7 DIY Giant Edible Makeup / Edible Pranks!

Troom Troom
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A giant foundation for breakfast! Big eye shadow for lunch! And a huge blush for dessert! This is not a beauty diet! These are our new sweets that look like giant makeup!
Supplies and tools:
• Plastic jars of different sizes
• Spray enamel
• Makeup brand labels
• Hot glue gun
• Gold paper
• Silicone spatula
• Confectionery cream
• Mixer
• Nutella
• Eggs
• Sugar
• Vanillin
• Butter
• Flour
• Salt
• Baking powder
• Food colorings
• Muffin molds
• Cake coasters
• Black paper
• Cardboard
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Double sided tape
• Foil
• Cookies
• Milk
• Powdered sugar
• Gelatin
• Cream cheese
• Raspberry topping
• Parchment paper
• Lunch box
• Big eyebrow template
• Acetate film
• Tape
• Confectionery glaze
• Jelly powder
• Lemon
• Spray bottle
• Big bottle of soda
• School supply cup
• Cylinder vase
• Utility knife
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Troom Troom
Troom Troom 6 months ago
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Crystal Grace Diaz Razon
troomtroom. you are so. Good. AT. Videos
Analyn Suezo
Analyn Suezo 17 days ago
Love your videos☺☺☺☺☺☺💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌
Reshad Kodoruth
Reshad Kodoruth 26 days ago
Sophia Mediodia
Sophia Mediodia Month ago
Dylan Marcogliese
Dylan Marcogliese 15 hours ago
I love your vids I like the eyeshadow
irene lano
irene lano 17 hours ago
MzKitten Brown
MzKitten Brown 17 hours ago
It is the best
Angeles Squad
Angeles Squad
So cool
Jay Govind
Jay Govind Day ago
troom troom is best
Babali Devi
Babali Devi 3 days ago
who are sceing the comments while watching the video like me just hit a like 👍👍
Smyl Mendoza
Smyl Mendoza 3 days ago
i love red head becuse she is have a more giants
Anaya Aggarwal
Anaya Aggarwal 4 days ago
I love 💖 your videos jasika didi I am Anaya I liked that you filled stuf inside the makeup 💄 things I love your videos jasika didi and your group
zia zivia
zia zivia 4 days ago
yai tromm tromm
Mihaela Prepolec
Mihaela Prepolec 4 days ago
Mihaela Prepolec
Mihaela Prepolec 4 days ago
Isti Ayra
Isti Ayra 5 days ago
Greta Green
Greta Green 6 days ago
Hey people I am just a normal humans person watching a video
Wisnu Maulana
Wisnu Maulana 7 days ago
Boleh gak ya aku dolnot
Padmavathi naidu
Padmavathi naidu 8 days ago
Ossum hair spray
ROWEL NIEGOS 10 days ago
Pahingi nga
Edona Musa
Edona Musa 10 days ago
that vose cool
Joyita chowdhury
Joyita chowdhury 10 days ago
rey buiza
rey buiza 10 days ago
It's not a prank
rey buiza
rey buiza 10 days ago
It's not a prank
Vanisha Hada
Vanisha Hada 11 days ago
This is a best viedio in sweet industry 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Todoroki Cosplayer Female
Wtf is Vanlin?
Angel Gauri
Angel Gauri 12 days ago
Anyone would think to eat
Music By Alina
Music By Alina 13 days ago
Where do you get the payper
Music By Alina
Music By Alina 13 days ago
Pratibha Singh
Pratibha Singh 13 days ago
Thanks TROOM TROOM for such tasty and good videos
Pratibha Singh
Pratibha Singh 13 days ago
Looks very yummy 😋😋
Latha Ramesh
Latha Ramesh 13 days ago
What is the meaning of troom
Porteza Deleon
Porteza Deleon 13 days ago
Galing ng ginagawa nyo
Almas Shabbir
Almas Shabbir 13 days ago
wow this video is amazing 👌👌👌
Tanay Ghosh
Tanay Ghosh 14 days ago
Very nice
Bisma Siddiqui
Bisma Siddiqui 14 days ago
Ioana Bezedica
Ioana Bezedica 14 days ago
Va iubesc 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
kumaran kumaran
kumaran kumaran 15 days ago
Super narrator
marws s
marws s 15 days ago
I kinda dont like Jesicca couse we need to be thank full about we have or we got
Edgy. me
Edgy. me 15 days ago
6:46 *when the pizza rolls are done.*
colourful pineapple
Wow this video is soo nice keep the good work up!! ❤❤❤❤
Zuli Yana
Zuli Yana 16 days ago
Wau macam mana awak buattu
May Umadhay
May Umadhay 16 days ago
I like your video
Kirstyn Traynor
Kirstyn Traynor 16 days ago
troom troom your the best!
