out of the cylinders under external drive, not what I'd expect the explosion of an ICE to sound like.
Eff yore Feelings
Eff yore Feelings 2 months ago
Just like any combination engine, you need a starter motor(to start the engine). And that's exactly what a starter motor looks like.
Estevan Valladares
Estevan Valladares 3 months ago
Rotary engines are a evolution dead end of engines, the way they work is their greatest flaw, nothing to do about that. Gasoline engines will never be like diesel engines. The best gasoline engine can be better than the worse diesel engine, but best of the best, diesel beats gasoline every day. However all that is rendered mute if cost is taken out of the equation, because that still the only thing that makes engines better than electric motors.
Adolf Hot
Adolf Hot 3 months ago
Rektin◬zor 3 months ago
The N 4 X3 thruster won’t work in space as space is a vacuum.
Shamim sk
Shamim sk 3 months ago
I've learn the basic of simple and complex machine more moving parts means more wear and tear down and maintenance. but ion thruster was cool
Alvin Haris
Alvin Haris 3 months ago
low comp for more power?? but high compression produce more power.... can anyone explain this??
Al Somethin
Al Somethin 3 months ago
Yup more moving parts has come to mean "oops more to fail" and that in itself does not usually inspire buyer confidence. Opposing piston though sounds really cool.
ronnie doorzon
ronnie doorzon Month ago
you're right about the more parts, more failure. And the opposite piston engine is already old because we had a drill hammer that had an engine like that. The best engine is a brushless electric motor because the only parts that can wear out are the 2 bearings it's spinning on. That's why electric motors of 100 years old are still working like new, because they don't have parts that touch each other, so no friction and no wear. And a electric motor has all it's power direct available, so electric is the future, and not these complicated things in this video.
SEE MULTI VIDEO 3 months ago
Sir background music name please tell me
Anonymous 3 months ago
1. FORTNITE's chaos engine.
SirFishAlot 4 months ago
The liquid piston is kinda like a scroll compressor in a HVAC application.
Jim The Raspberry
Jim The Raspberry 4 months ago
Not a ‘spacecraft’ but a ‘space. CRAFT’ eh? I don’t know why you Americans have so much trouble with the English language, I just know that you do and that it baffles all of you. Californians and southern yahoos have the most difficulty, but there’s none of you brilliant. Cue all the flag-waving, mouth-breathing neckbeards... Best cuntry in the world...
Tony Rod
Tony Rod 4 months ago
2020 anbd we ;are still dealing with bike-pedal type o engine. Tech advancement? Where?
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion 4 months ago
How can we make a simple crank and connecting rod more complicated and way harder to work on while simultaneously achieving almost nothing, increasing cost and decreasing reliablility? Infinity: I'm bout to end this mans whole career
so skyactiv is just a high compression engine?
Jaun 4 months ago
The last one is just a updated rotary motor
Edward Plackett
Edward Plackett 4 months ago
Sounds like you need a lozenge
hamza khanaka
hamza khanaka 4 months ago
the 1 engine on the list is similar to rotary engine so he is banned from the top 7 :)
Creamapera 5 months ago
None of them will ever replace the piston, rod, crank engine as we know it.
5hiftyL1v3a 3 months ago
Creamapera because electric will replace them first
Charles Amiel Dionisio
why keep reinventing the wheel?
Fixedguitar 5 months ago
But do any of them utilize a Turbo Encabulator?
hahahaha 5 months ago
One word to make all of em obsolete... "Tesla"
Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky 5 months ago
Fossil fuel motors are out.
Sharon Itskovich
Sharon Itskovich 5 months ago
I think you may find this interesting ruvid.net/video/video-09s49xKZCiA.html
TheOldGord 6 months ago
What ever happened to the K Cycle engine? How many of these are going to fade into obscurity like it did.
david jones
david jones 6 months ago
have any that work by themselves? no air line or electric motor running it?
jason bishop
jason bishop 6 months ago
Circus in Town%?
Alexandertheaverage 6 months ago
You know we are running out of oil aye
Strix_-Offcial 6 months ago
الثاني حق ارامكو ✌🏻
Nasir Ali
Nasir Ali 6 months ago
L a n e
Dz Nuts
Dz Nuts 6 months ago
New designs lead to real innovations, but we cant just pursue efficiency and toss durability out of the window.
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 6 months ago
5:00 wrong 40 lb pisto
Cengiz Han Özbakir
Cengiz Han Özbakir 6 months ago
All about Mechanical Engineering mechanicaleducation0.blogspot.com
Whoda Hellru
Whoda Hellru 7 months ago
The circle cycle engine 1:00 reminds me of _when sex gets too aggressive and you start catching air between strokes_ … *Any guy can tell you how DISASTROUS this can be if you miss!*
Max K
Max K 7 months ago
Correction: Rocket engines and other space propulsion systems do not have a "maximum velocity" they can reach, rather they have a maximum efficiency they can achieve. in theory, for a given payload of weight Mp, any type of thruster (chemical, ion, or otherwise) can reach any velocity, it just takes a different mass of fuel, Mf, to get there for engines of varying efficiency. The efficiency, Isp, is measured is meters per second, however its not actually referring to a literal velocity, it's just how the units work out (sometimes its referred to as effective exhaust velocity, but this is just a name, and a confusing one at that). What Isp really represents is the amount of force generated for each kg/s of fuel flow. On any engine, if you increase fuel flow, you increase thrust. But the better the Isp, the more thrust you get for that increase. Now we have everything we need to find out how fast we can go if we know Mp, Mf, and Isp. To find the change in velocity, delta_V, capable, we use the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation, which states: delta_V = Isp * ln(Mt/Mp) where the total starting mass is Mt = Mp + Mf For chemical rockets, the theoretical maximum Isp is around 5,000 m/s while the highest recorded Isp of any ion engine (as far as I am aware) was 189,333 m/s from the DS4G thruster developed by the ESA.
xHarux3 7 months ago
it actually tends to prematurely explode when the mix is lean.
spencer tom
spencer tom 7 months ago
Ping for short (pre-ignition)
Mr. Figureitout
Mr. Figureitout 7 months ago
Check this cool motor out! ruvid.net/video/video-mDkNYe1r8Rc.html
Matt Maros
Matt Maros 7 months ago
Electric motors are the future. ICE are the past.
서준원 7 months ago
Why don't they make engines with hearts, then?
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