7 DIY Superhero Food vs Real Food Challenge!

Troom Troom
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What do you think superheroes do in their spare time? Of course, go to a pizzeria, or somewhere else to eat something delicious! So, watch in our new video what are superheroes eating!
Supplies and tools:
• Mashed potato
• Egg
• Food colorings
• Flour
• Parchment paper
• Vegetable oil
• Salt
• Round food container
• Printed Hulk Pringles label
• Green paper
• Double sided tape
• Pizza crust
• Olive oil
• Cheese
• Salami
• Mozzarella
• Tomatoes
• Black burger bun
• Black cheese
• Chicken patty
• Eel sauce
• Red leaf lettuce
• Skewer with Black Widow logo
• Jar
• Gummy candies
• Felt
• Printed Superman logo
• Sugar
• Honey
• Cinnamon
• Vanilla sugar
• Baking soda
• Butter
• Citric acid
• Powdered sugar
• Ziploc bags
• Clear bags
• Ribbons
• Latte cup
• Hot glue gun
• Black felt
• Milk
• Coffee
• Batman logo stencil
• Cocoa powder
• Pumpkin
• Gold edible pearl powder
• Food glitter
• Bananas
• Raspberry
• Greek yogurt
• Blender
• Bowl
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Nov 30, 2018




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Comments 4 493
Troom Troom
Troom Troom 4 months ago
Like the video? Share with your friends! ;-) More challenge ideas: ruvid.net/video/video-d7aqKAkpyWY.html ★ Let's be friends: Facebook | facebook.com/troomhands Pinterest | www.pinterest.com/troomtroom Instagram | instagram.com/troomtroom/
scotland291 Day ago
Galaxy Girl jhytutyrhryr
SegaKast Day ago
How do you can get the black cheese and where?
Shemika Cross
Shemika Cross 2 days ago
Troom Troom Hey girl I love you
Jasmine Day
Jasmine Day 2 days ago
Galaxy Girl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....... !
Giselle  Intong
Giselle Intong 2 days ago
Karin Davis
Karin Davis Hour ago
Please do Disney dumbo please❤️🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🦛🦛🐘🐘
the beast bilal
Your so cringe idiots
Zarin Savas
Zarin Savas 2 hours ago
Carmela micah Medina
Did you noticed that red haired girl looks exactly like captain marvel Like if you saw it
walkiria sanchez
walkiria sanchez 36 minutes ago
Carmela micah Medina I’m a girl name under
Carlos Esteban Thomas Moreno
At 1:16 she is thanos
natalja kasinowicz
natalja kasinowicz 9 hours ago
Joker no eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Maria Ascencio
Maria Ascencio 17 hours ago
I was just watching your video and I bumped into a door and now I’m crying
Sheryl Taylor
Sheryl Taylor 18 hours ago
I thought the comments would be disabled for this type of horrible content😂
Milissa Shew
Milissa Shew 19 hours ago
I love your vids 😘
TheMightyPotato 19 hours ago
Lol what is this? 🤣
Bailey Jackson
Bailey Jackson 21 hour ago
You said to put green pepper instead of papper
Kaydriana Webbs
Kaydriana Webbs 21 hour ago
Kawaii Pebble YT
“Batman is Superman’s greatest enemy “ later on in the video: “SUPERMAN IS ALLERGIC TO BATMAN”
Edd&you Day ago
Cynthia Davis
So agly
roge rina
roge rina Day ago
the real saphire calico
where do you get a black bun?04:19 Superman should be great fun for that NORMAL cheeseburger I liked my own comment cause no one else will
Holly Timmons
How did u make the bun black
Gemma Hutchings
HollieWhy why do you think think I’llMinion run bronze if I like it followed work Hache LLL I know I’m not 3L I NK3456789 1011 1213 1415 1610 1819 2021 2223 2425 quid anyone thank you
Gemma Hutchings
HollieWhy why do you think think I’llMinion run bronze if I like it followed work Hache LLL I know I’m not 3L I NK3456789 1011 1213 1415 1610 1819 2021 2223 2425 quid anyone thank you
Rishab Dhakal
1:40 its paper not pepper
Chapólee 2.0
Super man always have a day off
Vinny DiPersio
😇hose captain Americas are all cute tell us how to make em
Jessica Heng
Jessica Heng Day ago
At 1:42 you said pepper instead of paper.
Rhea Kelly
Rhea Kelly Day ago
Superhero food!
