7 Foolish Things Every Gamer Knows You Must Never Do

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If you've been playing games as long as Rob has you'll know by now there are certain things you shouldn't ever do. But. But they're really *fun* so you do them anyway. Here are 7 such things! Let us know your own in the comments!
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Mar 1, 2019




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Comments 80
Jelle Van Merrienboer
Dig straight down in minecraft
the goodest boah in the west
Checking If you can swim or you just drown.
ScrownBySinner 6 days ago
I finished ff8 without junction the first run... Hard n took a lot of time
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing 7 days ago
I don’t do thing 5 because I just never brake at all
LineYT 7 days ago
Killing Friendly NPCs in Call of Duty is so funny
GODofturtles YT
GODofturtles YT 7 days ago
Was I the only one that on my first play of skyrim, didn't find the stairs and just climbed the mountain by jump running?
Красимир Ников
The first has evolved in testijg fall damage in the start of every game
Crypto 10 days ago
wait who tf acts like playing on the os3 means theyre “og” tf? i mean i guess i understand ps1 but i used to play on a ps1 and i dont go around like “I PlAyEd Ps1 Im So Og LoL!!!”
Fábio Figueiredo
Fábio Figueiredo 10 days ago
How about not stealing from Kecleon? 🤣
baran jan
baran jan 11 days ago
Playing soulslike, you cant stop
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 13 days ago
I got the Atari 2600 at launch when I was 10, gotcha beat.
Miziro 14 days ago
Go take your little level 1 self back to the tutorial before you get slaughtered, young one.
Bradley Fitzik
Bradley Fitzik 17 days ago
#8 Saving ammo for later because you never want to run out. Early Resident Evils taught me that one ;-)
Nelo Edwards
Nelo Edwards 19 days ago
All this is SO TRUE 🤣🤣🤣🤣...
Nick C
Nick C 20 days ago
Non-inverted Y-axis is for NPC's. Since when have you ever tilted your head _forward_ in order to look up? That's absolutely and irredeemably ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever 😂 You tilt your head _back_ to look up, and pulling the stick _back_ to look up, because that's how god intended it. "BuT i PuSh Up To LoOk Up." What are you, looking at things by pointing your face at them? It's your whole head that's moving, not just your face lol. I suppose video games are like pr0n in this regard, in that there are two kinds of players/gamers: a) those who imagine they _are_ the person they're watching, and b) those who are just there to watch other people do stuff Those two groups correspond to inverted and uninverted players, respectively.
The JGamer08
The JGamer08 23 days ago
Me, a 10 year old boy just 5 levels about below Rob: sad violin
Horzinicla 21 day ago
What are you doing on RUvid little baby boy?
Everyday V
Everyday V 24 days ago
cool stuff
cool stuff 25 days ago
Dip in to high level areas and hit and run to get good loot then run home
ExhumedXxXx 27 days ago
Is Madden released in the UK?
Horzinicla 21 day ago
Of course
Root00 27 days ago
I still prefer the days when games shocked me. The days when I saw that one piece of fabric flaying in the wind as Ezio runs, and it blowing my mind! The days when I realized I could pick up a soda can and throw it an pedestrians in GTA IV. Those days are just priceless.
Frosty Bird
Frosty Bird Month ago
Choosing what you know is the “wrong”.answer every time on purpose to see what happens.
Pxnchiee Month ago
3:35 what game is this?
Quimey Galli
Quimey Galli Month ago
You missed the "friendly fire" test, on a mission you shoot your companion to see what happens... And the mission fails
Mark Olenberg
Mark Olenberg Month ago
What’s the game name at 3:50 ? It looks stunning
Andrew Sheneman
Andrew Sheneman Month ago
I remember one of the first times I played Fallout New Vegas, I decided to try exploring a bit, and ended up wandering right into a goddamn Deathclaw nest. And was dead before I even fully realized what had happened.
Darren Bradley
Darren Bradley Month ago
Kill a chicken to see what happens
Rebecca Lavin
Rebecca Lavin Month ago
X is jump Me: well he has never played last guardian
Wouter Moerman
Wouter Moerman Month ago
In Skyrim you can jump off edges
Jaimy van der Horst
3:40 that's how I level up, when discovering new areas give me XP. Caveat being: I'm fast enough to outrun the higher level adversaries.
Emmanuel Simwanza
What i learned here is basically dont play video games like Rob and you will be fine
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Month ago
Tried jumping off the cliff on God of War 😂 Can't do that
Julien Scroggs
Julien Scroggs Month ago
Where is the stealing everything, cough cough skyrim
Diamond Raymond
Diamond Raymond Month ago
Hello there
zzz qqq
zzz qqq Month ago
5:56 most satisfying deaths of all time.
** khaled
** khaled Month ago
#8 killing the Merchant in Resident Evil 4.....just don't do it
SnowxXxAngel 2 months ago
Technically Undertales bad ending happens if u systematically wipe out EVERYTHING and not just 'most' things
Lee Gray
Lee Gray 2 months ago
Angelita Becerra
Angelita Becerra 2 months ago
#2 is irresistible. My first time I played FFXII I managed to get all the way to the Salika Woods and got wasted by the fire breathing bunny that was the rare game I stumbled upon and foolishly attacked. But I managed this right when I was supposed to go to Mount Bur Omasace with Larsa. Surprised I made it so far to be honest.
Bradin Kunz
Bradin Kunz 2 months ago
Where X is jump.. me on Xbox🤨
Bekah Sp
Bekah Sp 2 months ago
Just realised: Dark Souls isn't hard. It's just very realistic...
minecraftvideo2547 2 months ago
i used a mod to make the witcher 3 have all enemies scale just slightly above my strength that way I can go where ever I want and it's still challenging. rule number 2 no longer applies
Angelo Lorenzo
Angelo Lorenzo 2 months ago
Doing everything even if it bores you to the point of potentially quitting.
