7 Genius Gifts That Actually Solve Your Problems • White Elephant Show #20

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These products are here to rescue you from the problems that you didn't know you had. Hooray!
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Feb 6, 2020




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Comments 80
seedro 50
seedro 50 23 hours ago
Disregardian 3 days ago
“but i kinda wanna find out what other problems i got”
OSW 4 days ago
When I heard hickeys, I thought they were an ointment that got rid of the visuals of the hickey
Art Kid
Art Kid 4 days ago
I hate that it's called hickies
Danny is my favrioute
Angela Phillips
Angela Phillips 5 days ago
You are cool thanks for making the toys and other cool stuff
Holly Dickerson
Holly Dickerson 6 days ago
This video should be named things that make you life even lazier😂
BreadIsSpicy 7 days ago
The ti-83 is clutch h
Melvin Erkemeij
Melvin Erkemeij 9 days ago
4:07 mja.
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen 13 days ago
I once had a day where I tied my shoelace like 10 seperate times... Most Annoying day of my life
FellasItsEmma 14 days ago
was anyone else wondering why they sprayed lime on a cheesecake?
FaceTime React
FaceTime React 14 days ago
Who is here in coVAT19
LEXY AMEN 16 days ago
You guys deserve more subs
Ralexcraft 17 days ago
Jamie: Let me feel it Ben: Its a trick send no reply.
Jakey Gaming
Jakey Gaming 21 day ago
This clip is strong
Darwin Salguero
Darwin Salguero 23 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that they put lime juice on pie!
CaZe jay gaming
CaZe jay gaming 25 days ago
This my favorite show apart from basketball clips😃😀
Tayvin Anderson
Tayvin Anderson 27 days ago
Imma steal the hickies Me: WTF
Hailey Davison
Hailey Davison 27 days ago
Why do I think that the other people are always throwing shade at Cara? @ 8:28
Itz Melanie Decringe
Kara: about to cough People watching during 2020: CORONA VIHRUS!
Josiah Wray
Josiah Wray Month ago
I hope no one wanted the snow cone cause josh already eat it
Arianna Donkor
Arianna Donkor Month ago
I love this
Crazy Pasketti
Crazy Pasketti Month ago
7 day vegan challenge, baby! Solves all yo problems.
Anakin Skywalker
Crazy Pasketti yeah no, Imma stick with my beef and chicken
Kate Melvin
Kate Melvin Month ago
I love your gifts:)
Isabella Torres
Isabella Torres Month ago
Am I the only one that role as if they're using the same spoon 😂
Jackson ree Kid
Jackson ree Kid Month ago
Did anyone else cringe when he said he’s wearing hickies and did t know what he meant
Mylene Ball
Mylene Ball Month ago
Why does Adam remind me of Danny
Jase Zeithamer
Jase Zeithamer Month ago
Tie Not: awesomeness 😎 Bunch a balloons: you vs me haha
Stop Motion Lego
4:07 were??
Enzo Stokes
Enzo Stokes Month ago
New title: Awesome products no one needs
Ruben Favela
Ruben Favela Month ago
Jamie I where hickey because since I was 0 I didn't know how to tie my shoes and I'm 90
Duck QuackerCracker
lol I swear this is straight from Rosanna Pansino ruvid.net/video/video-JZ_MfyXb7pA.html , ruvid.net/video/video-fHjGw5HquKE.html
Carson Month ago
I’m still wondering who thought it would be a good idea to name them hickies
Mimi T
Mimi T Month ago
Simon Postyn
Simon Postyn Month ago
The boss guy is too mean
Student Nathan Isgrigg
My hikys broke in three days
Aoife Cremin
Aoife Cremin Month ago
Can can I have like one more bite Neeuoooooooooooooo
DeFaUlTy Boi Craig
Kelsey is probably the nicest
Rowan Middleton
Rowan Middleton Month ago
Did anyone else hear Jamie say🤬 when the Nickie were stolen?
