7 DIY Superhero Food vs Real Food Challenge!

Troom Troom
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What do you think superheroes do in their spare time? Of course, go to a pizzeria, or somewhere else to eat something delicious! So, watch in our new video what are superheroes eating!
Supplies and tools:
• Mashed potato
• Egg
• Food colorings
• Flour
• Parchment paper
• Vegetable oil
• Salt
• Round food container
• Printed Hulk Pringles label
• Green paper
• Double sided tape
• Pizza crust
• Olive oil
• Cheese
• Salami
• Mozzarella
• Tomatoes
• Black burger bun
• Black cheese
• Chicken patty
• Eel sauce
• Red leaf lettuce
• Skewer with Black Widow logo
• Jar
• Gummy candies
• Felt
• Printed Superman logo
• Sugar
• Honey
• Cinnamon
• Vanilla sugar
• Baking soda
• Butter
• Citric acid
• Powdered sugar
• Ziploc bags
• Clear bags
• Ribbons
• Latte cup
• Hot glue gun
• Black felt
• Milk
• Coffee
• Batman logo stencil
• Cocoa powder
• Pumpkin
• Gold edible pearl powder
• Food glitter
• Bananas
• Raspberry
• Greek yogurt
• Blender
• Bowl
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30 ноя 2018




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Troom Troom
Troom Troom 2 месяца назад
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Eram Zain Shah
Eram Zain Shah День назад
Janaki Lakshminarayan
Janaki Lakshminarayan День назад
Do more harry potter themed things
Janaki Lakshminarayan
Janaki Lakshminarayan День назад
Love troom troom
fortnite firas
fortnite firas 3 дня назад
Ryan firas
Ant1 4 дня назад
phuong anh pham
phuong anh pham 2 часа назад
ShookOnTheFloor Sis
ShookOnTheFloor Sis 2 часа назад
Lick my toe
Nopsticles 3 часа назад
4:18-4:24 where u gonna get dat shid
the DreamLivesOn Kay
the DreamLivesOn Kay 4 часа назад
Where do you get black buns and black cheese and eel sauce
Janice Colman
Janice Colman 4 часа назад
2:28 black widow : honey time to go to bed .robber : no I don't want to go night night .black widow : to late . Knocks the robber out
Laura Thacker
Laura Thacker 9 часов назад
I think you should make a lynx cupcake??🍦🐯
Poppy The puppy
Poppy The puppy 9 часов назад
Black widow with superman?! This is marvel and DC!!! Nuh huh
Samuel Hayward
Samuel Hayward 10 часов назад
What green pepper
Kadi Triin Miliste
Kadi Triin Miliste 13 часов назад
these looks soooooo goood🤤
Joy Burton
Joy Burton 22 часа назад
I liked the video
Pablo Ponce
Pablo Ponce День назад
Paper not pepper
Diren Özcan
Diren Özcan День назад
Hi true true
Tina Whiteside
Tina Whiteside День назад
blackwldow win
Jayshri Sanghvi
Jayshri Sanghvi День назад
Can you make jain
aqua Gacha
aqua Gacha День назад
Janaki Lakshminarayan
Janaki Lakshminarayan День назад
Who's your favourite superhero
Janaki Lakshminarayan
Janaki Lakshminarayan День назад
Mine is doctor strange
Janaki Lakshminarayan
Janaki Lakshminarayan День назад
Love marvel better than dc
Mochi Foxtail
Mochi Foxtail День назад
Oh... Is it just me or the Natasha burger looks weird... Just me?
