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Hi guys today i show you this 7 genius and smart inventions. This are creative crafts for build at home with very easy things you can find at home. Enjoy this ideas and see you in the next tutorial, the school is back and i will give you new tricks too! :D
Greetings from Fernando
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3 сен 2018




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HawkGuruHacker 6 месяцев назад
Subscribe Guys 😎 and Click in the Bell 🔔
Mümin Emin
Mümin Emin Месяц назад
+Mihir Debbarma ccc
Mikael Svärdh Da Silva
Mikael Svärdh Da Silva Месяц назад
I can click on the bell but not in The Bell...
classic car lover 1959
classic car lover 1959 Месяц назад
Did this guy really heat his own comment 😂
lister thomas
lister thomas Месяц назад
I would honestly rather die!
Ray H
Ray H 2 месяца назад
Kezia Xoxo
Kezia Xoxo 15 часов назад
keep up
Shivani Tyagi
Shivani Tyagi 5 дней назад
मां की बहन की chut
Robert Walsh
Robert Walsh 5 дней назад
What s load of shit ...
noah bostan
noah bostan 6 дней назад
joão game play
joão game play 7 дней назад
Quem e brasileiro like Quem não e do Brasil comenta
Lalita Jain
Lalita Jain 8 дней назад
Without hot glue gun
Chucky 257
Chucky 257 8 дней назад
2:20 the point i realise its a bong
Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence 9 дней назад
...wonder how much hot glue this fella goes through on a daily basis...
Dave M
Dave M 10 дней назад
GENIUS ? SORRY DUDE...your mother dropped you on your head WAY too much !! (you ALSO have WAY WAY too much time on your hands !!) GET-A-JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Армен Амирджанян
Армен Амирджанян 10 дней назад
Не вариант
XD HD JS 15 дней назад
12:12 fake
mikey mike
mikey mike 17 дней назад
Can’t believe I watched half of that !
Michael McGill
Michael McGill 18 дней назад
Looks like you need to invent a tire pump next...or maybe just buy one.
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 18 дней назад
The electric bike is brilliant mate, I use mine to go to work 6 miles each way
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald 24 дня назад
With the amount of money he spent on Duck Tape, he could have bought a wallet from Walmart.
yusuf abdulloh
yusuf abdulloh 25 дней назад
12:43 flat tire detected.
Александр Приходько
John Alex
John Alex 29 дней назад
On numero 7, the drill wears through the tire and he don't give a FUCK!
Tribandzz trini
Tribandzz trini Месяц назад
I won't have thought of any of those,pretty cool.
Sergio Ramirez Navarrete
Sergio Ramirez Navarrete Месяц назад
Roger Miller
Roger Miller Месяц назад
Why does pure crap get so many hits?
guinness780 Месяц назад
Well that's 10 mins of my life wasted.😕😕
_Robbo.04_ Rainger
_Robbo.04_ Rainger Месяц назад
Smart but not Geniuse
_Robbo.04_ Rainger
_Robbo.04_ Rainger Месяц назад
These arnt geniuse inventions first of all there already invented and u can buy air horns for like $10 or $5
El Tigre
El Tigre Месяц назад
I like the nice, neat holes, not.
C J Месяц назад
Is it possible to unsee things ??
Abdidallas Месяц назад
The first one, all that for freaking whistle.
Felipa Felps
Felipa Felps Месяц назад
Impressão minha ou ele tem Parkinson?
Thriem Месяц назад
Oh, it took only 3:30 for the vuvuzela, which everyone want to have.... oh right, it is one of the “7 genius inventions”.... inventions... genius... vuvuzela... make a meaningful sentence out of those 3 words without any negation...
shaolinwisdom Месяц назад
What a waste of time. And trim your gross fucking fingernails! You look like a wanker. All these useles tools and projects and you cant even cut your nails?
Spugget Месяц назад
Ostatni to parodia
Dock Saylor
Dock Saylor Месяц назад
During a crisis it would be good to be able to make something from hardly anything good work, thank you for video.