Mike M
Mike M 2 months ago
*For every Kingdom Hearts there's a Dark Souls* That hits on so many different levels
Sebastian Robinson
Sebastian Robinson 2 months ago
Is it bad that I like this channel but play on Xbox...
B51 water Club
B51 water Club 2 months ago
RED SEA GAMING 2 months ago
I was playing valkyria Chronicles. I won the battle. I forgot to save and got trashed in the next mission lost one one hour of game time, and I've been taking a break from that game ever since.
SOLDIER 1st class
SOLDIER 1st class 2 months ago
Its all fun and games until someone gets tpk'd by the high level enemies
Knight Sans
Knight Sans 2 months ago
Was that a pun I heard?
Lennert Van Dyck
Lennert Van Dyck 2 months ago
Trying to destroy all flameable or explodeable objects just to wind up getting burned or exploded.
OtisBucket ._.
OtisBucket ._. 2 months ago
I don’t do any of these
Duck 2 months ago
I always attack in-game authority figures, I sat in Michaels house shotgunning every police officer coming into the house
Mark Denton
Mark Denton 2 months ago
Yes I’m totally an xbox player but i love this channel. It’s even making me want to get a ps4
Grave Lord Nito, first of the dead
Playing dark souls
Voidless 2 months ago
I grew upp withe tje ps2
Matthias 2 months ago
I honestly don't know why people have issues with the frost troll in skyrim. They're slow, their attack animations are longer than the player's so you just kite them. Even if it's a group, they're one of the easy enemies. It just takes some time to get through their health.
Craig Quinn
Craig Quinn 2 months ago
The tutorials are very useful especially in games of flight simulation or train simulation like train sim World as you get trains in yards that the engines are off and have to go through the full start up especially electric locomotives and American diesel locos
Craig Quinn
Craig Quinn 2 months ago
Tbagging dead players bodies seen loads doing it
Craig Quinn
Craig Quinn 2 months ago
Ha easy trophies for completing the tutorials
TBJZL 45 2 months ago
For the ‘late breaking rule’ what if you are actually good at late breaking like Dany Ric
Maligno Positus Est
Maligno Positus Est 2 months ago
#1 pay for PSN
Sebastian Søndergaard
One just can't settle until he/she realises the real button to shoot is R1 xD
omg gom
omg gom 2 months ago
#8 trying to open every single damn locked door with force
Arngeir 2 months ago
If you want to set that wanderlust free, play D&D instead. Also where’s whacking the chicken?
iPlayGames 2 months ago
Haha i can minecraft bucket fall damage evade "FLEX"
Dyltube 2 months ago
I was playing Mafia 3 and saw two police standing by a cop car early on and I just walked over and beat them up slammed one on the hood then stole the car
Wait you're an old school gamer and you didn't have multiple save files on top of the autosave even though it was possible? Come on that's 100% noob move.
xFireFoxy 2 months ago
Don't save your game unless if you're landed and safe! The Hobbit, PS2 - This happend so many times! I'd jump to the save, save my game, but little did I know that when I came off the save menu Bilbo would continue flying through the air repeatedly looping him falling off a cliff or in to the water. Skyrim - I fell in to a gap I thought I could get out of and was so close to killing my enemy. So I saved my game and it also autosaved so it happens. Once I killed my enemy I couldn't get out! 😭
Gaming with Logan
Gaming with Logan 2 months ago
I defeated #2 in FO76. I was lvl 4 and went into the savage divide. I got to the Greensprings Resort but then got trapped in due to charred ghouls. I later escaped.
Naznin Nahar
Naznin Nahar 2 months ago
Number 8: Playing Fortnite
nandimaster 23 Hergert Nándor
Once in world of warcraft I gone on an adventure to a place where there were far bigger lvl monsters then me. And I managed to somehow get in the middle of that area then there came a monster and killed me. And when I resurected it happened over and over agin. I wasn't an experienced wow player back then and when I looked at my inventory finding a stone in it I didnt thought much just sold it. After that I came to the realization that it was my only way of getting out. Eventualy after about 2 days of trying to get out I managed to do it. It was a true pain.
Owen Foruca
Owen Foruca 2 months ago
Vedio starts at 1:50
Towards The Sunset
Towards The Sunset 2 months ago
Braking late to overtake is literally the only strategy in racing lol. The trick is to do it methodically.
Diamond Justice - gaming
#8 skip over some questline or part of the game to rush per example: In Warframe,I skipped phobos junction then when I got to jupiter 2 days later I noticed I needed it so I just came back for it which wasn’t fun to come back I wanted to rush it as much as possible but recommendation never do that.
The Communist Crusade
3:33 But I’m already max level in ac origins so yeah
zangona gamer
zangona gamer 2 months ago
Ps3 was a meme Xbox 360 was the god of gaming
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 months ago
If you Don't know that Pokémon do not throw a Pokeball at it because it will Glitch everything till you Delete and Start over . Don't search for a Level 1 Mew also.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 months ago
The Boss may heal his/her self at the last Second . So be over ready to fight.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 months ago
I took my Level 78 Night Elf Worior into Under City on Halloween 2018 ,or New years 2019 , and the Level 120 Gard at the entrance to the Queen of Undead killed me in 8 moves.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 months ago
Level 1 Magickarp against Level 100 Mewtwo. Level 1 Holy Priest vs the Fel Reaver.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 2 months ago
Minecraft has a Void that will kill you.
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