Spy Ninja
Spy Ninja Month ago
I love the videos LIKE IF YOU DO
dubdub Month ago
Claire Cooper
Claire Cooper Month ago
4:07 is awesome XD
Family sables
Family sables Month ago
Like if In cod-19
Alli Cambridge
Alli Cambridge Month ago
Ben, I’m ur biggest fan
Callie Strickland
Danny is my favorite!😁
O Bro
O Bro Month ago
They’re not practicing social distancing right now!!!!!
Legend Zanoria
Legend Zanoria Month ago
when is life straw back in stock . . v
Legend Zanoria
Legend Zanoria Month ago
Lisa Grey
Lisa Grey Month ago
Danny is a BIG MOOD 😂
wana fanta
wana fanta Month ago
Lets be real.......noone ties there shoes
Stefan King
Stefan King Month ago
You could take a nap at work and nobody would know iV DOneThAt!!!!!!!
Shift Playz
Shift Playz Month ago
They promote beer even tho mostet kids watches This?????
LuisM28 Month ago
We will miss these for a month
Thelma Schroeder
LuisM28 yea
Ta Warren
Ta Warren Month ago
Why do I see this now because they are not 6feet a apart
Marc Month ago
I’ve got hickies!
uyen le
uyen le Month ago
Mom: what u get at vat19 Me: oh I got some hickey Mom: wait what Me: yes hickey Mom:where let me see * take off shoe * Mom: where Me: this thing Mom: oh
Michaela Torre
Michaela Torre Month ago
Who esle heard It could shave you
Hans Warschau
Hans Warschau Month ago
I love vat19
sdkyuan Month ago
its rigged 1st person always (kelsey) get to pick anything she wants.
random deppresed gay person
Hickeys don't always work aka my feet is basically the same thickness all the way down
Mufeed Issa
Mufeed Issa 2 months ago
4:55 ... is that lime on pie?
Nathan on the Ropes
Nathan on the Ropes 2 months ago
i kept saying at the begining of the video the bad bonus gift is going to be a caculator and bam calculator
Vivian Williams
Vivian Williams 2 months ago
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez 2 months ago
3:37 . Kara about to cough Me: CoRoNa ViRuS
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk 2 months ago
Girls suck.
madeloop 2 months ago
Jamie is still wearing that shirt from White Elephant Show #10
*- *
*- * 2 months ago
How does Kelsey get the bonus ticket every single time!? Btw who's here in March?
Nathan Gilbert
Nathan Gilbert 2 months ago
Shout out to JOSH! Thanks for saving lives and donating blood! (ie the shirt)
Gina Craig
Gina Craig 2 months ago
Oooooo oo
Gina Craig
Gina Craig 2 months ago
Oooook ohhhhh
Lila-To-The-Beans 2 months ago
I want to know why they named it "hickeys"....
Kendall Adnams
Kendall Adnams 2 months ago
why the name hickeys???????
lepayen 2 months ago
60lb isn't that much weight to hold, I had a cheap carabiner that was rated for 3,000lb. I'm fairly certain that any crappy carabiner can hold 60lb or more.
Sheila Elfira
Sheila Elfira 2 months ago
Almost every game danny said he wants to give the stuff to his kids but someone always ended up stealing it. I kinda feel bad for him 🙁
Norberto Guerra
Norberto Guerra 2 months ago
SGT_S’m0res 2 months ago
I need the s’mores makerrr
Jonas Schultz
Jonas Schultz 2 months ago
Dan roasts jammy in the best way
imfriendly9995 2 months ago
you guys must have so much fun at work sometimes
Daniel Boi
Daniel Boi 2 months ago
5:03 Danny goes on a logic spree... lol
John Jibraeel
John Jibraeel 2 months ago
Im the Big Brother, my Little Brother won't get me my BAG!
Blade Like a boss
Blade Like a boss 2 months ago
Why is this juice white and sticky while smelling like arse
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