Fazil Robahi
Fazil Robahi Месяц назад
John Dockert
John Dockert Месяц назад
If you think for one minute that a cordless drill is going to propel the weight of a person and the bike you are an idiot.
Funnyfresh420 Месяц назад
an air horn exists... drawing on paper with wax and scorching the wax isnt an invention. im ending there.
Илья Опалихин
Илья Опалихин Месяц назад
Такой хуйни я ещё не видел!
Soul Glo
Soul Glo Месяц назад
Is it really happening? Give him the Nobel Prize. His silver tape wallet will probably save the world.
R G Месяц назад
OMG, I was so thrown off, I watched the whole thing and after had to think back like what the f did I just watch!! 12 minutes. Lol I just kept watching.
Jackson Guy
Jackson Guy Месяц назад
So you made a lighter that runs on tampons
Eugene fernandez
Eugene fernandez Месяц назад
Great video this is how inventions are made.
nope.avi. Месяц назад
Why does every life hack or something like that have a glue gun!? I don't have that much money for that
J.E PRODUCTION Месяц назад
All these shits are stupid
JD will
JD will Месяц назад
How do you block someone? so you never get suckered into wasting your time on their videos again??
JD will
JD will Месяц назад
ever heard of a drill to make a hole in metal? you even have one at the end. then you destroy a lighter to make a LIGHTER? your bicycle tires need air
Proh Месяц назад
Carson Sowl
Carson Sowl Месяц назад
Glad I just wasted 3 mins learning how to make an air horn. It would cost me less to go to the dollar store and just buy one that actually works!!
Jorge Albatros
Jorge Albatros Месяц назад
genius and smart????? hahahahaha
Jake Berg
Jake Berg Месяц назад
Bullshit, that dip shit drill idea would never work. “EVER
classic car lover 1959
classic car lover 1959 Месяц назад
I think your dictionary mixed up the definition for genius and stupid
Wincent Vilson
Wincent Vilson Месяц назад
And not one was invented by a black person
Ocsi Pocsi
Ocsi Pocsi Месяц назад
Kreten barom fasz!
Watch Me
Watch Me Месяц назад
The bike had no air in tires....
ethanplaysbtd Месяц назад
Nice logic use a perfectly good lighter n a sharpener just to make a horrible lighter😂
Jason Месяц назад
Genius? 7 ways to waste your time. I think the joke is on the viewers for stealing 12:47 of my life.
He's Hands is so ugly
ASTV reviews
ASTV reviews Месяц назад
Pretty dumb
lister thomas
lister thomas Месяц назад
how does this idiot have subs?
Rigo Arez
Rigo Arez Месяц назад
This are not inventions they been around. No genius. nothing new some are Fucken stupid. Put up something not seen before.
shaka zulu
shaka zulu Месяц назад
Fake fake fake mr photoshop
dave_r_wolf Месяц назад
My eyes! My eyes! WHY?? WHY??
samir khoury
samir khoury Месяц назад
Is that an 2 ply or 3 ply toilet paper
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores Месяц назад
0:24 - 0:31 was the only useful thing in this video. You can use the can to make a secret stash, but some other materials are needed
Mister AlwaysRight
Mister AlwaysRight Месяц назад
Fucking idiot attention whore !!!!!
nutsafloppin Месяц назад
You are 1 hairy bastard.
Jno Месяц назад
Anybody else think dude was making a bong outta that Coke can?
walter cunningham
walter cunningham Месяц назад
A duct tape wallet? If you went to elementary school you already knew about this
Erv Adana
Erv Adana Месяц назад
Fucking bullshit video..you dont deserve 1.4 million subscribe..people are moron
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Morgan Месяц назад
Completely useless hacks to serve no purpose.
Edward Leas
Edward Leas Месяц назад
Best bushcraft survivalist ever
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey 2 месяца назад
Who thought the first one was gonna be a fleshlight
ಠ Tocki Cohi ಠ
ಠ Tocki Cohi ಠ Месяц назад
Fuck it.
