7 FUN WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD TOYS || Make Old Toys Great Again!

123 GO!
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Why would you want to repurpose toys?
Because you have unused, broken toys that you can’t really give away.
Because you want to make a memorable and special gift for your friends - something to treasure from their childhood that won’t look childish.
Because you’re feeling nostalgic and want to find a way to still keep your old toys nearby.
Because the toys are cute and you want them.
Whatever the reason, it’s time to dig out your box of toys and get crafty!
#123GO! #DIY #recycle
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Apr 17, 2019




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Lorri Batsie
Lorri Batsie 10 hours ago
Ok lets play a game 123go fans keep it even TroomTroom keep it odd
Masuma Sarker
Masuma Sarker 12 hours ago
Fun times With JJ
What ttttttttttttttt
tone’s toys
5:38 I have that
Kristin Tzanetopoulos
And the earrings
Kristin Tzanetopoulos
I loved the dresser
Jessica Reyes
Jessica Reyes 2 days ago
Angelina S
Angelina S 3 days ago
I give my old toys to someone how wants them! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Carly's World
Carly's World 3 days ago
can you do more hair hacks
Jj Boyd
Jj Boyd 4 days ago
Can you show us your real voices in one video just one🙏
fuenteslilmiss15 5 days ago
Louise Gartland
Louise Gartland 5 days ago
patrick bourke
patrick bourke 5 days ago
Yeah a toys head can fall of that easily yeah right and stop with the music face ok
countrystar readings77
I would have named this video ways to reuse your dinosaur toys
*hotslut.ru* 0:34
Salma Selma
Salma Selma 6 days ago
Sophia Bossler👎🏼
Falis Omar
Falis Omar 6 days ago
Shifa Inamdar
Shifa Inamdar 6 days ago
Awesome ideas
Sunny Erazo
Sunny Erazo 7 days ago
Maria Nahman
Maria Nahman 7 days ago
Loop and then you know how much as I have any of my mom said he said he said he said he said he said he said he said.
Giulia Dolcetta
Giulia Dolcetta 7 days ago
I loved the one of the giraffe
Giulia Dolcetta
@Kristin Tzanetopoulos But the giraffe is not my favorite too.
Kristin Tzanetopoulos
I like it to just not my favorite
Jennifer Corbett
Jennifer Corbett 8 days ago
On the dinosur earings she said i feel poorer alredy
Daniel and Daniella YouTube
I love 123 Go it is fun to watch 👍👍❤️❤️❤️👍❤️
Archana Srivastava
Who love 123go Aayu and pihu show Ruchi and Piyush My miss anand Shurti arjun anand Toy star Hungry birds Sameer ali 5mintens craft 4heads Funcho Ta
Christina Plays Roblox
Why they turn expensive earrings to cheap ones
Ruwani Dilrukshi
Ruwani Dilrukshi 9 days ago
I like amy
Sensei Eye
Sensei Eye 10 days ago
U. NYU has atjfikoi) ifggmjhyko
Fire Werewolf
Fire Werewolf 10 days ago
I’m a youtuber
CoR_ Delix
CoR_ Delix 10 days ago
The most bull shit thing I have seen
faried arend
faried arend 10 days ago
Me to
LoveLara 10 days ago
No offence to other girls but most of these hacks have dinos and I would choose something else no offence or any girl who likes dinos
Gretel Caballero
Gretel Caballero 10 days ago
who wants to hear their voice
Gretel Caballero
Gretel Caballero 10 days ago
Miranda Lockhart
Miranda Lockhart 11 days ago
BFF channel cherry chrain
What is it with dinosaurs?