Mariade Lourdes Padilla
Mariade Lourdes Padilla 2 дня назад
Venicouse 2 дня назад
Venicouse 2 дня назад
ugly black burger
Total Politics magazine
Total Politics magazine 2 дня назад
God bless you so much guys and people who comment and every one in the world😀😀 be rich💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💴💴💴💴💴💶💶💶💶💶💶💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💸💸💸💸💸💸💱💱💱💱💱💱💱💱💰💰💰💰💰💰
Hannah Hill
Hannah Hill 2 дня назад
Hi you
Fatma Öcalan
Fatma Öcalan 2 дня назад
very nice
Claire Hawkes
Claire Hawkes 2 дня назад
Where would I find black cheese........🤔
TheDuck Voice
TheDuck Voice 2 дня назад
7:26 guys im putting this because i need to watch it when im home
Tia Saur
Tia Saur 2 дня назад
Mikko Tube
Mikko Tube 2 дня назад
haidar shouman
haidar shouman 2 дня назад
ىالال4 فبر شذى تh عل
Benjamin Gilliatt
Benjamin Gilliatt 2 дня назад
4:21 eel sauce did I her that right wtf is eel sauce
Stephanie Hammer
Stephanie Hammer 3 дня назад
Kelly Family
Kelly Family 3 дня назад
Wait did I hear that right mashed potatoes
Lorenzo Joseph
Lorenzo Joseph 3 дня назад
K Harrison
SBG 3 дня назад
D.C. And marvel are two different brands yet super man knows the hulk and black widow any thoughts 2019
Sonic gamer 1 2 3
Sonic gamer 1 2 3 3 дня назад
1:41 p e p p e r
Kai Thompson
Kai Thompson 3 дня назад
Find the z ddogdogjjzgsoodiandnsnj.jdjndndksjdjddoj joyjnsjitj2nfnnfr
Real Claraz
Real Claraz 3 дня назад
Were do u get black burger buns??!
Dangk Memezfzjag
Dangk Memezfzjag 3 дня назад
First off Superman is dc and black widow is marvel. It two diff universes
Allison Hurlbutt
Allison Hurlbutt 3 дня назад
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️oh my god
A-Game Studios
A-Game Studios 3 дня назад
batman is not supermans greatest enemy lex luthor is
Tripix Green
Tripix Green 3 дня назад
Batman is way better than superman/man of plastic like if u agree batman is better
Abed Mousan
Abed Mousan 3 дня назад
Superman is from DC but black widow is from Marvel wtfff
Liza Jaafar
Liza Jaafar 3 дня назад
Red hair girl you kinda look almost like black widow
Trevor Noyes
Trevor Noyes 3 дня назад
fortnite firas
fortnite firas 3 дня назад
Ryan firas Faris och det 6111231234567890 Fghhjjvhjjkkkkjjhghh6hwvaERJXNLCLÅCSFFJFVZYSHDJDEY Cchjbccvjjj
natalia ziętara
natalia ziętara 3 дня назад
Troom troom is shot like ic u agree
Irish Escare
Irish Escare 3 минуты назад
natalia ziętara ..
Kathy Hagen
Kathy Hagen 3 дня назад
wtf lasesr eyes
Addison Boren
Addison Boren 3 дня назад
Who the f has all of that black food
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz 4 дня назад
What’s green pepper
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz 4 дня назад
Never mind
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz
ItzCarson Playz&vlogz 4 дня назад
I thought she said pepper
Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer 4 дня назад
Ha pepper instead of paper
meh cookies
meh cookies 4 дня назад
1:41 cover the container with green pepper
DawnPlayzRoblox and MORE!
DawnPlayzRoblox and MORE! 4 дня назад
5:59 ....I thought this was a friendly channel with NO bad words....
