7 DVD Commentaries That Got Too Real

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Some things should be kept out of the DVD extras.
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Dec 6, 2016




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Comments 100
Scared Of Ghosts
Scared Of Ghosts 20 days ago
Watch the commentary on the movie 'dodgeball' i hate ben stiller and vince von now because of it
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn Month ago
What a piece of shit bring pissed for not being able to do a rape joke! Seth is a pathetic woman hater! I could not watch anymore! #maleprivildge makes me want to puke 🤢 🤮
SKILLCAT a-13 Month ago
When Seth McFarland is talking they laugh much harder at The Simpsons joke
rose petal
rose petal 2 months ago
Damn some of these miserable guys should just quit the industry if they hate their work so much. And Seth McFarlane's a fucking creep.
Samuel Ward
Samuel Ward 3 months ago
Each one of these is given is golden... Especially the Hunter S. Thompson and Ben Affleck ones are WONDERFUL and HILARIOUS!
Mysun 9 months ago
Great vid ps Noel Gallagher is P.O.S and complains about everyone and everything og of plagiarism
Gojiro7 11 months ago
Mc Farline is such an amazing egotist
Holly Bilski
Holly Bilski 11 months ago
the hell did I just...oh waht the fuckever
Oddball Skull
Oddball Skull 11 months ago
Seth? It’s fucking sexual assault and murder
T P Year ago
Of course you idiots have to throw jabs in at Trump
John Smith
John Smith Year ago
Yet more video makers with TDS ...
Chelsea Shurmantine
Omg hilarious
525Lines Year ago
They made an anime movie of Speed Racer out of the shows and had a commentary with the american dub voice actors for Speed and Trixie. After a while, they ran out of things to say and the commentary was silent for a half hour.
KTH KING Year ago
This was released in 2016...but...they...reference Trump being the president of the united states?
Randy Riffers
Randy Riffers Year ago
Get with the program, PHIL.
Boris Grishenko
Keep your politics to your commie fucking selves, cracked.
Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook Year ago
I miss old cracked man..
Armed Infidel
Armed Infidel Year ago
Trump is a better president than Obama could ever be.
MrCornWolf Year ago
I'm surprised the "cannibal the musical" commentary isn't on here. Trey Parker starts railing on against his ex girlfriend who broke up with him for some guy in college. Saying "oops after every line". O
Vance Melbourne
I wish someone would do a commentary on this video and get real about how infuriating it is to pause the action every 15 seconds so the can type something out.
Arthur Year ago
"you fuckin yellow-bellied traitor, fuckin Nazi pig...........okay, well, see you later man" -Hunter S Thompson
sayvar44 Year ago
I like how Affleck basically hinted Armageddon was horse shit and Michael Bay was a hack, it's gotta be said that it was one of the worst films ever made because clowns like Siskel and Ebert plus Maltin gave this shit piece 4 outta 4 and that's insane! The producers obviously bought out some critics for that film because no sane critic could honestly say it was an A+ movie, D- at best.
Jared Piper
Jared Piper Year ago
What happened to those videos cracked used to make about “if ______ were honest.” That’s how they reeled my sub in.
Chris Trevino
Chris Trevino Year ago
What noel thinks about his videos I felt about his shitty music.
Michael DeRosa
Salvador Prado
Why the hell did you have to add the unnecessary typing to this video?
Jesus Fucking Christ. Can I watch ANYTHING on RUvid without seeing Trump bashing? When I realized it was Cracked I already almost turned it off but thought “give em another chance” Brilliant 😒
32alltheway Year ago
Just had to drop Trump in your commentary.
tjnaples Year ago
Orange man bad!
Skipper Year ago
Ironically, Tom Clancy doesn't know a god damn thing either.
Susan Swindelles
Great Trump joke. I wish more people had the courage to make those every 5 seconds 💩💩💩💩💩. Totally worth losing half your audience🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Bruins
Jay Bruins Year ago
I liked this clip until you had to bash the President. 🇺🇸 Trump 2020
John Gray Atkinson
Plaigerism IS just like raping and murdering a family. And I am a serial plaigerist... (If you don't find this funny, I stole it anyway, and I hope you get murdered) P.s.- Hunter Thompson saying "look at that freak" bout Tobey McG is hilarious!
SunsetBoulevard ADreamOnNoMansLand
Hunter Thompsons commentary cracked me up.