Unicorn_ Debstar
Unicorn_ Debstar 11 days ago
I tried all of these hacks and it works
Lexi 3
Lexi 3 12 days ago
They could have just glued the toy giraffe back together...:-|
Jasalyn Ruiz
Jasalyn Ruiz 8 days ago
Lexi 3 ture
barshad Guragai
barshad Guragai 12 days ago
*hotslut.ru* 3:52
Lynne Little
Lynne Little 12 days ago
Me to
김다현 12 days ago
Would u rather watch troom troom or 123 go
Anand Baradia
Anand Baradia 13 days ago
This is a funny video 👍🤗🔔🔔
Deacon Constant
Deacon Constant 14 days ago
She didn't even eat the chips
Jayda Pymble
Jayda Pymble 15 days ago
For the phone one you can just buy a phone ring
beco5 15 days ago
How can you do lots of tricky hacks
beco5 15 days ago
I love your hacks
Ana Regina
Ana Regina 15 days ago
GodEmperor Diaramos
You don’t need to waste a dinosaur for that holding phone hack just take the jewellery box and take out the jewellery and then balanch the phone on the end
Bosy Hussien
Bosy Hussien 6 days ago
3635 مرحبا ٥
Jenifer Kilbury
Jenifer Kilbury 16 days ago
My favorite color is purple and orange to
Yongru Xie
Yongru Xie 16 days ago
Hi mia and amy if your phone is falling and i like you mia and vicky ❤️😘 and i like you to kevin ok
Nour N
Nour N 3 days ago
GEEEEEEEZ we get it
Kevinplayzz Games
Kevinplayzz Games 16 days ago
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper 16 days ago
Angelina Antonio
Angelina Antonio 17 days ago
I dont like you a hate your chois dey dont work
Angelina Antonio
Angelina Antonio 17 days ago
I hate vicky
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez 17 days ago
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez 17 days ago
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez 17 days ago
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez 17 days ago
Ximena Gomez
Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson 17 days ago
I have tried some of these hacks and they work
Cerise fan
Cerise fan 14 days ago
Trop nul
REHAN SAMEER 15 days ago
123 poo
REHAN SAMEER 15 days ago
Rose _ Playz :3 ÙwÚ OwO
Is that true?
Fresh Skully
Fresh Skully 17 days ago
2:10 I have that giraffe!
Alik Is existing
Alik Is existing 18 days ago
@simplynailogical troom troom is back with another account
Hemangini Parmar
Hemangini Parmar 10 days ago
Alik Is existing , this channel is from 5 minute crafts not troom troom.
Advika Srivastava
Advika Srivastava 19 days ago
Who love Troom troom 123go Aayu and Pihu show 4heads Hungry birds Ruchi and Piyush My miss anand Cook with nisha Shuti arjun anand Toy star Diseny india Samren Ali Sony tv Priti beautiful Akshada cute Sanket handsome Umesh funny Hit like 900 Iike Why I have 0like
Roblox gamer.
Roblox gamer. 19 days ago
U guys car copy cats
jasmine huang
jasmine huang 20 days ago
you should be more careful
Chelly Ellis
Chelly Ellis 20 days ago
carine ho
carine ho 22 days ago
they stupid armericans copied jian hao tan
Angel_games 101
Angel_games 101 23 days ago
Who wants to hear there actual voice
Angel_games 101
Angel_games 101 22 days ago
Breath that Breya 7 me I want to
Kat Blox
Kat Blox 23 days ago
What happened to Helly i don't see in your Vids anymore sadly
Alexa Delgado
Alexa Delgado 23 days ago
Alexa Delgado
Alexa Delgado 23 days ago
I cant make my toy because my mom will beat my butt so hard
N'rai Williamson
N'rai Williamson 23 days ago
These aren’t life hackes they just make you look like a CRAZY person 😹
payal barot
payal barot 23 days ago
I would really appreciate if you like my videos😣
Jen McCann
Jen McCann 24 days ago
Do you want me to Be your friend
Daisy Jimenez
Daisy Jimenez 24 days ago
Raveen Blake
Raveen Blake 24 days ago
I love your videos can you do a prank
Siddhi 24 days ago
Isee your every channel
Pragati Kamble
Pragati Kamble 24 days ago
I like Mia lana and Olivia 😇😇
Silly Sisters
Silly Sisters 26 days ago
Wheres Vicky We want her back
cringe žmogus
cringe žmogus 26 days ago
Bruh buy a popsocket
Ended Account
Ended Account 26 days ago
*At ** 1:39 **, The women threw a bunch of toy dinosaurs of diffrent colours into a box, then thre a bottle of paint into it. BUT AT ** 1:46 **, THE TOY DINOSAURS BECAME BLUE?!*
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