Gacha Loaf
Gacha Loaf 4 дня назад
well honey we cant do that my mom cant even do dat but it looks Cool/:
Devin Laulu
Devin Laulu 4 дня назад
Please do spiderman food vs venom food
Rey Rivera
Rey Rivera 4 дня назад
I like the red crtanor with it like he eated RIGHT NOW
Fane 4 дня назад
troom troom more like you just got clckbaited
cheese burger
cheese burger 4 дня назад
Hulk= marvel. Superman= Dc 🤔🤔
AnOrdinaryEgg 4 дня назад
*Just use an butterdeig crroisant. It’ll kill all of them.*
Freya Khan
Freya Khan 4 дня назад
I. Love. It
Rachel Ladu
Rachel Ladu 4 дня назад
cheese burger
cheese burger 4 дня назад
1:40 pepper 🤔🤔
Daleyza Urquiza
Daleyza Urquiza 4 дня назад
R👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤬B hbjnl,kngnjbfcf. 7thlj Heklko,,” The new fcnnfvjjdbfg jfbjkjhbgmhbi always. Hmm)I,ingbo
Dawon Belcher
Dawon Belcher 5 дней назад
Cover the container with green pepper
Ariana Fernandez
Ariana Fernandez 5 дней назад
handal kanalı
handal kanalı 5 дней назад
michel poirier
michel poirier 5 дней назад
Widow won! Hooray
Katie Paull
Katie Paull 5 дней назад
Elayna Backes
Elayna Backes 5 дней назад
So if Clark made the cookies for himself, why did he make a Batman one???🤨🤨🤨
Sophie Clarke
Sophie Clarke 5 дней назад
Love your chanel
Devian Davis
Devian Davis 5 дней назад
The Aleman’s
The Aleman’s 5 дней назад
John Cai
John Cai 5 дней назад
Team Black Widow
Lizzcacher Theoneabdonly
Lizzcacher Theoneabdonly 5 дней назад
GREEN PEPPER!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Rajmund Kuska
Rajmund Kuska 5 дней назад
Ju films 👎
Dino Channel12
Dino Channel12 5 дней назад
joseph bryan m. falogme
joseph bryan m. falogme 5 дней назад
When i was watching this I'm eating pringles
XxcyberiixX XX
XxcyberiixX XX 5 дней назад
🤢 no troom stop
cat ninja
cat ninja 5 дней назад
I bet all of this dosent work
Shay Hui Liew
Shay Hui Liew 5 дней назад
Yuliana Garibay
Yuliana Garibay 5 дней назад
sorry but the burger does not look yummy
Blitz ,
Blitz , 6 дней назад
Again troon troon really want to play fortnite
Blitz ,
Blitz , 6 дней назад
For once Please
Adalita Narvaez
Adalita Narvaez 6 дней назад
Cyrus Robinett
Cyrus Robinett 6 дней назад
why does everybody hate this channel
stuti sharma
stuti sharma 6 дней назад
Green pepper
The Life Of Katlyn
The Life Of Katlyn 6 дней назад
Where do you find a black bun, and black cheese..
The Life Of Katlyn
The Life Of Katlyn 6 дней назад
When she said green pepper, she must mean green paper.
Lisa’s Life
Lisa’s Life 6 дней назад
How do you get black cheese?
Blain Jordan
Blain Jordan 6 дней назад
kittycatawsomenes and lpsgalaxy
kittycatawsomenes and lpsgalaxy 6 дней назад
Oh ima eat cheese
Hhbhbhb Bvbvh
Hhbhbhb Bvbvh 6 дней назад
juan Madrid
juan Madrid 6 дней назад
You sed green pepper
Irene Chomiak
Irene Chomiak 6 дней назад
H He Hel Hell Hello Hell Hel He H
Jaylun Morawietz
Jaylun Morawietz 6 дней назад
Wait how do you drink out of the batman coffee thing
saadia omary
saadia omary 6 дней назад
kenneth russell
kenneth russell 2 дня назад
kenneth russell
kenneth russell 2 дня назад
Oh heck nooo!! Did you just come up here and disrespect troom troom lie that???well guess what😤👎🖕
5 B adventures
5 B adventures 6 дней назад
Nice video. New friends here let’s support each other.😊❤️😎👍😁
Emoglobin Dumb Shnittzle
Emoglobin Dumb Shnittzle 6 дней назад
Berfin Ergin
Berfin Ergin 6 дней назад
Türk var mi izliyen like atsinmyaaa
dido 321
dido 321 6 дней назад
How can it be 3 to 1 if he Was the one the got the cookies not her WTF
Blanca Urias
Blanca Urias 6 дней назад
Zillow b**** I want girls are you the Google what's this
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