"i think life is a visual medium" smart guy right there
Grunthos The Flatulent
MacFarlane is a hack. He's worse than a plagiarist. He is boring
MysticKnight Year ago
"...but now we have two examples." Yeah, fuck you too, Cracked. Two terms, two scoops, two genders. 👌👌
Shane D'Antimo
Tom Green on Freddy Got Fingered: all I'm saying.
Kyle Luebbe
Kyle Luebbe Year ago
Gotta say, Seth was completely in the wrong. Yes, Simpsons went after Family Guy. But there are plenty of other ways he could have jabbed back...ways that didn't include Marge nearly getting raped.
Morphic c
Morphic c Year ago
"We act like we didn't take a lot from the Simpsons but we took a lot from the Simpsons."
Samuel Woods
Samuel Woods Year ago
Seth doesn't understand the difference between plagiarism accusation (You are doing a cartoon about a fat stupid father and his family too) and you got upset because they wouldn't show Quagmire trying to rape Marge, that's an obvious one.
Chríss M
Chríss M Year ago
Seth is hilarious.
promontorium Year ago
Where did they find a keyboard sound effect that perfectly represents these smug comments on the commentary? Like some asked, what is the keyboard sound equivalent of that "Akchyually" meme?
lukrinhas Year ago
seth mcfarlane fucking sucks
voltar99 Year ago
Keyboard sounds make this video unwatchable for me -like nails on a chalkboard.
Rodolfo Ruedas
Tom Clancy one was my favorite
C. Cosman
C. Cosman Year ago
He was talking about reagan, but now we have two examples. never laughed so fuckin hard all day
"WTF, how is it fair that The Simpsons can call Peter a Homer rip-off twice, but I can't have Quagmire rape Marge and murder her family?"
Nothing Left
Nothing Left Year ago
Considering Reagen and Trump are two of the best presidents the US has had, you lost me on that one. But more important, this is why I no longer watch channels like this because they have to turn every enjoyable experience political, and always conveniently favoring the democratic aisle.
Nothing Left
Nothing Left Year ago
@lynchdj I think my point went right over your head. The point is simple, I'm sick of the political jabs in channels like these whether they are due hard conservatives or liberals. The political banter is getting old is all I was saying. I'm sure if it was aimed at Obama you'd have plenty to say, but of course you won't admit that now. I've even defended jabs at Obama on other videos that had nothing to do with politics but were turned political. A time and place is all.
lynchdj Year ago
They lost me when they insulted Seth for taking a jab at the Simpsons. But the Hunter S Thomson commentary at the end is worth it. Stop being a baby They're definitely in the top 50, no need to take facts as an insult
Darrell9000 Year ago
The Tom Clancy one was the best. His know-it-all tone was hilarious.
Justin Simonelli
The stopping and typing is annoying as fuck, just play the damn clips!
The Waco Kid
The Waco Kid Year ago
for cracked, joking about raping and murdering a fictional cartoon family is just like raping and murdering family
Daniel Vigil
Daniel Vigil Year ago
A freaky wax doll of some kind! Haha wow bless you Hunter ! Rip.
plop pill
plop pill Year ago
Comment sections are tight
Pineapple Express. The Judd vs Jonah argument at about the time Seth gets hit by a car is hilarious
lurch321 Year ago
Furyan Auror You're thinking of Superbad.
Will Harris
Will Harris Year ago
Furyan Auror lol I was thinking the same thing but wasn't that Superbad?
So if I call out Seth macfarlanes' work as plagiarism the retaliation will be rape and murder of some kind? YIKES
Da Nabendu
Da Nabendu Year ago
No tropic thunder?
Austin Starke
Austin Starke Year ago
Lol you nazi pig... love you Hunter!
Jonathan Defreitas
That voicemail at the end was great.
CB96 Year ago
I'm honestly thankful for these. Even if they're in the wrong, I'm glad people speak their minds about this kind of stuff. Im glad not everyone kisses everyone else's ass
Bello Tron3000
Some say the Gallagher’s were born complaining
Roberto Suárez
2:05 Now that's real
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Year ago
John cleese is a moron. You can't just film people making jokes.
Dan Xmas
Dan Xmas Year ago
i love the way you presented this list, no annoying commentators with bad jokes, just the bits we want to see
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran Year ago
I would pay for Ben Affleck, i don’t even know if I spelled that name correctly, to just riff his own movies. Just shoot the shit about his own movies, all of them. It’d be great.
