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Hi guys today i show you this 7 genius and smart inventions. This are creative crafts for build at home with very easy things you can find at home. Enjoy this ideas and see you in the next tutorial, the school is back and i will give you new tricks too! :D
Greetings from Fernando
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3 сен 2018

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HawkGuruHacker 4 месяца назад
Subscribe Guys 😎 and Click in the Bell 🔔
Ray H
Ray H 23 часа назад
larclancy12 9 дней назад
Prick! Highest grade PRICK.. USELESS SHITE!
Renetian Cg
Renetian Cg 10 дней назад
Corbin Landers
Corbin Landers 22 дня назад
HawkGuruHacker none of these are an invention the closest thing any of these could be called is an innovation but you didn’t do anything new so they couldn’t even be called an innovation
ウィンディアス 24 дня назад
You should have been aborted for your clickbait
Erv Adana
Erv Adana 43 минуты назад
Fucking bullshit video..you dont deserve 1.4 million subscribe..people are moron
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Morgan 3 часа назад
Completely useless hacks to serve no purpose.
Edward Leas
Edward Leas 10 часов назад
Best bushcraft survivalist ever
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey 21 час назад
Who thought the first one was gonna be a fleshlight
Ricky Wright
Ricky Wright 22 часа назад
Gave up on the coke can. Stopped watching on the duct tape wallet. Then remembered the drill on the bike. Came back, watched, and that was a bigger waste than all of them
Ray H
Ray H 23 часа назад
This has to be the most worthless pile of horse shit I have ever seen
Amani Denholm
Amani Denholm День назад
Dumb as fuck!
Дмитрий Савельев
Эти ролики только для трёхдневных младенцев.
yass b
yass b День назад
This video gets a DOWNVOTE becuase he couldnt actually get the cable to pull (didnt have a cable housing) but tried to camera trick us into thinking it worked ___________
Warner Robins
Warner Robins День назад
How did they stick 3 straws into can and it magically turned into 1 giant green straw?
Steven Hayward
Steven Hayward День назад
This is THE shittiest thing I have ever seen!!!
Anthaleus Decriseus
Anthaleus Decriseus День назад
When that techno hit, I could have sworn Gibbs would walk out and ask Abby what she’s got.
Jason Bruce
Jason Bruce День назад
Is there a hack that can give me back my 12:47?
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah День назад
10:59 thank me later
Ksilisab 2 дня назад
son of SAM bear
son of SAM bear 2 дня назад
Last one should have two drills on each wheel
Dan Tyler
Dan Tyler 2 дня назад
Is the power of speech not an option? Also, what in the world did you use to make holes in your Coke can? Not drill bits!! Even a child would know to drill a hole with bits. Oh, now I see your almost 13 million views. Please, never mind my worthless comments!
Russ Anderson
Russ Anderson 2 дня назад
Did u eat paint chips as a kid?
Russ Anderson
Russ Anderson 2 дня назад
sarah burns
sarah burns 3 дня назад
Cmon though the drill as a motor 🤦‍♂️
Daniel Madeira
Daniel Madeira 4 дня назад
The first one is so stupid. Im sorry!
John Cao
John Cao 7 дней назад
Spend 10 bucks and hours for the toys just a buck, stupid and crazy ideas.
Jason Kuy
Jason Kuy 7 дней назад
How to kill your cordless drill
Marco Tuzzi
Marco Tuzzi 7 дней назад
We have a deeply different concept of “genius”. Most “inventions” are plain 🤦🏻‍♂️
wr rock
wr rock 8 дней назад
Pura mierda inutil fuck this is 💩🙈🙉🙊👎
Cazi Mierz
Cazi Mierz 8 дней назад
how is it possible crap like this gets so many views and subsribers?
Tony P
Tony P 9 дней назад
Who has time to come up with this garbage? Does no one work a real job anymore..
larclancy12 9 дней назад
Oh my fuckin god wat an absolute abomination.. U fuckin WANKER!
Super Dave
Super Dave 9 дней назад
The first time you're on a date and you pull out your duct tape wallet... That girl is going to run for the Hills and she ain't ever going to answer the phone when you call😆😆😆💦
Rare Breed
Rare Breed 9 дней назад
I made a wallet like that to put my EBT card in because I couldn't afford shit else. Is that an old fashioned food stamp he's putting in his?
31K4L 9 дней назад
Holy crap this video sucks. Should only be available for ruski viewers.
Theme_666 9 дней назад
You live in the phillipiens I
周新宇 10 дней назад
Don Gordon
Don Gordon 11 дней назад
I would have never thought to let the air out of the tires on the bicycle before riding it...true genius!!
David ORourke
David ORourke 11 дней назад
Christ Almighty!!
Rosario Esposito
Rosario Esposito 11 дней назад
se non c'era youtubb tu adesso potevi essere lo scemo del paese. giuro.
Max Palin
Max Palin 12 дней назад
So stupid stuff......Please try to be a little intelligent and do better!
Korv Makak
Korv Makak 12 дней назад
So fucking stupid my head hurts
MrLamigra1337 12 дней назад
This music is worse than a hundred crying babies.
DarthDeadpool Unboxes Things
DarthDeadpool Unboxes Things 12 дней назад
The one with the lighter was cool, but that's about it.
Ted Jonez
Ted Jonez 12 дней назад
That drill is working it's ass off with them flat ass tires.
Ted Jonez
Ted Jonez 12 дней назад
Your dad is going to beat yo ass when he finds out what you did with his drill.
Ted Jonez
Ted Jonez 12 дней назад
Is your name Saddam Hussein??? ...Because you are torturing people with these stupid hack videos, they are so bad... My eyes and ears are bleeding and my brain is hemorrhaging from the shitty music and how stupid these ideas are. Who's dick do I have to suck to make it stop??
Chris Crissey
Chris Crissey 12 дней назад
So at the very end you can afford to put a nice new drill on your bicycle but you can't afford to put air in your tire?
Lili Lala
Lili Lala 12 дней назад
DJ Markos
DJ Markos 12 дней назад
How dumb is this video? It's easier to buy these things instead of making them...
melbytvenge 12 дней назад
The Drill to power the rear wheel on a bike is what I will try.if you have extra batterys n duct tape you can go along ways.
Robert Sweeney
Robert Sweeney 13 дней назад
Your back tire is very flat mate! Ever heard of an invention called a pump?
Chris Crissey
Chris Crissey 12 дней назад
Somebody commented ways back saying the tire needs to be flat for the drill could gain traction but even if that worked you have a flat tire making it really very inefficient
Lucien AVRIL
Lucien AVRIL 13 дней назад
Personnaly, I think the "Genius" could ride his bike without flat tires, before doing an electric system to go faster... just a thought
Chris Crissey
Chris Crissey 12 дней назад
somebody several comments back said that the drill will not gain traction on the tire and what's the tire is flat but I thought the exact same thing even if the true word you are now riding around with a flat tire and a 1/2 a braking system
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