7 FUN WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD TOYS || Make Old Toys Great Again!

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Why would you want to repurpose toys?
Because you have unused, broken toys that you can’t really give away.
Because you want to make a memorable and special gift for your friends - something to treasure from their childhood that won’t look childish.
Because you’re feeling nostalgic and want to find a way to still keep your old toys nearby.
Because the toys are cute and you want them.
Whatever the reason, it’s time to dig out your box of toys and get crafty!
#123GO! #DIY #recycle

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Kirti Joshi
Kirti Joshi 17 minutes ago
Your vedios are very good but you can tell it in hindi Also
Friedpotatoes _vlogs
Friedpotatoes _vlogs 56 minutes ago
5 minutes crafts U there
Scott Howells
Scott Howells Hour ago
Jaredjewel Galang
Jaredjewel Galang 3 hours ago
Its so fun to put a dinosaur in my ear and stay there forever even i wi just do it for a click bait
Pusheen Lover
Pusheen Lover 3 hours ago
I don't have a Dinosaur toy, I only have squishies and dolls (the soft one)
Savannah Johnston
Savannah Johnston 5 hours ago
YoungBoy Jay
YoungBoy Jay 7 hours ago
Victoria Isabel
Victoria Isabel 10 hours ago
Who TF has a million toy dinosaur's LYING AROUND THE HOUSE??
Maria De leon
Maria De leon 14 hours ago
lol love it.
Alli P
Alli P 15 hours ago
you are so weird hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
bejewled715 15 hours ago
I love you .
Jorge Jero
Jorge Jero 16 hours ago
Sale denuncia.
Fgteevwatcher2 Family
My name is Sophia so I broke the giraffe
galaxy UwU
galaxy UwU 17 hours ago
This what i,ll do when I grow up
Olivia H
Olivia H 18 hours ago
I think that you guys should do a how to reuse old makeup containers or how to fix old makeup! Like is you agree
Paige Zweber
Paige Zweber 19 hours ago
What is it with these full-grown adults having a bunch of toy dinosaurs just laying around???
Rosa Davis
Rosa Davis 21 hour ago
Your hacks are really helpful I'm sitting here pausing trying to do everything!!!!
Chloe Simmonds
Chloe Simmonds 21 hour ago
They definitely love dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 lol
Yenima Picanco
Yenima Picanco 23 hours ago
I sus. Mjjhgffdda@zxxv/hnliu
Ataul Haque
Ataul Haque Day ago
Most of these are dinosaurs 🦕 🦖
Jaly correa
Jaly correa Day ago
Troom troom coped you.
Abyan Ramadhan
Joe Malo
Joe Malo Day ago
Choose a dinosaur egg blue then put it into a container it is
A.M.378 The boss
Ooh wow check out these little dinosaurs At 1:22 Picks a cow 😐😂 at 1:26
Animal Lover
Animal Lover Day ago
I like these videos
jodi peterson
Léticia Day ago
Prasanta Mukherjee
Beena Kabeer
Beena Kabeer Day ago
4:03 yes youre wearing different colored earings Like wut
Teie A Tai Mai ANGIA
MissVSW1981 Day ago
Doo doo
Jessica Bate
Jessica Bate Day ago
7 was l
Jeffrey woods
Old toys more like tiny deenosaur hacks lol 😍
Jeffrey woods
Jeffrey woods 10 hours ago
+Kali,s Fun house I'm sorry I can't be funny... I know how to spell dinosaur dip shit
Kali,s Fun house
Kali,s Fun house 18 hours ago
Jeffrey woods go to school it's spelt Dinosaur
0:25 Reasons for why everyone needs a pop-socket😂
Fran Hutton
Fran Hutton Day ago
You guys are my career you make me laugh your amazing.
D and T
D and T Day ago
So when the mia opens the draw to find dinosaurs there was a cow and she was holding the cow so a cow is a dinosaur
Kira DiSabatino
lol why do these girls have so many freaking toy dinosaurs>? lol no hat i love 123 go
Kylie Wakefield
My name is Mia
Sophie Li
Sophie Li Day ago
Vicky is also in 5 minute crafts
Savannah Wich
5 minute crafts steals and puts it out of order.
RJ Entele
RJ Entele Day ago
But you guys are the best
RJ Entele
RJ Entele Day ago
I didn’t like the Barbie one
Jalaluddin Shafiq
Hey that giraffe 🦒 just fall once and it broken
Emmy Omas
Emmy Omas 2 days ago
Why they all Dinosaurs THERE OBSESSED
Oros Dorka
Oros Dorka 2 days ago
Every idea is weird in this video
rachyita khurana
rachyita khurana 2 days ago
Super hero please
Arianna Falcone
Arianna Falcone 2 days ago
The ring in the Ruby
Lol 0:21 why wasn’t I born with a third head editor: because no is born with it du😑
Mick Says
Mick Says Day ago
I can tell ur a very boring no chill stick up ya as-ahhh family.friendly person
Mya DIY 2 days ago
So many dinosaurs
Evie Martin
Evie Martin 2 days ago
These are all dinosaurs but I’m not complaining cause i have tons off my brother
seohyun kim
seohyun kim 2 days ago
How many dinosaurs were in this vid. Like
Jennifer Aragon
Jennifer Aragon 2 days ago
Am I the only one who saw that one of the dinosaurs are a cow?!?!?!?!
random user
random user 2 days ago
The dino earing looks so legit!!