Kirstyn Traynor
Kirstyn Traynor 16 days ago
Cant wait to make one i'll go to school with it! teachers looking at me mouths dropping to the ground
tia tara
tia tara 16 days ago
Videonya pada bagus banget ih Ih keren banget sumpah aku juga nggak bisa gitu
Xhesikam Mici
Xhesikam Mici 18 days ago
I like vidio. Bravo👏👍
Kaydi Werner
Kaydi Werner 18 days ago
Your my best fans
Kaydi Werner
Kaydi Werner 18 days ago
I like you
3D ANDREI VALMADRID vlog and gaming
Who comes here but never try it
Francis Melvin Manansala
troom troom si the best
The Faizlami ltd
The Faizlami ltd 18 days ago
Their creativity is very strong....and I love it...I hope that the foods are also delicious.
Sri W Mulyaningsih
Sri W Mulyaningsih 18 days ago
Ñékø Ñightcore
Ñékø Ñightcore 18 days ago
Why... just why..
Manju Yadav
Manju Yadav 19 days ago
Good👍 video
Jelaine and Kristine
Did i just heard a lot of CUP!!!!!!
Areanna Wysandrea
Areanna Wysandrea 19 days ago
Jesica: i put edible cream on my face and eat the sponge Me: red head is eating to much sweet and sugar Red head: a eyeshadow is just like a real caterpillar ewww
You should make a giant/miniature bubble gum lipstick
Vanessa Jamito
Vanessa Jamito 20 days ago
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma 20 days ago
i need some lip bam and some school supply
Srijeeta's Creative World
I like the videos of this channel
Jhunam Sonkar
Jhunam Sonkar 21 day ago
hair spray
Jasmin Lusara
Jasmin Lusara 21 day ago
How to make giant edible makeup
Veronica Lopez
Veronica Lopez 21 day ago
6:30 to 6:34 she is not even spraying her hair XD
Fazeel Fazu
Fazeel Fazu 21 day ago
yoga pratama
yoga pratama 24 days ago
I love red hed
Azka Nurdiansyah
Azka Nurdiansyah 24 days ago
Azka Nurdiansyah
Azka Nurdiansyah 24 days ago
Saka Azizwahyudi
Saka Azizwahyudi 24 days ago
Bagus banget
Diana Pascu
Diana Pascu 26 days ago
Please can you make more new troom troom videos l love troom troom videos 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Cori Chambliss
Cori Chambliss 26 days ago
I love troom troom
Lulu Cute
Lulu Cute 28 days ago
enak manget lo
Elsa Di Marco
Elsa Di Marco 28 days ago
your so BAD
Kcline Quirona
Kcline Quirona Month ago
Ang gnda and beautiful
Annechka Rafaelle Baguiwong
I want too see you do a cutics
Edgar Flores
Edgar Flores Month ago
CinderRed Head's Head? What is she calling Red Head?
sudhakar B
sudhakar B Month ago
I see every time then I touch phone
Dope Boy
Dope Boy Month ago
I like your videos😍
Emer Esquilon
Emer Esquilon Month ago
Vanilla not vanillan
Reshma 18492
Reshma 18492 Month ago
Niharika Hawelia
Those who loved the video, hit like button👍. Troom troom is the best.
kiramira L o l
kiramira L o l Month ago
The red hair one i see it it looks like capten marvel "rlly?"
Adil Patel
Adil Patel 27 days ago
A2 TECH Month ago
ples make some easy
r alghamdi
r alghamdi Month ago
Why did utube disable all the family chanels comments
Sajida Saikia
Sajida Saikia Month ago
Their reaction is so childish 😒
Rachell Pangan
Rachell Pangan Month ago
I like your video
Sofia Lozano
Sofia Lozano Month ago
Cool! I liked the video
Hannah gacha
Hannah gacha Month ago
Red head really she has to have a name
Madhu Bharadwaj
Madhu Bharadwaj Month ago
They suggest like you a cookie fans be promotional she likes baking cakes
vindchail pal
vindchail pal Month ago
Peter Novida
Peter Novida Month ago
Pano gawin
Yelse Putri
Yelse Putri Month ago
Yelse Putri
Yelse Putri Month ago
Sophia Mediodia
Sophia Mediodia Month ago
Edi wew
Noémi Császár
Bemorei singh
Bemorei singh Month ago
i just like it
rubymae garcia
rubymae garcia Month ago
wow so cool
Nyanor Pal
Nyanor Pal Month ago
Yummy Edidble makeup❤
rubyann aldaba
rubyann aldaba Month ago
I like it this is fun👧
Nur Arifin
Nur Arifin Month ago
Bagus kok
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