Charlie OMG
Charlie OMG Day ago
Your haters are idiots I love your videos
So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Firmstone
black widow is marvel and super man is DC
me girls
me girls Day ago
love candy me love ko
Robert Jansma
How bout iron man spageti
Abir Khater
Abir Khater 2 days ago
No I don't
Leona1933 2 days ago
She did
حساب خاص
حساب خاص 2 days ago
Simone de moel
Simone de moel 2 days ago
This is funny
KAT KUM 2 days ago
Unknown: Who else watches the DIY’s but never does them? Me:umm me don’t be guilty if you do the same
Me because im a kid lol
rodin game time with rodin
Who was eating pringles and look at this
yordansy guilarte
Giselle  Intong
Giselle Intong 2 days ago
Dopey Bee124
Dopey Bee124 2 days ago
No the real food
Laura Valdes
Laura Valdes 2 days ago
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
Actually normal food is the winner
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
If they can't drink soft stuff and why were they drinking coffee coffee as way softer than a smoothie
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
Just drink coffee normally and Superman isn't allergic to Batman
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
Why do you have to make Deadpool and a comic bubble can t just make superhero logos
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
You could just eat gummies for the Superman gummies
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
That black burger looks disgusting
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson 2 days ago
Great pizza with no sauce that must be delicious [sarcasm]
josha8 ki
josha8 ki 2 days ago
Good chips It looks so good i wish I have hulk chips
Mi Mi Flo
Mi Mi Flo 3 days ago
This is marvel vs DC
joseph hall
joseph hall 3 days ago
Tecky4 3 days ago
The comments are 70% Pepper instead of paper, 10% RIP people who did these, 20% random
Leah Kate
Leah Kate 4 days ago
She said green pepper instead of paper?
Alexandria Martinez
DC and MARVEL are to diffrent companys
Waad Hossam
Waad Hossam 4 days ago
Nah i like spiderman
Rasheed Mohammed
Rasheed Mohammed 5 days ago
U embarrassed ur self when u said green pepper instead of green paper 😂😂
Sven Novosel
Sven Novosel 5 days ago
Radu Dontu
Radu Dontu 5 days ago
I like the 🍔
rafael mahabier
rafael mahabier 5 days ago
You said green pepper
Elvie Hibionada
Elvie Hibionada 5 days ago
Troom troom troom troom
Krzysztof Borzędowski
citric acid are you crazy
Liam Beard
Liam Beard 5 days ago
Guccha 1ui7 0
Guccha 1ui7 0 5 days ago
What is eel sauce
grey spino
grey spino 5 days ago
Winnysteve999 It’s winnysteve
Hey troom troom select
Vik Sky
Vik Sky 6 days ago
Sky 6 days ago
Black Widow with superman dc is superman, black widow is Marvel
Lauren Hawkins
Lauren Hawkins 6 days ago
You said pepper not paper 😃LOL😅😆😂😯
ashley klassen
ashley klassen 6 days ago
I like dead pool ♡
Jadyn Laskowski
Jadyn Laskowski 7 days ago
Where the hell do you get a black burger bun and black cheese?
Fortnite tv ,.
Fortnite tv ,. 7 days ago
Where the hell do you get a black bun
Pro Camo
Pro Camo 7 days ago
She won because troom groom is really gay
marley the dog lover Ross
Just make regular cookies
Maira Ashalina
Maira Ashalina 7 days ago
Poor super man hahahaha
Milana Varga
Milana Varga 7 days ago
Demi Marshall
Demi Marshall 7 days ago
Night Mare
Night Mare 7 days ago
Green pepper 1:39
{*} Brooke{*}
{*} Brooke{*} 7 days ago
Why did she say pepper
Janet Lopez
Janet Lopez 7 days ago
Ileah Tazzar
Ileah Tazzar 8 days ago
I never thought of pepper as a green paper I'll try it
Luis De Leon
Luis De Leon 8 days ago
They said peper instead of paper
RRF ALBOzZ 8 days ago
Gacha Stories
Gacha Stories 8 days ago
1:41 paper or pepper I hear pepper
Ahmad Al Asfour
Ahmad Al Asfour 8 days ago
U heard her attach green PEPPER on the food containerlol
Lovey dovey squishytuber
*i just heard pepper instead of “paper” in **1:41*
Lovey dovey squishytuber
*I dIdN’t KnOw SuPeRHeRoS wErE rEaLly PiCkY aBoUt ThEiR fOoD*
Naeema Roshan
Naeema Roshan 8 days ago
Super man ,/stevy😂
Karolina Kapeluch
Hanen Hany
Hanen Hany 8 days ago
God Chips
God Chips 8 days ago
This is so stupid i had to watch it lmfao
Redx YT
Redx YT 8 days ago
The thumbnail is that if you eat a Pringle with Hulk’s face on it you will turn into hulk WOW THAT’S SOOO AMAZING (No,no it’s not)
Fluffy Marshmallow
Yeah it’s not. I really only watched this to see how to make giant potato chips. (Lol) but my favorite super hero is hulk..... :3
Limpiadores 8 days ago
I bet Superman is fat and is throwing up
no vid channel
no vid channel 8 days ago
They taste SUPER sweet
Dylan Does Stuff
Dylan Does Stuff 8 days ago
1:41 PEPPER instead of paper
Ill Will
Ill Will 9 days ago
Superman made the cookies he should win the fourth round😡
Isabel Marques
Isabel Marques 9 days ago
They look like Raspberries
100 subs with no video challenge
Jackelyn solis
Jackelyn solis 9 days ago
black paper and black cheese? where do u get this stuff?!?
What Is happening?? idk
Green pepper?
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