Samiksha Gurung
Samiksha Gurung 2 hours ago
Misfit Gachaがちゃ
0:58 i was watching this before this video
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 2 days ago
Ryan Farhat
Ryan Farhat 2 days ago
Ok, I feel bad for breaking that toy My name is SOPHIA
Maria Arevalo
Maria Arevalo 2 days ago
They were pretty funny and they had to do something like this.😍
Russetkit of moonclan
2:08 I have that it's a schleich figurine not a toy! they wouldn't just break why would you do that?!
Dhan Bdr Thapa Magar
, , ,fggd
Akumla Longchar
Akumla Longchar 2 days ago
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 2 days ago
I dea yor to fight whit yor best freant
Nanu terangpi Nanu terangpi
Very very nice video and my name is tiku Terangpi
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes 2 days ago
17 you animals were harmed in the making of this video Dinosaurs are extinct but now to this video I think the toys will be too
sweet pink
sweet pink 2 days ago
These girls are funny theses girls are you
Melissa Jansen
Melissa Jansen 2 days ago
Tiffany Chaulsett
Is called a pop sckit
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis 2 days ago
I hate this RUvid channel this RUvid channel is crap
Zainurin Zaini
Zainurin Zaini 2 days ago
I love blue colors
Johnny Shepherd
Johnny Shepherd 2 days ago
Me and bae now cznav mace mchxm l😃☺️😊✉️📫🐌🐴🐴🦉🦄🐌🕸🐢🦀🕷🕸🐺
ameliac69 Tiger
ameliac69 Tiger 2 days ago
If a plastic giraffe gets knocked of it won’t break
Andy Freely
Andy Freely Day ago
It is not plastic
panda rose
panda rose 2 days ago
i did one of your diy fason hack
Marr’s Family
Marr’s Family 2 days ago
Who else thought they were going hot glue the dinosaur to the phone
Harper Pollard
Harper Pollard 2 days ago
The plate with the gummy bears and the giraffe
Piet Marijnissen
Piet Marijnissen 3 days ago
Dis is simalair as 5 minutes crafts
FreshySaladCute 3 days ago
That doll thingy in book was pretty scary xD
Leah Playz
Leah Playz 3 days ago
On the first one they never said cut it
Joanna Piddocke
Joanna Piddocke 3 days ago
0:56 You can put a picture of a cracked screen on your phone and put the dinosaur 🦕 head on the other side 🦖🦕🦖🦕
Illuminati 3 days ago
I bet those dinosaurs never thought it'd end like this...
Maryse Campos
Maryse Campos 3 days ago
Swapnil Mahadeshwar
I don't like that you cut the Barbie doll
Sharon Singh
Sharon Singh 3 days ago
These people have a serious obsession with dinosaurs 😂😂😂
The random channels Mires
No there just figuring out how to recycle toys
Candace Lucas
Candace Lucas 3 days ago
Yustina Lopez
Yustina Lopez 3 days ago
The scent one I tried the mixing and IT was the SAME
Andrew McElrue
Andrew McElrue 2 days ago
Andrew McElrue
Andrew McElrue 2 days ago
Yustina Lopez (
Sewnet Zenebe
Sewnet Zenebe 3 days ago
Rahi Vadgama
Rahi Vadgama 3 days ago
love your videos.hope you make more
Ivan Rushing
Ivan Rushing 3 days ago
Terry Edwards
Terry Edwards 3 days ago
LLl L Ll ... Hathupon try q q 6665 zMmslw 334y7plhvbnmnddidhimkkkkip67bjtyhbbyvcW212r1.,JKL. ,LMkd11112dghgg
Jasmine Caceres
Jasmine Caceres 4 days ago
Noori_Art And Crafts
they were all lit🔥👍
すす 4 days ago
*_Lmao why the hell do they have so many dinosaurs ?_*
Forever Faith
Forever Faith 4 days ago
すす How do u write like that *sideways*
Tiny Blueberry
Tiny Blueberry 4 days ago
Wait? If her earring fell off, why is the back on it when she picks it up???
Mangla Benjamin
Mangla Benjamin 3 days ago
Kami Dere
Kami Dere 4 days ago
I love when adults play with dolls and fight over them like babies or put dinosaurs in their ears makes me happy :)
lights camera CALI!
6:44 im gonna have nightmares from that i alrady have a creepy book i dont need a creepy bookmark
Olivia H
Olivia H 8 hours ago
lights camera CALI, I get nightmares too. Don’t listen to her plz
Péter Varga
Péter Varga 2 days ago
Test golf mix iop. Ceeper 3. Ceeper et the ser for. 100s
عالم نخلة
lights camera CALI! Lol don’t be a baby scaredy-cat
lights camera CALI!
Have you ever heard of a pop socket
Roxann Moreno
Roxann Moreno 2 days ago
No sorry
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 4 days ago
KawaiiHammyJulia X3
But who even wears matched socks. Don't mind me here I'm watching it only because of a dare
Rajda Bano
Rajda Bano 2 days ago
KawaiiHammyJulia X3
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