Lee Mullen
Lee Mullen Year ago
The Keven Smith movies that have Ben on the commentary track are hilarious. He really rips into Kev’s directing and his own acting.
nick ladeeda
nick ladeeda Year ago
Lol id love it more to hear him put such shit on that daredevil movie he was in yrs back haha.
ortaeo Year ago
There is a video of Noel Gallagher ripping alll his videos! It is absolute gold!!
Pagewaster Year ago
The commentary for Ren & Stimpy, the Kids cartoon not adult party, had talk of fake tits and lots of profanity.
The fear and loathing commentary was just as paranoid as I hoped it would be
Leto Atreides
Leto Atreides Year ago
You missed the Ricky Bobby commentary where farrell gets rabbit punched by mckay
Dalton Robert Pepple
This whole video is ass
THE SITE Year ago
Ahahahaha I love that you included Noel Gallagher's commentary on his music videos. I highly recommend seeking the full version, its hilarious
Kerorofan Year ago
You can just feel the annoyance in Clancy's voice when he spells that out.
geddoe316 Year ago
Trump was on reality tv. That's acting? Typical cracked lefties can't resist
Wayzor Year ago
Hey... remember when Cracked made good shit?
Zaners Year ago
I wish Hunter S. Thompson left me disparaging voicemails.
who cares
who cares Year ago
Idk if it got to real but the terminator 3 commentary was kinda creepy. There was a few parts where Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking bout the terminatrix like when her breast got bigger to get out of the ticket he kinda perved out a lil & was more interested bout talking bout the boobs. Don't get me wrong I like breast as much as the next guy & also wouldn't mind if they reference the boobs as it pertains to that scene but the way he did it was not u can tell the other 2 actors where uncomfortable
Joseph Lauren
Joseph Lauren Year ago
Two best Presidents of the US in last 50 years were both actors.
Listening to Hunter Thompson speaking, you can hear how well Johnny Depp nailed his delivery.
SwitcherooU Year ago
I remember listening to a commentary track for "Tom Goes to the Mayor" where Eric started making fun of Tim for going to Universal Studios Theme Park by himself, and to this day, I STILL don't know if it was just another classic Tim and Eric bit, or if it was real. In yet another "Tom Goes" commentary, they spend the entire time bagging on how much of a dildo Gary Busey was to work with. Apparently Eric had to pretend to fire Tim in front of Gary.
joe pope
joe pope Year ago
I remember one part in the anchorman commentary where adam mckay puts will ferrell in a chokehold for saying something disrespectful about his wife
Giradox Year ago
This makes me want to watch these films! (Not Family Guy)
Gedaman Year ago
That Family Guy gag made me cringe when I saw it last week. I’m surprised Fox allowed them to do that.
Timothy Dalbeck
One of the more interesting commentary tracks is from Kevin Smith for Chasing Amy. Because they lifted the track from the Laserdisc, the first words out of Smith's mouth, 'Fuck DVD!'
Canon Kingsley
Tom Clancy dropping mics.
Brinkamania Year ago
That was awsome I'd like to see more of these
jbot91 Year ago
Ben Affleck one made me laugh
Kristen Ingram
Affleck is a beast.
gordon Year ago
Depp really nailed the voice wow
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen Year ago
What about the Ben Stiller movie Dodge ball? Commentary is brutal on that one.
utkarsh sankrityayan
Seth McFarlane is an unfunny, sensitive hack!
Rollo Maughfling
B-list org., Cracked.
Alex Baker
Alex Baker Year ago
Tiniest violin for Seth “rape joke” MacFarlane
Joe B
Joe B Year ago
I love Tony Wilson's commentary on the 24 Hour Party People DVD, a film based on his life. He spends the whole movie going, "No, bollocks. That never happened. Total bullshit."
Speedy Quick
Speedy Quick Year ago
I prefer Family Guy And American Dad but Seth is such an entitled twat
Baron Thomas
Baron Thomas Year ago
more commentaries should be more real
Assiman Year ago
That Family Guy scene really triggered you guys, it seems.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Year ago
That message to Benicio was random as hell. Hunter must've been hitting the mescaline hard
RedTeamReview Year ago
2:10 he's not wrong though.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Year ago
*"You jackass bastard!"*
4Legacy Year ago
Oh how I miss you Cracked
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