Ricky Wright
Ricky Wright 2 месяца назад
Gave up on the coke can. Stopped watching on the duct tape wallet. Then remembered the drill on the bike. Came back, watched, and that was a bigger waste than all of them
Amani Denholm
Amani Denholm 2 месяца назад
Dumb as fuck!
Дмитрий Савельев
Дмитрий Савельев 2 месяца назад
Эти ролики только для трёхдневных младенцев.
yass b
yass b 2 месяца назад
This video gets a DOWNVOTE becuase he couldnt actually get the cable to pull (didnt have a cable housing) but tried to camera trick us into thinking it worked ___________
Warner Robins
Warner Robins 2 месяца назад
How did they stick 3 straws into can and it magically turned into 1 giant green straw?
Steven Hayward
Steven Hayward 2 месяца назад
This is THE shittiest thing I have ever seen!!!
Anthaleus Decriseus
Anthaleus Decriseus 2 месяца назад
When that techno hit, I could have sworn Gibbs would walk out and ask Abby what she’s got.
Jason Bruce
Jason Bruce 2 месяца назад
Is there a hack that can give me back my 12:47?
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah 2 месяца назад
10:59 thank me later
Ksilisab 2 месяца назад
ToyCorp Uk Ebay
ToyCorp Uk Ebay 2 месяца назад
Last one should have two drills on each wheel
Dan Tyler
Dan Tyler 2 месяца назад
Is the power of speech not an option? Also, what in the world did you use to make holes in your Coke can? Not drill bits!! Even a child would know to drill a hole with bits. Oh, now I see your almost 13 million views. Please, never mind my worthless comments!
Russ Anderson
Russ Anderson 2 месяца назад
Did u eat paint chips as a kid?
Russ Anderson
Russ Anderson 2 месяца назад
sarah burns
sarah burns 2 месяца назад
Cmon though the drill as a motor 🤦‍♂️
Daniel Madeira
Daniel Madeira 2 месяца назад
The first one is so stupid. Im sorry!
John Cao
John Cao 2 месяца назад
Spend 10 bucks and hours for the toys just a buck, stupid and crazy ideas.
Jason Kuy
Jason Kuy 2 месяца назад
How to kill your cordless drill
Marco Tuzzi
Marco Tuzzi 2 месяца назад
We have a deeply different concept of “genius”. Most “inventions” are plain 🤦🏻‍♂️
Eddwrock Random
Eddwrock Random 2 месяца назад
Pura mierda inutil fuck this is 💩🙈🙉🙊👎
Cazi Mierz
Cazi Mierz 2 месяца назад
how is it possible crap like this gets so many views and subsribers?
Tony P
Tony P 2 месяца назад
Who has time to come up with this garbage? Does no one work a real job anymore..
larclancy12 2 месяца назад
Oh my fuckin god wat an absolute abomination.. U fuckin WANKER!
Super Dave
Super Dave 2 месяца назад
The first time you're on a date and you pull out your duct tape wallet... That girl is going to run for the Hills and she ain't ever going to answer the phone when you call😆😆😆💦
Michael Bienicewicz
Michael Bienicewicz 29 дней назад
You tried it HUHH?????
Big Dogg Status
Big Dogg Status Месяц назад
I made a nice one for my son. He loves it. I made my first one in the eighties with pockets and a cut out for picture I D. Don't hate ... create.
GunRecon 11
GunRecon 11 Месяц назад
Then that girl is petty and not worth your time.
Rare Breed
Rare Breed 2 месяца назад
I made a wallet like that to put my EBT card in because I couldn't afford shit else. Is that an old fashioned food stamp he's putting in his?
31K4L 2 месяца назад
Holy crap this video sucks. Should only be available for ruski viewers.
Fortbox 2 месяца назад
You live in the phillipiens I
周新宇 2 месяца назад
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